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Euro 2020 Draw Explained
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  • Ashanti Peres
    Ashanti Peres 2 minutes ago

    Seems like sky pundits can read mind when they say he was thinking

  • makeal
    makeal 2 minutes ago

    Why are people talking like Leicester were 2 points behind Liverpool? They are 8 points behind wich is at least 3 games. When it comes down to 5 or down maybe they would be challengers but not atm. Only City could be considered a challenger with 8 points difference.

  • Vale Todder
    Vale Todder 2 minutes ago

    Imagine if Messi was in premier league, they’d be doing this 24 hrs a day.

  • Linda Hult
    Linda Hult 6 minutes ago


  • lemon tree
    lemon tree 6 minutes ago

    Beautiful human being with great character, with a great dynamic group of beautiful human beings offering intensity and beautiful footballing ability

  • Tommy Hilllz
    Tommy Hilllz 7 minutes ago

    Loool so many people bashing Arteta bcoz he hasn’t managed a game, these youtube experts all know more than pep 😂

  • John Cringle
    John Cringle 9 minutes ago

    Name of the song at 3:23

  • Day Ko
    Day Ko 11 minutes ago

    No! It’s just more visible now mate.

  • Oliver Hanson
    Oliver Hanson 11 minutes ago

    Can we have VR of Mourinho as he gets clattered by Dan James next please Jamie

  • R Johnson
    R Johnson 12 minutes ago

    So Liverpool is the best team in the Solar System? Galaxy? Universe? Multi-verse? Interdimensionally?

  • Sandya Thiyyari
    Sandya Thiyyari 15 minutes ago

    Son scores like he is playing Fifa on amateur😹😹

  • Tommy Hilllz
    Tommy Hilllz 16 minutes ago

    Does merson mean subconsciously?

  • akib2542
    akib2542 17 minutes ago

    Pep gonna spend 200m in Jan 🤣🤣🤣

  • Some Won
    Some Won 17 minutes ago

    14 points behind now lol..

  • Chris *
    Chris * 18 minutes ago

    The comments of somebody who doesn't read as Gary has previously admitted.

  • Oriyomi Adebayo
    Oriyomi Adebayo 18 minutes ago

    Why is nobody taking about Anthony martial's goal against fulham last season?🤔🤔. The both goals are similar

  • 짜짜로니
    짜짜로니 20 minutes ago


  • Ose Irabor
    Ose Irabor 21 minute ago

    Jota scored an equalizer to make it 2-2 and went straight to pick the ball. Wolves is officially now a big team.

    BLUE RAINBOW 22 minutes ago

    Teams are getting better

  • Safir Akram
    Safir Akram 23 minutes ago

    This is pathetic

  • Fionn Hughes
    Fionn Hughes 23 minutes ago

    Surely this vr stuff means that the players position on the pitch is known at all times, so why cant offside decisions be automated or at least some sort of Hawkeye system put in, this would make decisions much quicker and make it fairer as people still dispute decisions after they are var checked

  • Nikhil Naik
    Nikhil Naik 23 minutes ago

    I thought licester city is the rival for Liverpool to win pl.

  • The Lizard King
    The Lizard King 28 minutes ago

    Goal of the season for me. And I'm a gooner!!!!

  • Lee Kearns
    Lee Kearns 30 minutes ago

    This is just stupid.

  • boban boban
    boban boban 30 minutes ago

    Leicester are second because they are great characters and wonderful human beings

  • espben360
    espben360 31 minute ago

    You little koreeeean dancehhh!!!!

  • Leo_Messi10
    Leo_Messi10 31 minute ago

    2:09 why do they look like attack on titans

  • M Azzopardi
    M Azzopardi 31 minute ago

    Great goal but the defenders were rubbish, they had plenty of opportunities and bodies to stop him. He wasn't blasting through them ala Bale or unbalancing them like a Hazard/Messi/Sterling type player which is impossible to defend against with that low centre of gravity and change of pace.

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 31 minute ago

    he looks better than what he looked at Real

  • Gar Sm
    Gar Sm 31 minute ago

    Great to see Sky appointing presenters on ability and not looks.

  • skullgamez
    skullgamez 32 minutes ago

    Manchester is red

  • Gar Sm
    Gar Sm 32 minutes ago

    Both these teams have spent a fortune. Be great if Leicester won the league again.

  • Tenza Emtade
    Tenza Emtade 35 minutes ago

    Can people ignore that Lucas is goat guy? He's trying to become the next am*tab b*chan

  • Milo Corrigan
    Milo Corrigan 36 minutes ago

    Please do it at 7pm tonight

  • Huytonred
    Huytonred 37 minutes ago

    Vermin ginger little rat

  • André
    André 38 minutes ago

    Lifetime ban, sorted, move on

  • Pro X ClarKy
    Pro X ClarKy 38 minutes ago

    No Aguerrrroooooo?

  • Jimmy Walker
    Jimmy Walker 40 minutes ago

    Son breaks ankles as good as he breaks legs

  • Grandma Shirley
    Grandma Shirley 40 minutes ago

    can you recreate my marriage to my dead husband vince so i can shine bright like a diamond again? we had Rihanna song 'shine bright like a diamond' as our special song but he went to the clouds because i food poisoned him with my potato casserole. boo hoo hoo

  • tony sasquatch
    tony sasquatch 41 minute ago

    for fuck's sake

  • Jboi X
    Jboi X 41 minute ago

    So cringe sky sports is becoming a joke

  • Harvester
    Harvester 42 minutes ago

    0:21 Carra about to say 'get inside Son''

  • Ainsley's Chicken
    Ainsley's Chicken 42 minutes ago


    ADNAN CATAK 43 minutes ago

    Don’t forget Leicester......!! Liverpool have got players injured in this season as well whiles having worse bench than Man C.... Stop make excuses about it and just admire that Liverpool is strongest this year .

  • Damian Brown
    Damian Brown 45 minutes ago

    Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton Alan Hutton

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci 45 minutes ago

    If Jamie had used VAR instead of VR Liverpool would've been given a penalty!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • xyyzz 02231
      xyyzz 02231 29 minutes ago

      Liverpool 3 penalties Man utd 8 penalties .Go figure that out Gaylord

  • Umar Chowdhury
    Umar Chowdhury 46 minutes ago

    the interviewer speaks at a *_rapid_* pace

  • fufuwekwamarimo
    fufuwekwamarimo 46 minutes ago

    Lmao 😂 The graphics looks like fifa 16 on the ps3.

  • Ollie grigg
    Ollie grigg 46 minutes ago

    Don’t think city fans realise that the only reason they’re not in league 1 is because of a coloured bloke who owns the club

  • Geoff Bannister
    Geoff Bannister 47 minutes ago

    Wait. The English media are talking about Son? It's only taken bloody 5 seasons

    • Geoff Bannister
      Geoff Bannister 14 minutes ago

      @Tenza Emtade Think you've misunderstood me there lad.

    • Tenza Emtade
      Tenza Emtade 40 minutes ago

      Probably because he plays in the English league? Did you want them to talk about griezmann?

  • 0 1
    0 1 47 minutes ago

    Fcukin ads

  • Ryan. H11
    Ryan. H11 48 minutes ago

    VR> VAR

  • Foy Lad
    Foy Lad 48 minutes ago

    Obviously it's worse, what do you expect when so many different cultures, races and religeon are dumped on one island. It's a shame racism towards white british people is not taken as serious.

  • Cole Pfeiffer
    Cole Pfeiffer 49 minutes ago

    Everyone when mourinho was appointed : “ Son is going to be a left back now hahahahahaha” Son : Proceeds to score a goal from the left back position .

  • FriendlyReminder
    FriendlyReminder 50 minutes ago

    The graphics are not that great, BUT it will improve immensely. To the point where if you want you're kid to have a sliver of a chance at professional football, you will need VR training to help them visualise all the options available to them in a split second. Sky Sports will be selling VR goals, saves, defending, tactics...etc in the future.

  • Fern Bedienung
    Fern Bedienung 51 minute ago

    What happens if i try this in Pro Clubs, and dont Score?

  • Goddess of Peace
    Goddess of Peace 52 minutes ago

    It helps

  • Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel 52 minutes ago

    Lol why is it always jamie

  • Jamston Julian
    Jamston Julian 52 minutes ago

    Well this was enlightening

  • Hunter Monzon
    Hunter Monzon 52 minutes ago

    The disrespect of this title is unreal give credit it when due! GGMU!

  • TheAmbRollEignsGuy
    TheAmbRollEignsGuy 53 minutes ago

    Imagine if he just left Jamie to it and left the studio

  • Jake collinson
    Jake collinson 54 minutes ago

    Keane tells it how it is a real footballer and an awesome pundit!!

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen 54 minutes ago

    I wish the video was 360 degrees on youtube.

  • Kiizuto
    Kiizuto 55 minutes ago

    If only carragher had them skills irl

  • di mention
    di mention 55 minutes ago

    *Blame Brexit*

  • Shaun
    Shaun 55 minutes ago

    Suarez goal was better

  • Baljeet Singh
    Baljeet Singh 55 minutes ago

    An interesting question to Liverpool fans. When klopp leaves would you take Rogers back. Seems like he has improved so much as coach/manager

  • Michael Palfreman
    Michael Palfreman 57 minutes ago

    Stop knocking rashford

  • El Boyd
    El Boyd 57 minutes ago

    this is like VAR just a bit less (A in VAR) arsey

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 58 minutes ago


  • Crypto World
    Crypto World 58 minutes ago

    if you were wondering why you get charged so much to watch football on sky sports. this video helps explain where some of that money goes to.

  • Victoria Adams
    Victoria Adams 58 minutes ago

    They Need A Dybala Are Isco

  • Gunner Storm
    Gunner Storm 59 minutes ago

    Lets recreate the 'shame' scene with Son walking through naked and being attacked with vegetables, in response to the leg breaker he did in revenge.

  • Willy C.
    Willy C. Hour ago

    This whole thing has become a meme😂

  • Football Data Visuals

    He only went past two players, the rest was unchallenged. It was an ok goal

    • Football Data Visuals
      Football Data Visuals Minute ago

      @Jamston Julian I was referencing 'ok goals' not the exact same goal

    • Jamston Julian
      Jamston Julian 13 minutes ago

      @Football Data Visuals Yes, and none of them where a player takes the ball from his own penalty area to the other end of the pitch to score. Or can you name one recently?

    • Football Data Visuals
      Football Data Visuals 16 minutes ago

      @Fr3ze aZhton I didnt, I have seen the goal already

    • Football Data Visuals
      Football Data Visuals 16 minutes ago

      @Jamston Julian we see lots of ok goals every week

    • Football Data Visuals
      Football Data Visuals 16 minutes ago

      @Su Lisa yes, against players of a similar calibre, many times

  • El Dio
    El Dio Hour ago

    Listen to how much emphasis carra puts into “And”

  • Ryan McAteer
    Ryan McAteer Hour ago

    Gary Neville should try this and when the ball goes in the net he’d just be like “oooooooo” brilliant strike.

  • Spameing UK
    Spameing UK Hour ago

    Let’s play a game. Even likes red odd likes white North London is..,.

  • Brother Toney
    Brother Toney Hour ago

    Goal of the season. From an Arsenal fan.

  • PoonkAmi
    PoonkAmi Hour ago

    Win *uglily

  • De bamo Ketchupeater14

    My conspiracy I am a Tottenham fan and I think that it could have been a pen but if it wasent the goal should stand because the ball had already left his foot when he blew his wistle and the keeper still tried to stop it that is done harsh on Aston Villa

  • SBKP 0507
    SBKP 0507 Hour ago

    The new fifa looks good guys👍

  • Allister Smith
    Allister Smith Hour ago

    Robocock, sorry cop!🤔

  • nicolas boehm
    nicolas boehm Hour ago

    if liverpool beats leicester city, the league is over liverpool have won it, if leicester city can beat man city at the ethihad and liverpool on boxing day then we could see a different league next year

  • Scudzplayzgamez
    Scudzplayzgamez Hour ago

    He is a special player

  • Iambiguo us
    Iambiguo us Hour ago

    I would've taken him out and so that he broke his leg like he did to Andre Gomez

  • tomdixon14
    tomdixon14 Hour ago

    No one cares ffs make a highlights channel so we don’t have to see this shite

  • Zidane ZiZu
    Zidane ZiZu Hour ago

    What an assist from Vertonghen for Son’s goal :)

    JOEFIFA7 Hour ago

    Jamie garragher recreates Stevie G's slip

    • D P
      D P Minute ago


    • Hassanbulat
      Hassanbulat 26 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat lol how can you say that when you've just said Pepe is better than Messi

    • Shaun
      Shaun 34 minutes ago

      Lucas projecting

  • Dan
    Dan Hour ago

    How about showing Jamie using. Vr to recreate winning the prem Oh wait...

  • Spy_Penguin28.
    Spy_Penguin28. Hour ago

    Why the vr look like it’s straight from PES Mobile

  • LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    Sky have to stop these videos and prsise great arsenal

  • y2achris
    y2achris Hour ago

    WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!

  • Spameing UK
    Spameing UK Hour ago

    Suprised Gary Neville didn’t give him brain damage while he wasnt focussing and then looked at what he had done then gone ‘oooooooooooooooooo’.

    • Jean Jean21
      Jean Jean21 20 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat you're definitely a troll.

    • Karl Court
      Karl Court 41 minute ago

      LucasTorreiraisthegoat reckon you misspelled something there pal? Proves you’re a spastic

    • diamond guy
      diamond guy 49 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat COYS

    • hello hello
      hello hello 54 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat mate do your homework

  • local oppboy
    local oppboy Hour ago

    wat is the point

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos

    Would love to see Jamie recreate holding a premier league title 😂

  • Monty The dachshund

    It was a beautiful goal

  • Sanassy Rajah
    Sanassy Rajah Hour ago

    City under fire

  • I can’t think of a good name so this is it

    Enjoy sick how technology has changed from the Nokia brick to this

  • Joseph Stalin Says Milner Can Play Anywhere

    There should be a meme of Jamie using VR

    • xyyzz 02231
      xyyzz 02231 28 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat all of ur rare victories have been by a 1 goal margin .

    • Adoring Fan
      Adoring Fan 31 minute ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat I'm not even a Liverpool fan, tard. End of the day Arsenal are 4 points from relegation and 27 off Liverpool. So again if Liverpool are a meme what dos that make arsenal?

    • LucasTorreiraisthegoat
      LucasTorreiraisthegoat 55 minutes ago

      Adoring Fan half of your games lucky 2-1 victories

    • Adoring Fan
      Adoring Fan 58 minutes ago

      @LucasTorreiraisthegoat lucky 15 times this season? 🤔