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First Things First
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  • Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    I hate the Clippers bandwagoners fans like anybody else but what indication do we have that the Jazz will be great in the playoffs or that they even be in the playoffs

  • William Figueroa
    William Figueroa Minute ago

    Odell Beckham will be traded to the New England patriots

  • Xavier Parsons
    Xavier Parsons 2 minutes ago

    the warriors arent a historically great team because bron won 1-1? (before KD)

  • Armando Pena
    Armando Pena 12 minutes ago

    Why have they not given this man the show yet? Chris Broussard is a perfect fit to balance the show.

  • Sean Fallo
    Sean Fallo 14 minutes ago

    Yo the rams ain't out yet lol. If Chargers pull a win, after then Vikings got Green Bay then the Bears.

  • Julio Nieblas
    Julio Nieblas 19 minutes ago

    Jenna is so underrated

  • Ironmurs
    Ironmurs 25 minutes ago

    Lakes are good w/ 2nd seed. Even if Clips get the 1, LA owns that home court. Lakes aren’t winning 66, prolly cruise to 55-60 max. Bron & Brow will need some R&R

  • ejones9924
    ejones9924 29 minutes ago

    EAGLES will show up.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 31 minute ago

    If the Cowboys beat the Giants in the first game of the season they never make the playoffs! It's the Giants curse fulfilled again!

  • Rhone Thrash
    Rhone Thrash 33 minutes ago

    PLEASE bring Chris on full-time... THIS is going to work. Love it.

  • Ro L
    Ro L 36 minutes ago

    Lsu should take the NFC East winners spot and the NFC east winner should be in the college playoff.

  • Ree
    Ree 39 minutes ago

    Bless you Jenna.

    HES A BABY 41 minute ago

    Warriors was not a historically great team? I need what Nick is smoking

  • ubadman1
    ubadman1 43 minutes ago

    regarding zion, 19 year olds with bad knees do not become 23 years with good knees. also stopsaying zion is 6'7 or 6'6 he's not. he's 6'5 nearly 6'6.

  • Robert Thurman
    Robert Thurman 43 minutes ago

    I can see OBJ with the Pats

  • John nie
    John nie 44 minutes ago

    Steelers kinda need some help but would probably take a pass on high-maintenance receivers...even though it could work out.

  • Gray Bullock
    Gray Bullock 44 minutes ago

    Isn't it funny how the average viewer is smarter than the Browns GM

  • Sheldon Passley
    Sheldon Passley 50 minutes ago

    All the man did was give his speech at a different location...get over yourselves lol

  • Trent Friend
    Trent Friend 55 minutes ago

    Mahomes, like Brady, will eventually get older and start being more conservative with plays and not risk taking the hits. Time is inevitable for EVERY player. Bad ref calls or not, Brady is human and will not be the juggernaut he used to be in these next few years...just saying.

  • Sole Survivor
    Sole Survivor Hour ago

    Lebron is about to acquire legend status in L.A. to go along with his legendary status in Cleveland and Miami - no one else can make that claim

  • Posiedon 81
    Posiedon 81 Hour ago

    Glad CC isn't on this show anymore with his antics. Lets Go Nick and the crew.

  • Paxton Waugh
    Paxton Waugh Hour ago

    NOLA will feed Odell baby

  • Boom Shacka Lacka


  • Chase Musgrow
    Chase Musgrow Hour ago

    Zion needs to sit out this year get healthy and give him self a chance for a rookie of the year by proving himself against next years draft class and #1 pick

  • Chase Musgrow
    Chase Musgrow Hour ago

    Broussard was off today, first he said that he wanted to see more from the lakers, which from the eye test look like a top 5 team this decade, next he says the Miami team was not an all time great when they where a top 5 team this decade too

  • andrew paul
    andrew paul Hour ago

    We will make nick wrong look stupid all over again. Who made the best TD this week? Harris did!

  • Brian Thomason
    Brian Thomason Hour ago

    Winning a division is great but winning the sb is the goal so the nfc east is lousy and no one from that division will win it

  • Elliott Lyons
    Elliott Lyons Hour ago

    Let's go Lakers lebron is winning his fourth ring this year

  • 54 Tj
    54 Tj Hour ago

    But ohio state didn't wanna be number 2

  • Goat Stature
    Goat Stature Hour ago

    And this is why Chris Broussard is an NBA analyst

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy 2 hours ago

    "A win is a win, unless you are the Eagles. Because they should have style points" - Every sports analyst.

  • Evan Odum
    Evan Odum 2 hours ago

    Nobody I seek to tell me about basketball more than Chris Broussard

  • Joe
    Joe 2 hours ago

    LOL idgaf 1 catch made that guy

  • Tyrone Tyler
    Tyrone Tyler 2 hours ago

    Everybody on first things first. I thinks and I don’t thinks. Y’all think too damm much.

  • Cody Birchfield
    Cody Birchfield 2 hours ago

    I see draymond playing 4 the Lakers in the future

  • Red Cloud
    Red Cloud 2 hours ago

    The irony of Lebron's career is that, all this time he's been trying to find the team that fits. Stuck on Cleveland for years with the owner never had any ambition to get him his proper second star. Then went to Miami, got good results, but really Wade is a redundant version of Lebron. Went back to Cleveland only to find a super stubborn, flat earther padawan. Then when all hope is gone, he just went to Lakers for some hollywood comfort and for some reason the stars started to align on his path. It doesn't even matter that Kawhi Leonard tried to sabotage them by making sure all the big trades are gone before going to Clippers. The Lakers got whatever scraps left in the market and somehow with the help of luck, it turned to gold. Even Vogel who is not their first priority as a coach turned into gold. Lebron is longer on his prime, but for the first time, he is now wielding a team with proper synergy--a team that fits. Could be a little too late? We'll see ..

  • frank harris
    frank harris 2 hours ago

    God bless you!!!!

  • Fight boom Fight
    Fight boom Fight 2 hours ago

    All you have to do is take away Zach ertz and Carson Wentz crumbles. Take him away and have them other guys beat you

  • David Wollerton
    David Wollerton 2 hours ago

    I have tried watching all the sports morning talk shows and I cannot do it. You get people who are journalists and they go on these shows and talk like they are experts. All of us in this comment section are qualified as these guys of are to talk about sports.

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 2 hours ago

    Go home to New Orleans

  • EC Marquez
    EC Marquez 2 hours ago

    seems the players stop playing and the coaches don't care to coach and jerry jones is an idiot and needs to sell the team to someone that wants to win

  • marcusg1021
    marcusg1021 3 hours ago

    Seattle sounds excellent

  • Greg Clark
    Greg Clark 3 hours ago

    I was at the game. The fans were not booing the Pats. They were booing the refs.

  • Cameron Aitken
    Cameron Aitken 3 hours ago

    Let's gooooo Seahawks. Go get Odell!!

  • Jakeem
    Jakeem 3 hours ago

    baker is a terrible qb, stop trying to blame odell

  • Really Now
    Really Now 3 hours ago

    Where was this outcry when the eagles won 10 games and missed the playoffs

  • J the Great Full
    J the Great Full 3 hours ago

    For once I hate to say it but I agree with Chris lol. But why is Philly not being discussed? yeah their defense needs help but they have no depth at WR after last night

  • Official_EP
    Official_EP 3 hours ago

    Who do we have to contact to tell Fox to *KEEP this line up together* & NEVER bring back Hollis or Marshall!?

  • Mr. Bren
    Mr. Bren 3 hours ago

    The Lakers already lead by 4 games to the next team and Lebron and AD switch games in taking minutes off in the 4th. I wish people would actually watch the games or at least look at the numbers before they cite their “worries”

  • Luigi Bros.
    Luigi Bros. 3 hours ago

    Bro, a comeback is a comeback, it was 17-3 at half and the Eagles scored 20 points after that. They used a bunch of players that weren't even starters to come on top. If you watched the game they kicked it into high gear in the fourth quarter and OT, they played like a playoff team in those 15-20 minutes.

    • Luigi Bros.
      Luigi Bros. 3 hours ago

      Sadly they didn't play with heart the whole game, we need to work on that and get decent receivers next season. And make sure our players are healthy to last a full season or the strength and conditioning coaches need to go!

  • Dylan England
    Dylan England 3 hours ago

    Bro never heard a grown man make so many excuses for another grown man. Hopkins mom? That’s why he’s so good lol wtf does that have to do with anything

    • Dylan England
      Dylan England 3 hours ago

      The woman is by far the only one that gets it 😂.

  • Christopher Paul
    Christopher Paul 3 hours ago

    Amani Toomer and I both went to De La Salle High School. Only reason I clicked. :)

  • J the Great Full
    J the Great Full 3 hours ago

    Odell to the Bills? just throwing out a random but I kinda like it

  • John Crabtree
    John Crabtree 3 hours ago

    Jason Garrett and jerry jones are equally to blame just because u played pro football doesnt mean u know a dam thing

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 3 hours ago

    He got pushed out the door because he was hurt? What? Hurt QBs don't play in the NFL! He'll be back when hes healthy

  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez 3 hours ago

    Is Chris Carter on vacation?

  • Michael loves yesterday Guillory

    Nice pen Chris looks like you raided Nick’s stash

  • Steff Cuddi
    Steff Cuddi 3 hours ago

    New comment section sucks

  • Reilly Keane
    Reilly Keane 3 hours ago

    Man nick such a good analyst when he isn’t talking about Lebron always backs up his points with strong facts. His Lebron bias just frustrates me so much

  • Joshua Torres
    Joshua Torres 3 hours ago

    Can Chris become the permanent guy on this show?

  • SuperArab
    SuperArab 3 hours ago

    Nick's hair literally starts after his hairline in the thumbnail 😂 go on keep telling em it's real hair 🤥🤥

  • PatrickStarfist
    PatrickStarfist 3 hours ago

    Kawhi makes media think that prime NBA athlete made out of glass smh

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer 3 hours ago

    The refs beat the Pats, not the Chiefs. And I'm not even a fan of the Pats.

    PIGGIES 4 hours ago

    From a Browns fan - I agree, Odell isn't a scheme fit. He needs to go somewhere that he can be the only star receiver. He has only thrown off the teams chemistry. Cleveland Lost in that trade for Odell. We had a decent line going, as well as secondary. Even the offense was starting to come together. Also shouldn't of hired Freddie Kitchens. We trade one of our best lineman and safety in Jabrill peppers and we get a bust from Olivier Vernon and a bust from Odell. I watch every single one of our games and the dude drops a lot catches as well as doesn't get open a lot. Same with the entire team other than Landry and Higgins, even Njoku. The chemistry last year was great. I would love for Odell to work out but he just isn't in it to try and Win. He is in it for the Money, Statistics, and the ring. Think about it, He only gave Cleveland a season and was with his "Best Friend" the Team is so new and could develop into something special with the right coaches considering the amount of talent on the roster.

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer 4 hours ago

    Eagles jinxed themselves after they won the Super Bowl and started talking all that smack. They've been a POS team ever since.

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson Hour ago

      Not really they have a chance to make the playoffs for the third straight year and they are 4-1 in the playoffs during that span that’s better than most teams not named the Patriots

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer 4 hours ago

    Sure, the 72 win Bulls were great, but what about the 71-72 Lakers who WON 33 STRAIGHT games AND went UNDEFEATED FOR TWO MONTHS during the season and won the NBA championship?

  • Geronimo Contreras
    Geronimo Contreras 4 hours ago

    Nick is a kobe hater gets paid by shaq to talk bad about. KOBE you won't hear nothing positive of kobe proven fact

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer 4 hours ago

    Welcome to the daily Nick Loves LeBron show.

  • Cody Zanini
    Cody Zanini 4 hours ago

    Overrated Odell will be a Las Vegas Raider Guaranteed

  • Buffalo Bill
    Buffalo Bill 4 hours ago

    LeBron was the best player on 3 championship teams, Kobe was the best player on 2 championship teams, there you go LeBron 3, Kobe 2

  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 4 hours ago

    Nick and coach Mangini going back and forth has been hilarious. Ty FTF, Just bring on Mannix and Mangini a couple times a week to spare with Nick and we will all be bettet off for it.

  • Turner Kirby
    Turner Kirby 4 hours ago

    "Clemson's defense has been a little Jekyell and Hyde" Ummmmm, have you not watched a Clemson game this year?

    • Sabastian Rossi
      Sabastian Rossi 3 hours ago

      That 21-20 win against a non ranked NC was the problem for their rankings..and gave their doubters some legitimacy.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 4 hours ago

    Told ppl being big and playing ball dont mix kid was wearing a knee brace in HS

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 4 hours ago

    The NBA has a stat that every 6 years the first pick is a bust or below average that's Zion next. Maybe he turns around

  • Mr Slate
    Mr Slate 4 hours ago

    Odell is super overrated

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 4 hours ago

    Haha they really trying to be positive about Zion 😂

  • Steve S
    Steve S 4 hours ago

    Nick is clueless about sports

    • Dk
      Dk 23 minutes ago

      Got any real reasons or examples?

  • Jeffrey A. Thistle
    Jeffrey A. Thistle 4 hours ago

    Everyone needs to calm the fk down on this Mahomes kid, also if I was KC I'd be very concerned that I wave Andy Reed who got fired cuz he couldn't get done in the post season.

  • Darryl Hayes Hayes
    Darryl Hayes Hayes 4 hours ago

    💯% CORRECT especially a West Coast Team if Not the Patriots.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 4 hours ago

    Nick & yall really thought that Eagles team was great 😭😂😂

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson Hour ago

      If you talking about in 2017 the eagles were great that year they were top 4 in offense and defense the lead the league in point differential, they went 13-3 and 3-0 in the playoffs and they were ranked the 36th best team in NFL History in the top 100 teams of all time list

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 4 hours ago

    Cowboys already won the division. The Eagles shouldn't have been in the SB.

    • Semion Johnson
      Semion Johnson 2 hours ago

      Wtf are you talking about ? they went 13-3 and went 3-0 in the playoffs they deserved their super bowl title in 2017 stop hating

  • Hattie Knight
    Hattie Knight 4 hours ago

    LeBron makes his teammates better and shares the ball, he has always played this way and gets criticized for it. I wish LeBron had gotten to play with a coach like the San Antonio coach, because he would fit into that system well. Kobe is selfish and has always been, and only cares about himself and padding his stats.

  • Random A
    Random A 4 hours ago

    what is with this fake narrative that the lakers are trying super hard? Lebron is playing in like his 3rd gear, and the lakers in general dont look like theyre trying too hard. they just fit so well with each other

  • Roris norris
    Roris norris 4 hours ago

    He should get down to 268 - 273. If he gets down to that then I can see him having less Injury and still being exactly him. Drop 12-17 lbs. That to me is 100% doable and realistic yet not changing what he brings. Just only losing some weight for impact reasons on the joints, bones and muscles.

  • Jeffrey Youngblood
    Jeffrey Youngblood 4 hours ago

    If Zion doesn't get down to about 240 or less he won't last 5 years in the league. No way no how. His knees just can't take it.

  • Austin
    Austin 4 hours ago

    Why is everyone so scared to come and play a playoff game in either Dallas or Philadelphia? Who cares if you’re 12-4 and might have to travel for a playoff game to play a 7-9 football team. If you’re that much better then you should have no problem beating them! Is it a little unfair that a team with a way better record has to travel to go play a playoff game? Sure. But that’s just what the rule is. Deal with it. Quit crying, and win a road playoff game.

    • Daniel Spivey
      Daniel Spivey 3 hours ago

      It’s not about being scared, it’s about deserving the honor, and no team from the NFC East deserves the honor of hosting a playoff game.

  • phillip christ
    phillip christ 4 hours ago

    It use to be the Pats, but my guess he wants to go to Baltimore or Seattle. He’d be the clear #1 both places and the team would be a winner.

  • Blodreina
    Blodreina 5 hours ago

    I'm done with these receivers that don't work anywhere. Thank goodness for receivers like Fitz and Julio.

  • efogg3
    efogg3 5 hours ago

    he may be getting paid but his talent is not being utilized. imagine if the entire offense and defense of the browns was in patriots system. filthy! i think ojb should go to seattle, raiders or n.e.

  • Harrison Kleinpeter
    Harrison Kleinpeter 5 hours ago

    Man this second segment is reaching.

  • Solomon
    Solomon 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Nick: The Warriors are historically not great. Also Nick: LeBron’s hairline was and is historically great

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald Lewis 5 hours ago

    Chris Broussard Nick Wright is Shannon Sharpe must be related to LeBron you can't tell him nothing about him

  • Nick Serritella
    Nick Serritella 5 hours ago

    OBJ needs a quarterback with a great arm. Philly comes to mind. Buffalo

      PIGGIES 4 hours ago

      Baker Mayfield blows Carson Wentz out of the water

  • Bryan Randolph
    Bryan Randolph 5 hours ago

    Let's take away the officiating for a minute...I'm a sold Out Tom Brady Belichick New England Patriots Fan...But let's stop kidding ourselves...The Patriots don't have anymore depth to the Recieving Core and The Front Line is So terrible they can't Block anyone..Defensive .Linemen are Spinning on them pass rushing the heck out of Tom Brady..he has gotten hit more this year than I've ever seen him get hit becasue he has no one explosive and open down field to Throw to...Teams are too tall and fast defensively for what Brady has on his Roster..He can't keep trying to hit Julian Edelman all day they are wearing him out.....Without An Antonio Brown or a Josh Gordon whom they released...even Cordell Patterson with the Raiders now...they Released every deep threat they had except for Dorsett....No one is afraid of them anymore...Every week they keep saying we have to play better or we have to find ways to Win...Stop it!!! (You don't have the Recievers and You don't have a Front Line!!! It's frustrating watching Tom Brady searching in the Pocket taking hits and knockdowns trying to find an open Reciever...

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald Lewis 5 hours ago

    All y'all do is talk about the Lakers and LeBron they not the only team in the NBA for all y'all Lebron lovers don't get mad when they don't win it

    • Sosa 007
      Sosa 007 5 hours ago

      Did you just watch 5 minutes of the video?

  • Darren Haselby
    Darren Haselby 5 hours ago

    So glad CC is gone. He was always looking down on everything Nick said.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 5 hours ago

    It's unreal the amount of media coverage the Browns receive on these programs, they're not even a winning team

    • Number24AllDay
      Number24AllDay 57 minutes ago

      Aaron the bills are about to be in the playoffs after the season they had last yr. Ain’t nobody talkin bout that team smh.

  • Psfoster 007
    Psfoster 007 5 hours ago

    How how many times does Nick Wright have to be wrong? Can we get somebody else on the show opposite Chris Broussard that knows what they're talking about?

  • The Maniak
    The Maniak 5 hours ago

    Odell would look great in a packer uniform💯💯💯

  • Paul DiGiacomo
    Paul DiGiacomo 5 hours ago

    Shut that lady up