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  • Sam Captain
    Sam Captain 26 seconds ago

    So does that mean ww2 is still on going or would it not

  • Joshua Byaruhanga
    Joshua Byaruhanga 45 seconds ago

    How does he kno this shit?

  • keroppiyuen
    keroppiyuen 5 minutes ago

    RLL: Display 363 population Me: Reads "Acceptable Casualties" I am truly horrible :P

  • Daniel Claydon
    Daniel Claydon 6 minutes ago

    So Russia's plan is to roll a couple hundred d20's in a row.... Good plan

  • Cancerous gaming
    Cancerous gaming 7 minutes ago

    Davao city,Philippines is the biggest city.if u want proof search on google.

  • itz JOPO
    itz JOPO 8 minutes ago

    i don't miss Yugoslavia I miss Josip Broz Tito

  • lachie Bosman
    lachie Bosman 9 minutes ago

    Just make a bridge over the pacific 🙄

  • lil pop
    lil pop 10 minutes ago

    A way to stop the tsunami is to make a bomb with more megatons than this and use it from your side, so is probably going to stop and you also have a chance to make your enemy an attack by the force

  • keroppiyuen
    keroppiyuen 11 minutes ago

    "After already being invaded twice" OH com'on how many French invasion joke can we make :P

  • Charles Watson
    Charles Watson 11 minutes ago

    By this logic the entire population of Russia would have died after the Mongol evasion.

  • XYZ Ratz
    XYZ Ratz 15 minutes ago

    Who built that is an engineer, degree or not

  • Jasmin Jaime
    Jasmin Jaime 16 minutes ago

    Me: *I wanna live forever* Watches video: *I don’t know anymore* ;-;

  • XYZ Ratz
    XYZ Ratz 18 minutes ago

    Pug is delicious, especially the tail. A tad bit of cinnamon, it to die 4

  • Tony Leon
    Tony Leon 18 minutes ago

    A lot of speculation for a video supposed to be informational. If you have not lived here and dealt with people in mountainous areas as I have (since I live in Shizuoka, nearby Mt. Fuji) then you wouldn't understand why many areas here are basically untouched, and much of it has to do with preservation and culture.

  • Jetty
    Jetty 19 minutes ago

    It’s so easy to judge these people for eating dog meat and practicing without licenses, but I can’t even comprehend what it’s like to live amongst so many people. It’s like you’re drowning, but instead of water, it’s just human bodies.

  • Oh yeah yeah • 12 years ago

    Lots and lots of Indian nationalists in this comment section

  • 1Billion Subscriber Challange

    *A F R I C A*: HAHAHA *stans*: L0L

  • MegaChaos91
    MegaChaos91 21 minute ago

    It's not a question of IF, but of WHEN.

  • MegaChaos91
    MegaChaos91 22 minutes ago

    "What's the Most Difficult Place to Get to In the World?" -> A woman's private bits.

  • Jobyjames Byamba
    Jobyjames Byamba 22 minutes ago

    switzerland help america im not a doctor but your flags says your a doctor

  • Galan Tori
    Galan Tori 25 minutes ago


  • 1Billion Subscriber Challange

    China: .... Russia:_______________

  • Brian Button
    Brian Button 29 minutes ago

    I will say it. Of course he ate him. We all would have.

  • Demarquavious Heard
    Demarquavious Heard 30 minutes ago

    It is not up to man to even direct his own steps how much so is that of the universe

  • imran Ali
    imran Ali 31 minute ago

    Every universe holding many universes

  • Zhen Fei Mo
    Zhen Fei Mo 32 minutes ago

    All quick maths

  • RafiTok
    RafiTok 32 minutes ago

    0:33 Prelude FLNG is much bigger than Knock Nevis and here it looks as if it had a height (taking into account the height of a man as 1.8m) 18m, but its draft was 24m. with a given human size, it should be at least 2x larger.

  • imran Ali
    imran Ali 32 minutes ago

    Universe is infinite

  • Comp-Greenz
    Comp-Greenz 36 minutes ago

    Him: talking about people getting trapped in a cave Me: laughing cause he said 69😂

  • Rosario Pil
    Rosario Pil 37 minutes ago

    *A hissing creeper* Almost end the world *Of my minecraft hardcore mode*

  • Toniblast
    Toniblast 38 minutes ago

    Why are you calling Japan "She" shoudnt be an he?

  • LucarioNinja
    LucarioNinja 38 minutes ago

    Did he seriously pronounce Qatar as "cutter"? Good grief, get more educated.

  • jnco_RL
    jnco_RL 42 minutes ago

    isn't the chance of making a straight A in a multiple choice test with 3 choices 1'000'000? Because don't you multiply 100 with 100 with 100? idk tho i'm trash at maths

  • Minahil Zahra
    Minahil Zahra 44 minutes ago

    No Mount Everest height is 29525

  • Casey Ribaric
    Casey Ribaric 46 minutes ago

    Basilosaurus, Tylosaurus, Pliosaurus, and Mosasaurus. Megalodon was similar in size to all of these, but they lived at different times.

  • RyD Hawkz
    RyD Hawkz 47 minutes ago

    Wouldn’t the largest island be Australia????

  • junior third
    junior third 49 minutes ago

    Ok first off the worst nuclear disaster to date has been Fukushima. Chernobyl didn't leak contaminated cooling water into the Pacific for 8 years going on nine.

  • EM BEE
    EM BEE 51 minute ago

    Find the Architect.. only He has the key to the universe.

  • Islamic Communist
    Islamic Communist 52 minutes ago

    It would be amazing.

  • こけこっこ
    こけこっこ 57 minutes ago

    I love Russian - precious neighbor , And …don't like American and Chinese. from woman - Japan

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T Hour ago

    As always, war is the biggest failure any country could partake in.

  • Noah James Hall
    Noah James Hall Hour ago

    Deadlyer record being the closes to 💀

  • xMoggey
    xMoggey Hour ago

    Why everyones geography sucks

  • Lukas T
    Lukas T Hour ago

    TIL that "Japan" is female.

  • François Miville

    You can be landlocked and nevertheless have money and when you have money you can buy ships anywhere in the seas of the world.

  • ᔑリד ̣ Jリ

    Russia: China must be destroyed China: *uno reverse card*

  • diego rosario
    diego rosario Hour ago

    That’s why god said. Don’t even think about it because you will never be able to. I am the ALPHA and OMEGA I created you and I can destroy you. Please just live your human life😀

  • Jeremy Webb
    Jeremy Webb Hour ago

    When you order something online. Est arrival, 3-7 business days. Reality. 8 years

  • Leiloan
    Leiloan Hour ago

    France : it's time for *revolution* Government : C'mon dude , yesterday you cut the head of 3 ministers France : Yeah and ? Government : *sighs* ok go on........

  • J F
    J F Hour ago

    Japan is not a woman

  • HotFresh Box
    HotFresh Box Hour ago

    This stupid clickbaiting, jesus how annoying

  • Gregory LeBlanc
    Gregory LeBlanc Hour ago

    Kowloon walled city 1/4 sq kilometers 30000 people equals 120000 people per sq km

  • Liam Walsh
    Liam Walsh Hour ago

    Finally Crimea can cry me a river.

  • Roter Tapir
    Roter Tapir Hour ago

    Next: Why the geography of the ocean floor sucks

  • King Gaming
    King Gaming Hour ago

    What if we all lived in a single A380?

  • Lityer Ambidextrous

    Constantinople* losers

  • Eloy
    Eloy Hour ago

    To people in Salto, Uruguay (31° S, 58° W), hola from Shanghai, China (31° N, 122° E)!

  • Marco Acosta
    Marco Acosta Hour ago

    I heard it rains intelligent politicians on planet fuck yourself

  • Duine Fionnar
    Duine Fionnar Hour ago

    If planets could talk to each other it would be like Oh hey dc5h-yo Oh hello 578gvH57-y how you doing Thanks for asking 578gvH57-y I’m good you

  • Onaree Sathit
    Onaree Sathit Hour ago

    Fucking France has never ever developed its colonial empire, except exploting all resources. Unlike, Britain has developed so much infrastructure like Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa. Damn French.

  • DiamondSnakeYT
    DiamondSnakeYT Hour ago

    *Thailand* Wait didn't you mean we have best foods in the world Or else?

  • Gave Me Diarrhea

    what's Earth

  • Boris Z
    Boris Z Hour ago

    Russia is already at 90 million.

  • Shadowhunter
    Shadowhunter Hour ago

    Hurricane, just don’t even think about it!

  • Hythel
    Hythel Hour ago

    Holy Roman Empire: 33% atheist So not that holy

  • Al-Ikram Chowdory

    two words as backup

  • Daniel Dia
    Daniel Dia Hour ago

    in 2050, people will still comment "who still watching this video in 2050?" on youtube

  • Austin Snyder
    Austin Snyder Hour ago

    Paublo Escabar was going to pay off Colombias debt so he wouldn't go prision. It didn't work, and he just bought the prision he was going to and turned it into a party palace.

  • Henryk Gödel
    Henryk Gödel Hour ago

    No one can relax when Huns are about.

  • ModernMozartMC
    ModernMozartMC 2 hours ago

    This wouldn't work at all. First of all you have the fact that most countries in Africa have a lot average IQ, and secondly, it's way too diverse for this to work out. People have been at war in Africa for most of the time that we have records of African history, so they probably wouldn't take kindly to being forced to work with people they hate.

  • sajss99 lol
    sajss99 lol 2 hours ago

    where is Czechia and the most consumption of beer?

  • Aleksander Siemaszko


  • Dante Fajardo
    Dante Fajardo 2 hours ago

    Well, technically he can't qualify because he can't spend it freely. He can't leave Colombia so he was practically a prisoner in a big prison with lots of money.

  • chl bhosdike
    chl bhosdike 2 hours ago

    who dont have 1 dollar and have a dream like 1 trillion dollars hit a like

  • Finley1321
    Finley1321 2 hours ago

    They wouldn’t want to claim they did it

  • _iix_ Oof
    _iix_ Oof 2 hours ago

    how do they even know this shi-

  • Adamkk03
    Adamkk03 2 hours ago

    I wouldn't live there but it would be an interesting experience to visit it.

  • The Path To Greatness Starts With Me

    I learn more from USclip than from school 😂

  • Conservatives Are Cancer and AIDS

    I just realized how horrifying Spongebob would look in real life

  • gaming Clout
    gaming Clout 2 hours ago

    And that bridge will prove flat earthers wrong

  • Klipklapklop •
    Klipklapklop • 2 hours ago

    Oil exist America : *i’m about to end this country’s career*

  • TheMarioBrosFan611
    TheMarioBrosFan611 2 hours ago

    US&Russia: *we have nuclear weapons* Indonesia: *Hold my beer*

  • Prakash Mehta
    Prakash Mehta 2 hours ago


  • Finley1321
    Finley1321 2 hours ago

    The safest travel yet I see plane crashes in the news but not car crashes.strange

  • lolxdkkklmao
    lolxdkkklmao 2 hours ago

    Why do you say "her" about Japan?

  • Sub Woofer
    Sub Woofer 2 hours ago

    Israel should be terminated

  • David McNally
    David McNally 2 hours ago

    Australia is an island.. bit bigger than Greenland too!

  • Tsz Ho WONG
    Tsz Ho WONG 2 hours ago

    I think hiding on Easter Island will be safer. The statues will activate and the aliens will start rushing down and fortified the entire island with laser guns and they will go on blasting their rivals in Area 51

  • Goran Miljanic
    Goran Miljanic 2 hours ago

    Can you make video presentation of hypothetical unification of all orthodox countries of Europe (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Greece)? It would be interesting to see.

  • Abdul Mannan
    Abdul Mannan 2 hours ago

    This isn't possible.

  • muheen ahmed
    muheen ahmed 2 hours ago

    2019: HOW DARE YOU!!!

  • Syed Shahroze Shah
    Syed Shahroze Shah 2 hours ago


  • Alex Sioulas
    Alex Sioulas 2 hours ago

    No need to nuke it just give me the server ip and me and the bois will dig it up in 3 days

  • Yousuf Masood
    Yousuf Masood 2 hours ago

    Press F for Vasili Arkhipov

  • Martin McNickle
    Martin McNickle 2 hours ago

    I like the subtle swipe at Trump...

    RUPERTO ORBON, JR. 2 hours ago

    Only an INTELLIGENT CREATOR made these. Big Bang Theory is such a stupid idea. Tm

  • ImaBanana
    ImaBanana 2 hours ago

    I HATE Mercator Projection maps!!!!!😤

  • totur video
    totur video 2 hours ago


  • Thicc Smoke
    Thicc Smoke 2 hours ago

    Nobody uses this map in real life wtf

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 2 hours ago

    Is the spoon in the thumbnail made of an anti-anti-matter?