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Project Resistance Teaser
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Resident Evil 2 - 1-Shot Demo
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RE7 - Welcome Home Trailer
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  • Bastymuss
    Bastymuss 2 hours ago

    You really never learn do you Capcom? It's always 2 steps forward 1 step back.

  • Rave is KING
    Rave is KING 4 hours ago

    Fuck you. This is not RE. Fuck you greedy cunts. FUCK YOU.

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri 6 hours ago

    Left 4 Dead and Dead By Daylight are the worst examples of zombie/horror games. They can’t make great games like RE2 remake. So stick to making great games and don’t lower yourself to this level on quality.

  • Scandy Liss
    Scandy Liss 9 hours ago

    fucking trash

  • Justin Estep
    Justin Estep 11 hours ago

    Can we just face facts, multiplayer resident evil sucks in recent times as a stand alone game.I hate to be negative, but this is just a quick cash grab. This as a re2 remake dlc would have been cool. But not as a stand alone title. Capcom, most of us don't come to resident evil for a multiplayer experience. I hope this is good, but its not looking so.

  • Da Mouse
    Da Mouse 11 hours ago

    They're just trying to capitalize on the Friday the 13th and dead until day light game styles. So disappointed in this. I was so hoping for an Outbreak remake.

  • Ryan Estep
    Ryan Estep 13 hours ago

    Definitely disappointed Capcom... remake RE3, make RE8 and continue to please your fans who keep you employed.

    • Justin Estep
      Justin Estep 11 hours ago

      At this point I agree, Capcom have proven that multiplayer resident evil is bullshit. Just give us resident evil 3 and 8.

    • SgCy
      SgCy 12 hours ago

      RE2 literally just came out

    • Starry Night
      Starry Night 13 hours ago

      RE3 and RE8 are being developed by RE team. Project Resistance is not made by Capcom, it's made by Neobards and it has nothing to do with the main RE game. You are overreacting big time. And you just got RE2 this year. Be patient! "Your fans who keep you employed" the most retarded, toxic and entitled shit I have ever read. RE5 and RE6 both are the best selling RE games, RE7 also sold 6+ million copies. Capcom doesn't need your entitled bullshit.

  • Renzo Daniel F. N.
    Renzo Daniel F. N. 14 hours ago

    Ya no saben que mierda hacer con la saga, ya no saquen más mierda

  • Rafa Nintendo
    Rafa Nintendo 17 hours ago

    Thank you!!

  • Matin Mohebbian
    Matin Mohebbian 17 hours ago

    I was realy hoping for a RE3 remake To be the next resident evil game

  • Ángel Arias
    Ángel Arias 18 hours ago

    This game doesn't convince me. We'll see when it comes out .....

  • Ash
    Ash 19 hours ago

    Welp it looks like Capcom's winning streak is over. Up next, a Devil May Cry card game!

  • L K
    L K 20 hours ago

    Can you also make it available in Europe? Please? Greetings from Germany

  • Doctor Sam
    Doctor Sam 21 hour ago

    Dollar Store Left For Dead

  • Cider Valentine
    Cider Valentine 21 hour ago

    This is absolutely disappointing...the next resident evil game is a multiplayer only time based scenario that is guaranteed to be loaded with in game purchases on top of the 60 bucks some silly people will pay for this "project", and we probably won't see another title in the works until mid 2020 or early 2021

  • Kwang seng Aaron
    Kwang seng Aaron 22 hours ago

    Pass!! Save money....wait re3 remake

  • Alessandro Ostetto
    Alessandro Ostetto 22 hours ago

    Friday The 13th The game

    • SgCy
      SgCy 20 hours ago

      Lol maybe you should actually bother to watch some gameplay because it's literally nothing like F13.

  • Alessandro Ostetto
    Alessandro Ostetto 22 hours ago

    Friday The 13th The game ?

  • yb995186
    yb995186 23 hours ago

    just remake outbreak. Is that really hard? Why u make garbage. Do not make 'vs' game.

    • SgCy
      SgCy 20 hours ago

      Project Resistance has a single player campaign and normal co-op. Devs confirmed it at TGS

  • Gabriel Torróntegui

    This is very similar to a game I used to play in PC called Zombie Master, it was a Half-Life 2 mod. Now it's dead 😢

  • El RickyTan
    El RickyTan Day ago


  • tatto_ibiza 2010

    Es una copia barata del dead by daylight por favor cancele ese juego y sacar un Dino crisis o un remake del RE3 o RE8

  • Денис Панкратов

    Чёт вообще ничего не понятно.

  • Sofka S. Nattramn

    That's just bullying..... hate mastermind idea

  • Peralt Friki
    Peralt Friki Day ago

    Left 4 evil

  • Jeferson Rodrigues


  • Luis Felipe Gonzalez Moncada

    remember your failure with umbrela corps¡¡¡¡

  • Luis Felipe Gonzalez Moncada

    please capcom¡¡¡¡, stop doing this kind of bad spin-ups, and give us RE3 remake o Dinocrisis Remake, PLease¡¡¡¡¡

    • SgCy
      SgCy 20 hours ago

      RE2 just released. You sound greedy and entitled.

  • Cristian Martinez

    ahhh ok, copyright DEAD BY DAYLIGTH

  • San Aten
    San Aten Day ago

    Where is Scooby Doo?

  • Manuel Yoris
    Manuel Yoris Day ago

    Why lose time on this? Why dont you made a Good quality DLC for the resident evil 2 remake with ada, until you can give us the resident evil 3 remake? I know this may be buy for so many ppl but is getting on the floor the resident evil legacy. This is not resident evil at all...

  • Project 00
    Project 00 Day ago

    Actually it looks interesting, it's like a mix of outbreak with dead by daylight.

  • Jolly Wolly
    Jolly Wolly Day ago

    Wow hatred. Outrage. Mass disapproval. That's a shit tonne of negativity - more than I can hack. If the game isn't riddled with microtransactions and doesn't lag I think it looks interesting enough to play with friends (you know, what video games are meant to be). Mad.

  • Arctic Smoke
    Arctic Smoke Day ago

    Left 4 Evil

  • Cabo Elton
    Cabo Elton Day ago


  • Cabo Elton
    Cabo Elton Day ago

    Uma merda

  • Jonathan Cartledge

    Dead by daylight knockoff > another remaster. Get fucked cunts

    • SgCy
      SgCy 20 hours ago

      I guess you've never played Dead by Daylight because it's literally nothing like this game

  • Leonel Gauna
    Leonel Gauna Day ago

    That's a weird way to spell Re3 Remake.

  • KidKrazz
    KidKrazz Day ago

    Outbreak had eight character's, why this has only four? I'm not sure why Capcom don't just remaster the original Outbreak, a bit too similar to Left 4 dead....

  • Prod. SOULKEY
    Prod. SOULKEY Day ago

    Capcom has worked more in the CGI trailer than in the entire game.

  • William Bartee
    William Bartee 2 days ago

    Game looks terrible why didnt they make res 3remake, operation raccoon city remake or a online multiplayer story game or res8(not first person)

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 2 days ago

    A new SURVIVAL HORROR game was just released called DAYMARE : 1998 these guys are responsible for the RE2 remake go watch trailer and get the game

  • hossein fakhr
    hossein fakhr 2 days ago

    me :i dont know howq you guys snick a lore game on capcom :its EZ

  • makkmillion
    makkmillion 2 days ago

    so uh is this like a $30 game to hold us off untill a real resident evil comes out lol

  • StormkoopaCV03
    StormkoopaCV03 2 days ago

    Great, it's just some Umbrella employee renegade reject that got a hold off an Nintendo power gloves for no reason. lol

  • El Cloroxito
    El Cloroxito 2 days ago

    podría haber sido mejor si se incluyera como modo extra en alguna futura entrega de la saga, como en el 8 o en el remake del 3.

  • Carlos Henriques
    Carlos Henriques 2 days ago

    Why do this, this is enormous crap.. Plz return to Saga and make re3 remake

  • random cambion
    random cambion 2 days ago

    Was looking forward to this But nope

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 2 days ago

    Should we put Mr. X in the game? DMX: Duh nigga

  • cody industries
    cody industries 2 days ago

    Cant believe it's been over a year already.

  • Knightofcydonia 88
    Knightofcydonia 88 2 days ago

    Mehhh Gameplay looks crap in another video I just watched. just do a Re3 remake 100% won't be buying this

  • Monstruo Cómics
    Monstruo Cómics 2 days ago

    What the fuck are you doing...!?

  • Arturo Jara
    Arturo Jara 2 days ago

    The song sounds very RE

  • SF Resi
    SF Resi 2 days ago

    Big Resident Evil fan but I shall not be buying this crap

  • NascarTV20
    NascarTV20 2 days ago

    Dead multiplayer game before release

    • SgCy
      SgCy 20 hours ago

      It's not multiplayer, they confirmed there's a single-player campaign as well as normal co-op and mastermind modes

  • Sheng W.
    Sheng W. 2 days ago

    GYRO CONTROLS. PLEASE. Also, if the titles can't maintain a steady 60fps, PLEASE implement a 30fps cap.

  • Pedro Traguil
    Pedro Traguil 2 days ago

    The game they should really be remaking is RE4. I can imagine that game with RE2 Remake Graphics or better. And harder enemies with better AI that make the game even more challenging

  • Tomas Maciel de Paula Souza

    "With great power comes great responsiblities" pensem nisso.

  • Jordan Dymiter
    Jordan Dymiter 2 days ago

    The worst resident evil game ever not interested especially if it’s like outbreak not interested bad gameplay bad looking and doesn’t look like a resident evil game

  • Pablo Alberto Cortés Alvarez

    Porque capcom? Porque no nos das lo que queremos (RE3 remake) para que perder el tiempo haciendo este tipo de juegos si sabes que de ti esperamos un survival horror

  • José tobon
    José tobon 2 days ago

    Capcom vuelves a cagarla yo pensé que volverías al suvairval horror pero volviste a ser la porquería del Shooter me decepcionas Cancela este juego y ponte hacer re 3 remake

    WONHO JB 2 days ago

    Woow i like it

  • Beaury ROÉS
    Beaury ROÉS 2 days ago

    I like it

  • Beaury ROÉS
    Beaury ROÉS 2 days ago

    Its cool

  • Alfonso Borja Cardenas

    What do we want? Resident Evil 3 remake Who do we want? Jill valentine How do we want to see Jill? Hot and Sexy

    • Alfonso Borja Cardenas
      Alfonso Borja Cardenas 2 days ago

      @SgCy yes

    • SgCy
      SgCy 2 days ago

      Re2 remake just came out like 7 months ago. Have fun waiting another 2 years lmao

  • Rodrigo Vargas
    Rodrigo Vargas 2 days ago

    Capcom, fuck you

  • Aditya Agusta
    Aditya Agusta 2 days ago

    I think this game is the same as outbreak but.. different 👎🏻 reality game and trailer are really different.. Bad game 👎🏻

    HAZZA XOLoTL 2 days ago

    Does anyone know how much it is

      HAZZA XOLoTL 2 days ago

      CaptainDope i would hope it would be lower as the comments disapprove of the game

    • CaptainDope
      CaptainDope 2 days ago

      No idea, but they said the price would be lower than the standard for a full game. I'm guessing somewhere between 30-40.

  • MrX Charger
    MrX Charger 3 days ago

    I disagree with everyone ..Resident Evil will always be a classic and Im sure There will be more of it ..But this is just and Expansion of the universe and Remember...Multiplayer battling is what’s in style now and selling..Ahh Fornite isn’t my type of Game but is popular and making money..Plus in the Horror Genre Dead by Daylight is making money and so Did Friday the 13th...So I’m all in for this and I’d put money there will be a RE Tie in and story Mode plus another Full Resident Evil game ..Give something new and different a chance..Evolution ;)

    • Justin Estep
      Justin Estep 11 hours ago

      Feels like a big cash grab.

    • Justin Estep
      Justin Estep 11 hours ago

      Ummm, I agree a disagree. I think most don't come to re with multiplayer in mine. I also think Capcom overall has proven incompetent with multiplayer resident evil.

  • Giovanni Perdomo
    Giovanni Perdomo 3 days ago

    Wath? Is a shit

  • 4ndroid G
    4ndroid G 3 days ago

    What is this?

  • massee 211
    massee 211 3 days ago

    Capcom never learns. Remember when Umbrella Corps didn't do well? Capcom doesn't. They have the memories of a goldfish.

  • J. Rambo
    J. Rambo 3 days ago

    STOP ASKING FOR OUTBREAK this is the reason we get this garbage WE WANT SINGLEPLAYER RE3 and RE8 thats it FUCK MULTIPLAYER!!!

  • Tamás Szekeres
    Tamás Szekeres 3 days ago

    WHY CAPCOM WHY? outbreak remake or file 3 is what we want not this bullshit.. this is straight SHIT... fuck this i dont want this shit.... i will never play this shit... just to let u know ever since outbreak was released only proper game u made was RE2 remake... please realise that u keep on capitalizing on your early successes but u keep fucking up the name of the series...

  • Ice Spirit
    Ice Spirit 3 days ago

    Х У Е Т А

  • SegaSaturnSNK
    SegaSaturnSNK 3 days ago

    Waste of time and money. Should invested that more into remakes for 3 and Code Veronica.

  • Immortal Player
    Immortal Player 3 days ago


  • AlistairDante
    AlistairDante 3 days ago

    Let's talk business Capcom. Fans want RE outbreak, some even just wanting a port. A game where there are 123 different costumes/characters you could even try to peddle as DLC for $. VS A dead by daylight kind of game, that wont have anywhere as much polish on day one nor amass the player base of DBD, because it honestly looks like an event DBD could have had instead of wasting the man power and money to make a fully fledged side project and pay an outsourced team to do it. Tl;dr Outbreak, which many would be happy just having been ported up, no real extra effort wasted in remastering with 123 characters you could have made mad $ with as DLC VS. A dead by daylight clone that cost more than you will probably get back as the player base will die after a week and go back to titles that are more polished and already established in this genre. I might be slightly biased, but it seems to me like an easy choice financially cut and dry, less effort/more money>paying another dev team and suffering the loss of hype for RE3R/RE8 and/or not recouping the budget to make.

  • strxwberri milk
    strxwberri milk 3 days ago

    i just i cant believe that black man seriously fight mr x with baseball bat wtf ??? 😱😂😑

  • strxwberri milk
    strxwberri milk 3 days ago

    Because of this game I am no longer afraid of Mr X anymore, why Capcom?

  • nick yency
    nick yency 3 days ago

    Looks like dlc For re2

  • Liquid Snake
    Liquid Snake 3 days ago

    When is the release date? I'm pretty excited for this 👍

  • Zero-194
    Zero-194 3 days ago

    Whata shit

  • VictorHUN
    VictorHUN 3 days ago

    Mi ez a fos?

  • خلفان الحميري

    wtf 😕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale 3 days ago

    Capcom, you are still on time to cancel this crap.

  • Daniel A.
    Daniel A. 3 days ago

    Lol dafuq, this looks like a chinese game lol

  • Drako_ weA
    Drako_ weA 3 days ago

    the people need a new outbreak

  • Ka_mook
    Ka_mook 3 days ago

    Umbrella Corps 2 but Dead by Daylight rip off this time. Hmmmm..... nope.

  • Irfan Shah
    Irfan Shah 3 days ago

    Extremely Low effort and heavily reused assets bs crap. Capcom is not suitable name for you it's Crapcom best for this company.

  • strixe7
    strixe7 3 days ago


  • TeddyBearSolid 5260

    Gooood.... Gooooood... *rubs hands like Palpatine* I loved Resi6. Glad it's coming to Switch where it belongs. Already got 4 on this baby, but I guess I can delete the digital version and save 12GB. Now bring SFV to Switch, please!

  • DerMetzger
    DerMetzger 3 days ago

    1:27 - Hunk's inner monologue: "All RIGHT! I'm kicking ass and taking names and the extraction point is just around this cor-NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE... "

  • LastSlice
    LastSlice 3 days ago

    Nice concept but should've taken out the mounted guns and mechanical traps and just spawn monsters only.

  • LastSlice
    LastSlice 3 days ago

    TYRONE... really Capcom? They just had to go with the most commonly used ethnic black name out there huh? Marvin and Kenneth would be rolling in their graves right now.

  • Vadim Dudeovskih
    Vadim Dudeovskih 3 days ago

    Who asked for this show me that person

  • Ruben Deibe
    Ruben Deibe 3 days ago

    Seriously Capcom? Again? Even if you had thought of releasing this as a DLC for RE2 it would have been disappointing...just look at it.... looks awful!!! What a failure. Shame on the people who considered this was a good idea. Why don't you just let us, your fans enjoy your franchise how we all deserve? It's not hard, wanna make money? Didn't RE2 show you the formula of how your games should be done? PROJECT REPUGNANCE

    • Ruben Deibe
      Ruben Deibe 3 days ago

      ​@LastSlice Did I mentioned that I wanted a RE soon? And yes I complain, everybody is... did you see the amount of dislikes of this video and also how people is complaining about this game around the web and social media? Loyalty? so you expect us (Loyal fans) to buy this game? seriously? If you want it, good for you, for others like me... Next!

    • LastSlice
      LastSlice 3 days ago

      How can you complain about a game you haven't even played yet? Re2 Remake hasn't even been out for a year. Do you honestly expect them to release another AAA game so soon?You and the rest of the crybabies who disliked this video are spoiled little brats with no sense of loyalty.

  • Lester Rivera
    Lester Rivera 3 days ago

    This looks great!

  • Kairo Hayime
    Kairo Hayime 3 days ago

    BOOOORING!!!, The only way to download it is to be F2P

    • Kairo Hayime
      Kairo Hayime 3 days ago

      @LastSlice Do you need to play a generic 4v1 game with no new concept to realize how bad it is? watching the video perhaps you are attracted to the idea of ​​another spin off ?, Umbrella corps was disgusting, MG Survive, Evolve, none of those games succeeded

    • LastSlice
      LastSlice 3 days ago

      Why don't you tell us more about the game since you seemed to have already played it? 🙂

  • A250791
    A250791 3 days ago

    X gon give it to them