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Maroon 5 - Memories
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Maroon 5 - Wait
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Maroon 5 - Wait
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Maroon 5 - Wait (Audio)
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Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future
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Maroon 5 - Cold ft. Future
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Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know
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Maroon 5 - Don't Wanna Know
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Maroon 5 - This Love
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Adam Levine - Lost Stars
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Maroon 5 - Sugar
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Maroon 5 - Animals
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Maroon 5 - Maps (Explicit)
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Maroon 5 - Maps (Audio)
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Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
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Maroon 5 - Love Somebody
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  • Katsuyoshi Tamura


  • 보겸팬
    보겸팬 Hour ago

    Who like MAROON 5? 1 like=1 person 👇

  • Mikayla Dudley
    Mikayla Dudley Hour ago

    "Ok, how much zoom do you want in this video?" Adam: *yes*

  • Shaima Rahman
    Shaima Rahman Hour ago

    This is creepy

  • rixena 28
    rixena 28 Hour ago

    I can feel the comments of anyone who looks at October 2019😂

  • Meba sun25
    Meba sun25 Hour ago


  • Yoseph Anthony Sugiono

    Much better than Girls like you

  • Clinton Ngongpah

    So nice 👍

  • Melanie H.
    Melanie H. Hour ago

    Best Music Video? Girl Like You = LIKE Memories = COMMENT

  • Mira G.
    Mira G. Hour ago

    Sometimes it looks like he is masturbating but I think it’s only my dirty mind 😂😂

  • oscarloo2
    oscarloo2 Hour ago

    2009: Maroon 5 2019: Adam Levine & Band

  • Janina Baby
    Janina Baby Hour ago

    Me: expecting a video like Girl like you Me: being happy for the simplicity

  • Гаухар Махметова

    I like you💕

  • Donna Cuer
    Donna Cuer Hour ago

    This song is not just about someone who passed away,, but also the one who still alive but loose them ,,and only the memories of them were left...

  • Kian Demalata
    Kian Demalata Hour ago

    2019? 👇

  • indiracool55
    indiracool55 Hour ago

    Maroon 5, 2019: Drinks bring back all the memories

  • play gaming
    play gaming Hour ago

    Look like wwe sheamus

  • Marina Jansen
    Marina Jansen Hour ago

    Best Band of this decade? Maroon 5 = LIKE Maroon 5 = LIKE

  • Fals 24
    Fals 24 Hour ago

    Indonesia till i die ♥️🇲🇨

  • David Skywalker
    David Skywalker Hour ago

    My ONLY question is why the dislikes..🤔🤔🤔

  • Donna Cuer
    Donna Cuer Hour ago

    While listening to this song, it feels like my heart is also crying coz I miss my grandmother and aunt who passed away .. only the memories were left and there's no more of them anymore..

  • ラタナコッホラタナコッホ

    *มีคนไทยฟังไหม มารวมกันตรงนี้* 👇👇

  • XiaoXiao小曉
    XiaoXiao小曉 Hour ago


  • Zamazam Xiis
    Zamazam Xiis Hour ago

    Who saw this chap rewind

  • irvan dwi yanda
    irvan dwi yanda Hour ago

    sok ganteng anjir

  • Bishal paudel
    Bishal paudel Hour ago

    ragnar lothbrok has a good voice

  • ゥシエエカdunno

    Go easy on me guys, but Adam Levine really resembles Baldur in God Of War 4. xD The Beard the beard

  • BittenBerry
    BittenBerry Hour ago

    This song is dedicated to one of bestfriends, Jenny! I wish you are still here and listening to this song. I know you're peaceful there in heaven. I miss you so much buddy! 💕

  • Cranked Clutch
    Cranked Clutch Hour ago

    Love this song, This song was played at my 94 year old grandmothers funeral

  • jasper rivera
    jasper rivera Hour ago

    waiting for 100M views. can i get a like if u contribute to 100m?

  • Lestari Linda
    Lestari Linda Hour ago

    Selalu 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • smita patil
    smita patil Hour ago

    Who likes maroon 5? 👇

  • YuTEM
    YuTEM Hour ago

    Rest in peace jordan feldstein

  • shoukanju
    shoukanju Hour ago

    My wife cried when she first heard this song. She then shared it with me and we cried together... we miss our baby son whom we lost in April 2019.

  • Parboni chakraborty

    Look at Ellen :)

  • Sheldon Fcb
    Sheldon Fcb Hour ago

    Now I feel like DECEMBER BEST VERSE !

  • Flyn Lyn
    Flyn Lyn Hour ago

    Canon in D

  • Ricardo Limos
    Ricardo Limos Hour ago


  • Faiq Nabhan
    Faiq Nabhan Hour ago

    just chill song without dance

  • Brendin Du Plessis

    30 Million

  • Nurliana Hairiah

    so happy music without drum

    SPARK X HD Hour ago

    You guys are the best just know that (Lowkey making a motivational quote just to become a memory)

  • שירים מתורגמים

    תירגמתי את השיר הזה, מוזמנים להכנס לפרופיל ולראות❤

  • שירים מתורגמים

    תירגמתי את השיר הזה, מוזמנים להכנס לפרופיל ולראות❤

  • faev gons
    faev gons Hour ago

    Before a billion views

  • Cristi Kerekes
    Cristi Kerekes Hour ago

    Anyone having goosebumps yet? Who do you think of when listening to this?

  • Oscar Gaamez
    Oscar Gaamez Hour ago

    No se parece a la voz de adam, soy el único que pensó eso? O a lomejor es el tipo de música que no me hacía sonar a M5

  • Syahrul Ramdoni
    Syahrul Ramdoni Hour ago

    Canon hmm

  • zaqwan mistletoe

    Baldur after killed by kratos. He repent and pursue his career in music. And now he really miss his mom, valkyrie. Now he now how much his mother love him. Such a son of a ....... really bad woman.

  • ACE EmoteZ -Captain

    Never knew kratos can sing.

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado Hour ago

    I miss everything my childhood my old friends thank for this song Maroon ♥️

  • Maisy Mathew
    Maisy Mathew Hour ago


  • shellamae rosales

    the girl is pretty

  • zaqwan mistletoe

    Is this captain price?

  • nico howard
    nico howard Hour ago

    And now Kratos get some memories that he can be a good singer

  • Ghost Bro
    Ghost Bro Hour ago

    I don't want to see his face close up, damn. Good song though.

  • tii emm
    tii emm Hour ago

    Always inside my heart...

  • Hendri Anur
    Hendri Anur Hour ago

    canon rock melodies???

  • Eunike Brugman
    Eunike Brugman Hour ago


  • Ceria Orangnya
    Ceria Orangnya Hour ago

    Bring back memories

  • Ashish Mishra
    Ashish Mishra Hour ago

    Kratos! what you did to your face?

  • Shubham Prashant

    You look like Kratos from God of War

  • Gbenga Akinde
    Gbenga Akinde Hour ago

    why is it just featuring cardi B, he featured practically all these powerful women

  • sittisak poncun
    sittisak poncun Hour ago


  • Anmol Raj
    Anmol Raj Hour ago

    I shifted to a new town a few months back. Missing all my friends and the good people who gave me lovely memories. This is the song I need. ❤️

  • Tegar Taufik Qurrohman

    Orang indo mana nih? Masa gak ada yg nyangkut disini :v

  • Christina Moreland

    Canon in D Major is beautiful. I like these words for this music. I’d love to hear the Graduation (friends forever) song Vitamin C mashup with Maroon 5!

  • Gaurav Manandhar

    This song is going to be the best song in decades.

  • lgafree
    lgafree Hour ago

    This song sounded like canon Super "LSS'ed" 😂 that I decided to arrange a fingerstyle version of this. 😂

  • MoYAaaa
    MoYAaaa Hour ago

    god of war !!!! baldur

  • Au g
    Au g Hour ago

    Mmm. This reminds me canon in D major.....

    DIA BLO Hour ago


  • Norbert Gruby
    Norbert Gruby Hour ago

    Gentleman "Memories" - coincidence?

  • achmad jawahir
    achmad jawahir Hour ago

    Support from 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 signatured since 16 OCT 2019

  • Micoh Pescasio
    Micoh Pescasio 2 hours ago

    Playback speed 1.25x 😍

  • Сара Нифталиева

    Класс 😍

  • Chung Thông Beo
    Chung Thông Beo 2 hours ago

  • Azzedine Usman
    Azzedine Usman 2 hours ago


  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 hours ago

    2007 years back by maroor

  • Denielle Restauro
    Denielle Restauro 2 hours ago

    Great song....makes me think of wallowing in drinks though.

  • Erica Forstie
    Erica Forstie 2 hours ago

    This Song is truly amazing! Cant stop listening

  • HYOJU효주
    HYOJU효주 2 hours ago

    I love this song💞 so much!!!!:)

  • Alpinツ
    Alpinツ 2 hours ago


  • John Japitana
    John Japitana 2 hours ago

    for gamers only: am i the only one who can see him as " Baldur son of odin in God of war 4 "

  • Jock Orange
    Jock Orange 2 hours ago

    I love maroon 5, but i cant listen to the lyric because i keep humming pachebels canon in d then i end up singing go suck a dick

  • Just Kemon
    Just Kemon 2 hours ago

    Semoga via vallen sama anak tiktok gatau lagu ini

  • Rama dan
    Rama dan 2 hours ago

    +62 Ramaikan..!!!

  • Sultan Luthfi Efendi

    Wowww amazingg my favorite song👂

  • Young Tupua
    Young Tupua 2 hours ago

    Best song ever I can listen to this song ever day

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 2 hours ago

    Here is the number of people who are left with Memories of their loved ones and can't see them ever again. (Myself included) 👇

  • Clasic Fase
    Clasic Fase 2 hours ago


  • kamonchanok ploy
    kamonchanok ploy 2 hours ago

  • Dileep Kumar
    Dileep Kumar 2 hours ago

    😍😍 Last one is😍😍

  • Clince Raj
    Clince Raj 2 hours ago

    Really really great.......take me to different feel yaaar

  • Syafiqah Adilah
    Syafiqah Adilah 2 hours ago

    Simple yet nice..

    THADATHIL WORLD 2 hours ago

    This is my channel please support 🙏

  • Pence Dominico's
    Pence Dominico's 2 hours ago

    memories back ✌💕💕💕💕

  • xXmlgamingXx
    xXmlgamingXx 2 hours ago

    They had put this as an ad which shows how desperate they really are for views

  • Pence Dominico's
    Pence Dominico's 2 hours ago

    This is my mood for this year end 😊😊😊