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  • Eranga Lochana
    Eranga Lochana 25 minutes ago

    henlo tucker. U is taste as chimken

    MAX VINCY 27 minutes ago

    Wow he's so cute

  • Vishal Ramesg
    Vishal Ramesg 54 minutes ago

    i wish somebody could convince my mum and dad to get us a dog

  • Dattatreya 124
    Dattatreya 124 Hour ago


  • jasmeen bhatt
    jasmeen bhatt Hour ago

    Listen Linda..... Listen!!!!! I think I hear Tucker also...saying this😁😆

  • Apy Pagadala
    Apy Pagadala Hour ago

    Ahhh I can aldready way you guys can be amazing parents.....

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    Didn’t know that tucker has a sister bubbles

  • ッL e x
    ッL e x Hour ago

    Awwww :}

  • Scott Joseph Whiley

    Looks like your dog tucker is trying to tell you something

  • Regina Grullon-Tavarez


  • Mike Cutrone
    Mike Cutrone Hour ago

    Really sad this chick gotta use her dog for likes nd subs=money

  • Yasmine Burton
    Yasmine Burton Hour ago

    Tucker (before): henlo mommy Tucker (now): MULTIPLE POOPS IN MULTIPLE SHOES

    RAJIV/VIJAR 2 hours ago

    This is the kind of therapy everyone needs to make your day just better

  • Carol Rickard
    Carol Rickard 2 hours ago

    What a cute baby!! I just love him. ❤😘🐕🥰

  • IMonster commenter
    IMonster commenter 2 hours ago

    Tie it back up tie it up tie it up tie it up tie it up

  • Kino Chan
    Kino Chan 2 hours ago


  • Kino Chan
    Kino Chan 2 hours ago

    😂😂😂cute *Whats dat* *TRASH*

  • Selen Şenol
    Selen Şenol 2 hours ago


  • jebu varughese
    jebu varughese 2 hours ago


  • LordNekromancer games Oh yeah

    Love it

  • Jaden Forshaw
    Jaden Forshaw 3 hours ago

    What a lovely couple we have here 😂😂😂

  • Roxanne Rappaport
    Roxanne Rappaport 3 hours ago


  • MRIDUL SHARMA 1561411

    Tucker : get off my face lady...I am eatin...

  • Unicorn Sparkle rose 101

    This is more entertaining than asmr and its kinda funny

  • facku rosemary
    facku rosemary 4 hours ago

    How do you know who is tucker?

  • Cassandra Dewalt
    Cassandra Dewalt 4 hours ago


  • Matt O'Keefe
    Matt O'Keefe 4 hours ago

    I have Boulder. Older than Tucker. Love your videos

  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson 4 hours ago

    This brought me too tears! My dog passed away and watching this make me so happy!

  • Nate G
    Nate G 4 hours ago

    Is there just like, an association of people with dogs all from the same breeder?

  • janithvi mahima
    janithvi mahima 4 hours ago

    Awwwww shoooooo cute, love you Linda and Tucker ❤

  • janithvi mahima
    janithvi mahima 4 hours ago

    Awwwww shoooooo cute, love you Linda and Tucker ❤

  • youngsoul B
    youngsoul B 4 hours ago

    So...this is truly my favorite clip to ever exist - like I need to show this to every single person I ever come in contact with😂😂😭😭

  • janithvi mahima
    janithvi mahima 4 hours ago

    It's the best feeling to be loved by an animal 😘

  • Sprite Monkkey
    Sprite Monkkey 5 hours ago


    KEYSHA KHAIRUNISSA 5 hours ago

    Tucker is a playboy XD

  • Chelsea Olivo
    Chelsea Olivo 5 hours ago

    Tucker is just like my dog soooo spoiled

  • Hailey Megargee
    Hailey Megargee 5 hours ago

    Ack I love this channel so muchh

  • barbara simoncini
    barbara simoncini 5 hours ago

    Awwwwwww this is happiness ♥️

  • Elizabeth Caruso
    Elizabeth Caruso 5 hours ago

    idk why this just came up now😢 oh well better late then never

  • The Life With A Doodle

    R.I.P. XD

  • barbara simoncini
    barbara simoncini 5 hours ago

    You are a genius girl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Diana Montes
    Diana Montes 5 hours ago


  • Hairy Bion
    Hairy Bion 5 hours ago

    he's so entitled, he's a typical millenial, nailed that one ahahaha

  • Diana Montes
    Diana Montes 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know what editing software they use?!

  • MoonLight Music
    MoonLight Music 5 hours ago

    i love the video but did you see when the dinosaur looked around the corner did you guys see somthing in the background it's at 2:09 to 2:11 i love tucker soo much he is soo cute

  • janithvi mahima
    janithvi mahima 5 hours ago

    I think that's the cutest dog i have ever seen in my life ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Restore The Earth
    Restore The Earth 6 hours ago

    Have a rocking Tucker day.

  • Restore The Earth
    Restore The Earth 6 hours ago

    Bad spoiled doggy 🐕.

  • Hendri Leong
    Hendri Leong 6 hours ago

    power dog

  • Kyra Allyson Cruz
    Kyra Allyson Cruz 6 hours ago

    tucker: get used to my poop getting in your shoe me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rishi Kumarasinghe
    Rishi Kumarasinghe 7 hours ago

    Omg I want him . He’s my stress relief. I just watch these clips every day .over and over .Loads of ❤️to tucker from Sri Lanka .in fact when Linda calls him Baba that’s so Sri Lankan . Baba is baby in our language. 😂

  • Rageswari Gupta
    Rageswari Gupta 7 hours ago

    Does it bites you sometime??

  • Anxo Fernandez
    Anxo Fernandez 7 hours ago


  • M7TH1C
    M7TH1C 7 hours ago

    I wish dogs could talk

  • Sk E
    Sk E 7 hours ago

    C'mon "Squishy Boy" LOL 😄😄 He IS a Squisho! 😂😂

  • Elisabella McArthur
    Elisabella McArthur 7 hours ago

    That’s so me when I’m getting a puppy and the ride is very long I’m just winging away since I love dogs their so adorable my friend Sam got his first puppy ever

  • Kyra Allyson Cruz
    Kyra Allyson Cruz 7 hours ago

    awww he's just trying to help give him a chance

  • kian fung FUNG
    kian fung FUNG 8 hours ago

    this dog is dogger but the name tucker

  • 3 Kawis
    3 Kawis 8 hours ago

    this is stupid cute 😂😂😂😂

  • jennie bloom
    jennie bloom 9 hours ago

    My vet says it’s terrible for dogs

  • jennie bloom
    jennie bloom 9 hours ago

    Does yr vet check for worms n bacteria

  • jennie bloom
    jennie bloom 9 hours ago

    Beautiful golden

  • jennie bloom
    jennie bloom 9 hours ago

    Sweetie tucker

  • Robert Dolheguy
    Robert Dolheguy 9 hours ago


  • Saania Salahuddin
    Saania Salahuddin 9 hours ago

    I agree with Tucker. *Doggo has been framed!*

  • Glaiza Joy
    Glaiza Joy 9 hours ago

    Thats tucker?.. tucker grew up so much..

  • khfan4life365
    khfan4life365 9 hours ago

    This is so cute. He wants to cure you. I had my tonsils taken out a few months ago and my dog Ginger laid next to me 90% of the day. On more solemn note, last year I had to have my old girl, Angel, put down and fell into a depression. My rescue German Shepherd, Eddie, did everything he could to cheer me up. Dogs truly are great animals. Sometimes, I feel I don’t deserve them but I’m glad I have them. 😊

  • Glaiza Joy
    Glaiza Joy 10 hours ago

    *Tucker has a better life than meh ;-;.*

  • Lola Dog
    Lola Dog 10 hours ago

    Woof woof woof woof woof woof

  • Ankit Raj
    Ankit Raj 11 hours ago

    This is my favourite video

  • Dogo Bro
    Dogo Bro 11 hours ago

    Omg I just looked at a new vid then this one I was so suprizes how big he got