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  • Lukas Hermsdorf
    Lukas Hermsdorf 7 hours ago

    Ganz schön hässliche Scheißkarren....

  • Mr. SF
    Mr. SF 7 hours ago


  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 7 hours ago

    More power baby

  • icantechnomore
    icantechnomore 7 hours ago

    More better? dafuq is that?

  • Mongoose Xx
    Mongoose Xx 7 hours ago

    The 510 almost looks like the first m3

    GAMING POTATOS 7 hours ago

    I was really hoping for supernatural clip

  • Philly Qua215
    Philly Qua215 7 hours ago

    Up to speed on the Plymouth road runner please

  • Kane Kochera
    Kane Kochera 7 hours ago

    Whoop Whoop

  • Brian Lane
    Brian Lane 7 hours ago

    Thank god this isn’t sponsored by Kia good god those videos sucked

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B 7 hours ago

    Do you know what else is associated with the word 'simplex'? Herpes.

  • Bike Trials Bucharest

    But, what happens if you money shift it? The classic 1-2-3-2. There are no valves to float, or anything to lag behind and damage something.

  • Patrick Janek
    Patrick Janek 8 hours ago

    I'm gonna say it right now Mercedes has done fucked themselves. And also electric G wagon? WHY THE FUCK, PLEASE NOOOOOOO

  • Philly Qua215
    Philly Qua215 8 hours ago

    Up to speed on the 1000hp hellephant please

  • Ron Matson
    Ron Matson 8 hours ago

    How to never get pulled over again :D.....know the laws,drive the eyes if enforcment

  • Jayed-Al Sabit
    Jayed-Al Sabit 8 hours ago

    I think the Ford GT is the best in here. I've been owning it for last 5 months and it never let me down. Every Sunday I take it to Mazda raceway laguna seca. Once a Lamborghini Avendator superveloce and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante owner challenged me in track race of 5 laps. My Ford GT won. Avendator 2nd and huracan last.

  • Alfie Habarna
    Alfie Habarna 8 hours ago

    Mercedes already have some ev vehicles like the SLS EV and the Mercedes B200 electric

  • James Schaal
    James Schaal 8 hours ago

    Just wanted to say: in the Mobil 1 ad, ur guy is pouring the oil the wrong way...

  • G1ant Murray
    G1ant Murray 8 hours ago

    mk4s smell like crayons because of the interior glue they used. the mk3s smell like crayons too after they sit in the sun for a bit lol

  • eldi kurniawan
    eldi kurniawan 8 hours ago

    Mercedes and bmw is owesome great company

  • mkkeable
    mkkeable 8 hours ago

    Why won't they first electrify their truck lineup? Ground transportation pollutes more than personal cars anyways. I haven't seen hardly any concepts on heavy duty vehicles, maybe one from tesla and another from a small california based company.

  • Phil Raboin
    Phil Raboin 8 hours ago

    Ford makes super cars and garbage trucks as well...

  • Jordon Sample
    Jordon Sample 8 hours ago

    Don’t forget that the 89-95 t bird had a supercharged v6

  • Carpet Bombing
    Carpet Bombing 8 hours ago

    I always remember this car as one of my favorite in Gran Turismo

  • AKgaming786
    AKgaming786 8 hours ago

    Soccer mums, truth fact XD

  • HYRI :3
    HYRI :3 8 hours ago

    2:36 Mustang? More like an R8 with redesigned headlights

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 8 hours ago

    Honda's VTEC just kick in 💪

  • QuickQuips
    QuickQuips 8 hours ago

    Getting STs is a good middle ground. Same company iirc. It's galvanized instead of stainless.

  • DelTalkoh
    DelTalkoh 8 hours ago

    Am I like one of the only people that doesn't like EV's? Yeah they're fast yeah they're full of tech and super futuristic but I'd rather have my 4runner with a V8 that roars to life when I stomp on the gas pedal. I'd much rather have a Miata with a 5 speed and no tration control, that I can take to the mountains and have fun with. It makes me sad that cars are losing their culture and turning into plain old people movers. What happened to having engaging wild cars that took talent to drive?

  • lifeshehad
    lifeshehad 8 hours ago

    What the fuck!

  • Gabrielius Kačinskas

    I don't like the idea of all the cars being electric. Where's fun in that?

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 8 hours ago

    Impreza high school memories

  • Eternal Space Gaming

    So now we are waiting 40 more years for Full Mile Races to pop up

  • The Inflatable Sea Lion

    I had a 2003 Nissan Sentra for about 3 years. Loved the little guy but I upgraded to a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am that I love even more. Still grateful for my sentchie though. He did me well

  • Sebastian Olyve mulcahy

    Somebody forgot the Elise gt1

  • C W
    C W 9 hours ago

    Owned an 04 explorer 4.6L v8 and loved that freakin vehicle! Sold it at 197k miles and it’s still going

    NAIMA IBAWI 9 hours ago

    *OMG* that *MEATY MEATY* back tire

  • NeedForSpeed2004
    NeedForSpeed2004 9 hours ago

    When will we see another Chevelle?

  • Jakub Kosowski
    Jakub Kosowski 9 hours ago

    I have a weird feeling that I already watched this series.

  • piperboy91
    piperboy91 9 hours ago

    Since you were left hanging. It needs mo pawah babeh and pop up up and down headlights.

  • Darris Martin
    Darris Martin 9 hours ago

    0:37 did Nolan said 220 years ago? I wonder Daimler Benz didn't estabilished yet at the early of 1800's😅

  • Im the CAR guy
    Im the CAR guy 9 hours ago

    1:00 😂😂😂

  • Alex Warner
    Alex Warner 9 hours ago

    What’s the song at 7:40

  • sähkövikane renu
    sähkövikane renu 9 hours ago


  • Will Malliotis
    Will Malliotis 9 hours ago

    Bridget is really cute :)

  • hippieJOSH420
    hippieJOSH420 9 hours ago

    Denver New Years?

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 9 hours ago

    "Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru."

  • Barthez Bartholomew
    Barthez Bartholomew 9 hours ago

    You're such a good story teller

  • Sage Hebson
    Sage Hebson 9 hours ago

    did you forget about the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric?

  • Fritz Asuro
    Fritz Asuro 9 hours ago


  • GTclips
    GTclips 10 hours ago

    I will FLIP if they badge any of their electric car as AMG.

  • Jeremy Acevedo
    Jeremy Acevedo 10 hours ago

    $70 market value... industry value is like under $10... they don’t give stuff for cheap unless they profit

  • Kiril Tsvetkov
    Kiril Tsvetkov 10 hours ago

    Discovered you yesterday. Man wtf?! You are geat..

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 10 hours ago

    Where’s my up to speed on lot- oh wait y’all listened I love you

  • The Firely
    The Firely 10 hours ago

    Im already sick of this. All electric is not the future its got to be hybrid if anything. Evs still don't have the best top speeds.

  • Ruben Uithaler
    Ruben Uithaler 10 hours ago

    Well not sure what this was all about . but i think MB are just doing that . new S , A class platform electric plus all the hybrid already on there way BTW the simplex is a thing of beauty . I would if i could .

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 10 hours ago

    First Mercedes ever 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen jump to sports car racing the Mercedes Simplex of 1902, built by DMG, was Mercedes' first purpose-built race car

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion 10 hours ago

    there a lot other like BC that don't cost 2,500, they are like 1,000 or less and are good AF

  • ThuWeirdSailor
    ThuWeirdSailor 10 hours ago

    It’s the dude from the Netflix show!!!

  • Scaraboy13 V3
    Scaraboy13 V3 10 hours ago

    This is why I love lotus. Screw power when you got style, grip,and low weight

  • Base
    Base 10 hours ago

    I am happy to see your back to your usual energetic self again these days:) nice video, thanks!

  • Oh hi Mark
    Oh hi Mark 10 hours ago

    Them v8 amg’s will be collectors cars

  • Kieran Straw
    Kieran Straw 10 hours ago

    big up that Periphery tee lil bro. Hail Stan.

  • Srđan Radivojević
    Srđan Radivojević 10 hours ago

    Informative, but very iritating.

  • Hadez43
    Hadez43 10 hours ago

    The idea that we will be looked at strangley by younger people in the future, for holding our combustion engines close to our hearts and telling the stories we had with them and how much they made us happy is kinda saddening :(

  • Adam Nicholas
    Adam Nicholas 10 hours ago

    11:50 when you are to fat for your race car seats

  • Tanner Brewer
    Tanner Brewer 10 hours ago

    Long overdue

  • Muhammad Raihan
    Muhammad Raihan 10 hours ago

    How throttle body work ?

  • az zahar
    az zahar 10 hours ago

    Oh, this video was on Dec 2019. No wonder Proton never mentioned but instead Geely

  • Osiris
    Osiris 10 hours ago

    I bet when James had the heart attack he got a warning saying "danger to the manifold "

  • medianexchanges
    medianexchanges 10 hours ago

    i don't care

  • 847MicRoss
    847MicRoss 10 hours ago

    So they would crush your car due to a safety issue. Imagine if they implied the law to houses.

  • friendly enemy
    friendly enemy 10 hours ago

    your products, do u ship them to Thailand for free ?

  • Ketil Lund Sørensen
    Ketil Lund Sørensen 10 hours ago

    Is sad that Gretha T has so big a effect on company's. There are just something amazing about Combustion engines even though it's not the most efficient engine. I'll will live my live so longe I can have a real car and still being able to drive on the streets

  • Flipperclipper Animations

    Idk about you guys but I'd save up my money for some quality BAGS HELL YEAH

  • OkiEvoIV
    OkiEvoIV 10 hours ago

    My Evo 4 probably would lose to a nice eclispe

  • Nelson Silva
    Nelson Silva 11 hours ago

    The car world is almost dead..... everyone going with Electric crap

  • F Farmer
    F Farmer 11 hours ago

    Not to be picky but the 4 stroke Gas Engine was invented By nicolas august otto.

  • Fuze -
    Fuze - 11 hours ago

    the way he says pferdestaerke kills me

  • Olivier Fritzen
    Olivier Fritzen 11 hours ago

    Fuel cell please!

  • Gabriel Tarasevitsch
    Gabriel Tarasevitsch 11 hours ago

    the mach e is not a mustang. change my mind.

  • alukardFE
    alukardFE 11 hours ago

    Why don't we have this in Europe

  • Juan Medrano
    Juan Medrano 11 hours ago

    For the price$$.. I've would've gone with Ohlins coilovers instead of KW suspension. From being superior Quality , better ride & even better yet.. more reliable. Also better Customer service from Ohlins is a plus! I sound like a sales man. But I say this cuse I've had experience with both brands.

  • Vaughan
    Vaughan 11 hours ago

    2:19 - the internal combustion engine is not falling out of vogue. Electric vehicles had been around from the late 1800s until about the 1920s. A resurgence occurred due to fuel supply shortages during WW2...and EVs died off again in the mid-1950s. This on again / off again with EVs then continued through the 1960s until the mid-1990s with GMs EV1 that was scrapped (I recommend watching 'Who Killed The Electric Car?'). Toyota had their 328(!) RAV4-EVs for sale to the general public until November 2002. Almost all other production electric cars were withdrawn from the market and were in some cases seen to have been destroyed by their manufacturers. And here we are since 2011 where the EV is experiencing another resurgence. Will it last? Not according to history. Tesla's cyber truck is not breaking ground either. That ground had been broken and dug up over a hundred years ago. If GM's EV1 hadn't been scrapped and had been taken to mass market levels 25 years ago, Tesla probably would not have existed today. EV fanboys (especially those fans of Tesla) really need a history lesson to understand that none of this or what Tesla is doing is anything new. And you can't use them to pull a trailer ...

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 11 hours ago

    wanna be a dick? import a CR S2k to Japan and make THEM feel jealous

  • olutobii
    olutobii 11 hours ago

    I’m gonna miss manuals..

  • J.M. Mencias
    J.M. Mencias 11 hours ago

    I'm a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz. Mostly cars from the 70s-90s.

  • Daddy Meat
    Daddy Meat 11 hours ago

    I'm not a cop, and idk if cops don't pull trucks over for this reason. But if i was one, I don't think I'd want to be talking to someone through a car door that conceals most of their body and actions

  • Ki E-Skate Mods
    Ki E-Skate Mods 11 hours ago

    The thing with Germans cars especially Mercedes, they over complicate all of their engineering and over price everything they make for their cars. They’re nice luxury cars but, they’re over priced and ridiculously complicated.

  • lizardywizard
    lizardywizard 11 hours ago

    "I do not like Enzo Ferrari" * you don't know him, never met him and never met anyone who did. "I hate all Ferraris" *You never drove one Unsubscribed, can't cope with him any longer. Good luck with the channel. My suggestion is don't make videos about things you don't have passion for. * we earn good money talking bollocks to our subscribers and we are unwilling to research / prepare.

  • Abdelhameed Alotaibi
    Abdelhameed Alotaibi 11 hours ago

    Mercedes is light years away from having a full hybrid or electric line up , they simply follow the demand , and no one want a fully electric EV AMG , thats just ugly to hear ..

  • Kotetsu
    Kotetsu 11 hours ago

    pfeffer stark = pepper strenght close enough nolan

  • AdrenaLyn
    AdrenaLyn 11 hours ago

    Hi Donut Media! 😃 I have a serious question, if you won't mind. 😁 I really want to know how to tune and program ECUs, because my dream is to be a Car Enthusiast. So, what course should I take in College, as a Post-Graduate Progam, that will bring me to ECU Tuning after my studies? I wish you can respond to this so I can already apply for my Student Permit for Canada, and pursue my dreams! 😊 Thank you for your kind response, more power, and God bless. 😇

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 11 hours ago

    I vote ACM should send James to Japan to go negotiate new import terms for cars. That should end well

  • Carlos Felix
    Carlos Felix 12 hours ago

    The F015 concept is the s-class of the future and it was shown years ago. This steampunk go-kart is just Mercedes having fun!

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 12 hours ago

    I would definitely take the Mugen NSX over a ferrari

  • E.G. Studio
    E.G. Studio 12 hours ago

    love your channel can you do a review/story about mazada 323 astina... is it a shit car? is it any good?

  • Nasty-looking Navi
    Nasty-looking Navi 12 hours ago

    The writing on this video is the absolute worst comedy I've seen in a long time on youtube.

  • Adrian Gurang
    Adrian Gurang 12 hours ago

    So basically im driving a lotus car despite im driving an Iriz 🤣🤣 #lol #proton

  • Scifist
    Scifist 12 hours ago

    Imagine what the weebs would play on that front grille :|