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  • Jenna Sexton
    Jenna Sexton Hour ago


  • A A
    A A Hour ago


  • ira jakosalem
    ira jakosalem Hour ago


  • be humble.
    be humble. Hour ago

    I love the veil. She looks stunning.

  • hafsa arshad
    hafsa arshad Hour ago

    I'm surprised she didn't mention Taylor 😂

  • Nisa Hai
    Nisa Hai Hour ago


  • Ana Rotim
    Ana Rotim Hour ago

    It’s crazy how pretty she is😍

  • Dajana Stanisic
    Dajana Stanisic Hour ago

    All of us who imagined Selena in her place... No hate, I love Hailey, but Justin and Selena were made for each other, I'm just sad that they didn't find their way.. All the best wishes to Justin and Hailey, hope you have everything you wish for.

  • joelmalacara80
    joelmalacara80 Hour ago

    IM NOT GIGI!!!! 😂

  • Buna Beluli
    Buna Beluli Hour ago

    She is absolutely stunning and I am so happy for her and Justin🌻

  • Michelle Anne
    Michelle Anne Hour ago

    that is a gorgeous dress!!!

  • Allana Beatriz
    Allana Beatriz Hour ago

    I'm not crying. I'm fine. I'M TOTALLY FINE!!! SHE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE

  • Rosa Scarlet
    Rosa Scarlet Hour ago

    The bride always looks the best. The happiness, excitement, marrying the love of her life enhances the natural beauty and adds to the glow.

  • Sumxiyxh
    Sumxiyxh Hour ago


  • Antonella Gutierrez

    God, her dress was just *beautiful*

  • Susana Agramonte


  • maski
    maski Hour ago

    Jeffree: people tell me that I'm the Bob Ross of makeup..... Trixie: is it because of the texture of your hair? I love you Trixie 💖

  • followluisa
    followluisa Hour ago

    omg in love!

  • Mary T
    Mary T Hour ago

    Idk why people hate her so much! She's so nice & very careful. Y'all would be famous if your husband was JB it's not like She decided to get famous bc of him, it's just normal!!

  • Sumxiyxh
    Sumxiyxh Hour ago


  • ghaidaa Khalid
    ghaidaa Khalid Hour ago

    Awwwwww what a wifey😭😭💕💕💕

  • Jenna Saarinen
    Jenna Saarinen Hour ago

    Wow, she looks incredible! The dress is phenomenal and just absolutely perfect on her ♥️

  • Rachel Maria
    Rachel Maria Hour ago

    Off-White should really just stick to streetwear imo

  • 照愛summergrass

    舞台やショー、テレビの向こうにいる人だから派手なメイクでもかわいい。 リアルに常人がこれしてたら、ケバイんやろなってすごくおもう。やってみたいと思いつつw

  • Kam Patiño
    Kam Patiño Hour ago

    Di gyud ko musugot na kasal dapar jud mo magbuwag yawa

  • sami Kimberly
    sami Kimberly Hour ago

    Sooo pretty omg

    MATT XO Hour ago

    She is drop dead beautiful

  • Loraine Kat
    Loraine Kat Hour ago

    Put a lot of effort in your relationship and not your wedding , this is why a lot of marriages dont last because a lot of people are so consumed with the wedding than the relationship . I just hope the best for them even though neither were my favorite

  • Music Pop
    Music Pop Hour ago

    Aww, she looks so beautiful 🤩😍

  • Nicole Rojas
    Nicole Rojas Hour ago

    The most beautiful bride on earth♥️🤤

  • vloggingblonde
    vloggingblonde Hour ago

    She's absolutely stunning!

  • Madhurima Roy
    Madhurima Roy Hour ago

    I'm having a deja vu moment.... Wtf

    • Madhurima Roy
      Madhurima Roy Hour ago

      I have seen this video.... In my dream I think

  • Aja Ahmad
    Aja Ahmad Hour ago

    Seriously, it is not even close to a wedding dress. So ugly

  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel Hour ago

    Oh she looks stunning The most beautiful bride 😊😭

  • BlubberFaseel
    BlubberFaseel Hour ago

    Best dress ever

  • Smile&Shine
    Smile&Shine Hour ago

    I loved that dress but the slogan on the veil,kinda...lame!

  • Akena crawford
    Akena crawford Hour ago

    She looks like she is modeling the brand wedding dress!

  • Hershey Arc Angel Empleo

    Just realized that Hailey married the love of her life but also the love of my life💔😢

  • Martin Zubero
    Martin Zubero Hour ago

    Ehhhh!!! Virgil is overrated David’s Bridal lookalike

  • JoJo Faithh
    JoJo Faithh Hour ago

    I love her spirit. I love seeing people happy, like, yes! Y’all do you, for you! CONGRATULATIONS ❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • ghaidaa Khalid
    ghaidaa Khalid Hour ago

    I’m crying 😭 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aynur Begum
    Aynur Begum Hour ago

    who says she is not beautiful.she is beautiful

  • Katie Hirsch
    Katie Hirsch Hour ago

    such a legend

  • N LB
    N LB Hour ago

    I remember watching their NYE performance live

  • ghaidaa Khalid
    ghaidaa Khalid Hour ago


  • Pari Shaw
    Pari Shaw Hour ago

    Omg! She's stunning 💯🔥🖤 so happy for Justin ♥️ #wish u a happy married life

  • Mabelle Nogueira

    hails was the most beautiful bride

  • Kamilla Werneck
    Kamilla Werneck Hour ago


  • Trisha Yangan
    Trisha Yangan Hour ago

    Seems like Justin was just that cute boi singing One Time but boiiiii he's married twice to Hailey now. Like WHAT

  • Cassia Fonseca
    Cassia Fonseca Hour ago

    she looked gorgeous 🥺

  • Haze Paden
    Haze Paden Hour ago

    She’s really pretty ♥️

  • Boma Peter
    Boma Peter Hour ago

    "Till death do us part"

  • Sia Shukla
    Sia Shukla Hour ago

    Aww she's looking so beautiful.. I love her sm💕

  • Thomas SanFilippo

    Gwen is fabulous!

  • Beth Bounds
    Beth Bounds Hour ago

    Of course she looks 30. It’s amazing what Botox and fillers can do when you have the best people money can buy to inject them into your face.

  • Suzy by the sea
    Suzy by the sea Hour ago

    How did you grow your eyebrows back?

  • Angvaz vaz
    Angvaz vaz Hour ago

    Es la Novia Mas linda

  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    Bieber wedding > royal wedding

  • g m
    g m Hour ago

    I don’t know why but I started to cry when the doors opened

  • ali Deasy
    ali Deasy Hour ago


  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    I can imagine Justin looking in awe when she walks down the altar. 🥺

  • Selena Pap
    Selena Pap Hour ago

    Congratulations, Hailey and Justin! Best of wishes on your wedding! 💖😘

  • Fantasy Sphere
    Fantasy Sphere Hour ago

    Selena could have been there... years have passed but I still can't believe that ship didn't sail. Beautiful dress though

  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    that dress is perfect for her!

    • I.V.A.
      I.V.A. Hour ago

      @lisette Be ofc I do when I couldn't wait to see what she looked like lol

    • lisette Be
      lisette Be Hour ago

      Take a breath 😂😂you've post 12356879 comments n less than a minute

  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    her face is angelic, her shape and body is beautiful and the most important thing- her personality and heart are so sweet. Justin is lucky!

  • Farjana Akther
    Farjana Akther Hour ago

    This is one of the epic dress i have ever seen .MAGNIFICENT

  • lekha v
    lekha v Hour ago

    Wait what was her second name before Beiber ?

  • Dragon RA Open
    Dragon RA Open Hour ago

    Dude she is so OP

  • raynanya
    raynanya Hour ago

    You're rich ? Hire an atelier, a Parisian atelier. You can become Off-White

  • Aurélie
    Aurélie Hour ago


  • Nelly Sudri
    Nelly Sudri Hour ago

    Love!! I just started a channel, hoping some of you can watch my luxury handbag collection & glow up video: usclip.net/video/zAIEeegd35M/video.html

  • Badstuber
    Badstuber Hour ago

    I’ve never seen a woman who doesn’t look beautiful in a wedding dress.

  • Marielix Feliciano

    This woman is sweet and beautiful 😍

  • Marielix Feliciano


  • Bella Aime
    Bella Aime Hour ago

    Omggggggg just breathtaking!!!😭🖤

  • karol Silva
    karol Silva Hour ago


  • Esha Tiwari
    Esha Tiwari Hour ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz Hour ago

    Just queen guys !!!! If u agree like this comment

  • sarah lewis
    sarah lewis Hour ago

    This is so me... me:” I’m not going to go to crazy on my eye makeup because I have a meeting today” Also me: “I’m just gonna go crazy on this gold shimmer, it’s my favorite”

  • suhjaehyun
    suhjaehyun Hour ago

    she is beautiful!

  • El huevo Marron
    El huevo Marron Hour ago

    Dress is so beautiful wow .

  • Shaik Quadri
    Shaik Quadri Hour ago

    Her body💣🔥🔥🔥

  • Ebtessam Raja
    Ebtessam Raja Hour ago

    Wait didn't she get married like a long time ago lol

    • I.V.A.
      I.V.A. Hour ago

      yes but this is a ceremony.

  • Anselmo Lopez
    Anselmo Lopez Hour ago

    Beautiful dress

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP Hour ago

    Ok I still can't believe JB is actually married like who would've thought he would marry Hailey so freaking quick

    • Marielix Feliciano
      Marielix Feliciano Hour ago

      Kendall Fuller quick????

    • Loraine Kat
      Loraine Kat Hour ago

      I dont mean to sound a hater but they are getting married rather so fast and so young ,soon Hailey will begin to feel shes missing a lot of her young life being a young mom she will feel trapped and thats where the marriage will go downhill

    • Kendall Fuller
      Kendall Fuller Hour ago

      They’ve been married for a year they just had a wedding reception.

    • foreignjb
      foreignjb Hour ago

      ScarlettP its not quick yall so annoying they literally have been best friends for years before getting married

  • G C
    G C Hour ago

    First Karlies wedding dress video, now Haileys. What's happenin

  • Simara Souza
    Simara Souza Hour ago

    she looks like a angel

  • Melina Villalba
    Melina Villalba Hour ago

    oh my god that dress is a dream and Hailey so beautiful I love her 💖

  • Agrani Dixit
    Agrani Dixit Hour ago

    Her face details, her body shape is stunning 😭😍

  • Simara Souza
    Simara Souza Hour ago

    esse momento é meu

  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    when she said she feels beautiful my heart melted. 🥺

  • Mossel
    Mossel Hour ago


  • Savita Rajput
    Savita Rajput Hour ago

    Who's in team Taylor Swift?

  • andriely meira
    andriely meira Hour ago


  • Amina shaikh
    Amina shaikh Hour ago

    Stop mentioning Selena it's a dead ship

  • Doctor Bitchcraft

    That kim chi impression had me on the floor 😂

  • I.V.A.
    I.V.A. Hour ago

    imagine having off white wedding dress, woah....must be nice to be rich. 😭

  • Agrani Dixit
    Agrani Dixit Hour ago

    Does anybody gonna talk about it that how beautiful she is😭😭

  • Jasmin Appleby
    Jasmin Appleby Hour ago

    WOW 😍 this gown is stunning!! You could not see the little details on the pictures on Instagram so the little touches make it even more beautiful It suits her as well, extremely classy

  • Amina shaikh
    Amina shaikh Hour ago

    This is perfect