Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • gucci gang
    gucci gang 2 hours ago

    Chiefs fan here, this dude couldn't get playing time on the worst defense in the league. Just saying

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 2 hours ago

    Colin k )didnt think of a game plan and the aftermath you cant going to break down the infrastructure slavery and you think you going to get your job back) and why would you want to work for the NFL anyway when he was blackballed for not bow down to a flag not Rising for the national anthem) take whatever you got in leave come with your own League

  • Fairplay Terrific
    Fairplay Terrific 2 hours ago

    Kenyon Budden

  • Tennyson Morisset
    Tennyson Morisset 2 hours ago

    Skip such a lebron hater lol

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 2 hours ago

    All wars is pointless the rich started it and the rich profit off of it

  • Darrel Hicks
    Darrel Hicks 2 hours ago

    Jim brown not African-American but a brown american shannon sharpe must be a second class citizen

  • I am Rashad Fox
    I am Rashad Fox 2 hours ago

    I hope everybody is watching the game now. When my Ravens win give me a hate like 🤣or a fan one either way #RAVENSNATION

  • Marc Sellers
    Marc Sellers 2 hours ago

    The Cowboys will be lucky if they win one more against Washington!

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 2 hours ago

    Another sellout as punk

  • FreeThinker
    FreeThinker 2 hours ago

    Lebron needed superstars around him to stay relevant. He has to jump from one team to another to win championships. While jordan played with a team that never had an player averaging more than 20pts per game in their championship run. Chicago bulls, during the jordan era, had the lowest points of suporting cast to win a championship and that record stands until today. This means jordan carried the entire team to win 6 championships. Jordan won 6 championships to lebron's 3 and jordan did it with way lesser amount of time. Lol..

  • FreeThinker
    FreeThinker 3 hours ago

    They switched scottie to guard magic cuz jordan was in foul trouble.

  • LaKeisha Hill
    LaKeisha Hill 3 hours ago

    I'm a ♎ As Well... 💞

  • King Willi
    King Willi 3 hours ago

    Scandrick an absolute clown🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • David Davies
    David Davies 3 hours ago

    I bet you the Ravens win skip,,, bet you one of those 12-packs of mountain dew

  • Ahmad Pattonbey
    Ahmad Pattonbey 3 hours ago

    Who here after the lakers are 19-3

  • Michael Gray
    Michael Gray 3 hours ago

    If brothers can't say something good don't say nothing.

  • Chris Cantillas
    Chris Cantillas 3 hours ago

    Yeah skip is really hating because the Seattle Seahawks are really awesome than the cowboys and the rams man!

  • g Plaza
    g Plaza 3 hours ago


  • William Fahey
    William Fahey 3 hours ago

    the cowgirls havent make it past the first round of the playoffs sence the 90's

  • g Plaza
    g Plaza 3 hours ago


  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 3 hours ago

    I have a feeling James Harden gonna upset everybody in the west this year then probably lose to Giannis in the finals

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 3 hours ago

    If josh Allen wins this game for Buffalo he deserves to be in mvp talks

  • C P
    C P 3 hours ago

    Nothing better than a Decent Bills team, the best tailgate in the league, a full stadium

    JAMES GICHINE 3 hours ago

    Lavar Ball big mouth

  • Kevin Frenyea
    Kevin Frenyea 3 hours ago

    Sue Ray blame it on his girlfreind.

  • Tigersfan2008
    Tigersfan2008 3 hours ago

    The media sells racism like a commodity

  • gatlinjb
    gatlinjb 4 hours ago


  • Carlos Luciano
    Carlos Luciano 4 hours ago

    Ray a bootlicker. He done gave his balls up

  • amanichi
    amanichi 4 hours ago

    This is why i don´t like Skip, you as Cowboy fan(insider) didn´t ask or get information from his trainers. This is a perfect definition of character assassination.

  • Marcos Gallardo
    Marcos Gallardo 4 hours ago

    3-6 end of story 😒

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson 4 hours ago

    Shannon would take a high school team if they were playing the Pats. One of the biggest haters, we all know that.

  • Jay Inconclusive
    Jay Inconclusive 4 hours ago

    "Loss over the Chicago Bears" ... bruh what? Lol

  • Peep X
    Peep X 4 hours ago

    Get him off the show

  • James Jones
    James Jones 4 hours ago

    Bill Callahan 3-4 cowboys 3-4 eagles 2-5 are the record since he took over see Snyder should have done it last year cuz the east is struggling wouldn't have to fight this hard for the division

  • Sam Corona
    Sam Corona 4 hours ago

    Buffalo is good but not Ravens good. There is a slight chance the Ravens have a bad game. If that happens Buffalo will roll over the Ravens. Dont fall asleep on the Bills.

  • Seem TheProduct
    Seem TheProduct 4 hours ago


  • Timothy Flanagan
    Timothy Flanagan 4 hours ago

    He’s a trouble maker and a cancer !

  • tony montana
    tony montana 4 hours ago

    Cowboys drafted no db. We knew we sucked back there Last year.

  • moussa berete
    moussa berete 4 hours ago

    shanon quotes (the bear shoots threes like he’s falling. dude nobody is around what are you falling for «)😂

  • leon madara
    leon madara 4 hours ago

    played through flu-like symptoms... hehe... these players too soft man...

  • Ben Heep
    Ben Heep 4 hours ago

    The goat can’t be decided. The game has changed over time and you can’t compare the skills of players in different eras because they never played against each other. We can say who had the greatest career, and in that case, there is no runaway winner, for me it’s between Jordan Russell and Kareem. All we can say is that lebron is the greatest player of his era and Jordan is the greatest player of his era.

  • Aramis Jovan
    Aramis Jovan 4 hours ago

    Cowboys suck lol

  • CDdaBoss
    CDdaBoss 4 hours ago

    Am the one who sees the irony when Fox has Reggie Bush talking about college football lol.

  • kim blauvelt
    kim blauvelt 5 hours ago

    I listened tp Shannon just yesterday, 7'12'2019 say that Brady is throwing balls to his receivers but that the receivers are not on the same page as Brady. He said that Brady has got the talent but he hasnàt had time to develop a relationship with his receivers which is costing their offensiv e production. Shannon in this video is saying that Bradyàs play is costing NE. Well, what is it_ You can't have it both ways man!! Fact is Shannon hates Brady with a passion and no matter what Brady does Shannon will be down on him. If Brady plays a great game Shannon has something to say about how he had all the protection or the defnese played bad. If Brady plays what seems like a bad game it is all his fault. Shannon, Brady has mostly all new players around him year in and year out. That is a problem with any qb. Somehow Brady has been able to get around that obstacle like no other. This year he is unable to work his magic. Get off his back!!!

  • William Smith
    William Smith 5 hours ago

    Skip I like your optimism.

  • William Smith
    William Smith 5 hours ago

    Cowboys will only win one more game before the regular season is done.

  • Nathan Hollis
    Nathan Hollis 5 hours ago

    Why do you think Garrett has lasted 10 years of .500 season records ??? Jerry Jones wants and needs this type of coach who will never push back on his meddling. Just watch the sidelines and you’ll never see the head coach, the O.C., or D.C. talk to each other. This indicates to me that Jones has set up the coaching structure as 3 co head coaches. Jones has given the O.C. complete authority over the offense. Garrett has no authority to go tell the O.C. to feed Zeke on a drive. That’s why he just stands there and claps and wonders what the next play will be. He has no clue what the O.C. Is calling. That’s the way Jerry set it up. Garrett can’t even bench a player for playing like poop. Only Jones can do that. Jones will have to pay a coach astronomical bucks to sign on and deal with his meddling. Garrett will be scapegoated, but it ain’t his fault.

  • J Harper Jr
    J Harper Jr 5 hours ago

    Let's Go Buffalo!!!!

  • Upside
    Upside 5 hours ago

    You guys are all so dumb you dont even know who Kap or Micheal Jackson is. Too many selfish Narcissist that lie.

  • White Stunna
    White Stunna 5 hours ago

    Yes sir Dickerson Dexter Manley was a beast..

  • battlefront cj
    battlefront cj 5 hours ago

    Washington will win the division watch

  • Joure-Ellex
    Joure-Ellex 5 hours ago

    The difference about both beside their athleticism and character os the era. The past was different so were the rules. I think now is easier and more controlled with deep tech cameras and all whatever commercialized business the NBA is now way more than before. Jordan wouldved devastated everyone with todays rules and showcase media. The way they play nowadays is so soft and you can even see most of the players nowadays play soft without any adrenaline or hustling. And yes they are a few of them with highlights and power.

  • Fluffy Pandas
    Fluffy Pandas 5 hours ago

    I agree with skip I said the same thing

  • Myles MineauIt
    Myles MineauIt 5 hours ago

    Actually. I like michael rapaport. I listened to him and hes legit. Uncle shay and michael can tell skip all day the truth hehe

  • ToppCatt51
    ToppCatt51 5 hours ago

    Like Milwaukee a Joke or something 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ they just stomped the Clippers

  • Low Key
    Low Key 6 hours ago

    Chris Broussard is trying to fit in between two opinions this whole time and was improperly prepared to be on. It’s funny asf to watch

  • CodyReplies
    CodyReplies 6 hours ago

    These videos have the best comments 😂

  • Cesar Augu
    Cesar Augu 6 hours ago

    Another bust trying to make to the NBA. Beware of the triple bust brothers

  • Matthew Wang
    Matthew Wang 6 hours ago

    Shannon dumb asking for defensive help for Mahomes but saying Tom Brady doesnt need offensive help

  • Michael Grattan
    Michael Grattan 6 hours ago

    Go in the bathroom Skip ( you a MUSH ) 💯

  • J R
    J R 6 hours ago

    Orlando is assuming the Chiefs dont figure out the Patriots cover zero blitz. I think they will and Kc wins. They will bring a lot of heat against Mahommes but I think he's seen it now and knows how to neutralize it. New England uses Van Noy, Simon and Hightower on blitzes way more than they should and that's part of the arrogance of Bill JR and Bill SR. They won't know what to do or they will become really ordinary once they get beat. As the everyone saw against the Texans. They are all in on that cover zero and it's the secret to taking them down. On defense all KC has to is double Edelman and have a corner or safety on James White and its over. Orlando is probably helping the Patriots. He used to play for the Chiefs

  • B V
    B V 6 hours ago

    Can we be honest here. Who had buffalo beaten?? As good as that defense is. Who have they really beaten to justify any of this?

  • Jay P81
    Jay P81 6 hours ago

    Skip looking like Walter White from Breaking Bad.

  • 88smjls
    88smjls 6 hours ago

    Why does undisputed run plays they don’t show the audience like what’s the point? Montrez Harrell will dog and bully AD.

  • Larry Varney
    Larry Varney 6 hours ago

    lol skip looks at shannon like hes an idiot when he wears props during a cowboys debate but its ok when he does it. shannon laughs and has fun with it.

  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO 6 hours ago

    32 owners yet we only hear about Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft

  • pokemon professor
    pokemon professor 6 hours ago

    Week 1, we had no idea bills would make the ravens nervous. Glad to be a bills fan today

  • romario beckford
    romario beckford 6 hours ago

    Why do they pay skip to get things incorrect

  • Future Kings
    Future Kings 6 hours ago

    Skip looks like his name is Helen

  • Dathen Holley
    Dathen Holley 6 hours ago

    Garrett set wade up..did him wrong 2 get his wade has a ring and Garrett dont...karma..

  • C Ross
    C Ross 6 hours ago

    It seems Orlando must have a dislike for his former teammate. He was close to trolling when he said "Patrick lost". Let's get one thing perfectly clear. As someone who watched that game, Patrick Mahomes played quite an amazing game. It wasn't Mahomes who lost that game. Shannon is right. It was Orlando and that defense who lost it. Orlando is trying to slide out from the deserved blame while trying to blame Mahomes. There's a reason why he is no longer in the league.

  • WesleyParksGaming
    WesleyParksGaming 6 hours ago

    The ravens will run all up and down that field just like the eagles did ...

  • Stephen Socash
    Stephen Socash 7 hours ago

    Skip so much better than Max

  • Brbadge
    Brbadge 7 hours ago

    Skip finally gets it. Good for you !

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill 7 hours ago

    I disagree if someone wants to mind their own business that's their right !

  • Future Kings
    Future Kings 7 hours ago

    Skip keeps saying Lebron played with All Stars but he’s leaving out he played against All Star Teams in the Finals and Jordan while he played with no all stars he rarely played against All Stars or stacked stacked All Star teams cuz no team Jordan played was better the GS with Durant!!!!

  • Billboard Top hits
    Billboard Top hits 7 hours ago

    skips reason for why the bills will beat the ravens "the bills impressed me against zeke and my cowboys" of course they did the cowboys havent played to there full potential all year . get real skip the bills are good but they aint beating the ravens just cuz they beat your sorry cowboys ....

  • Robert Van Dusen
    Robert Van Dusen 7 hours ago

    Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe are both idiot reporters. #1 , they did not see the Bills success coming, nobody did. #2 They have been down on the Bills all year due to their "weak" schedule. Got off the bandwagon. We don't want you to cheer for the Bills.

  • Daniel Hooper
    Daniel Hooper 7 hours ago

    A team that can defend like no other but gets washed by 40 by the bucks

  • Edward O'brien
    Edward O'brien 7 hours ago

    Eagles beat the giants n redskins and Dallas loses to the rams! They will b in second place by next week

  • Amir Awizeh
    Amir Awizeh 7 hours ago

    skip not hating on Lebron had to rewatch a couple times before believing

  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 hours ago

    when she blows him he probably makes that "hmmm" sound he always makes when shannon makes his points.

  • Holy Vids
    Holy Vids 7 hours ago

    Trump will win in 2020

  • Holy Vids
    Holy Vids 7 hours ago

    Kaepernick is a whiny baby Who is trying to force the NFL to rehire him You need to do us a favor and just go away And Take that idiot to a barbershop and cut that stupid nasty Afro you fake wanna be

  • Riley Samuel
    Riley Samuel 7 hours ago

    Yo you can never take skip seriously especially after mark cuban exposed him for being a fake.

  • ufc811232
    ufc811232 7 hours ago

    Everyone is on Lamar's nuts like they were on Mahomes last yr. Gtfoh

  • muttystone
    muttystone 7 hours ago

    Shannon's Grandma's wise words " they are 3 types of people that will generally tell you the Truth: Kids, Drunks and Angry People. "

  • Emilio
    Emilio 7 hours ago

    I personally think the bills will win, and it’s not cause I live in Buffalo but I think has more heart and a better coaching! Plus they’re are have been under dogs all season, I know they want to prove themselves.

  • GundamGoku
    GundamGoku 7 hours ago

    Think of it this way. The Spurs in the NBA have won a ton of championships. Most people couldn't tell you the owner of that club. If you are a well known owner you're doing something wrong. The Cowboys, Knicks and Redskins have this problem. The owners are sabotaging their teams. Football ppl should run football teams. Not execs who know nothing about the X's and O's. Same goes for Basketball and any sport.

  • Key Skywalker
    Key Skywalker 8 hours ago

    Skip just spitting out mad facts. lechoke is overhyped and overrated AF. Duncan 2-1 against him. Greece beat him when he had nothing but All Stars on his team. Embarrassing.

  • D 1
    D 1 8 hours ago

    Romo TO and Witten would have superbowls if not for the bad decisions made by jerry

  • Mr Filo
    Mr Filo 8 hours ago

    I loved when Skip was talking about the Jinx sounds like our house with my lovely wife. P.S Ernestine Please go into Skips room today and open the door several times after 3pm thank you from K.C. lol.

  • Sammy Sampson
    Sammy Sampson 8 hours ago

    America's Team...LMAO, anyone outside of a 100 mile radius of Dallas know that the cowgirls are not America's Team. That train left the yard after the Troy, Emmitt and Michael era was over.

  • Otis Thomas
    Otis Thomas 8 hours ago


  • josh young
    josh young 9 hours ago

    Skip is such a matter what LeBron does he'll hate on him

  • The Rooster
    The Rooster 9 hours ago

    Definitely Lebron. Jordan played with a lot of bums

  • lion heart
    lion heart 9 hours ago

    Llamar has rewritten the script every team has thrown their game plan out and gone back to study

  • Sacrifice To Prosper

    I agree with Shannon

  • Panzerkampfwagen 1
    Panzerkampfwagen 1 9 hours ago

    Lololol I didn’t know the best record in the nba will be only 51.5 wins this year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Real Cigar Jefe
    The Real Cigar Jefe 9 hours ago

    Jerry Jones will be dead before Dallas makes the playoffs.