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  • ́MrDislike Neumann

    Wtf happend at 6:19. The third person be like: Get out of the way

  • KirbySpam 420
    KirbySpam 420 Hour ago

    I have a small car with no tint, so when an suv comes up behind me with their brights on, I can’t see.

    BLAIZE Hour ago

    Tesla model x duh

  • Damien
    Damien Hour ago

    honda crx out here getting hyrbid mpg back in the end of the 80s yet here we are getting excited for a car that needs a electric engine and gas to get rated at 50 combind

  • TexMex
    TexMex Hour ago

    Maybe it's the studio lights, but I don't see a color change.

  • lucian kristov
    lucian kristov Hour ago

    I'm all about dodge and ford, but those 2jz's are so dope and the rb34. Badass engines! Fuck your LS junk that blows up every other event. Swap those 2j's and rb34's

  • Nicholas Barnes
    Nicholas Barnes Hour ago

    Lmfao I love this

  • Luke Clevers
    Luke Clevers Hour ago

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Völundr Frey
    Völundr Frey Hour ago

    I have a bimmer with fairly bright lights, and I find it a bit scary to drive some older cars with dimmer lights during the night. You can barely see anything. And at least where I live I feel that most lights are adjusted properly, perhaps because of mandatory yearly inspections.

  • Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb Hour ago

    Oh yes... The car rolling is the cars fault not the drivers fault.... Fucking morons...

  • raphael alexander

    Stash is horrible

  • Mr Spidey
    Mr Spidey Hour ago

    its the fastest hyper in the world

  • XxLoneWolf21
    XxLoneWolf21 Hour ago

    Is there a kind of racing that would be good to get into with a truck?

  • Chockobo4ko
    Chockobo4ko Hour ago


  • Ricardo Herrera
    Ricardo Herrera Hour ago

    You guys should do a video on Grand Prix gtp

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias Reyes Hour ago

    6:02 haha he said doody

  • denzyl casuela
    denzyl casuela Hour ago

    Holy fck that sounds really good

  • R-Tech 572ci
    R-Tech 572ci Hour ago

    Its everything but most importantly it's FFFFFAST!!!

  • Ciaran Cuchullain


  • myles rucker
    myles rucker Hour ago

    "Oh I get it....I get it"

  • Bluefire397
    Bluefire397 Hour ago

    This video just feels really sad and depressing

  • Le khuong thanh
    Le khuong thanh Hour ago

    ⛔⛔😉😉6️⃣6️⃣ vantudongrk com Perfect super car . Like 😉😉

  • AC Brown
    AC Brown Hour ago

    flat or scuffed black/grey (sorry, ANTHRACITE as its called in any car over £30k!) Audi A6/S6 avant quattro... v8 OR V10's lighten it, strip out rr seats, sort brakes (greenstuf, redstuf, yellostuf), MILD tune, run 18"s nothing more, they'd crack on our krap roads in britain... don't NEED spykestripz, just avoid Guildford! similar wiv E class merc/AMG, (qwicker than our ol' M5 touring!) AND with easy-peasy autos. level 5/6 Suburbans?? (can't find 'em here now that Trump isn't visiting, Treasury executive protection detail won't loan 'em out!) RANGE ROVERS then? Nah! bit pokey inside... Discoveries then! (AGAIN! NO 22"s !!!) bmw?? don't bother... bit too cramped to swing an FNFAL Oh, and watch RONIN 5-6 times GOT IT!!! MY pos 1998 ford explorer... horrid, death-rattle v6, scary to watch/avoid roadholding and only cost me £300! AND can pull an atm out of the ground!

  • Anthony Pagan
    Anthony Pagan 2 hours ago

    Bro north Ave in Chicago is filled with potholes.

  • Marc Connor
    Marc Connor 2 hours ago

    fuck this guy adds are loooong

  • Ruben Barrientos
    Ruben Barrientos 2 hours ago

    Awesome dude

  • Dan B
    Dan B 2 hours ago

    xfinity cup car? huh?

  • Mister KB
    Mister KB 2 hours ago


  • en21b
    en21b 2 hours ago

    No mention of the cops in Dubai using Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugatti's oh my!

  • PsychoWhite
    PsychoWhite 2 hours ago

    URUS stands for "U R Unbelievably Stupid"

  • GeldySpec
    GeldySpec 2 hours ago

    Fd2 was the first with independent rear sus 🙈 ever civic before it had that

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B 2 hours ago

    Dhangit Bobby!

  • Cameron Hotchin
    Cameron Hotchin 2 hours ago

    This is what happens when you try to copy mad mike

  • Orree 292
    Orree 292 2 hours ago

    2:54 Toyota ??

  • Eric Reyes
    Eric Reyes 2 hours ago

    Nissan frontier and BMW r1200! Monpowa baby

  • Jesse Perez
    Jesse Perez 2 hours ago

    I honestly think we just need to switch to industrial flood lights. Cause i am a firm believer in seeing the light.

  • Micah Cooke
    Micah Cooke 2 hours ago

    when i was 16 years old i spent 2 months in the back of my 1999 plymouth voyager. i really like the way you handled this video. thank you

  • Manish Wayne
    Manish Wayne 2 hours ago

    need to know about hotch kiss drive...

  • Aarnav Panchal
    Aarnav Panchal 2 hours ago

    This is the greatest show ever

  • Mr1MOA
    Mr1MOA 2 hours ago

    Honda S2000's are going for crazy money no where near $10K.................

  • Reymond Agpaoa
    Reymond Agpaoa 2 hours ago

    That's a nice talk box soundtrack intro

  • Jae Dot
    Jae Dot 2 hours ago

    Dude it's not gold foil on sports cars or space craft's Google it "They are, in fact, a single layer of aluminized polyimide with the silver aluminum facing in. It's the gold-yellowish hue of the polyimide on the outside that makes it look as if the satellite is wrapped in a golden film."

  • Irfan YXP
    Irfan YXP 2 hours ago

    Why dont make 2jz open wheel damn that would be awesome if they make it

  • Hannes
    Hannes 2 hours ago

    No niki lauda wheels i mean come on

  • Critical Crusader
    Critical Crusader 2 hours ago

    I’m not into banning things but bright ass low beams shouldn’t be allowed It’s easier to drive when I’m looking at my phone than it is when I’m being blinded.

  • Kubi
    Kubi 2 hours ago

    Possibly your best introduction I have seen yet

  • Osh Ick
    Osh Ick 2 hours ago

    Wow what a shit list

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider 2 hours ago

    I already learned about this in 2006 when I saw the Pixar movie, “CARS.”

    MR.KILLER 2 hours ago

    So nascars have only 4 speed?

  • Colin Gale
    Colin Gale 2 hours ago

    I really want to like this but I think I hate it

  • malachi gilbreth
    malachi gilbreth 2 hours ago

    I was literally thinking last week about making a podcast about cars cause there’s not really any podcast about cars, it’s a great idea, hope it goes well

  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 hours ago

    What the big deal? They're all glorified air pumps. They don't care what name is on the valve cover so why should I?

  • Nun Yah
    Nun Yah 2 hours ago

    This still makes no sense to me I literally could not follow him he talked way too fast

  • Nabil Bro
    Nabil Bro 2 hours ago

    It sounded like a turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan lol

  • MVT95
    MVT95 2 hours ago

    These fools payed themselves millions and ask Uncle Sam to us OUR tax money to bail these idiots out. This is number 1 bullshit.

  • KDR 1
    KDR 1 2 hours ago

    I wonder why you guys don’t have 5mil

  • Jae Dot
    Jae Dot 2 hours ago

    2jz has to be the best sounding but it's heard to hate a V6

  • Sarthak Alurkar
    Sarthak Alurkar 3 hours ago

    I don't think the GTR is the continuation of the Godzilla we had

  • dark pig
    dark pig 3 hours ago

    like if european v8 sounds better than american v8s

  • Lexus GS F- Sport
    Lexus GS F- Sport 3 hours ago

    I love accords but Honda failed with their engine choices and exterior styling badly for the 10th generation. The car was rushed into production to compete with the venerable Toyota Camry. The Accord came out with a identity crisis. Honda ripped off the front bumper from The Dodge charger sxt . They also took cues from the Chevy Impala and Hyundai sonata which have their own identity. The sales figures have shown the previous generation sold much better from 2013-2017 . Either way the ugliest view on profile is from the 3rd quarter view where the horrible Hofmeister kink is. Truly disappointing and an embarrassment to society. If the car was designed better all around it would have a good chance to be an all time best seller like the Camry. I could go on but I'll leave it here😁 Actually I'm being modest😇

  • Augusto Morel
    Augusto Morel 3 hours ago

    The original gtr looks sexy af

  • Manuel Araujo
    Manuel Araujo 3 hours ago

    "Reason número tres"... 😁

  • yappatalk
    yappatalk 3 hours ago

    Fords gonna take it and call it something else

  • ernie brink rotary hemi

    brand new mazda and Toyota rotary wankel engine

  • Priyank Parekh
    Priyank Parekh 3 hours ago

    @00:30 it looks like Westeros

  • Luca Ebeling
    Luca Ebeling 3 hours ago

    I would want to use a lancer evolution for rally.

  • waffle911
    waffle911 3 hours ago

    I thought they had transitioned to the more squared off "Car of Tomorrow" in the (then) Sprint Cup series cars by 2010? This doesn't look like a CoT. Anyone have some insight to share?

  • Jae Dot
    Jae Dot 3 hours ago

    I take it these stats are for America

  • Christyandi K
    Christyandi K 3 hours ago

    Just my opinion, the coupe is better than the 3 door hatchback.

  • David Pfeiffer
    David Pfeiffer 3 hours ago

    More lanyards please bro

  • Arif F
    Arif F 3 hours ago

    “Now get out there and sell that piece of junk!” I feel attacked

  • Wichita Disciple
    Wichita Disciple 3 hours ago

    My 93 VTEC is currently in the shop getting a new engine... I can't wait to have it back!!

  • Cher先生
    Cher先生 3 hours ago

    Would a 2014 f1 car be faster with the 2jz instead of the v6 hybrid??😂😂😂

  • Pablito Robert
    Pablito Robert 3 hours ago

    Goes rallying one time, fucks up the paint and cracks all the carbon fiber.

  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 3 hours ago

    Are you sure police don't mad for this?

  • Clint Cockerham
    Clint Cockerham 3 hours ago

    I agree they turned the eclipse into an SUV my jaw dropped when I saw the commercial and was like yeah that's not what I'm going to buy

  • Pablito Robert
    Pablito Robert 3 hours ago

    They could of put more effort into the interior design.

  • Pablo
    Pablo 3 hours ago

    That color wow and everything about this car is so clean

  • Mahir Siddique
    Mahir Siddique 3 hours ago


  • phatkidd100
    phatkidd100 3 hours ago

    Shit living in the north east that truck would be considered super clean and rust free lol

    NiNjA CORPSE 3 hours ago

    Can you guy's do an up to speed about the Toyota Seinna. Thinking of buying one but not too sure with which gen to go for. Please

  • alan morgan
    alan morgan 3 hours ago

    I'm 17 seconds into the video....PLEASE tell me he doesn't keep up that stupid voice all the way through!!!!

  • Paul Kwaai
    Paul Kwaai 3 hours ago

    The answer is simple...dont live in's a shit hole.

  • Marcel Tolbarin
    Marcel Tolbarin 3 hours ago

    Thanks but too many jokes mate. We are here to learn and/or understand principles and not to be entertained

  • Brethren of Yeshua
    Brethren of Yeshua 3 hours ago

    NASCAR should do a turbo 3 liter class. You can use any engine 3 liters or less.

  • Ziab Mall
    Ziab Mall 3 hours ago

    Audi rs6 v10. End of discussion

  • Anjali Singh Chauhan

    My best compact ccccccaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

  •  3 hours ago

    Why C8 nice -Price -Interior -Performance That's all

  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi 4 hours ago

    So why don't use old car with new manufacture

  • Ryan Braganza
    Ryan Braganza 4 hours ago

    Now i know from where the Holden Ute and Subaru Brat got inspiration from....... although these 3 cars are the only of their kind.......

  • Jeff Neely
    Jeff Neely 4 hours ago

    Id watch nascar if they skyline supra engines in ....

  • HawkFest RoG
    HawkFest RoG 4 hours ago

    It's a nice deluxe German car, owned by the Master Race (irony).

  • enthusiasm Engine
    enthusiasm Engine 4 hours ago

    hahaha... tumbs up dude...

  • Lapin Logic
    Lapin Logic 4 hours ago

    so sweet

  • Big Ed
    Big Ed 4 hours ago

    Having Owned many Petercars starting with a 352 and ending with 9 379s. I appreciate this video.

  • Omen n
    Omen n 4 hours ago

    the paint work is very very they are thinking? dont look even retro...its a mix without soul.

  • Leonard Herdy
    Leonard Herdy 4 hours ago

    Pick me up grandma. Hahahaha

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown 4 hours ago

    Best ever car batteries

  • Morse Code Reviews
    Morse Code Reviews 4 hours ago

    Dude...bruh. Mix a little bit of that NOS with some of that Keeps solution. Whoooo-weee that'll put some chest on your hairs, make your nuts go bald and regrow a full grown Abe Lincoln on them puppies quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail. I tell you what...

  • Billy McGee
    Billy McGee 4 hours ago

    This is the best Up To Speed you'll ever consume