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  • Kickass TV
    Kickass TV 9 months ago

    Your channel just recieved the Kid Kaos seal of approval.

  • Bitchius Babius LXIX

    I remember when Tiger wasn't a sellout.

  • Tube Compilation

    good work !

  • GoneZero
    GoneZero Year ago

    Youre a faggot

    PIPA GATOS Year ago

    Great channel, congratulations!!!

  • MisterVcc
    MisterVcc Year ago

    Your channel made me wonder why is there no block button on youtube. Now I really want it.

  • DeIiriurn
    DeIiriurn Year ago

    What a goddamn boring douche channel.

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv Year ago

    I just checked out your channel, dopeeeeee, stay blessed !!!

  • Joy Watkins
    Joy Watkins Year ago

    It has been said that elderly and sick elderly live longer and happier lives with a dog. But Shelters and Dog Pounds and such places sell the dogs for $350.00. My Maltese never got sick and at 2 and a half years old he just got sick and passed away on June 27, 2017. I am lost with out him and looking for a teacup Maltese that looks like him, but cannot afford to buy one for $350 or more. My dog, Silly Boy", was very smart and so special. I think they should give the pets to good homes, not cash in one them. I also read that a man had Maltese and Yorkies and it got out of control and the pound went in and now are sell these Interbreed dogs, not good. Any way, hopefully one day soon I will find my special little teacup Maltese...My heart is broken!

  • Lizz B.
    Lizz B. Year ago

    You need to stop with titles... Like saying you're going to harm yourself from laughing.. That's like 5 year old gore...

  • Somthinwrong
    Somthinwrong Year ago


  • マジウケ
    マジウケ Year ago

    Hello! May I have permission to reupload your videos to my channel if I include the watermark and add a link to each of your videos in the description? I will be uploading them for an audience in Japan in Japanese language.

  • mountainhobo
    mountainhobo Year ago

    You are digusting. Showing animal suffering and labeling it as funny should be punishable. I have reported your account to Google, hopefully they demonetize you, you sick POS.

  • tiki torch
    tiki torch Year ago

    90% of the internet is cat videos, thanks for doing your part.

  • Bambino373 Gaming

    Subscribe to my channel. For a shout out

  • TigerZero aka Allen

    Ok. I've gotten tired of the misdirection of the thumbnail pics on USclip of your videos where the thumbnail picture shows something that is not in the video. This has happens often. The latest one was a thumbnail picture of a domestic cat resting on top of a tiger's head.. I wanted to know more. So I clicked the video expecting to see that situation somewhere within the video....... It was NOT there... It wasted my time. I could have been doing something else of more value to me. Tiger Productions,,,, If it were not for this misdirection,, I would be recommending to my friends to watch your videos. You will not get any "likes" from me as long as this misdirection continues.

  • WarLord Era
    WarLord Era Year ago

    Your channel looks like it sucks now. What's with all the clickbaity titles?

  • Edith Gordon
    Edith Gordon Year ago

    I see nothing humorous about an animal with a bag over its head walking into walls. If the animal got itself into the predicament, the proper thing to do is remove the bag, not photograph it. If the adult (?) in the room put the bag on the head of the dog, cat, pig, etc. it amounts to animal cruelty. Humor should be fun, not hurtful.

  • evil Webb
    evil Webb Year ago

    beautiful kitten

  • Afnana
    Afnana Year ago


  • Gavin G
    Gavin G Year ago

    Your chanel sucks. It is not even funny GET WREKT biy

    • Astro K
      Astro K Year ago

      *by who? you? Wow that's funny,

    • Farlon
      Farlon Year ago


  • 这名不过我吞翔

    Can I reprint to a Chinese video site? Of course I will mark the source (I am not good at English so this is translated by Google translation)

  • Legit Productions

    Please take into consideration to actually STOP using animal abuse videos in your compilations. It's extremely insensitive.

  • restcure
    restcure Year ago

    Hey, guys: when deciding on a thumbnail, how about making sure the animal in the thumbnail IS ACTUALLY IN THE VIDEO??? Just a thought. Unless it's clickbait; then that would make you assholes - and you aren't assholes ... are you?

  • Doggie Dylan
    Doggie Dylan Year ago

    where do you get your clips?

    • Astro K
      Astro K Year ago

      people send their clips to them

  • Stewart McConnell

    why did you stop doing stop-motions?

  • Flibbin Jibletts

    You godfucking-shitheaded-pooeating-foureyed-bigheaded-pedofilic-godforesaken-pissdrinking-assfucking-homofilic-beerbellied-mophaired-cronical-heroinaddicted-tetanussuffering-monkeyassed-cocksucking-hepatitisinfected-gangreneinfested-pimplefaced-bugeyed-gasolineinhaling-cokewhore cunt!

  • Jamie Elliott
    Jamie Elliott Year ago

    Please subscribe to my channel. I need more subscribers :) Thanks

  • Wealthy Engineer

    Hi Tiger Productions, I really like your USclip Channel. It is fun to watch. Your videos are great. Please keep up the good work!

  • wildbillybs
    wildbillybs Year ago

    Would you be so kind as to supply your address.. or first and last name and where you live..?

    • Bitchius Babius LXIX
      Bitchius Babius LXIX Year ago

      My address is 22 Fuckoff ST. My number is 666-666-FUCKYOU. My first name is Phuck and my last name is Yu.

    • louie romano
      louie romano Year ago


  • The Cow Show
    The Cow Show Year ago

    hi subd i hope u can sub back

  • Funny Videos
    Funny Videos Year ago

    I want adsense youtube invites cooperation with Indonesian production tiger

  • bashainnitbruv
    bashainnitbruv Year ago

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  • Wajahat iqbal
    Wajahat iqbal Year ago

    can u help me for subscriber of my channel help me to get subscribers plz

  • Rainbow Horse
    Rainbow Horse Year ago

    Tiger Productions. Hab dich ABO. Bitte sofort ABo für mich sonst erfolgt DEabo. Bitte kurses Feedback

  • Los Illuminados
    Los Illuminados Year ago

    Does USclip pay slovenians too?

  • Mayank Varma
    Mayank Varma Year ago

    usclip.net/channel/UCUd5OS6kDgk6c9uGqTQ5UAA Lhasa Apso is an amazing dog breed guys. I love them!! Watch this full of energy, hilarious, funny and cute little dog!! Please Like and Subscribe and Share this USclip Channel if you like it, so that we can make all the Lhasa Apso famous and proud!!

  • TacTicalMovz
    TacTicalMovz 2 years ago

    why 7channels

    • Lizz B.
      Lizz B. Year ago

      Their wanting money

  • M E Д Ф И Л Ь М

    Well done, great job! We have educational movies fun too

  • lovievi
    lovievi 2 years ago

    More dogs please! Too much cats.

  • CoolOhioBreeze
    CoolOhioBreeze 2 years ago

    Your videos piss me off. They are cruel to the animals more times than not. --Occasionally funny, but mainly watching a cat for instance, TOTALLY TERRIFIED running around caught on something and getting hurt a lot of times. NOT FUNNY. Just plain cruel. I hope USclip stops publishing your ignorant, cruel videos.

  • Siyabonga Radebe
    Siyabonga Radebe 2 years ago

    I would like to know the title for your theme song so I can download it

  • Purrnest
    Purrnest 2 years ago

    this channel is so adorable <3 <3

  • Joey Alarma
    Joey Alarma 2 years ago

    best channel on youtube :D

  • Wheezer's World
    Wheezer's World 2 years ago

    This shit so so lazy

  • Daria Larsson
    Daria Larsson 2 years ago

    Some of the video clips are really funny, but many of them look like torture for the cats, and should not be published.

  • Mysterslyckster
    Mysterslyckster 2 years ago

    Hi. What music are you using at the very beginning of several of your newest clips. Thanks!

  • Babe
    Babe 2 years ago

    hi am i allowed to use your videos and put in the credit in the description? i forgot to ask if no,i can delete my videos :)

  • The gray cat
    The gray cat 2 years ago

    love your channel!!

  • Sly Kitty
    Sly Kitty 2 years ago

    A lot of cute and beautiful animals on this channel! :)

  • Fred Derf
    Fred Derf 2 years ago

    YOUR A POTATO HEAD !! You get your videos from AFV. 4WHAT veiws so you can make money ? OH a real recycler!!

  • Kidz Kennedy
    Kidz Kennedy 2 years ago

    Hey guys I am a USclip reviewer/journalist who just began in this line of work my blog (on which I'm writing my review on) is USclipreviewer3 I blog on blogger you guys are my first review so no one has seen my blog. I would like you to know I wrote a review on you all. I promise it's not bad I am I huge fan! Check it out and tell friends anyone reading this comment and on my blog request a review if you'd like. Thanks.

  • Gabrielle Tansel
    Gabrielle Tansel 2 years ago


  • Football Chat
    Football Chat 2 years ago

    what tags do you use for your videos? I really want to get successful videos like you but I think I'm using the wrong tags

  • Szymon Brak nazwiska

    I sent you message to USclip or Google+ with my video, but how can I send my videos to you?

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 2 years ago

    WANNA MAKE YOUR PET FAMOUS? We are oppened to all kind of ineresting aimal clips so feel free to share it with us. If you think your furry friend deserves little bit more of fame, send us youtube links or clips of your pet to: tigerlicensing@gmail.com

    • paw praint
      paw praint Year ago

      ya if my cat does funny stuff

    • doggy dan online dog trainer
      doggy dan online dog trainer Year ago

      I like all your vidoes guys thanks and keep going, this really great ideas to make your fans Pet Famous, great work <3

    • Vianna Heath
      Vianna Heath 2 years ago

      learn to spell

    • Kenzie & Cody Hansbrough
      Kenzie & Cody Hansbrough 2 years ago

      That would be a very long list and youtube could count it as spam

    • Verizon Suck
      Verizon Suck 2 years ago

      At least people credit for their videos. I enjoyed your videos but I thumbed down everyone.

    SUPER FUN 3 years ago

    Hi Dear, Please Subscribed each other to grow together Thanks for joint. I will reply back.

  • VirtualLiveShow
    VirtualLiveShow 3 years ago

    Cute cat plays fetch morning, noon & night.

  • Maximum fun
    Maximum fun 3 years ago

    hi sir i like your videos and i hope subscribe my channel plz <thanks

  • Nancy Cousintine
    Nancy Cousintine 3 years ago

    Some of your videos are funny, but others are not. Videos showing animal cruelty, or animals with behaviour issues because of poor treatment are not. Videos where animals, are hurt either because of human stupidity, or because of accidents are not funny at all. To post them as such makes it seem that you condone such things are something to be laughed at. That is barbaric, and insensitive. There are many genuinely funny things in the world available on video that don't showcase animals in situations that they cannot escape from, or change.

  • The House of Jokes
    The House of Jokes 3 years ago

    Fantastic channel. Thanks for sharing it.

  • KarmaD87
    KarmaD87 3 years ago

    Your really good at editing i wish i had the time to do that lol i cant even make a good gaming video lol btw i love your videos

  • Carol Venables
    Carol Venables 3 years ago

    your funny babies and cat video (sorry if you have more than one) has some pretty nasty comments in it, very racist too... any chance you could report them, or delete them as it's your video? It's not fun to come and see your beautiful videos and have them ruined by complete idiots in the comments :( Best wishes x

  • MimiandBella
    MimiandBella 3 years ago

    Loving your channel

  • Plumbing Sector of Sudbury

    Your videos are the best man! Keep 'em coming!

    LATINOOOOOOOOO 3 years ago

    hey was up nice channel

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 4 years ago

    Happy new year, everyone!

    • pantsed drupy
      pantsed drupy 3 years ago

      +Tiger Productions channel xavi drupy

    • Kryptic
      Kryptic 3 years ago

      dafuq it isnt new years eve dumbass

    • mason tobert
      mason tobert 3 years ago

      Happy New Year to you as well!

    • Kryptic
      Kryptic 3 years ago

      make some more lego stop motion vids because I love them

    • VideoReviewer
      VideoReviewer 3 years ago

      Happy New Year to you as well - keep those funny animal vids coming

  • Jo Trizila
    Jo Trizila 4 years ago

    I am needing permission to use your Funny Animals having problems on ice link in our company newsletter. I sent you a private message.

  • Ne_beyte
    Ne_beyte 4 years ago

    nice channel, nice compilations :)

  • KarmaD87
    KarmaD87 4 years ago

    hey I have a youtube channel and maby you guys can go look at it I have a cat and a boxer dog but maby you can use some of my videos to put on your channel but if you guys look at it and subscribe I will do the asl challenge

  • Miss X
    Miss X 4 years ago

    In thze video ,,Most unusual and weird animals'' you used a beautiful melody, can you tell me the title of this melody?

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      It is musicbox version of creepy music/theme. Don't know the title, sorry :/

  • A Gourmet Soap Shop
    A Gourmet Soap Shop 4 years ago

    Hey Guys! Totally awesome job. You have kept us smiling and laughing and lovin' our animals even more. Please keep up the great work, we LOVE it! The world needs more laughter ;)

  • Pineview Estates
    Pineview Estates 4 years ago

    Are you kidding? I can't come up with stuff this funny, but I am glad you can. Thanks for all the laughs.

  • Emma D
    Emma D 4 years ago

    Hi there I was wondering if you may grant me permission to use your smartest animal video in a presentation I am giving for a charity event. It would fit in perfectly with one of my points and I figured that those who don't ask don't get! I can give you full details of the event and the charity and I would, of course, credit you. Thanks Emma

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 4 years ago

    Heyy Subs! Just wanna let you know, all ideas for further animal compilations are very welcome. So if u have any cool idea, just let us know. Thanks in advance ;)

    • DVincentW
      DVincentW 3 years ago

      How about filming your own videos?

    • SuperCute
      SuperCute 3 years ago

      Would you be up for a collaboration video? I produce cute animal videos as well and I think we would have great synergy together.

    • The Wise Cat
      The Wise Cat 4 years ago

      Cats waking up people is hilarious, my cats do some of these. It's funny how they know what they are doing and having fun with it! My cat really likes to kneed me and does the face paw thing, although I think he is trying pet me when he does it.

    • Oreo Whale
      Oreo Whale 4 years ago

      Hey, there are a lot of complaints about the dog in the video of animals slipping on ice, the dog at 3:38 I believe, and just wanted to say that it was not funny at all, even though the dog was saved, I think that you should re upload the video without the dog in the freezing cold. Thanks.


    Hi Tiger Productions, thanks for all the great videos! I see that at the bottom of some your more popular videos it says "More from: CutiesNFuzzies" or "More from: JukinVideo". What happened, did they flag you for copyright infringement and take over your video? They did that to some of my videos...

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      Yeah, there have been some copyright problems. We can do nothing about it. And thanks for nice words ;)

  • Cozy Ogasawara
    Cozy Ogasawara 4 years ago

    Hello. I just love your channel and your videos and music selection is so matching.

  • Carmen Figueroa
    Carmen Figueroa 4 years ago

    hi, soy de Puerto Rico, y me encanta estos videos, soy amante de los animales, especialmente los perros, cada vez que veo estos videos me alegran el dia, porque ensenan lo especial y espectaculares que son nuestras mascotas. thank you.!

  • Lukas Motiejunas
    Lukas Motiejunas 4 years ago

    pls more rats in ur vids. tanks

  • Lukas Motiejunas
    Lukas Motiejunas 4 years ago

    cool videos. i like turtles

  • Maximum fun
    Maximum fun 4 years ago

    hi hi ilike your videos and i subed you can you plese subscribe my channel back

  • Mr.ActionGal101
    Mr.ActionGal101 4 years ago

    I can't find the funny ferret video, did you take it down?? I saw it at the end of dogs afraid of cats. I can't see annotations on my phone.

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      Try this link ;) Funny and cute ferret videos compilation

  • Ana Carolina Sousa
    Ana Carolina Sousa 4 years ago

    I got material to make videos, do you wanna take a look?, cause I don´t have time to edit it.

  • Donna Riley
    Donna Riley 4 years ago

    Nice to see how well the animals react to a new born baby, but for me I do not know if I will allow a dog to lick my babies face. But that is just me. Nice videos and channels.

  • letter1967
    letter1967 4 years ago

    Why do you use thumbnail pictures that are not in the video, that is so misleading

    • Tiger FurryEntertainment
      Tiger FurryEntertainment 4 years ago

      these pictures are really not in the video, but they are representative and show you what's the video's main point, what is it about :)

  • Carolyn Leopard
    Carolyn Leopard 4 years ago

    Love your work! Just one request. When you show animals in your videos, such as animals eating, could you identify the lesser known animals with a note on screen. Teach us more! Thank you, thank you for your work!

  • Nova DN
    Nova DN 4 years ago

    the soundtrack you used in the video "Funny dogs and cats playing in the snow - Funny animal compilation" just made my day = =~ , mind telling me what is the name for the track?..thanks a lot

  • Michael Kinsella
    Michael Kinsella 4 years ago

    Hello, we have shared all your video on our social network with one click on the mouse, you have some good video's for all our members to view the web site is called www.qtellplus.com/ This can be done for any USclip channel, and no uploading required.... Regards Michael and Marcela

  • Keqiang Hans
    Keqiang Hans 4 years ago

    i love your channel and your videos

  • sdkflkvhn
    sdkflkvhn 4 years ago

    Hello, the videos are awesome it looks like you put lots of effort to make them. However perhaps you could consider changing the music in the background?

  • Steve Troutman
    Steve Troutman 4 years ago

    Hi. i like the way you have links in the the video to other videos. I have a business and that would be very helpful for mew if you could show me how you do that. If I make sales from this technique, I'll be happy to pay you for telling me how to do this. Thanks, SCharles Troutman

    • Tiger FurryEntertainment
      Tiger FurryEntertainment 4 years ago

      +Tiger Productions There's many ways to make this, you just need one good edditig program, some knowledge with photoshop and youtube annotations.

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      Hi Steve, well it is not a big deal at all, these links are just added as annotations. If you mean clips, which you can see in smaller windows in final part of our compilations, it is made with green screen technique in Sony Vegas. So we just use green color in these two windows, use "chroma keyer" effect and put background videos behind "main video". You can find a lot of tutorials, how to use green screen effect in sony vegas. And it is not so difficult. If you have any further questions, ask us. Hope I gave you the right guidance.

  • gingaBANG
    gingaBANG 4 years ago

    please make new Lego vids they are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simon Jeffery
    Simon Jeffery 4 years ago

    I like your videos however am having to mute the sound every time, do you really have to have the irritating music in the background??

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      So, guys, you suggest compilations without music from now on, or what?

    • sdkflkvhn
      sdkflkvhn 4 years ago

      +Tiger Productions it is quite bad, especially the quality of the music. I know it's hard with copyrights these days but it's like you're shooting at your own foot with this music.

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      No. But sometimes it just makes compilation more emotional. Sometimes we make mistakes, we know, but come on, don't overdo it dude, it ain't that bad...

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 4 years ago

    Such a success would not be reached without you, guys, who are subscribing us and watching our weekly uploads... Thank you all for amazing 100.000 subs, a year and half ago nobody couldn't even imagine such a progress!

    • shapegamer
      shapegamer 4 years ago

      Sorry this is off topic. But you uploaded a video of humans rescuing animals and its awesome and really heartfelt. I was wondering what the name of the music you used and who's the artist? I cant't find anyone in the comment section who knows and there is no referenceto the music in the description box. Thx for the amazing vids. ;)

  • Julia X.
    Julia X. 4 years ago

    Your videos are amazing. Thank you.

  • Psych Out10
    Psych Out10 4 years ago

    You're videos are AWESOME!!! XD

  • BananaJamas
    BananaJamas 4 years ago

    So disappointed..

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      About what? If you mean lego videos, I took myself little rest with that stuff, cause it takes me a lot of time and energy to do lego stopmotion. But don't worry, sooner or later I'll upload new lego movie on tiger stopmotions channel. Just give me little bit more time ;)

  • Sveta Strezeva
    Sveta Strezeva 4 years ago

    Hi, what is the music used in Dogs and Cats meeting for the first time?

  • RMNixon1
    RMNixon1 4 years ago

    I would like to see my dog in a compilation usclip.net/video/3aQiBscPsvw/video.html

  • Niyi Ayedun
    Niyi Ayedun 4 years ago

    there was one about comparing dogs to cats what happened.

  • Randomsaucer
    Randomsaucer 4 years ago

    Why the fuck do you have to put the "Funny animal compilation" in your every fucking animal video. I think its clear that they are funny when there are animals. It is so fucking annoying so please stop it.

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      First part of (fucking) title is always kinda (fucking) describtion of (fucking) compilation, second part is always about (fucking) theme (dog compilation, cat compilation, cat and dog compilation, animal compilation). So we've done by every (fucking) ulpoad up to now, and we won't (fucking) change it ;) Soo take it as it is, or (fucking) leave it ;)

  • franx28x
    franx28x 4 years ago

    i love your videos love your animals? <3

  • Sophie Adelle
    Sophie Adelle 4 years ago

    i love your videos

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 4 years ago

    For those, who want your pets to be included in any of our next compilations, you can send us links via private message. Link to private message can be found here: usclip.net/user/wloltigerlolw2about You can also send us ideas for compilations.

    • Somthinwrong
      Somthinwrong Year ago

      can we share some title ideas too? like "WARNING: THIS VID WILL CAUSE YOU TO FILE YOUR TAXES EARLY - funny vid compilation"

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      +Brittiny Perkins If you want to release frustrations, there are other ways and places, you can do it, not our channel... According to subscribers, likes and so on, we are not getting pathetic. And do not mind my spelling, cause I'm 100% better in spelling your language, than you in mine...

    • Brittiny Perkins
      Brittiny Perkins 4 years ago

      And if you're going to try and be 'professional' you might want to try and get your spelling and typing under check kind of kills the buzz.

    • Brittiny Perkins
      Brittiny Perkins 4 years ago

      I know, just thought I'd point out how pathetic and tacky your uploads are getting, seems I'm not alone on this either.

    • Tiger Productions
      Tiger Productions 4 years ago

      +Brittiny Perkins It's your descision whether following us or not, nobody is forcing you into that. If you don't like our compilations (anymore), there is allways a un-sub button for you and your friends. Cheers Tigerteam

  • Elise Vee
    Elise Vee 4 years ago

    where should i send videos of my cat and dogs to be included in your compilations

  • Harley Dietrich
    Harley Dietrich 4 years ago

    I have a self service dog wash business in NC. I am going to run your dog washing videos in my waiting room. Is there any problem with that?

  • Monster Master FightingLucario

    WOW! YOU'RE SO FUNNY! I CAN WATCH YOU ALL DAY! But first, I must watch all of AntiTrooperGirl's stuff.

  • Sadet The Hyperactive Princess

    hey feel free to use vids of my cat I have a play list of my silly cat buddy usclip.net/p/PL089B661A1A7708D9

  • Decent Humans
    Decent Humans 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for putting these videos together. Great channel.

  • Alex
    Alex 5 years ago

    fuyck your fucking anotations

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 5 years ago

    Thank you all for subing, liking and commenting our videos, we appreciate it all! We hope you like our compilations and we'll do our best, to make much more of them!

  • Dragonfly Bordercollie

    Hello! Nice videos, I subscribed to your channel! Subscribe me too and see my videos!

  • Dany Tex
    Dany Tex 5 years ago

    good channel my friend!! I subbed!sub back?have a great weekend!!

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 5 years ago

    You need to have good basis for that. I mean, 4 yrs ago lego videos were less popular than nowadays and one, who started with producing good lego animations at that time, is successful with that today. I guess you are a little bit late. And also, try to make little bit more quality videos, be aware of camera shaking and similar fails...

  • Nicole Krempin
    Nicole Krempin 5 years ago

    i say what you said on how you think dogs should wear muzzles. they dont need to wear muzzles.

  • Tiger Productions
    Tiger Productions 5 years ago

    legman80116, month of work is not a guarantee for views... Nowadays you really have to be something special to get views from lego animations...

  • mijat rasic
    mijat rasic 6 years ago

    evil cool at all but one position shots.

  • Farting Productionz
    Farting Productionz 6 years ago

    hope to sub me back.

  • Farting Productionz
    Farting Productionz 6 years ago

    cool channel. i subscribed.

  • Krügenberg
    Krügenberg 6 years ago

    Yes, but i'm just a beginner :) (Sorry my bad english)

  • Krügenberg
    Krügenberg 6 years ago

    Yeah. new channel!:D