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Fortnite Funnies Vol. 1
Views 555K3 days ago
Green Screen Memes!
Views 630K9 days ago
iPhone 11 (parody)
Views 1.5M12 days ago
YIAY have an announcement
Views 789K12 days ago
Views 845KMonth ago
UPDATE: We won, Mr. Stark
Views 1.1M2 months ago
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Views 1.3M3 months ago
$999 for a stand
Views 1.2M3 months ago
Views 1.5M3 months ago
Views 1.5M4 months ago
Watch Endgame. Beat Avatar.
Views 935K4 months ago
quick question
Views 1.2M5 months ago
Views 1.4M6 months ago
Views 1.6M6 months ago
Views 2M7 months ago
Punishing my terrible dog
Views 1.2M8 months ago
Will Smith grunt
Views 2.8M9 months ago
thank u, ness
Views 1.7M9 months ago
Let me fix you! (YIAY #455)
Views 1.7M9 months ago
Views 3.8M9 months ago
Views 601K10 months ago
Views 1.2M10 months ago
"Whore" vs. "Who're"
Views 1.1M11 months ago
Views 1.1M11 months ago
SPOOK ME UP 2018! (YIAY #449)
Views 1.9M11 months ago
iPhone XS (parody)
Views 2.4MYear ago
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  • The Fat & the Furriest

    It's epic NOT ha ha I fell for it xpp

  • Tickle Dad
    Tickle Dad 2 hours ago

    Rename to the most VSCO thing you've ever done

  • The KeenTribe
    The KeenTribe 2 hours ago

    Fake Fact: The Rolling Stones got their name from watching The Flintstones while Fred was bowling with a rock

  • WG - Emre
    WG - Emre 2 hours ago

    Why you BULLY ME?

  • Reath Greed
    Reath Greed 2 hours ago

    2:00 fortnite in apex legends

  • Prestonplayz 2
    Prestonplayz 2 3 hours ago

    XD you made it πŸ˜‚

  • Ethan Burkhalter
    Ethan Burkhalter 3 hours ago

    Go to Fortniteburger.net

  • DogSubZero
    DogSubZero 3 hours ago

    You’re is pronounced as your or you are?

  • CallMiiChris
    CallMiiChris 3 hours ago

    Jack making drama about drama, typical hypocrite.

  • kfc bucket
    kfc bucket 3 hours ago

    He scarily knows a lot of furry terms

  • UserOfTheName
    UserOfTheName 3 hours ago

    WAS* life was like a box of chocolates

  • BrokenSaku
    BrokenSaku 3 hours ago

    i hate myself for enjoying this video.

  • Carl Ahlinder
    Carl Ahlinder 3 hours ago

    7:00 lol you started my Siri

  • That one time drake was on SNL

    John just let her host YIAY for now on. It's easy money!!!

  • Tyler Hankel
    Tyler Hankel 3 hours ago

    Why did you make your forehead smaller in the thumbnail

  • spicy Afoot exe
    spicy Afoot exe 3 hours ago

    1:27 i like that the Up next is only furries

  • Dan Hess
    Dan Hess 3 hours ago

    Good having mark to good making of cleaning up and the youtube and your are the best af at making have and funny and the gooiest best old grams are material absence

  • spicy Afoot exe
    spicy Afoot exe 3 hours ago

    God fucking dammit Rick and Morty is on The Uk netflix

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra 3 hours ago

    *s T o N k S*

  • trikshot master1021
    trikshot master1021 3 hours ago


  • saucemonster
    saucemonster 3 hours ago


  • Onety
    Onety 3 hours ago

    I wish they made fortnite skins as deformed as jack, that would truly make the game funny

  • Noah PE
    Noah PE 3 hours ago

    The Irony

  • Crispy
    Crispy 3 hours ago

    Please make these every day. Please, Jack.

  • Sam Elliot
    Sam Elliot 4 hours ago

    more fortnight funnys πŸ…±οΈlease

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 4 hours ago

    I kinda wanna play that frogger. When can I get it on Android?

  • Tyler Hankel
    Tyler Hankel 4 hours ago

    Welcome back to jackass.

  • Sandro Tabidze
    Sandro Tabidze 4 hours ago

    You get annoyed by the message sound 2 times

  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh

    Did you NOT realize that the Australia flag you turned into the UK FLAG?!!!????

  • Katherine E.
    Katherine E. 4 hours ago

    petition for 18+ instead of 21+?

  • Sano Kei
    Sano Kei 4 hours ago

    "down the line you know" so that was a fucking lie

  • Screeching banshee Lad

    My catchphrase is β€œwell stab me in the back and let me bleed out and die”

  • Noneof Urbiznes
    Noneof Urbiznes 4 hours ago

    Please do more this was amazing

  • Glenn DeWitt
    Glenn DeWitt 4 hours ago

    πŸ˜΄πŸ˜°πŸ˜³πŸ˜¦πŸ˜πŸ˜―πŸ˜§πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜§πŸ˜©πŸ˜¨πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜•πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜΅πŸ˜£πŸ˜€πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ”₯βœˆβœˆπŸ˜΅πŸ˜•πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜°πŸ˜¦πŸ”«πŸ˜£ to boost my sex life

  • N8 Thegr8
    N8 Thegr8 4 hours ago

    I hate fortnite but I laughed so hard at this

  • Pastel Blu
    Pastel Blu 4 hours ago

    vsco boy

  • IKoodyI
    IKoodyI 4 hours ago

    Por que youtube me lo recomendo?

  • 쀑립적
    쀑립적 4 hours ago

    So frogger can play iphone 11?

  • Christian Hotline
    Christian Hotline 4 hours ago

    3:49 eugh, look at Elmo’s eyes

  • Thrasha Productions
    Thrasha Productions 4 hours ago

    i dont know how the hell this was the first video jacksfilms i`ve seen.

  • Charlie Highnam
    Charlie Highnam 4 hours ago


  • Sean H.
    Sean H. 4 hours ago

    Jesus was this produced by justin roiland?! Cause that had some rick and morty vibes!

  • Christian Hotline
    Christian Hotline 4 hours ago

    Well done, you made All the Australians have a British accent and make us drink tea 10 times more than we used to do. Also, is it just me or does the isle of Man flag look like the Swastika

  • Sing To The Clouds
    Sing To The Clouds 4 hours ago

    Is it hard for you to pretend to be excited whenever you say what the next yiay question is?

  • BoldtheGold 1
    BoldtheGold 1 5 hours ago

    I thought the title says Fortnite Furries vol. 1

  • mister801
    mister801 5 hours ago


  • El Omelette
    El Omelette 5 hours ago

    So you dont fucking main ness? Discussing! Your a leiaer

  • Twyn Dino
    Twyn Dino 5 hours ago

    Did John photoshop his forehead smaller in the thumbnail?

  • Andrew Klenke
    Andrew Klenke 5 hours ago

    You should check out exurb1a

  • dank memes
    dank memes 5 hours ago

    ShReK fIvE iN 2019

  • Mr.Person
    Mr.Person 5 hours ago

    Ha ha i have 2 black friends get on my level scrub

  • a person.
    a person. 5 hours ago

    0:12 tell me this entire video is just jack dabbing everywhere in the game

  • B. Ryan Bushman
    B. Ryan Bushman 5 hours ago

    50:16 he finally purposed! Literally so happy rn

  • Aiden short
    Aiden short 5 hours ago

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away... *If you through it hard enough*

  • Some noob with a channel

    I'm personally offended you insulted the modern masterpiece that is The Quest for the Diamond Sword.

  • Alexander wahl
    Alexander wahl 5 hours ago

    You know north Korea is bad when people say guns, death, war ---> north Korea

  • Lavazzt
    Lavazzt 5 hours ago

    metal straw?

  • Krazy KingSamuri
    Krazy KingSamuri 5 hours ago


  • Gul. 100 mill
    Gul. 100 mill 5 hours ago

    That was an easy one, I can do it in just one word! *TOPOFTHEMORNINGSTOYOULADDIESMYNAMEISJACKSEPTICEYE!!!*

  • John Omlid
    John Omlid 5 hours ago


  • Big Bean
    Big Bean 5 hours ago

    Me me big disappointment

  • TheRadBear Animation

    @halloweenchallenge nothing. nothing needs to be changed it's as scary as heck. #ToReal

  • StygianVenom
    StygianVenom 5 hours ago

    Me Me big disappointment

  • Junshu Liu
    Junshu Liu 5 hours ago

    0:19 Jack predicted the future

    BNH DELUXE 5 hours ago

    Phones in 1980: *calls people* Phones in 2019: *does everything* Cars in 2019: *drive* Cars in 2080: *literally reverses climate change*

  • Dead Im dead
    Dead Im dead 5 hours ago

    2:34 would someone explain the JT one to me please? i am dummy do not hurt me

  • este ya no es robloxiano


  • John33
    John33 5 hours ago


  • Junshu Liu
    Junshu Liu 5 hours ago

    Oh and one more thang Tim Cook's face: \|/ |\_

  • kohl cooke
    kohl cooke 5 hours ago

    Hey dudes sub to me or else this song will always play on any device that you ever have. 1 like=1000 bucks 100 likes=10000 bucks 1 sub=the entire american economic rate

  • GoldSphere / Spherey

    Just take the T-Pose frame from the original Tonight animation meme made by Sashley and then put the text: "SASHLEY T-POSE" both on the top and bottom, in the meme font, aka the impact font. That'll be a great t-shirt design. Making edgy stuff memes.

  • game play boi
    game play boi 6 hours ago

    Stop raping my kids jimmy

  • Woampy Joins
    Woampy Joins 6 hours ago

    4:02 Spider-Man isn’t part of the avengers exactly...

  • Animator 134
    Animator 134 6 hours ago


  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 6 hours ago

    Fix the Assyrian flag (to old)

  • Jonah V killa
    Jonah V killa 6 hours ago


  • Mr. Creepy
    Mr. Creepy 6 hours ago

    But But you missed today ;~;

  • 8-Bit
    8-Bit 6 hours ago

    What do you say

  • Adjective_K
    Adjective_K 6 hours ago

    goh angasalam'i !imalas a gnah og

  • TheNoicechannel
    TheNoicechannel 6 hours ago

    kidz bop quiz 2

  • SouthTexasHunting
    SouthTexasHunting 6 hours ago

    This might be one of the biggest USclipr collabs next to Howtobasic's face reveal

  • Venus
    Venus 6 hours ago

    so much high hopes... also idk i don't have 2020 vision lmao

    GIANT HERO 6 hours ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 hours ago

    holy shit the moustache was a bad phase

  • Alex Wetmore
    Alex Wetmore 6 hours ago

    Thank you jack for helping me decide my costume. I’m gonna paint the demonetization symbol on a shirt and then the USclip sign going :/ on the back

  • Seth J24
    Seth J24 7 hours ago

    omfg he rlly did fortnite funnies

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi 7 hours ago

    Im probably extremely late but we need a sad smile emoji

  • Awesomelady 1233
    Awesomelady 1233 7 hours ago

    4:38 *cause I’m a girl and I’m a M E S S*

  • Diabetic Doggo
    Diabetic Doggo 7 hours ago

    Because your a USclipr that is kinda real ya know πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ€˜

  • Cora L.
    Cora L. 7 hours ago

    I sometimes misread fortnite funnies as fortnite furries

  • Aviella
    Aviella 7 hours ago

    Nobody: People in the youtube comments: *YOU’RE* *

  • Cookie
    Cookie 7 hours ago

    ah yes thi video seems to be STOOPID

  • Jareth Bufton
    Jareth Bufton 7 hours ago

    Fortnite is dead

  • Luke Flancher
    Luke Flancher 7 hours ago

    As someone named Luke thanks for the dab

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 7 hours ago


  • Avery_915
    Avery_915 7 hours ago

    Alexa who’s getting the best head?

  • Talyn The YouTube
    Talyn The YouTube 7 hours ago

    Years ago I Adopted You