Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal
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  • daniel moore
    daniel moore 13 minutes ago

    That shit was faf...especially at the end when the guys started grappling...nice to have fun after a workout... The more I see of Jorge in situations and interviews, the more I like the guy...just an everyday guy that likes to live and laugh...

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy 15 minutes ago

    Dude he will knock you out Jorge. I gotta see this不不不不不不不

  • Jake Diddy
    Jake Diddy 16 minutes ago

    Hey Jorge El Canelo Alvarez just announced he is open to fight anyone. Have Dana call his Promoter you knucklehead不不不不不

  • The Blue Ghost
    The Blue Ghost 19 minutes ago

    whats the soundtrack. songs are banging

  • Andr矇 Damasceno
    Andr矇 Damasceno 50 minutes ago

    儭nota 10 .

  • Blake Spurlock
    Blake Spurlock 51 minute ago

    Alguien sabe lo que est獺 comiendo? No conozco comida cubana bien.

  • Black PhantomZ28

    F**king cool Jorge. Wasn't really a fan of UFC until you showed. Keep up the good work. The psychology of fighting and what it takes to be a great fighter is interesting. Your living the dream of many. Good luck on all your future fights.

  • lowlife sinner
    lowlife sinner Hour ago


  • svenzia
    svenzia Hour ago

    7:18 hahahaha so good. Poor Jorge ;)

  • Didier Shouck
    Didier Shouck Hour ago

    I want Masvidal against Khabib

  • Holden Mcgroin
    Holden Mcgroin Hour ago

    "BOW To ME!" -Jorge

  • jimmy tran
    jimmy tran 2 hours ago

    True Holyland stuff

  • bix pin
    bix pin 2 hours ago

    Music 歹

  • Aditya pundir
    Aditya pundir 2 hours ago

    Jorge got that cuban ass

  • ? 4
    ? 4 2 hours ago

    How man watched the whole damn shit than went on xbox and tuned up these fools with gamebread

  • Ali Choudhry
    Ali Choudhry 3 hours ago

    Style bender for fighter of the year he has a REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  • Ali Choudhry
    Ali Choudhry 3 hours ago

    Style bender for fighter of the year he has the REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  • Ali Choudhry
    Ali Choudhry 3 hours ago

    Style bender for fighter of the year... he has a REAL BELT, he is the king of the middleweights division. How is this even a question? I like Jorge a lot but cmon. All the past fighters of the year had actual belts.

  • Jov獺 Zamo
    Jov獺 Zamo 4 hours ago

    Those Miami 305 accents bro. Empingao

  • beardgang scatpack
    beardgang scatpack 4 hours ago

    How old is this dude???

  • ParioCreativemedia
    ParioCreativemedia 4 hours ago

    Alexis in the UFC , damn would have liked to see that. Guy is an amazing fighter!

  • Chef Des Lacs
    Chef Des Lacs 4 hours ago

    Jorges legs are dangerous!

  • Ghostly One
    Ghostly One 4 hours ago

    Yeeeea Masvidal's style is awesome.

  • Jacob Muntazir
    Jacob Muntazir 5 hours ago

    anybody know what the song at 1:44:44 is. I need to know bro

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi 5 hours ago

    this is fucking awesome! my tribe

  • skankhunt 42
    skankhunt 42 5 hours ago

    Great documentary. Ive always loved watching masvidal fight been a big fan since the beggening. Even when he was fighting in japan. I'm an even bigger fan now. No homo but i love jorge n he is my favourite fighter. Massive respect to him and his crew.

  • Leobrando Padr籀n
    Leobrando Padr籀n 5 hours ago

    Jorge masdival te deber穩as llamarte perro callejero eres chingon de chingones

  • Empooli
    Empooli 6 hours ago

    Isn't that Jose Aldo's translator? :O

  • Asik Drone
    Asik Drone 6 hours ago

    Lmfao bro the final seperation was a trip. "Fuck erybody" lol

  • Rich Jenkins
    Rich Jenkins 6 hours ago

    This is amazing. Its Streets of Rage soundtrack btw. Also Epstein didnt kill himself.

  • Leobrando Padr籀n
    Leobrando Padr籀n 6 hours ago

    Eres una chingoneria jorge masdival eres como el perro callejero chingon guey ojal獺 el canelo acepte pelear contigo para que le des una chinga

  • Bryan frye
    Bryan frye 6 hours ago

    I've been watching Masvidal when he was a babyface bare knuckle fighter. I saw that potential. He is going to do big things here

  • scar face
    scar face 6 hours ago

    Roberto Duran is one of the meanest, toughest (sob's) guys to ever step in the ring.. and this was in an era.. when all the bad boys.. (Legends) was in their prime!

  • Kevin AAAJ
    Kevin AAAJ 6 hours ago

    Conor is so fucked up xD

  • Can I get 1,000 Subs without any Videos ?

    Jorge Masvidal is Jon Snow

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 6 hours ago

    This is my second poop session in less then 30 minutes

  • Rayza Neil
    Rayza Neil 7 hours ago

    Conor Mc Nugget don't want none of those kicks

  • Ingus Fridmanis
    Ingus Fridmanis 7 hours ago

    Whats the soundtrack ?

  • Matt Warner
    Matt Warner 7 hours ago

    that song in the beginning is from Rocky not karate kid

  • Ricky Ruiz
    Ricky Ruiz 7 hours ago

    This is a real nigga! Beast mode no decisions out for the kill. FINISH HIM!!!!!!!

  • Mateo Morales
    Mateo Morales 7 hours ago

    Jorge having mad fun. LOL

  • Candy Phu
    Candy Phu 7 hours ago

    Exatlon looser... He was one of the worst... Always running his mouth like a girl... Never like this person..

  • Nor Tomorrow!!!
    Nor Tomorrow!!! 8 hours ago

    I see stiffness in that touchbutt game Conor Mcgregor

  • Ruby Carbuncle
    Ruby Carbuncle 8 hours ago

    50:28 that was the most random edit Ive seen in my entire life. Like why was that even put in there

  • MMA GURU Bloopers
    MMA GURU Bloopers 8 hours ago


  • ifoundthistoday
    ifoundthistoday 8 hours ago

    I didn't get it

  • jon r
    jon r 8 hours ago

    My new favourite fighter . Cant wait to see you fight again , such a explosive calculated fighter , amazing to watch .

  • Xulian Tomas Fernandez


  • PolarRazor
    PolarRazor 8 hours ago

    My favorite ufc fighter brought up my favorite shoe of all time Cobra Kai

  • TonTon
    TonTon 9 hours ago

    How do you look so different to back then? Incredible. Reminds me of LOTR when Gandalf went away and came back a super wizard. Epic kick at the end there.

  • brendon campbell
    brendon campbell 9 hours ago

    Need wonder boy

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson 9 hours ago


  • alberto rosales
    alberto rosales 9 hours ago


  • Kailash Singh
    Kailash Singh 9 hours ago

    The asian guy did not deserve to win.

  • Tommy Carabajal
    Tommy Carabajal 9 hours ago

    You know why fighters got them duck dynasty beards so it helps cushion the punches to there face.. #facts#

  • Jago Nexus
    Jago Nexus 10 hours ago

    The kumite? ( kung fu noise hi ya!)

  • Weedboy Weedboy
    Weedboy Weedboy 10 hours ago

    Masvidals first movie movie and he has The Rock in it hahaha wow BAD MOTHERFUCKER shit only!!

  • staff 911
    staff 911 11 hours ago

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  • GameEditor Che
    GameEditor Che 11 hours ago

    Alan Silvestri - Blue Parrot you r welcome!

    JEWEL LOVE 11 hours ago


    JEWEL LOVE 11 hours ago


  • roddas26
    roddas26 12 hours ago

    A fan of Jorge and the Diaz brothers. That fight was hard to watch, both Gangsters. Glad Jorge didn't get the 1st round ko like he predicted. Great doco,cheers from Aotearoa NZ.

  • Fjfkfkf Wkekdfkf
    Fjfkfkf Wkekdfkf 12 hours ago

    im a fun from morocco .you are a kill mashine bro. i hope that one day you visite morocco you are welcome in my house withbyou re team.we got too strong fighters

  • Weedboy Weedboy
    Weedboy Weedboy 12 hours ago

    man id love to watch that reality show he was on

  • Alex. S
    Alex. S 12 hours ago

    Fuck you too pussy 滕滕滕 Diaz army

  • Alex. S
    Alex. S 12 hours ago

    I want to see someone knock this fool out...cmon Dana white...get this dude knocked out.fuck all that 3pc shit...bringing the whole World Trade Center to your fucking face

  • Conald Deronne
    Conald Deronne 12 hours ago

    Wonderboy really taught this guy a lesson lol領

  • Danny Trojan
    Danny Trojan 12 hours ago

    What the song @ 2:10??? Anyone please

  • Foster chance
    Foster chance 12 hours ago


  • Jason Brito
    Jason Brito 12 hours ago

    Theres a young fighter coming up at that weight class Santo curatoro. 6-0 in cffc. He will meet him one day and it will be a surprise. Strong and short like him. Good fighter though Vega.. Continued sucess.

  • Radioff Voices NoysyVision&NaClO

    Masvidal jumping around like a bat

  • Cuban Power
    Cuban Power 13 hours ago

    Cuban power baby 劾截dk why l see Scarface style on his face

  • C. Anderson
    C. Anderson 13 hours ago

    How long you take to get that hair did Tony Montana tough guy?

  • Angel Dejesus
    Angel Dejesus 14 hours ago

    How old was George there

  • RJ.
    RJ. 14 hours ago

    Better practice that in case he has to rematch wonderboy

  • scope this
    scope this 14 hours ago

    Next rubber knives fight like gsp

  • Dusty Barker
    Dusty Barker 14 hours ago

    Masvidal is the victim of the greatest miscarriage of mma press ever. I had no idea this was the guy that cost me $20 betting on Edward's and $100 on Cerrone. After the three piece a d a soda I scrolled through the fifty pages of his fight record on wikipedia. I dont care if Masvidal gets a fight with Stipe I'll never bet against him again.

  • digitaldirtnap1
    digitaldirtnap1 14 hours ago

    Stupid first couple mins.

  • Ian Matthews
    Ian Matthews 14 hours ago

    Jorge is the master at switching stances.....

  • Mynor Pimentel
    Mynor Pimentel 14 hours ago

    The song that starts around 1:01:25 is so fucking relaxing I found out the name of it and I hear it every time I hit cardio at the gym thank you champ

  • Mad Greek Outdoors
    Mad Greek Outdoors 15 hours ago


  • toby merrill
    toby merrill 15 hours ago

    Why doesnt Diaz goto thailand!