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  • Drills N shills
    Drills N shills 59 seconds ago

    A drill a day keeps the reality away.

  • Allah O'ahu
    Allah O'ahu 2 minutes ago

    Identity politics of the left. Judging someone by the color of their skin rather than content of character. How did they fall so far?

  • HypeBeastTamer __
    HypeBeastTamer __ 4 minutes ago

    I would of been screaming at my mom from heaven

  • Jerry
    Jerry 5 minutes ago

    2 snouts got shot wow !

  • Larry Solis
    Larry Solis 6 minutes ago

    She's actually very Hot !! I'd do her in a minute 😛

  • Jesus1488
    Jesus1488 7 minutes ago

    The propaganda in this country is reaching an all-time high. Do your research Americans and never ever believe what you hear on the News.

  • Matt Coppola
    Matt Coppola 7 minutes ago

    Probably just a Mossad false flag psyop. Hail Victory!!!

  • Laisa Vieira
    Laisa Vieira 9 minutes ago

    why is she so tanned? man, this is really weird of how she wants to look like

  • VoiD
    VoiD 10 minutes ago

    Hilarious but the girl in the background talking ruined it by laughing

  • Curtis Finney
    Curtis Finney 10 minutes ago


    • Abuelita *
      Abuelita * Minute ago

      Yet Texas has shootings all the time with the most lenient gun laws what's your point?

  • ayam kampung
    ayam kampung 10 minutes ago

    Islam is good religion but why ?

  • Arto Rius
    Arto Rius 11 minutes ago

    Knowledge and wisdom is irrespective of Race war bullshit

  • christopher smith
    christopher smith 11 minutes ago

    another Juuew psy-op,no evidence,no proof...then out they come pissing and moaning for more gun control

  • Patrick Tack
    Patrick Tack 12 minutes ago

    let's look at it this way, did that chief think he was above be supervised? did he feel that him and his officers could do what they want, when they want and to who they want with no answering to thier superiors? to me it sounds like the new mayor was putting the cops who were allowed to run amuck in check and non of them liked it.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 12 minutes ago

    Amazing on both sides 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Tracy Williams
    Tracy Williams 12 minutes ago


  • Webfoot Trucker
    Webfoot Trucker 14 minutes ago

    This is bs. He can't hang his flag and Epstein didn't hang himself

  • Evil Parakeets
    Evil Parakeets 15 minutes ago

    He will burn in hell yay!

  • marcia boyd
    marcia boyd 15 minutes ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The democrat mafia will be organizing more mass shootings before the vote. They using shootings as.a means to draw in folks who fear for kids. Its truely about the democrat mafia that work for the NWO socialist who want to disarm so they can have control of the people removing our laws..bill of rights and the constitution.along with freedom. Wake up people democrats dont work for the people they are in the pockets of those who created Hitler. There . plans are just as dastardly if not worst than Hitler!#

  • Frances Finney
    Frances Finney 17 minutes ago

    He's right. The system was designed by white ppls forefathers to work so it can jail black men for free slave labor.

  • Doe Many
    Doe Many 17 minutes ago

    hoa are Comunists

  • frank carrano
    frank carrano 17 minutes ago

    Jooo propaganda ?

    • Kosher Travel Info
      Kosher Travel Info 11 minutes ago

      People were killed and this is what you write? I'm sure mommy is proud of you.

  • rodney jones
    rodney jones 19 minutes ago

    How did she get a trash bag ? There's no trash bags in jail cell! Do you really believe that the FBI , will investigate this case correctly , without prejudice . The police is supposed to police themselves . Hahaha , now that's a joke ! You cannot trust a system that corrupt , it's only going to be more corruption !

  • southsidepatrol 67
    southsidepatrol 67 19 minutes ago

    Sounds like a gathering of tribal savages in the background . Typical

  • Jurassic Classic
    Jurassic Classic 20 minutes ago


  • Alex
    Alex 22 minutes ago

    "Can I apologise?" She doesn't even understand what she did wrong. If he would have been white, she wouldn't feel sorry to dismiss the decades of hard work he invested to build his carrier.

  • Steve Soma
    Steve Soma 23 minutes ago

    Hold the jail in contempt and jail them with no pants

  • Cuck ButtFurd
    Cuck ButtFurd 25 minutes ago

    *The shooting took place at a Convenience store at the intersection of MARTIN LUTHER KING DRIVE & NO MENTION OF RACE can only mean one thing....* *WAKANDANS...The Denial, Deceit, & Delusion, rages on.* 🐸👌🤫

  • Mr. Reanu Keeves
    Mr. Reanu Keeves 27 minutes ago

    This is beautiful

  • rodney jones
    rodney jones 27 minutes ago

    First , a police could disregard the law and that's okay ! But , the same people whom he's supposed to be protecting , don't have the rights to fair treatment , because of gender or skin color ? This is another example of racist white male treatment , just because a young black woman , questions his right to maltreatment . When is this disregard , ever going to end ? When , all black people in America , are murdered , placed in prison or degraded even to a level much worse than slavery !?!?!?

  • Justone Jk
    Justone Jk 28 minutes ago

    Looks like a lot of people doin nothing

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 29 minutes ago

    Plot twist: they thought it was a test that could get them reduced sentences

  • Beby1220
    Beby1220 29 minutes ago

    What kind of reporter is this 🤦‍♀️

  • bobx dark
    bobx dark 30 minutes ago

    looks like another boston marathon psyop / false flag theatre for the sheeple.

  • Amy King
    Amy King 30 minutes ago

    What’s that lady yelling about? She’s louddd. 😬

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo 31 minute ago

    WOW the do nothing democrats did something

  • david burrus
    david burrus 31 minute ago

    Dont forget. Police in Florida murdered a hostage and a bystander not more than a week ago.

  • Rakhem Mcneal
    Rakhem Mcneal 32 minutes ago

    One whole month for blacks a whole month for my mexican brothers and sisters and one day for whites... I like it

  • Wonderful Life
    Wonderful Life 32 minutes ago

    Replace them with Saudi nationals.

  • Billbob 2247
    Billbob 2247 33 minutes ago


  • Bryon Stephens
    Bryon Stephens 33 minutes ago

    They should send in the CIA, FBI, CDCR, Mayberry Sheriff, Utah State Police, and Calif. Highway Patrol while they're at it...after all, there are 2 shooters!

  • sowhat? 11
    sowhat? 11 37 minutes ago

    Very bad optics again. Nobody is buying this. Lazy cops waiting for hours before doing anything, all this weird MLK street Kosher Shop alleged shooting in the hood - you "waz" never "Kangz" and I am sick and tired of hearing any more Juice kvetching. Nice number 6 reference, by the way, you just miss no oppotunity to mock Americans, eh

      GEORGE SOROS 33 minutes ago

      Dont get too used to that number it is probably going to be revised to 60 at a later date.

  • H M
    H M 38 minutes ago

    Should’ve been fired for racism cause that was way out of line & based on pulling facts out of her butt

  • The SemperFiGuy
    The SemperFiGuy 39 minutes ago

    Great job Airman! Congratulations in your new career.

  • Life Sucks
    Life Sucks 39 minutes ago

    Looks like a military operation. We're living in police state.

    • Adamz678
      Adamz678 19 minutes ago

      @Keenan Van Zile Gun control! lmao

    • Keenan Van Zile
      Keenan Van Zile 32 minutes ago

      how else you stopping active shooter? #fool

    NADIA CUSAN 40 minutes ago

    I have been to jersey city for my son when he was going to college in NYC, but we decided not to get an apartment, man what a d****

    • Justone Jk
      Justone Jk 27 minutes ago

      NADIA CUSAN what are you rambling about ?

  • Clay Mills
    Clay Mills 40 minutes ago

    Don't forget to pray for those brave souls 🙏

  • jebj1
    jebj1 41 minute ago

    Reporter is cute with a squeaky little voice. I would definately do her

    • David Sanchez
      David Sanchez 33 minutes ago

      Lol "are you muslim or Indian?" 😆

    • paul w
      paul w 38 minutes ago

      are you muslim or indian?

    • J B
      J B 38 minutes ago

      Is that all you think about is puss? People died man.

  • De Dub
    De Dub 41 minute ago


  • Life Sucks
    Life Sucks 41 minute ago

    Why report the same shit again. FAKE NEWS!

  • Danny McGowan
    Danny McGowan 41 minute ago

    fake news.

  • Suzan Firth
    Suzan Firth 43 minutes ago

    I think 🇷🇺Donald John Trump🇷🇺 cheated to get in once and thought zilch of screwing U.S. Citizens a second time around! Oh, I amost forgot: that's what narcissists do. Do your homework people. These types of people are "die-hard" vindictive and "I-will-fu-up" dangerous. Psych 101 🇷🇺 flag of Russia

    • CraZed
      CraZed 39 minutes ago

      Suzan Firth it’s Donald Joseph Trump

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg 44 minutes ago

    *Toxic Feminism*

  • YoungsoN0ah
    YoungsoN0ah 44 minutes ago

    This kinda stuff happens everyday and she gets a day named after her and a scholarship? This world has gone soft

  • 4 REAL
    4 REAL 46 minutes ago

    Personally, I don't have anything against Donald Trump. I mean, if he's a jackass a lot of times, he's just human. A lot of us are jackasses a lot of the times. But obviously he has some serious issues that have raised the eyebrows of many politicians and lawmakers in the United States of America.

  • James Page
    James Page 46 minutes ago

    You can hear all the Black people cheering when they hear the guns go off. Is that a ghetto thing and civilized ?

    • Rosalie Parker
      Rosalie Parker 19 minutes ago

      Probably domestic terrorists on the loose again.

    • Premiumeme
      Premiumeme 40 minutes ago

      It reminds them of home

  • Blessings General
    Blessings General 46 minutes ago

    Amazing and Humbling

  • JTstuff1
    JTstuff1 46 minutes ago

    It's nice to know shes able to help a guy with his heat

  • J winchell
    J winchell 48 minutes ago

    Wassup homegoyyyzzzzz!

  • M P
    M P 48 minutes ago

    Joooo Psyop

  • Libby Gentry
    Libby Gentry 48 minutes ago

    I live in Henderson Nevada and I wish I could take care of her

  • numarkaz
    numarkaz 49 minutes ago

    What a dufus she is.

  • Mark Asbury
    Mark Asbury 49 minutes ago

    Good job to the dad

  • Caitlin Williams
    Caitlin Williams 51 minute ago

    The view just gave her a 2020 van 🥰

    GEORGE SOROS 51 minute ago

    Knowing the way the Jews operate this was most likely and inside job to get more sympathy for them and push their "anti-semite" narrative.

      GEORGE SOROS 12 minutes ago

      @Kosher Travel Info Hey look I found one of the tribe members running cover as usual. Hi JDIF! I hope your day is going swell.

    • Kosher Travel Info
      Kosher Travel Info 13 minutes ago

      People are dead, and this is what you post. Just shows what type of person you are.

    • Trilobite
      Trilobite 45 minutes ago

      What a puke.

      GEORGE SOROS 46 minutes ago

      @Sandra Johnson Damn it I've been exposed!!!! Oy Vey!!

    • Sandra Johnson
      Sandra Johnson 46 minutes ago

      GEORGE SOROS you would know your one of them ! You planed this Iam going to watch Trump Rally !

  • DK Workwise
    DK Workwise 52 minutes ago

    This make 386 shootings this year. More shootings than days of year. More than previous years. You can blame McConnel and the whole Trump Administration for this.

      GEORGE SOROS 25 minutes ago

      @Brown Baby No im talking about the blacks and browns. A simple google search will show you all of their faces.

    • Brown Baby
      Brown Baby 28 minutes ago

      @GEORGE SOROS yes those pink people

    • Tracy James Tavares
      Tracy James Tavares 31 minute ago

      Yea , its Trumps fault . What an ass

    • Goyim Defense League
      Goyim Defense League 34 minutes ago

      Did you know that Trump is jewsish?

    • paul w
      paul w 35 minutes ago

      @Paul bucksbee sr well you know, "birds of a feather:.....

  • Kevin Trust
    Kevin Trust 53 minutes ago


  • Manuel G Chapa Jr
    Manuel G Chapa Jr 54 minutes ago


  • Byzantium
    Byzantium 55 minutes ago

    More footage:

  • Goyim Defense League
    Goyim Defense League 57 minutes ago

    Oyyy veyyy anudda shoaaaaa

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 58 minutes ago

    Liberals and Democrats are destroying the country.

  • Pablo Camareno
    Pablo Camareno 59 minutes ago

    Imagine quitting on your town bcus you don't see eye to eye with somebody

  • julz boe
    julz boe 59 minutes ago

    That’s so fucked up … I‘m shocked

  • Haval Omar
    Haval Omar Hour ago

    That’s true Islam, forgiveness

  • seedee
    seedee Hour ago

    May many more pigs follow her into unmarked mass graves.

  • Funny Bones
    Funny Bones Hour ago

    logan paul😎

  • Queen OfCups
    Queen OfCups Hour ago

    OH...wanna get away🏃✈️🚀🛸

  • Patti Mease
    Patti Mease Hour ago

    I don't want to see your ads with such a devastating tragedy. Sell your junk somewhere else.

  • Jon Osborne
    Jon Osborne Hour ago

    Time for a reelection of the home owners society. This is just crap in any country!

  • Nature activity videos !

    I know who she is! She was in my class in third grade at dutchtown elementary school

  • The English man The English man

    Where are the people stoping it

  • XxIsa_playzXx
    XxIsa_playzXx Hour ago

    This woman is wise.

  • The English man The English man

    What race was the girl

  • The English man The English man

    What race were they

  • Mark John
    Mark John Hour ago

    jevv Nadler then thanked the jevvs Adam Schiff and Elliot Engel - both on stage - for making this whole thing happen. The way these people were thanking their jevvish producers, it was like an Academy Award acceptance speech. And I guess it isn’t too far from that, is it?

  • Judah Fleming
    Judah Fleming Hour ago

    America is so divided and it will not stand. Russia and China is just sitting back waiting to attack.

  • Photon Fusion
    Photon Fusion Hour ago

    I come from a completely different cultural background but this is inspiringly shocking to me. This lady is so pure. I believe if there truly is gods, they must just look like her. No words but respect, love and tears.

  • John Hopkins
    John Hopkins Hour ago

    🐖 Piggy's abusing their power yea like that has never happened. Pigs policing 🐖 Piggy's never go agenst the abuser the pigs

  • Honey Cat
    Honey Cat Hour ago

    Kid : Thirty Dad: Peace was never an option

  • Shawn Cassel
    Shawn Cassel Hour ago

    now that you have pulled your cranium from your rectum get back to Cali and take care of your failing district!!

  • David Benner
    David Benner Hour ago

    The rooky officer needs to be in prison for life if not on death row! In my opinion.

  • White Guy
    White Guy Hour ago

    Wow all the inmates are white🤔

  • must be jelly cus jam don’t shake like that

    I dont get ANY of this. Is this not a normal thing to do in America? Would y’all just say no if a elderly person asked you yo cut their food? Like why did the woman take a photo in the first place. It’s SUCH a normal act of kindness to do. Why would she get so much money for doing that, I’m happy for her but like- if that is what it takes to get a scholarship, thousands of people would have one. Sorry for bad English

  • Jazib Naveed
    Jazib Naveed Hour ago

    Alhamdullilah proud to be Muslim.

  • XxTheRealMarauderxX

    Sad to realize that in the next 5-10 years there will be mo WWII veterans

  • amerik556
    amerik556 Hour ago

    Damn thats a man right there he took care of that kid so damn good he decided to take his name beautiful

  • Gregory T
    Gregory T Hour ago

    As if they worked for something which benefits real Americans. We have President Trump to thank for this and not the 'give-the-store-away' democrats. For he democrats to take credit for this agreement is ludicrous but the MSM will make it look like that was the case.

  • NAV_Choker
    NAV_Choker Hour ago

    You are a wizard harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syntax
    Syntax Hour ago

    So someone tell me exactly what the other options was? Tell the elderly man no and be extremely rude. I’m happy for her but I mean damn I wish I was this lucky.

  • Jack Carter
    Jack Carter Hour ago

    i thought she said she would answer ANY question