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  • andreea
    andreea 18 hours ago

    not depressed. not tik tok obsessed. neither aesthetic possessed. lo-fi is relaxing and calming. goooooodbye

  • Rogers Wallace

    no enitendo el salto de tom y jerry al otro

  • Blue ViCtOr
    Blue ViCtOr Day ago

    What's the anime called

  • Ruan Do Grau
    Ruan Do Grau 3 days ago


  • C H I L L
    C H I L L 3 days ago

    show this to anyone who was born in the 20s :D

  • Tô Nguyễn Hương Giang

    what songs???

  • Indigo
    Indigo 4 days ago

    aveces pareciera raro que estes a mi lado pero vamos nos los dos vamos hacia el sol compartamos los momentos con amor que sea nuestro templo nuestra conexión algo verdadero mas alla del tiempo mas alla del miedo de los pensamientos y recuerdos somos siempre nuevos siempre estamos plenos envueltos en fuego vos me regas, yo te riego vamos florenciendo voy soltando el miedo agarro tus manos encuentro tus ojos me uno a tus labios ya no se si somos dos nos vamos uniendo

  • weiwei
    weiwei 4 days ago

    I can't find my other half idk where is him maybe it's my problem..

  • Reaping Shamada
    Reaping Shamada 5 days ago

    1:32 Tom: Ahh crap

  • Jenny Romero
    Jenny Romero 6 days ago

    Estoy en mi cuarto llorando con este tema :"(

  • DarionTheKid
    DarionTheKid 6 days ago

    It really cool

  • ¿!ÝåñğFïřė¡? OwO

    a e s t h e t i c x x

  • Iksdé
    Iksdé 6 days ago

    Are u still alive.

  • Hikikomoriララ
    Hikikomoriララ 7 days ago

    parece a amazoniakkkkk

  • cuecas em chamas
    cuecas em chamas 8 days ago

    Na cola de aprender no piano

  • cuecas em chamas
    cuecas em chamas 8 days ago

    Cd os pianista pra ensinar essa musica doido?

  • Diana 124
    Diana 124 9 days ago

    I love this ♡

  • Only Death
    Only Death 9 days ago

    fuck jerry messed up tom's life

  • Danny Boi
    Danny Boi 9 days ago

    dude the video is so nostalgic but idk what show it's from, it's like I've seen it a million times but...

  • TESD Mezirk
    TESD Mezirk 9 days ago

    Code Pgod or Oscurld

  • Night_Wolf Cr
    Night_Wolf Cr 9 days ago

    only i found in that something creepy ???

  • Austin Hunt
    Austin Hunt 10 days ago

    I’ve been questioning my existence lately, and idk why

  • Livy
    Livy 10 days ago

    I wish i could make music so good like this jsjs loving this 💖

  • Stroopwafel
    Stroopwafel 11 days ago

    If you like the relationship between beast boy and terra on teen titans, go check my lofi video out

  • Pi Adr 07
    Pi Adr 07 11 days ago

    I love it!

  • Ana Clara Alves
    Ana Clara Alves 11 days ago


  • boliyoXd rangel
    boliyoXd rangel 12 days ago

    I'm full of sadness last mind and are listening to this kind of songs😃😔♥️

  • mark mallare
    mark mallare 12 days ago

    i wish this happened in the amazon rainforest 😓

  • saiaesth
    saiaesth 12 days ago

    This Is like the amazon forest fire :'(

  • ToxicSir
    ToxicSir 13 days ago

    The best songs never have SoundCloud links

  • Raudo
    Raudo 14 days ago


  • Junior Master
    Junior Master 14 days ago

    Goulart 2.0

  • The K
    The K 15 days ago

    LOVE ME?😕

  • chlorine-l
    chlorine-l 15 days ago

    This is the sunshine instrumental from atlas

  • Wendel Paulo
    Wendel Paulo 15 days ago

    Animation name?

  • Tati's Bandz
    Tati's Bandz 15 days ago

    . · ° ° R E L A X ° ` °

  • Rafael Dantas
    Rafael Dantas 15 days ago


  • I'm nothing
    I'm nothing 16 days ago


  • Mikasah Sz
    Mikasah Sz 16 days ago

    é de pequenas brigas que surgem desastres...

  • シャイローJasxntixn

    Look at that sky , just wanna sleep on grass and watch it whole day <3 there

  • No Name
    No Name 17 days ago

    *Amazônia* *neste* *momento* *!*

  • RavageRe
    RavageRe 17 days ago

    This is what starts amazon forest fires😖

  • sebastian navarro
    sebastian navarro 18 days ago

    Driver - wavesurf?

  • Nathan Mining
    Nathan Mining 18 days ago

    Well that f up my child hood

  • Phelipe Sampaio
    Phelipe Sampaio 18 days ago

    Nego fica e chapado com isso aí kk

  • JinterMae
    JinterMae 19 days ago

    Oh shit this is what Taeyong from NCT was listening to on twitter....and I randomly found it! Hot damn

  • Klowny Jr
    Klowny Jr 19 days ago

    Why do i hear “miss you” inside the song? Only me?

  • Franteiner Zero
    Franteiner Zero 19 days ago


  • Scarlet02
    Scarlet02 19 days ago

    save the amazon rain forests

  • Gabriel Salyer
    Gabriel Salyer 20 days ago

    The first 15 seconds reminds me of that richie vallen song, "you're mine and we belong together, for eternity".

  • Ah. Afif Al-Aqsath
    Ah. Afif Al-Aqsath 20 days ago

    and now Amazon feel it...,

    8D SOUNDS 20 days ago

    great song but lol ;D

  • HwaJeong Jeon
    HwaJeong Jeon 20 days ago

    greatsong missmatchpic

  • Soysa Roblox
    Soysa Roblox 21 day ago

    lofi is the meaning to relaxing

  • WMT_Mickey
    WMT_Mickey 22 days ago

    Anyone else he before 1mil views?

  • checkmate
    checkmate 22 days ago

    haha i just finished this today lol

  • Joaquín Correa
    Joaquín Correa 22 days ago

    Is it memorized in my head ( I'm bad in inglish) xD

  • elisinho YOUTUBER
    elisinho YOUTUBER 22 days ago

    faz mais um desse mais agora em 8d ia ser bem foda.

  • Reelax
    Reelax 23 days ago

    Pray for Amazon

  • l l l
    l l l 23 days ago

    The name song please

  • Naris Mai
    Naris Mai 23 days ago


  • ラコウRakoh
    ラコウRakoh 23 days ago

    going nowhere

  • Joe Pino
    Joe Pino 24 days ago

    fucking mouse, finally got what he deserved

  • nightlit396%
    nightlit396% 24 days ago

    thanks now I don't want to go work no more

  • Dj Wesley SC
    Dj Wesley SC 24 days ago


  • Dino Voador
    Dino Voador 25 days ago

    hey bro, am I allowed to use it in my video?

  • Jannis Hennighausen
    Jannis Hennighausen 25 days ago

    can someone explain me what weed is?

    • imDiffxrxnt
      imDiffxrxnt 25 days ago

      Jannis Hennighausen why not google it up?

  • Spazz Artz
    Spazz Artz 26 days ago

    The nostalgia vibes I'm getting got me on cloud 9 😍😍😍😍

  • Kaytro
    Kaytro 26 days ago

    Please come back :(

  • Avocado Aneurysm
    Avocado Aneurysm 27 days ago

    Honestly im horrified by the creators of tom and jerry. Tom is consistently ridiculed by his owners for attempting to do what cats are born to do... go after the mouse. and when is the last time you saw tom win in an episode??? exactly.... Its the shit like this that really makes me think ya know?... This man sold his damn soul to buy a car for that female cat to impress her, and she left him for another cat. What kinda message is this leaving for my grandkids. Im 67 btw and my BP is through the roof.

  • RigVol
    RigVol 28 days ago

    -дА НАФИГА-

  • Sportoy Kun
    Sportoy Kun 28 days ago

    Ai véi...sla quero abraça,beija-là porém...

  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop Brasil

  • Tufan107
    Tufan107 28 days ago

    Called flowers and trees

  • Fischer
    Fischer 28 days ago

    Did you know you can't breathe while smiling? Kidding just wanna make you smile, everything's gonna be alright.

  • Eliana Avakin
    Eliana Avakin 29 days ago

    Gostei a música e tão calma

  • Eliana Avakin
    Eliana Avakin 29 days ago

    1:57 kkkkkk o passarinho kkkk

  • Rachel DeMattia
    Rachel DeMattia 29 days ago

    Jerry always pissed me off lol

  • victormanuel salcedo

    I wanna do it a song with this, may I?. Or be copyright?

  • WMT_Mickey
    WMT_Mickey Month ago

    The story is Loki said


    Wow well mah trees are dancing and they really are good at it get groovy today trees.And I love the detail 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

    GURIGAMEPLAY Month ago

    Muito bom

    LION AEON Month ago

  • BLOODEST Beyond
    BLOODEST Beyond Month ago

    Кто не вкурсе это самый первый мультфильм студии дисней.

  • Sir Galahad
    Sir Galahad Month ago


  • Aidan Villarreal
    Aidan Villarreal Month ago

    Does AnyOne ElsE thInk This VideO iS KindA CreEpY| NOT THE MUSIC| MUSIC IS AMAZING| wait i read the comments and its an old cartoon nvm

  • pURE tRAsH
    pURE tRAsH Month ago

    Everybody in the comments: I love this music! It's so relaxing Me in a ski mask voice: WUDDER


    Please look this link

  • Inxyxr0se
    Inxyxr0se Month ago

    This guy lowkey scares me idk why

  • Ce-ai facut fratele meu ?

    Old cartoons are such a mood

  • Cynthia Day
    Cynthia Day Month ago


  • π
    π Month ago

    Venho todos os dias aki, mas ainda não sei explicar oq é essa vibe.

  • Twicker
    Twicker Month ago

    Anime was so sad I died

  • Leite Ninho
    Leite Ninho Month ago

    Plot Twist

  • Ell Tree
    Ell Tree Month ago


  • Lavinía Carvalho

    What's the name of this cartoon?

  • D.I.L
    D.I.L Month ago

    Someone deleted their lofi titled I D O N T W A N N A D O T H I S and I'm very sad about it X'(

  • M3M3 BOI
    M3M3 BOI Month ago

    1:16 deez beats sound like the youtube premiere ones.

  • LomitoConSalsa
    LomitoConSalsa Month ago

    this music have Copyright?

    • LomitoConSalsa
      LomitoConSalsa Month ago

      @Leajen can't i put this music in my channel?

    • Leajen
      Leajen Month ago

      yeah look in the description

  • M3M3 BOI
    M3M3 BOI Month ago

    spoiler: in the end of the episode, tom's girl friend tries to eat jerry, She was just making jerry fat and thicc for better taste bois. edit: bruh i wrote the comment while i was halfway to the video.