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MrBeast - H3 Podcast #111
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Theo Von - H3 Podcast #109
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Logic - H3 Podcast #105
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  • Ben
    Ben Hour ago

    Poach those eggs ethan Swirly swirly

  • rememberwheni
    rememberwheni Hour ago

    Ethan and Hila need to chill out on the background laughing.

  • SuperSmashedBros

    Way better than the last one. Great moves Ethan, keep it up

  • TeamGalacticSven

    I don’t know, Kevin Hart but uhhhh

  • Poop Pancake
    Poop Pancake Hour ago

    It's a shame how much I've enjoyed this one. I love Burr, and I like you guys. But, after the whole thing with Pewdiepie and the ADL I had to dip out my man. That shit is fucking bonkers dude. Although you are a human being and make mistakes like everyone else, there is still a line. You've quite blatantly lost the fucking plot, Ethan... TRULY lost it... I mean...God damn has it gone MIA. Consequently, as a long-time fan, I'm saying farewell for now. Reluctant as I may be to do so, I yet feel the farewell is necessary. Not that "me" un-subbing will likely have ANY weight on your behavior or success as a creator. Nor is this comment explaining why I am doing so being left under the assumption I am owed anything by you. Regardless of those truths, I still have to stand on my own principles. Of which are telling me to remove myself for the time being. As a sort of side-note, just so you and or anyone else who may happen upon this comment may be made fully aware of my reasons and intentions and further discouraged from misunderstanding, or misconstruing either my words and their intent. Meaning that I have taken the time to comment and fully explain myself, in attempts to make it known to you both why I've decided to leave. Namely, because I respect you and appreciate all of the work you both have put in over the years. So I hope that comes through in my comment if you do end up seeing this. And again, I hope that it is apparent what I am saying is not coming from a place of salty-outrage, or anger. Despite how MEME'Y it is, I still have to say that I'm honestly not mad, I'm disappointed. Hopefully, there will be some sort of acknowledgment towards the situation the future, as I have been with you guys for so damn long now as a supporter in every way possible. I'll let this be the last upload I watch from you until I can on my own convictions, justify returning and supporting you all once more. Good luck though either way and I do truly mean it, though I just as sincerely hope I find a reason to come back in the future. Much love.

  • Puke Tickle
    Puke Tickle Hour ago

    Oooooo bill burr but why is h3 there?

  • Instinctively Chelsea

    Love hilas glasses:)

  • Maarten 22
    Maarten 22 Hour ago

    where is jake paul saying like counter?

  • Adrien k
    Adrien k Hour ago

    D1ck taped to my @$$hole, eat my pub1c Bush out like I'm a woman. Papa bless.

  • bamf
    bamf Hour ago

    dude jessie was the best

  • KryptoChronicutelite ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ

    18:27 "huge fires that went on for hours"... The South tower collapsed after being hit in *LESS* than an hour, and the North tower collapsed after being hit in *LESS* than two hours. The fires did not "go on for hours". "everybody in the engineering community says that they collapsed because of the fire"... You won't FIND a single engineer or architect say that. Over 12 thousand architects have signed a petition to re-research the collapse of the towers, because they all agree that none of the collapses (including Tower 7) make any sense. This guy exposed himself in only 10 seconds the topic of 9/11, that he's nothing but a shill.

  • Kozõ
    Kozõ Hour ago

    ethan bradberry realizing what memes are is like AI becoming selfaware, now tell me we arEN'T FUCKED

  • pup chubs
    pup chubs Hour ago

    Bill burr is a prince, he was absolutely fantastic here. Love that opening about Sesame Street, bill is just magic on the mic. Hila was a lovely conversant as always, and again this video would have been better without Ethan. Get help, dude. Pointing out your chubbiness first doesn’t make you look any better.

  • 99petrovic
    99petrovic Hour ago

    Why can i play every other video on youtube but not this one?

  • sami suleiman
    sami suleiman 2 hours ago

    Redemption podcast :D

  • Haven Becklin
    Haven Becklin 2 hours ago

    Quick reminder Ethan defended the ADL, one of the organizations responsible for getting youtubers, politicians, actors/actresses, deplatformed for being edgy, then called everyone upset about it a snowflake. THE SAME ORGANIZATION that has already labeled H3H3 hateful. Go to hell Ethan.

  • Pablo chacon
    Pablo chacon 2 hours ago

    Please Bbing back posti

  • Ricky Alvarez Messina

    😂😂😂😂😂Now fucking way!!!

  • schr4nz
    schr4nz 2 hours ago

    Wait, was the first Bill Burr visit about 12 months ago? Are we sure Ethan is the dad? Love you Papa Ethan... bless

    • Dekartz
      Dekartz Hour ago

      The real reason Billy Ballbreaker came back - Paternity test

  • Matyáš Kapsa
    Matyáš Kapsa 2 hours ago

    You should get Alex Honnold on the show, he's such a cool dude.

  • djentlike 000000000
    djentlike 000000000 2 hours ago

    The show keeps getting better and better

  • Wassim Darwich
    Wassim Darwich 2 hours ago

    that wasn't even half bad, ethan is just being a fanboy getting nervous because he looks at bill burr like he's a god, an unreachable level of principles and morale while also being funny as shit and bill calmed him down every time he started gushing about how great he is trying to convey the information that bill is just another person like him that tells jokes for a living and ethan couldn't get that.

  • Cameron Whitney
    Cameron Whitney 2 hours ago

    Did anything come of the jack films deep dab ?

  • Andrija Kovacevic
    Andrija Kovacevic 2 hours ago

    Glasses are sick. Vision is pretty sick too so no matter what anyone says, just wear the fricking glasses

  • Jude Sinclair
    Jude Sinclair 2 hours ago

    Love the glasses!

  • Banjo D
    Banjo D 3 hours ago

    Cheers to my front wipers! I always thought I was alone:

  • OrangeFries
    OrangeFries 3 hours ago

    the conversation about money made me both sad and uncomfortable

  • AcidBuu
    AcidBuu 3 hours ago

    you can do it ethan

  • Matt Wynne
    Matt Wynne 3 hours ago

    Felt like a 29 minute special it was THAT GREAT, time flies when your watching a special entertainer. I remember when I was a kid Danny Gans has that same kinda effect

  • Treasures of Sin
    Treasures of Sin 3 hours ago

    Bill Burr talking to 2 kids

  • Ioan
    Ioan 3 hours ago

    h3 is shite

  • Ambrose
    Ambrose 3 hours ago

    Child birth as the man is bad and scary. You just want your wife/gf to be ok. But saying that it is still a great moment.

  • s t o b i t
    s t o b i t 3 hours ago

    Germans actually say singer as soft as post does and not sinGer

  • Mono Nonny
    Mono Nonny 3 hours ago

    6:31:30 another golden part

  • Kim Vryenhoek
    Kim Vryenhoek 4 hours ago

    Flat Earthers left the chat.

  • MotoX Champ
    MotoX Champ 4 hours ago

    This is how a comedian acts when they’re stress free. Bill knows he’s about to make bank from his new special so of course he’s laid back right now.

  • Tiffany Villagomez
    Tiffany Villagomez 4 hours ago

    The entire second half is Ethan making a mountain of a molehill and Bill Burr holding back on telling him to quit his bitching

  • Paul Mares
    Paul Mares 4 hours ago

    This is like day and night compared to your previous podcast with Bill; keep on keeping on!

  • 24fretsoffury
    24fretsoffury 4 hours ago

    The Ian bachelor bit is bad, scrap it. It’s really lame

  • Sky Ark
    Sky Ark 5 hours ago

    This was one of my favourite h3 podcast! I love all of you humans over at h3h3 productions!! And I love your laugh Hila!!

  • Jake Burton
    Jake Burton 5 hours ago

    Ethan concerning exercise: “I’m getting serious” FLASH FORWARD TO 2019 Ethan: “I’m the fattest I’ve ever been”

  • aMusement Art
    aMusement Art 5 hours ago

    He looks just like the new Comdian special Paper Cat or something

  • Kevin Heckart
    Kevin Heckart 5 hours ago

    I like the real conversation going on about the struggle of cravings.

  • Liam
    Liam 5 hours ago


  • John Matchett
    John Matchett 5 hours ago

    joe rogan has got bill burr saying bizarre now

  • kevinrvh
    kevinrvh 5 hours ago

    Wow, Bill would make a perfect inspirational speaker! I am already ready to loss weight!

  • Panda One
    Panda One 5 hours ago

    Ethan tryna get that Joe Rogan podcast

  • NoBigDealMedia
    NoBigDealMedia 5 hours ago

    “Eat pistachios WITH THE SHELLS!”

  • Jake213 HMN
    Jake213 HMN 6 hours ago

    We need Posty on the show again

  • Luís
    Luís 6 hours ago

    This one went smoothly.

  • Jake213 HMN
    Jake213 HMN 6 hours ago

    I’m so relieved this went well, I was on edge the whole time but relieved that it was perfect

  • James McClure
    James McClure 6 hours ago

    this was slightly less awkward then last time

  • Ray LK
    Ray LK 6 hours ago

    Superstar candidate

  • J R
    J R 6 hours ago

    USclip is also demonetizing ‘’family channels’’.

  • john wednesday
    john wednesday 6 hours ago

    You should hear Australians before they get into a fight: "Mate, I'll punch your head in Mate." "go on then Mate." And the cops: "Mate, mate, stop right there mate".

  • trent brookins
    trent brookins 6 hours ago

    Bill is so sweet to Hila. She accedently started spoiling one of his bits and she started to hesitate, and he went ahead and spoiled the punchline himself.

  • georgewu5
    georgewu5 6 hours ago

    I like the hosts Ethan Klein and the lady very much. George Wu, Architect, A.I.A., NCARB 2019-9-15

  • Neon93
    Neon93 6 hours ago

    Bill, you sexy Ginger-bred man. Let me rub that shaven 8-ball head of yours and caress those sad, saggy 2-balls. You hilarious sack of shit <3

  • Groot Troop
    Groot Troop 6 hours ago

    The brand berry video is actually very deep. Being pushed in a wheelchair is a metaphor for H3 pushing him to do new stuff, making him unable to wake up from the nightmare of making YT videos on a small channel.

  • Jacob Harlow
    Jacob Harlow 6 hours ago

    Pizza hut FTW

  • terra nova
    terra nova 6 hours ago

    Glad Ethan wasn't as nervous this time around with bill, he's really grown in other ways that aren't just getting fat

  • Frontline Winners
    Frontline Winners 6 hours ago

    Grass fed beef is very healthy for you; great for burgers and weight loss.

  • Simon Ghoul
    Simon Ghoul 6 hours ago

    1:24:00 your son is going to watch this

  • Neil Dutta
    Neil Dutta 6 hours ago

    Way better than last time

  • Jacob Harlow
    Jacob Harlow 6 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh this show I'm so dead

  • Erdem Memisyazici
    Erdem Memisyazici 7 hours ago

    59:40 The moment Bill realizes who's in charge.

  • H.U.F
    H.U.F 7 hours ago

    Damn i still got PTSD

  • The Seventh Elk
    The Seventh Elk 7 hours ago

    Get a real job.

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    bill is being ethans dietician a lot here

  • Shameel
    Shameel 7 hours ago

    This was extremely nice of Bill

  • Shameel
    Shameel 7 hours ago

    This was extremely nice of Bill

  • Shogun Killa
    Shogun Killa 7 hours ago

    Ethan: Do people really share pizzas? Hila: Do people not?😂😂😂

  • cheemooo
    cheemooo 7 hours ago

    Yang speaking of mental health and well being are words of a higher vision, this needs to happen, Yang is good choice for president.

  • Pickeledcoconut
    Pickeledcoconut 7 hours ago

    Once again the entire podcast is about Ethan’s weight and Ethan’s excuses 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Mr Sunny D Gaming
    Mr Sunny D Gaming 7 hours ago

    Lmfao New Mexico is sooo much more hispanic not white

  • cheemooo
    cheemooo 7 hours ago

    I normally dont vote, but this is a special situation, because Trump is a horrible president and no one should sit on the sidelines and let Trump keep power and be able to make big decision for other people. I think Andrew Yang has some sensible ideas, I dont know what his health care plan is but if everyone received the $1000 a month that would help people pay for medical visits while the health care system is being reformed. I never donated to a campaign but I am giving the yang campaign $10 a month. I think Andrew Yang can beat Trump if he becomes the democratic nominee. He is smarter that Trump, has manners that Trump has never had and can bring some positive change to the U.S. He is a step forward for the U.S, Trump is troublemaker.

  • Jake Stowers
    Jake Stowers 7 hours ago

    its gonna be papa

  • Erdem Memisyazici
    Erdem Memisyazici 7 hours ago

    32:00 What a girl. I sincerely wonder how long it's going to take for Ethan to realize he is completely under control of a beautiful gal who is in no uncertain terms a gansgsta moving in silence. Better than lasagna 😂😄

  • Jim Wiklund
    Jim Wiklund 7 hours ago

    what is the name of that outro music ?

  • Groot Troop
    Groot Troop 7 hours ago

    NO wow classic is beautiful. Im playing with a beast PC on 2k 32' monitor

  • AirheadMachine
    AirheadMachine 7 hours ago

    I hate bill burr, I'll skip this episode... no thanks.

  • Just here to comment, ok, don't want any trouble

    it's weird to think bill is a new parent when i'm over 20 years younger than him and know people my age with 4 year olds really shows that as a man you've got plenty of time to wait to have a family if you want

  • Erdem Memisyazici
    Erdem Memisyazici 7 hours ago

    Best robot couple.

  • D3V
    D3V 7 hours ago

    Also, I order XL stuffed crust and eat it for lunch/ dinner then the same the next day. It’s basically and instant gastrointestinal clog. Good reason to use some hemorrhoid cream it anticipation of the lube for the mini football on its way. Then you get the dessert, a clogged toilet. Good times!

  • D3V
    D3V 7 hours ago

    Actually, the older the steak, the more tender. Even if you think it’s turning green, you judge steak by its smell. Edible looking steaks can smell rotten and, they are. However, if you can find a freshless looking steak and smell it, and it smells meaty, gamey, various meat smells but not spoiled or rotten, cook it medium and it will be the best steak you’ve ever had. My friends dad was a butcher and when I was invited for dinner and there was steak I began the first time with a gag reflex locked and loaded, and thought they pranked me because the steak was so good. I seen it raw but wasn’t around watching them be prepared or bbq’d. The cooked steak looked like a piece of meat with steak seasoning and lots of butter. They rest, and then you slowly saw into it. After realizing it doesn’t look like a diaper, you get a bite and BOOM! 🤯. Best. Steak. Ever.

  • Raymond Maximus
    Raymond Maximus 8 hours ago

    Best into for comedy is Delirious

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov 8 hours ago

    Thanks Bill Burr for getting me out of my ass. He motivates me!

  • Logan  Thompson
    Logan Thompson 8 hours ago

    Hard boiled is the healthiest way to eat an egg.

  • ThirtySixZed
    ThirtySixZed 8 hours ago

    Bill is the GOAT

  • Didric
    Didric 8 hours ago

    That was awesome! Great conversation between 2 of my favorite people and Bill burr ;D <3

  • A Mercer
    A Mercer 8 hours ago

    Ads end at 34:05

  • Player 2
    Player 2 8 hours ago

    "Little seizures" LOL

  • Brit Ann
    Brit Ann 8 hours ago

    This doesnt make Ethan look bad, this makes Bill look like a dink honestly, hes watching Ethan and picking on his insecurities, why would you purposely point out someone's insecurities? Ethan was consistently kind and pointing out nice things about Burr, and even though Ethan was honest about feeling a little nervous & such, Burr still felt the need to point it out and bug him about it. Ethan does suffer from anxiety and has some ticks that involve touching or moving... and just bringing attention to it is pretty cruel & is likely to just make it worse. What are you doing man? Why? Ethan asked him so many questions to try and elicit responses and stories and showed a genuine interest in Burr as a person and his perspectives on things. Burr strikes me as the kind of person that is resentful toward percepieved weakness or insecurity. I dont think he understands what it's like at all and scoffs at it.

    • MikeStrafaci
      MikeStrafaci 7 hours ago

      Brit Ann I can totally see what your saying. As a Burr fan I usually love when he's all Burr, but he def acted like a bully in this interview. Even though you can see he started feeling bad but he already hurt this dudes ego 😂 not everybody is cut from the same cloth as Burr but what ever. I think he felt bad at the end of the day in my opinion.. but what the fuck do I know lol

  • bob2000and10
    bob2000and10 8 hours ago

    Bill is getting stale, its been the same old shit for the past 15 years. Time for some fresh meat.

  • Paul Ally
    Paul Ally 8 hours ago

    Just saying we know very little about the best diet. One thing we know for sure though is healthy fats (avocado's for instance) are extremely healthy and doesn't hurt the heart. Limit saturated and avoid trans. Carbs=sugar therefore bad for heart in particular and health.

  • No No Word
    No No Word 8 hours ago

    The one JoJo comment

  • unknown
    unknown 8 hours ago

    Gus looks like a dunce in the thumbnail.

  • Brit Ann
    Brit Ann 8 hours ago

    Hnmm I'm more than half what through and still waiting for it to get cringey or so bad or see bill get annoyed, etc. 🤔 Like I havent seen anything uncomfortable at all. The last bit must get really bad lol.

  • DJ BoiPucci
    DJ BoiPucci 8 hours ago

    Typical self-chosen behavior.

  • F4PTR
    F4PTR 8 hours ago

    Oh wow, would you look at that! Burr is back, I’m surprised!