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  • TheMarzuzu
    TheMarzuzu 3 hours ago

    Like a real life terry from reno 911

  • Ethiiin
    Ethiiin 3 hours ago

    I love how they put effort into getting his burger. These some cool cops

  • Spencer B.
    Spencer B. 3 hours ago

    All I gotta say, these male officers got some SERIOUS cake man 🎂

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan
    Lydia Waweru-Morgan 3 hours ago

    I just figured it out: admit to WAYYYYY more than you drank and then you look like a heavy weight and hence, sober.

  • Quinton H.
    Quinton H. 3 hours ago

    You know they’re guilty when they start cursing

  • Above3Beyond123
    Above3Beyond123 3 hours ago

    do people not understand how the streets would be if they enforce these rules 🤔wouldnt be me though Az all day 😂😂

  • zachisonfire
    zachisonfire 3 hours ago

    This is some of the greatest content ever

  • Tim
    Tim 3 hours ago

    American police are some hide n seek champions 😂

  • MN_psychonaut
    MN_psychonaut 3 hours ago

    He doesn't even know lol

  • Pass the BOOF
    Pass the BOOF 3 hours ago

    I rolled my car off the road and into a shallow lake last week and walked out with only a small bruise on my arm. I can only imagine if I had rolled into a concrete wall

  • Bette Mimi
    Bette Mimi 3 hours ago

    I Vote for Rachel Voice of Reason!!!

  • Ashley Knight
    Ashley Knight 3 hours ago

    I know how this lady feels my house was hit by a 20 yr old drunk driver by the grace of God the driver went down our driveway and hit the back corner of our basement instead of going straight into the living room where my mother was sitting no one was hurt not even the driver very lucky

  • Khiry Bonner
    Khiry Bonner 3 hours ago

    Why Is Juvenile So relatable Where I Live?

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 3 hours ago

    Alcohol, the true legal drug

  • James Sudbury
    James Sudbury 3 hours ago

    Its hard to take female cops serious.

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur 3 hours ago

    Let one them inmates get ahold of her pleeeassse because I want to see if she bad ASF

  • Amira Faber
    Amira Faber 3 hours ago


  • Quentin Mallard
    Quentin Mallard 3 hours ago

    Swingin like middle schoolers smmfh he was pose to at least have a black eye

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 3 hours ago

    If only he was just traveling it would’ve been a better outcome for bud :/

  • Casey Setzer
    Casey Setzer 3 hours ago

    They brought the search and he provided the seizure

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 3 hours ago

    I knew a guy who would get arrested just so he could go to jail for winter

  • Chance Steinberg
    Chance Steinberg 3 hours ago

    Did he say a Trump hoarder? 😂 😂 😂

  • Rossticles
    Rossticles 3 hours ago

    He only got a ticket for meth? Let's legalize green already.

  • I Have 99 Magic
    I Have 99 Magic 3 hours ago

    Command and Conquer Generals music in this video? Whaaa

  • Alex Tatkin
    Alex Tatkin 3 hours ago

    ohhhmg that dog was precious.

  • Charlie Hatfield
    Charlie Hatfield 3 hours ago

    drag me dawg

  • Jelani Ochoa
    Jelani Ochoa 3 hours ago

    One thing about people is they will always surprise u as to how DUMB they can possibly be 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • LonghornsLegend
    LonghornsLegend 3 hours ago

    Not the smartest guy around...

  • Blizzard Home
    Blizzard Home 3 hours ago

    He has the use of the race card down to a fine art.

  • Raj Baria
    Raj Baria 3 hours ago


  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan
    Lydia Waweru-Morgan 3 hours ago


  • Bob Last
    Bob Last 3 hours ago

    smo wee

  • Robles Joselyn
    Robles Joselyn 3 hours ago

    The 14 year old Anthony kinda cute no 🧢

  • J M
    J M 3 hours ago

    She may do drugs, but at least she feeds the house

  • Gio Gotti
    Gio Gotti 3 hours ago

    i love her.i wish i could meet her.maybe ill go into lake county and just start speeding lol

  • MetalZilla54
    MetalZilla54 3 hours ago

    @5:39 Bank! Gave me second hand embarrassment lol

  • Joshua Gonzalez
    Joshua Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    "You tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, she'll get no such treatment from us."

  • Jennifer Usman
    Jennifer Usman 3 hours ago

    This is natural terapie ,

  • Amutha Oly
    Amutha Oly 3 hours ago

    Such useless members of society. From terrorising the innocent civillian population when out of prison to now terrorising other inmates when in prison. Perhaps America should not afford them the luxury of food and lodging. A waste of tax payers' money l.

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 3 hours ago

    Dude turned into Beavis...

  • Hey
    Hey 3 hours ago

    reminds me of Duncan Trussell hahahahaha

  • thiingyy
    thiingyy 3 hours ago

    he got bars

  • Christopher Sharp
    Christopher Sharp 3 hours ago

    I got 99 problems but a rapey ghost ain't one.

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral 3 hours ago

    0:25 haha!!!!

  • john blankenship
    john blankenship 3 hours ago

    Move to Tennessee, no knife laws. Butterfly, switchblade, it’s all good.

  • Chris Web
    Chris Web 3 hours ago

    She is so cute

  • Krzysztof Sadelski
    Krzysztof Sadelski 3 hours ago

    11:14 pinokio

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R 3 hours ago

    He came carrying him like a new tv on black Friday wtf lmao

  • Levy V_831
    Levy V_831 3 hours ago

    The guy who peed in public didnt wanna sign cuz he was most likely a gang member and peeing in public is a big no no you could get in big trouble in county jail for that so he rather take the parole violation.

  • Danny Wilson Jr.
    Danny Wilson Jr. 3 hours ago

    I knew she was doomed from the start when she was in their flirting with them. Homegirl feels right at home.. almost like she didn’t wanna leave jail lol.

  • BarronVonSchnoot
    BarronVonSchnoot 3 hours ago

    Deputy king, the enforcer.

  • VOLËNA Love
    VOLËNA Love 3 hours ago

    Is it odd that I think about this happening to me all the time

  • MrDuffy81
    MrDuffy81 3 hours ago

    Just say no...then floor it!!

  • Mackenzie Dawn
    Mackenzie Dawn 3 hours ago

    Arrest him saying " right now you're showing you've got a warrant out" just spend time later looking to check.

  • Maggie Mags
    Maggie Mags 3 hours ago

    When Robert held the underwear he was like Betch this ain’t even gonna cover half a cheek

  • Savannah Ashley
    Savannah Ashley 3 hours ago

    I'm from New Mexico it sucks here 😫😭💔

  • Jacqueline Cantu
    Jacqueline Cantu 3 hours ago

    Fabian is mee with any job

  • GILL 777
    GILL 777 3 hours ago

    I wanna do your job ..hope in future I will join your team

  • Maggie Mags
    Maggie Mags 3 hours ago

    This is really stupid but Barry is good looking

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 3 hours ago

    I got high watching this tweaker.

  • Shawn Tiwana
    Shawn Tiwana 3 hours ago

    You know it’s gonna be good when you see a Trump sign on the lawn

  • Imani Flores
    Imani Flores 3 hours ago

    That is extremely sad that the inmates get treated like this, they’re humans! Have some compassion! Those correctional officer’s egos are out of this world, I don’t know how they still have their jobs, it’s sickening. I hope one day someone teaches them a lesson so they can learn the hard way.

  • Kiley Decelle
    Kiley Decelle 3 hours ago

    Me in GTA after crashing 16 times

  • Max Polentz
    Max Polentz 3 hours ago

    act like they go through this everyday lmao

  • Barbara Randazzo
    Barbara Randazzo 3 hours ago

    He picked him up like a rag doll

  • Lumpy Horse
    Lumpy Horse 3 hours ago

    Cin'que? Wait, cinque? Like 5 in French?

  • Alfie Domingo
    Alfie Domingo 3 hours ago

    It's easy to catch a criminal than a Chihuahua

  • Hello!! :))))
    Hello!! :)))) 3 hours ago

    Good thing is she has a gun & will use it if she has too

  • Xtra gum
    Xtra gum 3 hours ago

    Why didn't anybody just turn around?

    OLD MILK 4 hours ago

    She doesn't seem soft she looks like she can handle herself

  • Miya J
    Miya J 4 hours ago

    Tre got heart he stood up for himself && that’s real enough!

  • Tired Chip
    Tired Chip 4 hours ago

    2:42 his face tho😂😂😂😂

  • Charlie Hatfield
    Charlie Hatfield 4 hours ago

    girl with gat had some good mary j

  • Steph Gauthier
    Steph Gauthier 4 hours ago

    They gave the Harley guy a ticket???? Pffttttt cmon.......nothing says trying to fill quota 🙄

  • Ian770
    Ian770 4 hours ago

    When he tried to fake the cop out at 2:30

  • sky m
    sky m 4 hours ago

    this breaks my heart

  • First Last
    First Last 4 hours ago

    5:52 Look at the size of those inmates And look at the blood pressure of the guard 😂

  • Smouve Couve
    Smouve Couve 4 hours ago

    Rumors has it that he knows he rights and laws

  • Charlie Hatfield
    Charlie Hatfield 4 hours ago

    billy talks like the farmer in waterboy

  • Kristina M.
    Kristina M. 4 hours ago

    Pathetic kid

  • Joel Louzy
    Joel Louzy 4 hours ago

    LIFE truly sucks when the most interesting part of your day is throwing old Tennis Shoes over power lines. (22:36) It's no wonder drugs and teenage pregnancy is the next high in life.

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 4 hours ago

    Humans are terrible liars.

  • Pooran Singh
    Pooran Singh 4 hours ago

    Can an American do in Israel what he did

  • Barbara Randazzo
    Barbara Randazzo 4 hours ago

    He said booboo LMAO 😂

  • Kadin Robichaux
    Kadin Robichaux 4 hours ago

    This is so sad. Addiction is a horrible disease and I don’t like when people say it’s not. My grandmother is a severe addiction to alcohol. I live with her and my grandpa (my moms stepdad). She is currently in rehab. She would steal it from me, hid it in her car, behind curtains. I am her only grandson and she was pushing me away. My mom was about to cut all ties with her. Addiction runs in my family on my moms side. Alcoholics (my great grandmother and my grandpa (moms dad) both died from alcohol. Meth issues. Cocaine problems. Heroin addicts. My cousin overdosed from an overdose. Me and mother where the only two who hasn’t had any issues. I don’t drink a lot when I do drink in fear of becoming my grandmother. My fiancé doesn’t like to be around her. I avoid her. My mother was about to be completely done with her. That’s how addiction effects families. Tears them apart. I hope she can get the help she needs so I can have my grandmother back , the way she was before she had her drinking issue. I hope this woman can get help so she can get her family back.

  • Drew Everett
    Drew Everett 4 hours ago

    why did the cop call the girls weed 'a narcotic'? weed isn't a narcotic lol

  • GJ Prod
    GJ Prod 4 hours ago

    2:06 I've seen kids do this while trying to be romantic at school. Even worse tbh.

  • Dante' Williams
    Dante' Williams 4 hours ago

    Sherry's face at 13:36 is priceless!!!

  • The E Phoenix
    The E Phoenix 4 hours ago

    0:45 this cop is so nice

  • bby m
    bby m 4 hours ago

    Isn’t it true that when ur showing symptoms ur not even contagious anymore ?

  • Minibikespeed 571
    Minibikespeed 571 4 hours ago

    Over the limit and an illegal alien that sucks

  • The Joopis
    The Joopis 4 hours ago

    “She literally has nothing!” *shot of Sandra driving off with a truck full of stuff*

  • Lydia Waweru-Morgan
    Lydia Waweru-Morgan 4 hours ago

    If Rene didn't wanna go... He wouldn't have gone. Is he a f-ing giant???

  • Taylor
    Taylor 4 hours ago

    The second womans house was actually very nice once cleaned.

  • Pass the BOOF
    Pass the BOOF 4 hours ago

    My tio and tia live in Salinas. I only go there for weddings or quinces lmao

  • Eddy Fernandez
    Eddy Fernandez 4 hours ago

    Philly cop over rules a judge??!?🤔

  • Charlie Hatfield
    Charlie Hatfield 4 hours ago

    bruh the last cop was smoking and a good cop, nice work jeffersonville

  • Larry Galvez
    Larry Galvez 4 hours ago

    I hate Dave!!!

  • Miriam Muñoz
    Miriam Muñoz 4 hours ago

    This whole comment section is about Billy 💀

  • Eskimoto
    Eskimoto 4 hours ago