Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • David Myung
    David Myung 32 seconds ago

    Y’all forget. Greg Jennings put the team on his back thooo

  • Jonathan Tapia
    Jonathan Tapia 3 minutes ago

    Now I agree it's a bit much to overreact about winning against two teams that are in the bottom half of the PR, but I do agree that Divisional games are different. Even if you're one of the worst teams you can put up a fight with the first seed in your division. Look at last year with Miami vs Patriots and many other years prior Miami can pull one game off the best team in the NFL, though I admit this year the dolphins are a little too tragic to do that again. It's good for any team to have to face two division rivals and win against them to start the season, you sit pretty on top of the divisions knowing you already got 2 games out of 8 before the first month of football is over. I see Dallas's first challenge will be Green Bay now that they have a top notch defense (I know they play the saints but Drew Brees being out hurts that game big time). Now if Prescott could out shoot Aaron Rodgers i'm 100% on board with Dak. Cowboys could easily go 5-0 to start the season.

  • Jacob Kleck
    Jacob Kleck 3 minutes ago

    Eat a duck wentz lovers! Daks going to make a super bowl appearance before wentz even plays another 16 game season lolll... I hate cowboys with a passion but dak passes the never out of a game qb eye test. The guys a winner. How were so many so blind? Gona make coach clap look like a genius, I hate coach clap

  • Ruben Beltrandelrio
    Ruben Beltrandelrio 8 minutes ago

    Who spilled bleach on Shannon Sharpe's jacket?

  • tehhhBass
    tehhhBass 9 minutes ago

    Eagles are second best team in NFC East🤷🏻‍♂️😂 #DC4L

  • Keigo Robinson
    Keigo Robinson 15 minutes ago


  • cricket wireless
    cricket wireless 16 minutes ago

    I don't approve of the nonsense AB brings but give the guy a chance. Let's just wait and see. Stranger things have happened.

    ILL BOMBER! 19 minutes ago

    Playing BAD TEAMS isn't necessarily good! cause when u FINALLY face a good team-USUALLY U LOOSE! but i luv Dallas

  • Art Alcatraz
    Art Alcatraz 23 minutes ago

    Shannon Sharpe looks like an Easter island stone hesds...

  • MultiHankdog
    MultiHankdog 26 minutes ago

    Give it up Shannon! You Cowboy hater!!!

  • KJ A
    KJ A 27 minutes ago

    To compare Wilson to Kirk is nothing short of dumb. Wilson is Top 5 QB. Without any weapons he finds ways to win games.

  • Colton Garrett
    Colton Garrett 29 minutes ago

    Now I understand Rob Parker. He's literally doing this to troll the Patriots. That smile at the end showed it all. But what Rob Parker doesn't understand is that he's literally adding gasoline to a fire. Thanks for giving us are 7th win Rob.

  • Art Alcatraz
    Art Alcatraz 32 minutes ago

    She looks just like him lol

  • Keenan TV
    Keenan TV 32 minutes ago

    Shannon's knit tie is very cool!

  • Norman Getsinger
    Norman Getsinger 33 minutes ago

    So began the dynasty

  • Leighton Harris
    Leighton Harris 33 minutes ago

    If that was Desean Jackson instead of Agholar that would’ve been 6

  • B. Stanley
    B. Stanley 34 minutes ago

    When the Cowboys o-line was so busted up last year and there wasn’t anyone to protect Dak, nobody was making excuses for him. When Zeke was suspended, no excuses. When he didn’t have any decent receivers to pass to (prior to the Cooper trade), no excuses. Why does Wentz get the injuries excuse?

  • Antonio X
    Antonio X 36 minutes ago

    Shannon will say anything just to make his picks look better LMAO

  • iamteamyou
    iamteamyou 39 minutes ago

    Shay Sharp gonna want those points back or cancel the bet when AB is suspended 6 to 8 Games.

  • Ryan Herd
    Ryan Herd 40 minutes ago

    Jalen Ramsey gets traded to the Eagles. I'm calling it now.

  • Shannon Mccall
    Shannon Mccall 49 minutes ago

    I'm one of the biggest eagle fans around has nothing to do with Carson Wentz and they say that their offensive line as one of the best in the business I don't see it I think they're one of the worst

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 50 minutes ago

    #17 on trending

  • Theodore Carr
    Theodore Carr 53 minutes ago

    When he was with the Steelers and the RAIDERS it was AB is such a bad person and too much baggage, now he's with the PATRIOTS he's the greatest thing since sliced bread...he's still a idiot in my eyes...RN4L

  • chris lloyd
    chris lloyd 58 minutes ago

    Skip up there dressed like joe pesci in Casino

  • fly man
    fly man 58 minutes ago

    White people are the only people that can be analysts without actually playing football lol

    • CalFreezy
      CalFreezy 36 minutes ago

      Nick wright, jason Whitlock, stephen a smith, bomani Jones, etc

    KING BUBBY Hour ago

    If you just heard these 2 talking back & forth , you'd think skip was in the NFL. And Shannon averaged 2ppg in basketball. Skip a 3 time sb champion & Shannon been sitting at a desk the past 35 years

  • Donnie Pate
    Donnie Pate Hour ago

    Rob Parker don’t like Brady there is no way Arron Rodgers is better than Brady

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray Hour ago

    Jenny fine 👀

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Hour ago

    i love how skips talks to his wife the same way he talks to Shannon. Like he’s debating her as if she’s a big LeBron fan.

  • Shannon Mccall
    Shannon Mccall Hour ago

    The Cowboys will be three and oil after this week because they haven't played anybody but then they got the Saints and Packers will see how good they do against them

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Hour ago

    Skip is such a hypocrite. Only uses excuses for cowgirls. Cowgirls have played Eli Manning and case keenum and next week play dolphins. Wow tough schedule. They don’t give the falcons defensive line any credit for putting pressure on wentz against that great o-line. They played great. Matt Ryan threw 3 horrible picks and we still won. Falcons should have won by 20

  • David arruda
    David arruda Hour ago

    This guy is nuts, like scary nuts. Look at him hug Brady like a son who just got back from the war

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Hour ago

    Matt Ryan threw 3 horrible picks and we still won but they didn’t even mention that. Hypocrits. Falcons should have won by 20

  • trounbyfire
    trounbyfire Hour ago

    Put the full time stamps please

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Hour ago

    Give falcons credit they put eagles players on injury list for playing more physical

  • mottthehoople684

    Ray Lewis was spot-on

  • Ge In
    Ge In Hour ago

    We, the eggs, won a Superbowl with a backup & second & third stringe guys. Not worried. But the lines are looking old n slow out there.

  • Sampleador
    Sampleador Hour ago

    Best receiver is Julio jones or DeAndre Hopkins, not ab

    • Kal- El
      Kal- El 14 minutes ago

      Brown for years like it or not

    9INER EMPIRE Hour ago

    Panthers.... trade Cam to Avon or Maybelline 💄👗👡

  • Big Simp
    Big Simp Hour ago

    "What if i believe Antonio Brown" article is up now on

  • stoetre
    stoetre Hour ago

    Uncle Shannon my guy but he gotta stop discrediting dak

    EARTH Hour ago

    Breaking antonio brown news! Brown guilty of farting after showing up 3 hours late to the doctor.

  • SK SK SK
    SK SK SK Hour ago

    Falcons dealt with injuries all last season and y’all call them trash stop with the bs

  • ace52387
    ace52387 Hour ago

    Skip is missing the classic patriots move...Tom Brady IS the offense, and yet they lit a fire under him with a young guy in the wings when they drafted garropolo. He played like his job was in jeapordy. Even if AB gets 50% more targets than the next guy, he KNOWS the patriots are full of receivers. They still dont need him. They were fine at receiver game 1. theyve got a rookie stud coming back...AB will never dominate that offense even if he catches a lot of balls. brady on the other hand has the team over a barrel for at least a year. they NEED brady. AB is replaceable.

  • MyNoseisDirty
    MyNoseisDirty Hour ago

    I’m a Dallas fan but I still need to see dak do this over the complete season

  • kathy
    kathy Hour ago

    The Lions thank you 💙

  • slight o hand
    slight o hand Hour ago

    They should change the Patriots team name to The Brady's

  • Mary Woodcock
    Mary Woodcock Hour ago


  • Hoop Goat
    Hoop Goat Hour ago

    Its currently the year 3000 and legend has it... Shannon still waitin on dat apology 🤣🤣🤣

  • Donnie Pate
    Donnie Pate Hour ago

    Bird not top 5 we talking bout color right

  • Shane White
    Shane White Hour ago

    Every team that loses is a bad team ... effort lol 😄

  • Dale Winston
    Dale Winston Hour ago

    Bro wtf is up with the chiefs coverage? Yall talking about all these l9sers but not the chiefs? Something is rotten in Denmark. Idgaf about AB smh

  • David Cook
    David Cook Hour ago

    Bounce it to ‘em Wentz

  • headtrauma911
    headtrauma911 Hour ago

    These teams are NFL teams too right?

  • suanniiq
    suanniiq Hour ago

    Feed off the Hate Dak, feed off the hate!!

  • Perry L. Fanning

    AB getting suspended... You heard it here. AB will be suspeneded… You can't change ghetto ratchets with money.

  • Roadrunner
    Roadrunner Hour ago

    Jenny is the best 💘

  • Scott Wolf
    Scott Wolf 2 hours ago

    Skip and Shannon are race baiters. Keep politics and race off your pos cast if you want views.

  • Journal Wright
    Journal Wright 2 hours ago

    All I can say is ... Congratulations! I hope you ladies are taking notes and stop being petty and appreciate a good man.

  • Mike ferrari Ferrari

    Cam newton is the Dwight Howard of the NFL.

  • Macho Davis
    Macho Davis 2 hours ago

    Yes Carson was getting hit and that credit goes to Atlanta’s passrush stop saying he was getting hit without mentioning ATLs pass rush with credit. Makes me sick

  • Javon Harris
    Javon Harris 2 hours ago

    An Injured Eagles team STILL outplayed ATL and took the lead at the end until Julio went uncovered. Let that sink in for the Falcons because If the Falcons are that good then they are not a playoff team sorry.

  • 5 5
    5 5 2 hours ago

    One week they hate you next week they love you

  • rodel orayle
    rodel orayle 2 hours ago

    Skip's wife looks like skip. Wth are they twin or something😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • The Soloosh
    The Soloosh 2 hours ago

    I seem to recall that Kap was coming off an injury... But pre injury the man took his team to the bowl... The end.

  • Howard Penright
    Howard Penright 2 hours ago

    For dallas it's NFL Perg time

  • Mayer Roscar
    Mayer Roscar 2 hours ago

  • RS Bo
    RS Bo 2 hours ago

    whoever did her makeup should be executed

  • Bryce Middleton
    Bryce Middleton 2 hours ago

    My mans Skip out here looking like Gator

  • smokin truker
    smokin truker 2 hours ago

    When Michel is in the back field running like he has been.patriots are multi dimensional. On the ground and in the air. Patriots can hit you so many ways they're what NFL teams have nightmares about

  • Bori
    Bori 2 hours ago

    This offense is gonna be scary NFL defenses are lucky Gronk retired u can't defend these guys

  • Zero Mil
    Zero Mil 2 hours ago

    Brown has been studying with Patriots all last year. lol He played all yall

  • El Roco
    El Roco 2 hours ago

    That other black guy sucks.

  • Jason Brocker
    Jason Brocker 2 hours ago

    Wentz is made of glass

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 2 hours ago

    Skip always hating on wenz...carson player eiry injured ribs

  • Tikka 300 WSM
    Tikka 300 WSM 2 hours ago

    Undocumented worker???? Illegal immigrant...

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell 2 hours ago

    Well he won't be on Undisputed for SB 54, he'll be playing in the game!!!! This will age well, WATCH

  • DJ
    DJ 2 hours ago

    Sure is and its mental.. He's a petulant Man-Child.

  • Talhah Khan
    Talhah Khan 2 hours ago

    Did he just call him Aghuilar? 🤣🤣

  • David Bojarski
    David Bojarski 2 hours ago

    Let's just relax they played the Dolphins

  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 hours ago

    It took me 7 minutes into this clip when Skip said tom brady had 4 superbowl rings to realize that this video was 3 years old. lol. Why did USclip send me this?

  • QuinnPhilly89
    QuinnPhilly89 2 hours ago

    96 bulls EASILY

  • Robert McLeod
    Robert McLeod 2 hours ago

    Washington is not a good team but they are very competitive

  • cmaszerowski
    cmaszerowski 2 hours ago

    Be nice if we could not start slow.

  • Donnie
    Donnie 2 hours ago

    How many suits do these guys have 🔥🔥💰💰💰💧💧

  • Chris Villa
    Chris Villa 2 hours ago

    Cowboys ain’t winning nothing

  • Shawn W
    Shawn W 2 hours ago

    I've got a question. Shannon has constantly been saying that the reason Carson Wentz doesn't have the numbers that Dak Prescott does is injury, and that a healthy Wentz has such a higher ceiling than Prescott. How does he get from there to excusing a loss because of (among others) an injury to Wentz? Either Wentz has gotten better protected(or better at doing things to protect himself) so that he doesn't get significantly injured very much, or you have to factor in injury to his average play. You can't assume he's going to be healthy when he has proved, over and over, that he won't be. This is what got Sam Bradford out of the league.

  • Donovan Johnson
    Donovan Johnson 2 hours ago

    Dolphins going 0-16

  • Jamar Davis
    Jamar Davis 2 hours ago

    Tommy touched 7 different targets, Tom does this all the time, whenever Gronk got hurt and came back Tom always forced it to him more than usual, when juelz came back from his suspension same thing, few yrs ago Jojo Lafele came back from injury tommy targeted to him like 11 to 12x..

  • Freshxprince215
    Freshxprince215 2 hours ago

    Hate to say it but I agree with skip on this one.

  • Ashley Tron
    Ashley Tron 2 hours ago

    you guys watch this sh it like it matters

  • Daniel Perez
    Daniel Perez 2 hours ago

    Ab hero and patriot

    RICH DEILO 2 hours ago


  • Ahmad Hussin
    Ahmad Hussin 2 hours ago

    SS suit look like it’s half peeling off .... and skip take is trash, he’s scared AB might help pats go undefeated because of what happened last time they went undefeated ? Lazy

  • T.C. Crawford
    T.C. Crawford 2 hours ago

    Cowboys got Dolphins next lol

  • Harry Butts
    Harry Butts 2 hours ago

    OBJ is better

  • Jack C
    Jack C 2 hours ago

    Skip being an idiot again.

  • Wholesaling Tony
    Wholesaling Tony 2 hours ago

    Who is Shannon referring to when he name walk it to him?

  • dave m
    dave m 2 hours ago

    28. Lol

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks 2 hours ago

    It’s crazy how a man soften up when your wife around