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Finale Opening - DWTS Juniors
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  • Tori Vega
    Tori Vega 3 hours ago

    Bruh Hannah is more flexible than me doing that split lol

  • Liane Layman
    Liane Layman 3 hours ago

    I just love this song.

    THE CRAFTOONS 3 hours ago

    As fantastic as this was! All my votes goes to kate flannery. It’s crazy how amazing she’s doing

  • Liane Layman
    Liane Layman 3 hours ago

    I can't wait to go to Disney world next year.

  • Adrian Sancho Rojas
    Adrian Sancho Rojas 3 hours ago

    Love Decendas

  • NASCARFAN93100
    NASCARFAN93100 3 hours ago

    I literally had chills watching this amazing dance and I couldn't be anymore proud of Ally

  • Demeter
    Demeter 3 hours ago

    No Perry Magoo is resigning to spend more time on his subpoenas, the rotten shitheel.

  • Jazmin Garcia
    Jazmin Garcia 3 hours ago

    couple of days later... still watching :)

  • Gema Leiva Losada
    Gema Leiva Losada 4 hours ago

    For bad lucky I couldn't go because I'm from Spain

  • Mentovai Viktória
    Mentovai Viktória 4 hours ago

    ♥❕Cameron Boys ❕❕♥

  • Ida Dolce
    Ida Dolce 4 hours ago

    Ok NOW I see why he got his wife pregnant again

    ANNA JOHNSON 4 hours ago

    I love Hannah brown.

  • Kenzo Martini
    Kenzo Martini 5 hours ago

    val, is the hottest dancer of dwts i said what i said.hes meant to be a prince

  • Tayevaughn Williams
    Tayevaughn Williams 5 hours ago

    Loved the kickline at 1:27

  • Kenzo Martini
    Kenzo Martini 5 hours ago

    crazy how they didn't have a big of a production compared to other contenders but still got the highest score of the whole season. definitely tell that talent is what powered through in this performance i love you ally you made me cry

  • Kenzo Martini
    Kenzo Martini 5 hours ago

    this is so far the best disney week performance ever

  • georginapaezofficial

    First Len’s attitude with Ally and now the 7 with Hannah?! What is his problem?! 😡

  • Tayevaughn Williams
    Tayevaughn Williams 5 hours ago

    0:51 0:58 are my favorite parts And Travis Garland’s voice along with Kel and Witney’s amazing movements and costumes make this awesome

  • gg showbizz
    gg showbizz 5 hours ago

    i kept my eyes on cameron the whole time. he seemed so happy. i miss him so much.

  • halberpotter7
    halberpotter7 6 hours ago

    La canzone è solo un urlo

  • HoodOwl 50
    HoodOwl 50 6 hours ago

    My boi Kel.....he got them sexy moves!!! Who's better?

  • Jonathanok100
    Jonathanok100 6 hours ago

    They totally put that video backdrop of Maybe Sean Spicer there so that no one would notice the lady on stage dragging a mannequin through her solo dance.

  • P S
    P S 6 hours ago

    Look at all these triggered commies in the comments

  • Jonathanok100
    Jonathanok100 6 hours ago

    I think I can count on one hand the number of steps Sean Spicer didn’t plant his foot flat on the floor... While it’s fun to watch the guy fail miserably at seemingly everything that he goes on tv to do, I also think every performance he’s done should’ve gotten him eliminated.

  • とあーさん
    とあーさん 6 hours ago


  • Queen Potens
    Queen Potens 7 hours ago

    Disneyland of heterosexuals ONLY Disney doesn’t bring LGBTQ+ characters or as you can see not even dancers! Fuck you disney I think you should go to hell. We’re gonna be in 22th century and you’re still living in the dark ages. Thinkin ‘bout that sign. Must’ve taken all night!🖕

  • Yamei Ningshen
    Yamei Ningshen 7 hours ago

    So proud of u normani N very grateful to Dinah ally Lauren For support normani😍😍

  • Sherry Raine
    Sherry Raine 7 hours ago

    Descendants is my favorite movie I watch all the descendants before

  • Denise Astilla
    Denise Astilla 9 hours ago

    Ahhhhh... Villian lovestory is the best...

  • Ammy Cruise
    Ammy Cruise 9 hours ago

    when i c them, i only fantasize how hot "Artem" must be in bed. ......

  • Ammy Cruise
    Ammy Cruise 9 hours ago

    1:18, no hard feelings,... hmnnn.. now dating .....

  • 양성민
    양성민 9 hours ago


  • GyDaBi
    GyDaBi 10 hours ago

    I was so mesmerized by Zayn's beautiful voice that I missed the dance lol

  • EvenStevenSays
    EvenStevenSays 10 hours ago

    I’m glad Ally is getting in shape doing this. Hope she keeps the weight off. And love that she’s having fun.

  • Mr. Gwapito
    Mr. Gwapito 11 hours ago

    How come she’s good inthese kind of dances but in live performances of Flop Harmony, she always forget the steps on their songs.

  • Mr. Gwapito
    Mr. Gwapito 11 hours ago

    She’s copying Normani. Let’s see if doing this can save her flopped career.

  • jeunemaman 1988
    jeunemaman 1988 11 hours ago

    Le play back est raté

  • jeunemaman 1988
    jeunemaman 1988 11 hours ago

    Non maiz là les parents il faudrait aider votre enfant, la pauvre .sa santé est en danger avec son surpoids

  • camren Blink
    camren Blink 12 hours ago

    Awwwwww I'm really proud of ally she nailed it tho 🔥🔥 I want that it will reach 1million views she deserves it 😍😍

  • BlackJack Rising
    BlackJack Rising 12 hours ago

    Woah Sasha’s got a strong neck 😂😂

  • Cece Winsett
    Cece Winsett 13 hours ago

    Riker and Allison's was better

  • Heï Heï Reï Dee
    Heï Heï Reï Dee 13 hours ago

    Love the energy !! 😍

  • Courtney Pendragon
    Courtney Pendragon 13 hours ago


  • CJ Valdez
    CJ Valdez 14 hours ago

    Hopefully the voters don’t fail her like they did with Normani.

  • Marmar c
    Marmar c 14 hours ago


  • Victoria Heart
    Victoria Heart 14 hours ago

    Whose terrible male voice is that?! Omg that is utterly horrible. Cover my ears please dear god.

  • Destiney
    Destiney 15 hours ago

    I’m still mad she got eliminated 😒

  • Maria Leonard
    Maria Leonard 15 hours ago

    This is so adorable and it makes so much sense since they're such prominent figures on the show. However, I cannot get over the background singer, cause yikes.....

  • Paul Millen
    Paul Millen 16 hours ago

    She is shining so brightly ❤💛❤. I'm also loving her solo music !! .... especially loving her song called Higher.

  • Kimowin Rain
    Kimowin Rain 16 hours ago

    Fantastic not only does the movie Pocahontas still exist but now we have white girls dressing up as her for a dance and nobody cares how insanely racist this whole thing is

  • Kimowin Rain
    Kimowin Rain 16 hours ago

    Can people stop talking about her dancing and talk about how this is fucking racist

  • TyCena Royalty
    TyCena Royalty 16 hours ago

    This look like so much fun

  • Quien Quiere Ser Millonario


  • Quien Quiere Ser Millonario

    Put again Evanna Lynch and keo

  • TheCarlScharnberg
    TheCarlScharnberg 16 hours ago

    I'm still waiting to see some actual quick steps in the quickstep.

  • TheCarlScharnberg
    TheCarlScharnberg 16 hours ago

    Karamo is an overthinker. You can tell that he is constantly thinking about the steps and what he's doing. I wish he was able to get out of his head a little, relax a little more, and enjoy the experience. He has the potential to do much better than this. And I see in the comment section that he was paired with a bad teacher who's more interested in herself than her partner. She shouldn't be on the show if that's the case.

    TZIA TZAN 16 hours ago

    He looks so happyy💙

  • alejandro seferino aza


  • TyCena Royalty
    TyCena Royalty 16 hours ago

    Disney is wrong for not releasing the whole song

  • Rion oh
    Rion oh 16 hours ago


  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    I noticed that James and Jenna barely did any dancing with each other and there was barely any chemistry. It was all barely even there besides at the beginning for the first 20 seconds out of 119 seconds which is 20/119 that's almost half the time running from one end of the ballroom to the next just doing your own little dance.

  • Barbara Wendel
    Barbara Wendel 17 hours ago

    I thought they did an amazing job. Both Ryker and James danced well. Routines were similar. It is not very creative to have both couples do their dance to the same music and theme.

  • Bobby Belle
    Bobby Belle 17 hours ago

    Yeah Sean!!!

  • Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

    I mean it wasn't his best but he is really good.

  • Nancy Kirby
    Nancy Kirby 17 hours ago

    She doesn't have the looks. Her ugliness really shows 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Cherisse Eisenberg
    Cherisse Eisenberg 17 hours ago

    He’s so good! Great footwork

  • Valter Souza
    Valter Souza 17 hours ago

    Quero fazer parte descendentes por favor

  • Gerry Duarte
    Gerry Duarte 17 hours ago


  • raquel escamilla
    raquel escamilla 17 hours ago

    Literally look like MacKenzie was like half twerking.REALY😑😑

  • Ari’s Life on Ducks
    Ari’s Life on Ducks 18 hours ago

    Who came just for the song? 😂

  • Gina Frontino
    Gina Frontino 18 hours ago

    amazing performance I cant stop watching it and love the dress that Daniella wore in this dance and hoping to get that dress

  • Isabel DeRoy
    Isabel DeRoy 18 hours ago

    Lol just scrolled through the comments and there was actually nothing abt the racism

  • Isabel DeRoy
    Isabel DeRoy 18 hours ago

    Is no one gonna mention the racism?

  • Lupita Rojas
    Lupita Rojas 18 hours ago

    Who sings this version of be like you!!!

  • Jared 2006
    Jared 2006 18 hours ago

    Ally slayed this. I think all five 5h members really are better off on their own

  • Standin Man of Legends

    Love this remix

  • Lavinia Hansen
    Lavinia Hansen 18 hours ago


  • Mell No sabaku
    Mell No sabaku 18 hours ago


  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham 18 hours ago


  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham 18 hours ago

    Love this

  • I Said
    I Said 18 hours ago

    Why don't they have more hip hop and jazz dances on here? They're way more fun and hype to watch

  • Queer Queen of Tears
    Queer Queen of Tears 19 hours ago

    I legit saw one person complain that the reason this freestyle sucked is because it was all about Jordan and not about Jordan and Lindsay and I... You realize that’s kind of the point of the show right? It’s focused on the celebrity’s dancing ability. The fact that Jordan was able to carry this entire dance and be the star all on his own says a lot about his talent

  • Manuelita
    Manuelita 19 hours ago


  • Michele Costa
    Michele Costa 19 hours ago

    Linda gostosa❤️❤️❤️

  • Shanna Bol
    Shanna Bol 19 hours ago

    she's singing during the dance again. OMG PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Ruhl
    Kathryn Ruhl 19 hours ago


  • Daniela Parra
    Daniela Parra 19 hours ago

    My favorite song!

  • AR GO
    AR GO 19 hours ago

    That dance warms my heart 🥰

  • Josh Berman
    Josh Berman 20 hours ago

    I hope that the next thing is built at Disney Parks from all around the world are mousetraps that are exactly Mickey and Minnie's size.

  • alma castro
    alma castro 20 hours ago

    did Nikki and Artem at the end just kissed🤔😄

  • Fran G
    Fran G 20 hours ago

    I think glen is ready are comments bc this was fucking lit

  • Manuelita
    Manuelita 20 hours ago

    Brittany S. Pierce

  • Julia Rojas
    Julia Rojas 20 hours ago

    Carlos de. beser quelo disfrustaste

  • Nancy Z
    Nancy Z 20 hours ago


  • Mara natha
    Mara natha 20 hours ago

    How did he do? They have been short changing him and giving points to less talented dancers. I want to hear the judges here and see the score.

  • Ariel Helen
    Ariel Helen 20 hours ago

    Los que son fas de descendientes como yo saben que ya se murió cameron boyce

  • Edgar Romar
    Edgar Romar 20 hours ago

    This Dancing Is The Fuck Art 😍

  • Dear Past Self
    Dear Past Self 20 hours ago

    The ending was cute. Sasha carrying her and Ally just smiling to the camera

  • Phosnerd
    Phosnerd 21 hour ago

    Really cheap broadway performance

  • Shayla Soto
    Shayla Soto 21 hour ago

    I want to be in dancing with the stars junior for season two