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  • Mason Horsley
    Mason Horsley 11 minutes ago

    Soldier: Dude, Freddy isn't a mechanic, he's a marine artillery man Soldier 2: Ehh, what's the difference? Besides, those officers will be able figure it out Years later: No one knows who Freddy Jackson really was

  • Apoapsis Periapsis

    14:04 I thought lemmino is saying no intelligent life is found on earth Like we are retarded.

  • Ryan Japan
    Ryan Japan Hour ago

    For the first one Maybe the Nazis made them?

  • Ryan Japan
    Ryan Japan Hour ago

    6:13 please stop

  • Bluey
    Bluey Hour ago


  • Vince H
    Vince H Hour ago

    It’s that time again when lemmino should be coming out with a new video and I’m so ready

  • Mohammed Ali
    Mohammed Ali Hour ago

    The flying saucers were looking for their tea cup’s.

  • Evelyn Tan
    Evelyn Tan 3 hours ago

    It could be at Africa

  • Evelyn Tan
    Evelyn Tan 3 hours ago

    It could be at south China sea

  • Xtensioncord TV
    Xtensioncord TV 4 hours ago

    Love how your screaming into the mic

  • 1944 sherman firefly

    The music at 4:17 was actually really good in my opinion

  • GRM Daily
    GRM Daily 5 hours ago

    I have a feeling 50 years in the future a random plane will fly in out of nowhere and land in China. That plane will turn out to be flight 370 and everyone will have even more questions....

  • Noq
    Noq 5 hours ago

    5:07 Ironic you picked an MRI of someone whose brain had hemorrhaged to the point where they should be brain dead

  • Frost Nation
    Frost Nation 6 hours ago

    Who said it had to be some crazy evil cause? You said that the pilot was very passionate about aviation. What if all he wanted to do was die with his aircraft, rather then retire and live on? Some people are like that, they want to die with that they are most passionate about. It's just a theory, but it could more plausible then most.

  • Lilah Ulvia
    Lilah Ulvia 6 hours ago


  • OutdoorAdventureKids

    This dude could make a speck of dust entertaining

  • jk1776
    jk1776 6 hours ago

    Outstanding and thorough video! Thank you.

  • John Kapusta
    John Kapusta 6 hours ago

    this was an odd video

  • John Kapusta
    John Kapusta 6 hours ago

    good old dubstep intro, truly the peak of humanity

    HIPPONAUTALIS 7 hours ago

    this could easily be a tv show

  • CloverChoco
    CloverChoco 7 hours ago

    I miss your videos.. Hope you'll release something again soon. Have a good day

  • Haha Funny Man
    Haha Funny Man 7 hours ago

    "Love is a powerful condition" *Its a virus, it must be destroyed*

  • sandwich- kun
    sandwich- kun 7 hours ago

    Imagine half life movie I mean how is it gonna work the main protagonist can't talk

  • Liam Basham
    Liam Basham 8 hours ago

    It wasn't a ufo it was the japanese

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 8 hours ago

    the winner finds out where my dad went

  • They Hold No Quarter

    LeMMiNO... What about waking up with morning wood? Lets discuss ya?

  • OtakuTrash
    OtakuTrash 9 hours ago

    You can call me a pussy or a weirdo but this video is one of the creepiest I've seen.

  • Adobo Flakes
    Adobo Flakes 10 hours ago

    Maybe the universe is just so big that, if there is other life around the universe, none of them (including us) are advanced enough to be able to even see or hear from another civilization.

  • Zonical
    Zonical 10 hours ago

    1:47 map is also in payday 2. Heist is called go bank

  • Haha Funny Man
    Haha Funny Man 10 hours ago

    I know I'm late but *The debate was just a clown fest*

  • Colossalgaming. gaming YT

    Do a top 10 facts luigi mansion 3

  • Shadow Bender
    Shadow Bender 11 hours ago

    "while our weak excuse of a planet-"😂😂😂

  • Kekistan Shitlord
    Kekistan Shitlord 11 hours ago

    And here we are today with a game that has nothing to do with the original idea

  • TheCubic One
    TheCubic One 11 hours ago

    If anyone is wondering, I have verified the info displayed in the video and it is, in fact, true, no articles about the topic where written by Lisa that year on that magazine

  • Anastasiu3301
    Anastasiu3301 12 hours ago

    everything is wrong...remember

  • Its_islo
    Its_islo 12 hours ago

    Once you get to the end you find out who Joe really is...

  • Kev Col
    Kev Col 13 hours ago

    welcome, helicopter

  • Nody Door
    Nody Door 13 hours ago

    The memories of battlefield 4 when I was a kid are magical.

  • Nevent Chaush
    Nevent Chaush 13 hours ago

    The will have next instructions on 02,02,2020!!! And next instructions 20,02,2020!!!

  • seesikopter
    seesikopter 13 hours ago

    Gordon doesn't actually talk ??? Why the VA died then??

  • seesikopter
    seesikopter 13 hours ago

    I heard that there will be no Source Engine 3

  • WarierClock 5
    WarierClock 5 14 hours ago

    When did this guy start swearing?

  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders 14 hours ago

    Have you ever lost something and you ask your parents and they find it at the most obvious place?

  • Sebastian Marquez
    Sebastian Marquez 14 hours ago

    Ballon flies over Los Angeles -Muricans: *FIRE!!!!* *Nuclear bomber* flies over Hiroshima -Japanese: Just a weather reconnaissance plane

  • elliven elliveny
    elliven elliveny 14 hours ago

    They are probably on a deserted mysterious island, chasing polar bears and entering 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 ,42 into a computer inside a hatch to stop the world from ending. Ahhh, I wish I couple disappear like that.

  • Simple
    Simple 15 hours ago

    Morgan Freeman

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko 15 hours ago

    This is the video that got me into your channel! great job and keep doing what you're doing!

  • Saikumar Maddela
    Saikumar Maddela 15 hours ago

    Iam saying like psychology words but gd for education

  • Hlynur Snær Harðarson

    I shouldn’t be watching this right before a flight should I

  • ribbit
    ribbit 16 hours ago

    virtual porn

  • Sir Chelad the righteous

    pierre ruskin made it.

  • George Montgomery
    George Montgomery 16 hours ago

    I believe the reason we haven't shot down these "craft" is because they are using antigravity systems. Gravity bends light, lazer's, and radar. Like a spear fisherman where you see the fish is not where it's at due to the water distortion.

  • tesla guy
    tesla guy 18 hours ago

    Actually, what is not known is that the "Wow!" signal was actually caused by a microwave or a toaster. So no alien life there

  • DevisingDevin
    DevisingDevin 18 hours ago

    I came for some nostolgia and when this game creeped me out and got me interested and tried to figure out the story

  • DevisingDevin
    DevisingDevin 18 hours ago

    omg this gives me so much nostolgia after watching markiplier play Five nights at Freddys i searched some facts about five nights at freddys i would always watch you

  • Vardaandeep Singh
    Vardaandeep Singh 18 hours ago

    Where it all started.

  • John Liu
    John Liu 19 hours ago

    I can't imagine the time needed to do the research for this video

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon 19 hours ago

    nobody has it nobody ever

  • Stripes the racoon
    Stripes the racoon 19 hours ago

    Who else has assumed her whole life that their logo was just coach

  • Celanis
    Celanis 19 hours ago

    We can only hope that if and when we create "what's next" that it will look down upon us with kindness and allows us a fulfilling existence, much like we try to give to our pets. We are going to be stupid parents to the Nth degree to whatever AI can create, and we're at its mercy once the genie is out of the box.

  • RalleBager
    RalleBager 20 hours ago


    MYTH AJENTUM 20 hours ago

    Bad news to all those lads who watched this and went for a raid.

  • Bobo Outdated
    Bobo Outdated 21 hour ago

    booooo! no facts just stupid crap dislike

  • victor gonzalez
    victor gonzalez 21 hour ago

    Of course they don’t know who the guy is. Making the logo even more creepy

  • Bluey
    Bluey 22 hours ago


  • Brent Loaf
    Brent Loaf 22 hours ago

    My favorite god 22:38

  • Nannerl Chanel
    Nannerl Chanel 23 hours ago

    Joaquin is 0k. He isn't Swedish.

  • Apoapsis Periapsis
    Apoapsis Periapsis 23 hours ago

    me to be the first person on mars: S: time to ruin this person's whole career

  • Bluey
    Bluey 23 hours ago

    19:45 i would have thought that was a meteor/asteroid like recently in russia

  • Robby ingram
    Robby ingram 23 hours ago

    The winner gets to own the dark web

  • Nannerl Chanel
    Nannerl Chanel 23 hours ago

    I did not know about Whitelisting.

  • Brad Cupitt
    Brad Cupitt 23 hours ago

    Sounds a lot like the bible

  • Nannerl Chanel
    Nannerl Chanel 23 hours ago

    You sound more mature/sophisticated than a 2o something Swedish guy. Are you sure that you aren't 31?

  • Nannerl Chanel
    Nannerl Chanel 23 hours ago

    The shadows are real.

  • danger stranger

    Some people obviously have to much free time.

  • Color Code
    Color Code Day ago

    man the moon theory last moon in the thumbnail of 99% of the videos coincidence I think not

    MYTH AJENTUM Day ago

    I like how the first game is Tetra released in Soviet Union. ☭

  • antony paul
    antony paul Day ago

    Yes!!...this video doesn't exist

  • Mobeen Khan
    Mobeen Khan Day ago

    If robots try to take over, let's just use CRISPR and edit our genes.

  • Bluey
    Bluey Day ago

    Just press enter wtf!?

  • Stiller
    Stiller Day ago

    ooooo 2019 recap here we come

  • Michael McNeil

    Liar! The pictures only contained one treasure and that was the picture on the cover, it was discovered years ago.

  • Some Buddy
    Some Buddy Day ago


  • rainy
    rainy Day ago

    this still gives me chills

  • GBLighT Unknown

    RIP [Juice Wrld] - May god bless his family I'm a good way.🕊🥀😥

  • WzrD
    WzrD Day ago

    Top ten facts about Tool??

  • Matt Lombardo
    Matt Lombardo Day ago

    So a blimp cruised slowly down the coast from santa Monica to long beach, 1400 shots fired, and no one hit it? Geezus our guys musta beem drunk

  • Camera Punk
    Camera Punk Day ago

    And airplane in Chile appeared to have a similar fate.

  • Isaac Pastore
    Isaac Pastore Day ago

    I called it in elementary school the “savage s” XD

  • toxic king
    toxic king Day ago

    Cave johnson and caroline are husband and wife while chell is their daughter

  • Bonzo
    Bonzo Day ago

    I have already told the authorities what happened but they refuse to investigate anything.....because they don’t want the truth know.

  • Timbhu J
    Timbhu J Day ago

    6:08 yedai?

  • Asc Speedy walker

    The flip is half life?

  • TheCatinStashin

    Half life 3 announced

  • DMG
    DMG Day ago

    Me: I'm in a secret group of highly intelligent individuals who solve difficult puzzles you could never understand our intentions. Every Guy: So what dork I'm in a fraternal order of popular & sociable guys who have lots of sex with attractive females that you would never understand. Me: SNIFFLE & SIGH

  • John Kapusta
    John Kapusta Day ago

    I want lemming to be a therapist or like a teacher

  • dried ink
    dried ink Day ago

    I just realized that the intro is your own work and I absolutely love it holy shit

  • Mr.BananaMan
    Mr.BananaMan Day ago

    A: spartans. In Michigan

  • Sum yung guy
    Sum yung guy Day ago

    I know alot of aliens they always stand by uhaul stores