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The Green New Deal, explained
Views 1.1M3 months ago
The first faked photograph
Views 900K5 months ago
Why measles is back in the US
Views 984K5 months ago
Earworm is back with Season 2
Views 141K5 months ago
Why baby cages were a thing
Views 760K5 months ago
Why you're recycling wrong
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A better way to tax the rich
Views 811K6 months ago
Peek inside the Vox Video Lab
Views 119K6 months ago


  • Daniell Watson
    Daniell Watson Hour ago

    Vox still relevant? Not really

  • marzinjedi
    marzinjedi Hour ago

    The Shining !

  • Ader
    Ader Hour ago

    ou ya let them be ,marhaba bikom, all are welcomed to morocco, morocco is not supposed to protect european border and that's what happening , but i would say europe is no longer the same so i don't see any point of people leaving their country unless it's because of war or persecution, severe poverety, cause to be honest those who flee will find the same conditions there being in an illegal status (a lot of europeans countries are dried from social support ...) , and about our subharians brothers n sisters only a few make noise and trouble, majority of them are good hardworking people, and are veeery educated, it's a about time a develop our own continent ourselfs, instead of letting our best minds and hands leave.

  • Pepper's Ghost
    Pepper's Ghost Hour ago

    It's even in Home Alone

  • Coliinnn
    Coliinnn Hour ago

    Does anyone happen to know the outro song?

  • Kdr Makkah
    Kdr Makkah Hour ago

    This is the work of few extremists. They claim they are Hindus, but in fact they are not

  • Absolon
    Absolon Hour ago

    Thank god for Autotune ;)

  • bookaholic blue
    bookaholic blue Hour ago

    Would the theme music for Godzilla be on Professor Ludwig's list?

  • ChorltonBrook
    ChorltonBrook Hour ago

    In my computer studies class (1983) we were taught that @ means 'about' or 'around'.

  • Kari Kepala Gajah

    Yea im bearded too. Watch out.

  • sir. Phillip
    sir. Phillip Hour ago

    What was wrong with the farm work or the news boys, or delivery boy that was a decent way to make money and now i cant get a job so i can buy things i want

  • Janette Ruiz
    Janette Ruiz Hour ago

    Ive taken the test MULTIPLE times and i keep getting ISTP T. I didnt accept it till a month later. Read it and yeah

  • Thomas Platton
    Thomas Platton Hour ago

    Will this not just put these law abiding citizens at risk from theft or give chances to illegally sell them to gangs etc creating more problems

  • zou liang
    zou liang Hour ago


  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey Hour ago

    What a joke!

  • gierek rae
    gierek rae Hour ago

    Thank you, Joss & Vox!

  • pabloplato
    pabloplato Hour ago

    the theme from the exorcist? uh, excuse me earworm people, that's tubular bells by mike oldfield. your youthful naivete is showing.

  • D. Ruskonov
    D. Ruskonov Hour ago

    The end is really confusing as why the melody is creepy. First of all, the notes of the melody goes down, then up, then down again, so saying it descends doesn’t make sense. If you mean that the melody consists of 2 parts and both parts descends then it’s not clear in the video. Also, my music theory isn’t that good, but I’m not sure you can tell the mode from just 3 different notes within a bar and then say it’s in minor. You can have the same melody in the major mode, so basing it on just those 4 notes seems like a weird argument (but prove me wrong, please). And like other specified, I’m not sure if minor equals sad.

  • Captain
    Captain Hour ago

    It's literally the riff you hear when the Fire Nation shows up LOL

  • mstrmoog
    mstrmoog Hour ago

    This didn’t explain jack squat

  • Taariq Saadiq
    Taariq Saadiq Hour ago

    I guess thank to RENT for putting me on to Dies Irae

  • Varun Singh
    Varun Singh Hour ago

    I plead guilty, I have not seen The Shining yet.

  • imantapro
    imantapro Hour ago

    Nobody Saudi: *you got a four wheel drive?* *I GOT A 2 WHEEL DRIVE*

  • This is Barris! - French History

    Beware, Ed Sheeran is going to try to copyright that melody!

  • Julian Moretti
    Julian Moretti Hour ago


  • Romanke
    Romanke Hour ago

    the day of reckoning, or the rapture. all should stand their ground.

  • Mukum Limbu
    Mukum Limbu Hour ago

    1:11 Chinese Jesus

  • Raven GTR
    Raven GTR Hour ago

    Aahhhhh Religion....greattttttttt

  • Ishaan Laskar
    Ishaan Laskar Hour ago

    This video needs an update!

  • The Unboxing Experience

    Daily dose of unnecessary knowledge

  • Minecraft steave

    October 2016 halloween honey fetch me my shotgun

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer Hour ago

    who came here after watching Dies irae??

  • Mark Castro-Garcia

    can't sit through the whole video, thanks to the croaky lady

  • squeezeyo
    squeezeyo Hour ago

    Anyone knows the name of the anime on 5:12 ?

  • Laura C
    Laura C Hour ago

    What's abt medicines like pills/tablets and all though?

  • Oliver Dube
    Oliver Dube Hour ago

    Not we, catholic white people stop This Eurocentricism

  • Wadsmitter
    Wadsmitter Hour ago

    This is like the lick, but for sad movies

  • Ravenlife 1372
    Ravenlife 1372 Hour ago

    Black Pete is a mockery of African descendant people. It is not endearing it is insulting. It would be the equivalent of equating the likeness of white men to Homer Simpson.

  • kev brady
    kev brady Hour ago

    Interesting facts!😊

  • ZoniHD
    ZoniHD Hour ago

    Also in Dead By Daylight :p

  • Amazing top trends

    They all sound the same to me

  • Tuncay D
    Tuncay D Hour ago

    Now I can't unsee it. Thanks.

  • The Real Illuminati????

    Whats algebra III

  • Olising
    Olising Hour ago

    It’s even in Dead by Daylight’s main theme

  • sign543
    sign543 Hour ago

    That Fantastique symphony appears over and over in The Shining...I thought it was in a Scorsese film, but maybe I’m wrong about that. Cape Fear. I’m not done with the video, so maybe it does appear.

  • Daniel Oh
    Daniel Oh Hour ago

    Berlioz is the best

  • Olivier laflamme

    nujabes next?

  • lester andes
    lester andes Hour ago

    In the mid-90s jazz found another syndicate by joining hiphop, ambient and 60s film soundtrack to create triphop.

  • Q
    Q Hour ago

    Non political Vox videos = Great

  • Thomas Walz
    Thomas Walz Hour ago

    I'm a boomer... have been a live musician for over 40 years... and finally... finally... building a studio... and I know NOTHING about recording. Thanks for this video... I feel like a babe in the woods... I've so much to learn...

  • McNugget Fan
    McNugget Fan 2 hours ago

    This is what happens when you study music too much. You become an unoriginal music creator and recycle the same tune used many years

  • jackpaice
    jackpaice 2 hours ago

    The Lord of the Rings one isn't the same as the others... The second interval is shorter than in the others (basically it doesn't return to the original note, but it goes to one lower).

  • CybershamanX
    CybershamanX 2 hours ago

    So, is it that the certain frequencies cause parts of our brains to react and feel a certain way or is it this particular group of notes has just embedded itself into the collective zeitgeist to such an extent that now everybody just relates to it? What an interesting topic of discussion! :) EDIT: I guess they talk about that here: 4:11.

  • Jasmine Angie
    Jasmine Angie 2 hours ago

    The nutritionists have been lying to me my whole life!

  • Бетонная плита

    Русские субтитры пожалуйста

  • Mallaマヤ
    Mallaマヤ 2 hours ago

    01:10 Asian Jesus?

  • Lord Zander’s Soap Box

    This makes sense, four notes associated with death, darkness and sadness.

  • nexus1g
    nexus1g 2 hours ago

    A NJ woman was stabbed to death by her ex because she couldn't get a license in time to legally protect herself. That's the problem with it and why those of us support an equal right to life, and thereby the tools necessary for various people to defend that life, will never agree to such a system. The voters in NJ and government officials determined that poor woman, stabbed to death, did not have as much of a right to life as they did.

  • Ferocetis
    Ferocetis 2 hours ago

    How can Vox educate us about European history without ever mentioning slavery of Afro-Americans and patriarchy. This is preposterous. Vox is becoming alt-right!

    • EMS 76
      EMS 76 2 hours ago

      Are you okay?

  • Hugo Ebenfeldt
    Hugo Ebenfeldt 2 hours ago

    As a foreigner, so much of the US political system seems incredibly weird and counterproductive.

  • raiha98
    raiha98 2 hours ago

    So shameful KSA

  • Iyatha
    Iyatha 2 hours ago

    I've noticed this over the years.. thanks for highlighting it

  • Bebe
    Bebe 2 hours ago

    Great video. It would be better without the vocal frying, though...

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings 2 hours ago

    Should have implemented a public transit system

  • stella
    stella 2 hours ago

    Honest, off topic question: why English speaking people can say *dies irae* right but not *damnatio memoriae*? It's the same principle

  • C Mikhail
    C Mikhail 2 hours ago

    Nobody noticed the melody until Vox pointed that out.

  • 2nd3rd1st
    2nd3rd1st 2 hours ago

    2:46 Not France Lins, just Franz like punts and Liszt like list.

  • ceffydriver
    ceffydriver 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else think of Laura Palmer's theme from Twin peaks?

  • Lyndon Manuel
    Lyndon Manuel 2 hours ago

    *_*searches dies irae_** me: *whAaAaatT??* *_its an animeeeeee???_*

  • djnosleeves85
    djnosleeves85 2 hours ago

    learn something new everytime on vox

  • Shaby15v
    Shaby15v 2 hours ago

    This vid is literally propeganda teaching the opposite of the truth. The Democrats are the ones becoming socialists... Republicans aren't even conservative economically or systematically.

  • Jagdish Biradar
    Jagdish Biradar 2 hours ago

    Waw..l Biggest Fight in the world.😬. India and Sri Lanka are one nation but don't know decided us by British.🤒

  • sarah
    sarah 2 hours ago

    I mean, I wouldn't call that melody creepy, but this is still a fascinating video

  • Billy Carleton
    Billy Carleton 2 hours ago

    Show me one gun show in the United States that doesn’t require back ground checks....?

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 2 hours ago

    @3:01 Is that Christian Bale?

  • The Tumbler
    The Tumbler 2 hours ago

    if you take such a very basic and simple melody that consists of 3 or 4 notes, i bet you can find them virtually anywhere.

  • παναγιωτα δουρου

    so is it bad or good?

  • raiha98
    raiha98 2 hours ago

    preparation for WW4 i guess

  • Christs Revenge
    Christs Revenge 2 hours ago

    Britain should just sell china to Hong Kong like the Balfour declaration.

  • Joanna L
    Joanna L 2 hours ago

    I should have watched this before my B2 Prüfung.

  • Leo V.
    Leo V. 2 hours ago

    The onion’s “here’s why you’re wrong” video brought me here

  • Sound Field
    Sound Field 2 hours ago

    Good job Bridgett! This was great

  • byron Rideaux
    byron Rideaux 2 hours ago

    Why do movie trailers have a bass drop

  • jj medick
    jj medick 2 hours ago


  • Simon Kraemer
    Simon Kraemer 2 hours ago

    US discussing wheather a licencing system would make sense. Meanwhile in Germany: you need one year gun training, a valid reason which doesn't include self defence, no criminal record at all, a steel safe where gun and amunition is seperated, accept visits by police without reasons or noticing and the whole license is just valid for a limited time, afterwards you need to repeat the whole process. As you can imagine almost no one owns a gun in Germany if he isn't a passioned hunter or needs it for his job. I feel very safe with this strict regulation since I can be pretty sure I won't be attacked by a gun (as gun related homocide rate in Germany is much lower than in the US)

  • Chiller Central
    Chiller Central 2 hours ago

    Vox = trash

  • peffiSC2source S
    peffiSC2source S 2 hours ago

    People who are willing to sell out decency, progress and public wellbeig for their personal enrichment and power, also facilitate for the rise of fascistoid right wing populists.

  • Miguel d'Oliveira
    Miguel d'Oliveira 2 hours ago

    5:12 Small detail, but it's not the theme to The Exorcist (not in the same sense you have roped in the other examples; Star Wars, Nightmare b4 Xmas, Lion King, etc...). The Exorcist director just grabbed a track from an existing album.

  • BFB-DanceySteve
    BFB-DanceySteve 2 hours ago

    If hippos grew ivory this would not be a problem.

  • Noitibmar
    Noitibmar 2 hours ago

    ♪ Making Christmas, Making Christmas ♪

  • William ckemons
    William ckemons 2 hours ago


  • Abdulee Ftw
    Abdulee Ftw 2 hours ago

    Thank god i dont live in America

  • Thepr1ntGnome
    Thepr1ntGnome 2 hours ago

    No we don't, never heard of them!

  • Pza z
    Pza z 2 hours ago

    It's interesting how I have never thought that this is spooky or death related. I remember watching SW first time (as an adult) and I thought that it doesn't fit in the scene. Anyone else? Where are you form? I would guess that it is culturally linked + I didn't watch movies as child so I have never developed the association there.

  • Javier Flores
    Javier Flores 2 hours ago

    Let us not forget "Making Christmas" on "The nightmare before Christmas"

  • ia1lieutenant
    ia1lieutenant 2 hours ago

    Now I just wanna go back and listen to the first two records by Carcass (UK). This video is total death goregrind.

  • Purple Leaf
    Purple Leaf 2 hours ago

    I heard the Lover album and Style is still her greatest song she ever recorded

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns

    This just feels like this is here to be a defense of placing transgender people in the sport of their "identity."

    CHANG THENG YUE - 2 hours ago

    Us gEt A lIfE

  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 2 hours ago

    How to compose the world's most successful piece? Write 4 notes.