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Grid - Before You Buy
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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  • PresidentBanana
    PresidentBanana 4 hours ago

    Honorable Mention: the founding of EA

  • bigbenisdaman
    bigbenisdaman 4 hours ago

    They pulled gaems from STeam. So I don't buy them now.

  • Caitie Bee
    Caitie Bee 4 hours ago

    I feel so seen

  • ZTO
    ZTO 4 hours ago

    I wish people would stop buying EA games. As much as I love a lot of the franchises they have, I'm not giving them another dime. If more people would do that and hit them right in their wallet, they might shape up. But as long as people keep buying into these games, they are going to keep making money and will never stop being greedy

  • stamatis tsikrikis
    stamatis tsikrikis 4 hours ago

    Only 15?

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 4 hours ago

    I use long cutscreens to take bong rips.

  • Rodcel king
    Rodcel king 4 hours ago

    2:08 nah bruh

  • Adam McCann
    Adam McCann 4 hours ago

    Phantom pain

  • Parsa Ghorbani
    Parsa Ghorbani 4 hours ago

    4:08 excuse me but what?

  • Chris
    Chris 4 hours ago

    You can get the deluxe edition of anthem at GameStop for $10 if you ever wanted to check out that dumpster fire at least you can get it super cheap now

  • Jonathon Thompson
    Jonathon Thompson 4 hours ago

    No more fight night

  • Bruce Jones
    Bruce Jones 4 hours ago

    Look at all of the EA games.

  • Santiago’s Thewardhog

    marios piano boss it cannot die and has no weaknesses and is powerful

  • Janik Greiner
    Janik Greiner 4 hours ago

    Anthem destroyed my harddrive from the PS4....... I played it once and never again

  • Bluetearz
    Bluetearz 4 hours ago


  • Jarod Liberty
    Jarod Liberty 4 hours ago

    The one and only redeeming quality of Anthem is what my brother uses it for: hanging out with friends who are too far away to be with physically, in a game that they’re so familiar with that hey don’t necessarily need to pay attention and can talk and have conversations and joke

  • drummerockband
    drummerockband 4 hours ago

    There's many reasons why I don't buy EA games any more. I am a huge Star Wars fan but I'm not touching Fallen Order with a 10 foot pole.

  • Raymond Jimenez
    Raymond Jimenez 4 hours ago

    They didn't make any Fight night games anymore.😢

  • LiL Stormy
    LiL Stormy 4 hours ago

    If I get perma banned for a name then I better get all the money I spent on the profile back lol

  • boinggers s
    boinggers s 4 hours ago

    Sorry bout it I’m still gonna glitch gta Money

  • Andrew Ventura
    Andrew Ventura 4 hours ago

    Can you guys make a video on things EA did right? I doubt it'll be as long lmao

  • Can Baykal
    Can Baykal 4 hours ago

    Bullets can't destroy padlocks.

  • Nicktrains 22
    Nicktrains 22 4 hours ago

    Killing pandemic studios. I loved the saboteur in the 360 generation

  • altruistic gamer
    altruistic gamer 4 hours ago

    If they didn't have EA sports they would have went bankrupt a long time ago GOD I hate EA

    BABA GANOUSH 4 hours ago

    The jumping into/onto places and destroying everything is literally me when playing any R&C game.

  • Paul Waller
    Paul Waller 4 hours ago

    I don't have have a obsessive compulsive disorder so I don't do most of these.

  • Godis Mytower
    Godis Mytower 4 hours ago

    Quake II RTX only has 3 levels free. Black Desert is not free. Wonder what else is incorrect in this video?

  • Eksnoverse
    Eksnoverse 4 hours ago

    I got banned in Minecraft hypixel when I think I was 10 years old. Permanently and when you are permanently banned on hypixel you can only get back by either showing proof you didn't hack or lying. They don't care that it has gone YEARS since it happened. I know I shouldn't have done it but seriously, a 10-year-old me couldn't think logically.

  • Kevin Godi
    Kevin Godi 4 hours ago

    EA existence is already a big mistake

  • Chris H36
    Chris H36 4 hours ago

    The real problem: Randy Pitchford

  • Viktor von DOOM
    Viktor von DOOM 4 hours ago

    Duh. What Pokemon to pick at the start of the game

  • KWS DiamondH7
    KWS DiamondH7 5 hours ago

    3:02 my recharging station for my Xbox one controller is right next to me so I don’t have to move lol

  • Oblivious era
    Oblivious era 5 hours ago

    EA doesn't do mistake they are mistake 😁

  • tyler knowlin
    tyler knowlin 5 hours ago

    Tell me why I can’t do the most BASIC of video game things? Like wear my hat and other accessories in the cinematic parts of the game? All the stuff I unlock and pay for. Lazy ass game and not happy. Why can’t I holster my weapon? So lame

  • Emily Janson
    Emily Janson 5 hours ago

    Ah yeah one of my first sims 3 playthroughs where my game DIDN'T corrupt for once, my initial character died of old age and I genuinely cried for a whole day 😂

  • Citras Flava
    Citras Flava 5 hours ago


  • reddybear
    reddybear 5 hours ago

    Gaming disease, can I get a doctor's note for work?

  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 5 hours ago

    not big enough to count up to three. 1.. 2... more than two less than four

  • KruxisCast
    KruxisCast 5 hours ago

    i cant remember the game but it locked your shoot ability when aiming on friendly NPCs.... i aimed away startrd spraying and the quickly crossed the NPc It worked tho xD

  • wolfpack 94
    wolfpack 94 5 hours ago

    Hey looking for more game to play haven't try ac games befor but I'm a rpg fan with dragon age being my favorite series, is this a game I should try?

  • Elizabeth Kelly
    Elizabeth Kelly 5 hours ago

    For me everything except 7 and 5 and 4

  • thehalofreak06
    thehalofreak06 5 hours ago

    Wait for your health/stamina/magic to regenerate automatically, so you don't have to waste one of the hundreds of potions which take up 90% of your inventory.

  • LetsGoMemes v1
    LetsGoMemes v1 5 hours ago

    undefeated is Saints Row

  • AshleyTwelve
    AshleyTwelve 5 hours ago

    When i hear ‘A Call to Arms’ it makes me happy. (For the Horde)

  • Thomas Downes
    Thomas Downes 5 hours ago

    No1 found the helicopter annoying? Damn, I can't even fly those things straight. I couldn't do it in gta 4 either.

  • Roscoe
    Roscoe 5 hours ago

    Command & Conquer reboot for PC was cancelled because it was far different than what the fans wanted and instead made a mobile game that played way differently than the original games anyway. lolwut?

  • GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)

    We need yo get that EA guy to watch this video... As well as everyone in EA.

  • LuigiMwoan
    LuigiMwoan 5 hours ago

    i am really curious whats coming in the '5 things EA did good' video.... Can be less if you cant find more because its probably going to be 0 things EAdid good but im waiting

  • StSebbe
    StSebbe 5 hours ago

    I take everything and anything that has a value of > 0$ mostly talking Witcher and skyrim

  • Andreas Johannessen
    Andreas Johannessen 5 hours ago

    I can't wait for EA Mistakes They Want You TO FORGET part 2 when they are a mistake.

  • Vyshakh Anand
    Vyshakh Anand 5 hours ago

    The whole company is a mistake now

  • Sasha Mingasson
    Sasha Mingasson 5 hours ago

    no man's sky ?

  • JRPWilliams
    JRPWilliams 5 hours ago

    Moral of the story is... DON’T SUPPORT EA

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson 5 hours ago

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed Andromeda... Yeah it had its issues, but it was an enjoyable experience for me.

  • BAGUVIX 125
    BAGUVIX 125 5 hours ago

    I miss this game i wanna cry

  • Super Pirlo21
    Super Pirlo21 5 hours ago

    How much is PS5 ?

  • Neither Realms
    Neither Realms 5 hours ago

    EA: *exists* Me: why?

  • Kaya Lin
    Kaya Lin 5 hours ago

    The Green Flu of L4D :o

  • Alyxx Succubus
    Alyxx Succubus 5 hours ago

    Spend several hours on character customization.

  • Angel Gabriel Solis Herrera

    Where’s the creeper?

  • G Streezy88
    G Streezy88 5 hours ago

    You won't hear about simcity either, they closed maxis that makes the game. Just stick with cities skylines way better game.

  • szogyenyi
    szogyenyi 5 hours ago

    2015: We will NEVER do remasters! 2018: Releases Burnout Paradise Remastered

  • Mr.Tittysprinkles
    Mr.Tittysprinkles 5 hours ago

    I prefer the of battlefront 2, never bought the loot boxes, it just felt so much better

  • Zaccai P
    Zaccai P 5 hours ago


  • iambottlecap
    iambottlecap 5 hours ago

    Heres the thing about watchdogs that still blows my mind. That demo, and the graphics it had, are actually in the game! Its just turned off and has to be modded to be enabled. It makes the whole game look better and is just bewildering that they didn't remove it. The reason they did not allow pc players who could use it with better hardware .... use it.... By default is because they didn't want such a drastic difference from one platform to the next, to avoid ire from both customers and platform owners. It fucking shitty all around.

  • Gustav Tilk
    Gustav Tilk 5 hours ago

    Do you need PlayStation plus to be able to play?

  • funnyman540
    funnyman540 5 hours ago

    They destroyed Pandemic. I now and always have, hated their guts.

  • Sneaky Billy
    Sneaky Billy 5 hours ago

    As long as ea got their ''sports games'' they will not worry about losing players.

  • w3w3w3
    w3w3w3 5 hours ago

    9:30 COD: Home Invasion ... lmao. Copyright c w3w3w3.

  • Aman Agrawal
    Aman Agrawal 5 hours ago

    Cod battle royal sucks

  • Herrschneider
    Herrschneider 5 hours ago

    how about you add a zero to that number?

  • Adam Manmiller
    Adam Manmiller 5 hours ago

    I feel you guys made this video before?

  • Zaccai P
    Zaccai P 5 hours ago

    Battle Front 2 is live af now. You wildn

  • Charade Plays
    Charade Plays 5 hours ago

    did this video make anyone else want to cry for some reason?

  • Nyosh
    Nyosh 5 hours ago

    EA just feels like shopping at Walmart.

  • Hamzeh Waggad
    Hamzeh Waggad 5 hours ago

    when the mistakes they want you to forget are not a mechanic of the game or a small problem in it but the whole game itself you know that's EA

  • Ariz Ariz
    Ariz Ariz 5 hours ago

    Me : reads the title Also me : absolutely because of gta san andreas

  • IchBinDieLy1
    IchBinDieLy1 5 hours ago

    When there's two or more directions to go to, I always try to go the "wrong" way, just to see if there's some sweet loot or an easteregg, or... a cool corner or SOMETHING.

  • godswarrior298
    godswarrior298 5 hours ago

    Why would they make survival for PS4 only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,that is so dumb!!!!!!!!!, Survival for Xbox one should be mandatory!!!!!!!!!!! Why would they do this!!!!!!!, Are they Crazy.I loved survival on MW3 for Xbox 360, and was looking forward to its return,and this is what they do,come on.enough with platform excluding,they introduced cross play,but then do this,Really!!!!!!! MW,really hope they change this. I like everything about this game,But hate the fact of them not having survival for Xbox One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 5 hours ago

    Left cheat engine on in the background. Goodbye 10 dollar 1000 hour tf2 account

  • rokoblox
    rokoblox 5 hours ago

    you forgot sneaking to people in minecraft

  • Alexander King Jr.
    Alexander King Jr. 5 hours ago

    Never forget.....what they did to the fight night franchise!!

  • BonzoBear
    BonzoBear 5 hours ago

    Remember SSX Tricky, SSX3 or Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge anyone? Yea good times, as much as i'd want to have a remake or sequel on any of those EA is probably gonna fuck it up and hide all the good stuff behind Lootbo... i mean "surprise mechanics." Plus i remember the PS3 SSX reboot... that was a fukken mess

  • J-Amrey-10x Whatever

    EA trash

  • Jonny Hewitt
    Jonny Hewitt 5 hours ago

    You missed a couple of zeros off the end of that figure

  • Patrick Sieber
    Patrick Sieber 5 hours ago

    can you make a video how ea got their success ?

  • gta king
    gta king 5 hours ago

    I live in the netherlands

  • clar ask
    clar ask 5 hours ago

    i tried watching a playthrough of control and it looked so confusing and boring now i don't know what to think

  • M varela
    M varela 5 hours ago

    WHO A ELDER SCROLLS FAN well i am got addicted.

  • Adhi Pradana
    Adhi Pradana 5 hours ago

    It should be "100 EA Mistake that you forget". hire me

    IeatURANIUM 5 hours ago


  • Love can relate Productions

    Target one had me crying 😂

  • KapteinKapsel
    KapteinKapsel 5 hours ago

    EA has done good things?? When?? Rugby 06? Cricket 07? Only good I remember XD

  • Seán O'Brien
    Seán O'Brien 5 hours ago

    When people start blowing you up for no reason

  • D a i t h i
    D a i t h i 5 hours ago

    I would like Manhunt 3 or a Max Payne 4 from R* personally

  • Blackwatch
    Blackwatch 5 hours ago

    Number 3 is me in Doom and AC Odyssey

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night 5 hours ago

    These aren't mistakes really. They were slowly pushing live service trash drip feed type nonsense, and they couldn't do it at a time. It's a grand scheme, which has finally come to fruition for ea. Now they get to make whatever trash fires, and they will still make a couple hundred millions at least from mindless sheep.

  • Maverick Beach
    Maverick Beach 6 hours ago

    In fortnite the players kept chasing me every match I was so scared.

  • korrasami is canon
    korrasami is canon 6 hours ago

    Gameranx I'm sitting here I've been gaming since toddler hood back before the reignited trilogy of spyro was even a thought and I DO Most everything in here including the fucking bunny hop I didn't know there was a name for it I feel so called out

  • YaZzi
    YaZzi 6 hours ago

    what we don’t want in the ps5: *A PS5*