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I Sold My Ferrari GT3 458.
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Bagged my 2020 Toyota Supra!
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My Biggest flaw...
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I owe an apology....
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Mustang GT NEW Wheel Reveal!
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  • codfish d-low
    codfish d-low 8 hours ago

    Wht the heck' ure girlfreinds is ure dad😂😂😂

  • Merdod Zopyrus
    Merdod Zopyrus 8 hours ago

    Still 2000000x more proper and cleaner build than any of B is for Build builds ..

  • fukjabi
    fukjabi 8 hours ago

    His side piece left that hickey

  • Mathaius199
    Mathaius199 8 hours ago


  • FIRE WOLF8899
    FIRE WOLF8899 8 hours ago

    Hey TJ did black widow supra 2 step at the open house?

  • Derek Livingston
    Derek Livingston 8 hours ago

    The friendship between TJ and Calvin is so hard and rare to find. One reason I keep coming back all these years.

  • Tyler Fosse
    Tyler Fosse 8 hours ago

    I realize this is just where we are now, but it's sad to see 98% of the crowd walking around with their faces in their phones and their phones recording everything. All the UScliprs are recording, and it all ends up on USclip over the next week multiple times.. Why not just put your phone away and enjoy the moment while you're there instead of enjoying it later on a little screen..

  • Waferz
    Waferz 9 hours ago

    I’m usually not a huge fan of your builds... but this car is sick

  • Jade Perez
    Jade Perez 9 hours ago

    Oh boy 😂 that mustache

  • GreatGrandmasterWang

    So as not to waste everyone’s time, 3:43 to 4:35

  • Jamoll Fraser
    Jamoll Fraser 9 hours ago

    Officer hunt with the mustache

  • BrightsydeBill
    BrightsydeBill 9 hours ago

    Well mustangs do 2 things, take out crowds and cost the owner thousands...

    ALI GTR FAN 9 hours ago

    That mustang sound like me falling nowhere in my dream!

  • Jc sorensen
    Jc sorensen 9 hours ago

    Who remembers the Miley skateboards?

  • lichtsoldier
    lichtsoldier 10 hours ago


  • Rainvveed Boye
    Rainvveed Boye 10 hours ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time the mic peaks out during this video

  • s dot remo
    s dot remo 10 hours ago

    Fuck yea TJ if ya got it flaunt that shit. "We spent 5000 getting this car here. Respect."

  • James.
    James. 10 hours ago

    I feel like the two step has been bastardised into something never intended...,

  • Aaron's Customs
    Aaron's Customs 10 hours ago

    Shit made me sad af lol

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling 11 hours ago

    Stradman flew his gt back to California from Hawaii -2800$ TJ trailered his Z- 5000$ DAMN!

  • BigAnimeGangsta
    BigAnimeGangsta 11 hours ago

    nice grammar

  • Bryan Iszlaub
    Bryan Iszlaub 11 hours ago

    Basically wait till you go to lay down and it hurts so bad you shit yaself, feeling like someone just stabbed ya in the lung 😂

  • Legacy75100
    Legacy75100 12 hours ago

    Whats with ya'll queers not being able to grow a stache? Look like a goddamn pedaphile pubes on your upper lip.

  • Kiki John
    Kiki John 12 hours ago

    Thumbs this up so TJ can see. Tj should start a series where he puts subscribers cars on the channel and builds them and gives them back. Never have to pay for the car very low cost content and helping people. Give me credit if you try

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III 12 hours ago

    You didn't crack your ribs I promise lol

  • Bladimir Ochoa
    Bladimir Ochoa 12 hours ago

    Since when has he had a tattoo 6:05

  • Asmeet singh
    Asmeet singh 13 hours ago

    make a video with black widow supra tj.

  • Understandable
    Understandable 13 hours ago

    That man really let thang go 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • Dad Life
    Dad Life 13 hours ago


  • Nick Praster
    Nick Praster 13 hours ago

    I didn't know Duramax Jack was there ? 🤣

  • scott moore
    scott moore 13 hours ago

    You may have separated a rib or two it looks painful!

  • Rick Gomez
    Rick Gomez 13 hours ago

    11:06 just walk it off🤣

  • sailfish one day
    sailfish one day 13 hours ago

    How about some love for Jack from hp logic , the humble man with the baddest ride at the show . Sad u didn't shout him out when u were filming him , but u shout out Tommy the guy that's been pooping all over ur name every chance he gets .

  • Jake Eidd
    Jake Eidd 14 hours ago

    The mustang forgot to install those billet oil pump gears

  • Kid With Attitude
    Kid With Attitude 14 hours ago

    the mustache made tj sell the 458 to make room for a Testarossa

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill 14 hours ago

    7:15 weird audio issues when the mustang 2 steps but not with the skyline at 7:45 & 8:37

  • anika hope
    anika hope 14 hours ago

    What’s the color code on that?

  • S R Leeming
    S R Leeming 14 hours ago

    Stop calling it a COR.

  • EnzoTheActivist
    EnzoTheActivist 14 hours ago

    Teej our here looking like Officer Hunt 💀

  • levytheunisz
    levytheunisz 14 hours ago

    Am i the only one who is surprised that cleetus sort of can ollie?

  • Formula1 Fan
    Formula1 Fan 14 hours ago

    TJ you have bruised the rib, it will be painful as hell, but the fact you are not catching your breath proves you will live. I thought it was a Camaro that blew it's engine doing the 2step?

  • Miguel Sucks
    Miguel Sucks 14 hours ago

    Why u trying be like Adam with the stash

  • Newbie Gaming
    Newbie Gaming 14 hours ago

    Man now the trailer just needs a badass hunt and co wrap from premium

  • EffYea
    EffYea 15 hours ago

    Watching Garrett try to skateboard 😂😂😂

  • Juan Rosas
    Juan Rosas 15 hours ago

    Hey Tj have you ever thought of doing an Integra?

  • Camron Northrup
    Camron Northrup 15 hours ago

    Taylor Ray was there? 6:28 didn't see him.

  • Rmiata
    Rmiata 15 hours ago

    TJ and Jimmy,O good recipe

  • Crosstrek Craze
    Crosstrek Craze 15 hours ago

    Sabrina: Tj lets do the hanky panky Tj: but this mustache doe

  • Patrick Tolentino
    Patrick Tolentino 15 hours ago

    TJ :"Louder than any Supra Iv ever heard " *Black Window Supra entered the chat room* Black Widow : "Am I a joke to you ???!!"

  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says 15 hours ago

    You got me sold with that bomber jacket you were wearing. Ima go ahead and cop

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 15 hours ago

    Doesn’t shout out Cleetus Mcfarland. The Channel that blows all these youtubers all the water

  • xEduardoPRx
    xEduardoPRx 15 hours ago

    8:35 I thought that was Scump lmao

  • Trevor Daniels
    Trevor Daniels 15 hours ago


  • Nicholas Navarro
    Nicholas Navarro 15 hours ago

    shave the stash bro It's a no go for you lmao

  • Jasper Mize
    Jasper Mize 15 hours ago

    yeah im sure that kid takes great care of that camaro

  • jacob ward
    jacob ward 15 hours ago

    Pretty much loses all credibility since its most likely the camaro that blew his motor based off of what he filmed...

  • double gizzle
    double gizzle 15 hours ago

    Look at that stache 🤣

  • cody herron
    cody herron 15 hours ago

    Yo TJ, Cleetus is the truth! The Crown Vic gets it so hard! Dont act too good for throwin it back to straight crusing in comfort.

  • South Coast Cinematography New Zealand

    $5000 fuck yer!

  • Retro Barr
    Retro Barr 15 hours ago

    That was a v6 mustang 😵

    ANDREW BEARD 15 hours ago

    The phrase “ if you cracked your ribs, you’d know” is pretty straight forward. When you break ribs simple shallow breathing leaves you in agony.

  • JD
    JD 15 hours ago

    This meet was sick. Dope finally getting to meet you too

  • Frickazeen
    Frickazeen 16 hours ago

    Poor TJ doesnt know what a camaro is

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz 16 hours ago


  • Alex1Down5Up
    Alex1Down5Up 16 hours ago

    Teej your rx7 is better

  • XV Jango
    XV Jango 16 hours ago

    Who saw the knock off tfue around 8:30?

  • yungshermmm
    yungshermmm 16 hours ago

    Lmao dustins picking shit up and putting it down

  • Manuel Marungo
    Manuel Marungo 16 hours ago

    Lmfao dumb ass fell 😂

  • luiss2000 ramirez
    luiss2000 ramirez 16 hours ago

    People looking like zombies from the walking dead when they hear those 2 steps 🤣🤣

  • Darren Wang
    Darren Wang 16 hours ago

    Teej, as much as we love you... That 'mo has got to go

  • Leonardo Alves
    Leonardo Alves 16 hours ago

    Did you got pulled over in the open house ?

  • Scum city studio Studio

    Check out these cool Ferrari ray bans

  • DMXGeo
    DMXGeo 17 hours ago

    You really hit us with the TO BE CONTINUED this is easily one of the worst videos I've ever seen.

  • Seth Wilcox
    Seth Wilcox 17 hours ago

    Aww, did TJ get a boo boo?

    SEVEER HK 17 hours ago

    WTF happened to the car scene... dudes chubbin up over limiter/2step.

  • Bryan Franco
    Bryan Franco 17 hours ago

    That to step Mustang was super loud💀💀

  • Christian Sevillano
    Christian Sevillano 17 hours ago

    Why you gotta make me cry man. . .

  • DDAA
    DDAA 17 hours ago

    What’s done to that mustang 👀

  • Dalton
    Dalton 17 hours ago

    you're going to be sore af tomorrow

  • Yair Mendez
    Yair Mendez 17 hours ago

    Quick tip to grow a Teej Spec Stache?!

  • Taylor Dugan
    Taylor Dugan 17 hours ago

    I was the tall boy when the mustang was 2 stepping😂 this made me so happy! I couldn’t find you the whole show and just to see you standing right next to me in the vlog is hilarious😂

  • Tater Farmer
    Tater Farmer 17 hours ago

    Tj you look like a cop with that stach. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bl0odredsandman
    Bl0odredsandman 17 hours ago

    Teej, I think you mean a Camaro owner blows motor, not Mustang.

  • All I wanted was a hellcat

    funny how Teej looks kinda like travis Pastrana in that flannel

    ATOM I AM 17 hours ago

    Dam man your gonna regret that one I can see it in your face. Nobody had that car ya know. Should of sold Miley.

  • Micksta Pold
    Micksta Pold 17 hours ago

    Build an M2 😍

  • Garmshow
    Garmshow 17 hours ago

    Forsure didn’t crack a rib bud like they said you’d know ahaha it’s hard to breath and your yelling your fine

  • Leo Landeros
    Leo Landeros 17 hours ago

    Mr.State trooper Hunt

  • Ganzo86
    Ganzo86 17 hours ago

    I'm really enjoying this channel

  • Octavio Leal
    Octavio Leal 17 hours ago

    Mustang or Camaro who blow the engine?

  • Tyler Maschke
    Tyler Maschke 17 hours ago

    cant wait for some cleetus and tj content

  • Samuel Matos
    Samuel Matos 17 hours ago

    The blown engine was the camaro not mustang

  • John Hornbrook
    John Hornbrook 17 hours ago


  • Hilos K Jackson
    Hilos K Jackson 17 hours ago

    Always that one dude is wishing he never did that

  • Freddie Francisco
    Freddie Francisco 18 hours ago


  • Cody Blankenship
    Cody Blankenship 18 hours ago

    I did the same thing to my ribs wakeboarding

  • Brian Starrss
    Brian Starrss 18 hours ago

    hey tj do you have plans for the rx 7

  • Mike Dodge
    Mike Dodge 18 hours ago

    Dang, that sucks that you got hurt!

  • C K
    C K 18 hours ago

    Sell out

  • RedSixMustang
    RedSixMustang 18 hours ago

    3.7 GANG BABY!!!!!!!! ..... ..... ........ RIIIIIIIPERINO Camaro :(