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  • Henry Gelber
    Henry Gelber 4 hours ago

    Toby where is this footage even coming from

  • Sam Riley
    Sam Riley 4 hours ago

    Bra just make outbreak.

  • Lee osborne
    Lee osborne 4 hours ago

    Damm I love this game

  • Nathan YT
    Nathan YT 4 hours ago


  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie 4 hours ago

    i did not know switch had steam achievements im guessing you guys did not play it on switch ou just looked at someones pc footage and wrote a review do you people even play the games you review or do you just steal other peoples work like you,ve done b4 how have you got 12 mil subs

  • Gdashfan145 GD
    Gdashfan145 GD 4 hours ago

    We will miss you Reggie 💔😢 you were awesome :)

  • The True Nub
    The True Nub 4 hours ago

    Don't mind me I'm just waiting for the r34 artists

  • Daniel Castro de la Mata

    -*Never played a jrpg before (apart from Pokemon)* -*70 hours in*

  • Dalem Silas
    Dalem Silas 4 hours ago

    Ign, all that punching for a drop of 22k views blood.

  • templar 127
    templar 127 4 hours ago

    If we are able to woo the Colonel here... ...will he be willing to share us the secret recipe? XD

  • Tarek Said
    Tarek Said 4 hours ago

    this is how I always roleplay: try the non-lethal route > get frustrated > go the psycho way and kill absolutely everyone.

  • MrKeiKuro
    MrKeiKuro 4 hours ago

    so is this movie after wano arc ...?

  • Glenn& Kristel
    Glenn& Kristel 4 hours ago

    No wing Chun at all.Only boxing.

  • Triet Lam
    Triet Lam 4 hours ago

    One tiny bit question “Why?”

  • DDude1405
    DDude1405 4 hours ago

    Sakurai has literally been saying this for years. The characters have to have originated from a video game. Anime, comic book and movie characters don't count.

  • Célime Mörbt
    Célime Mörbt 4 hours ago

    No Graphics Update ?

  • Hi I am Snek
    Hi I am Snek 4 hours ago

    Can’t wait to hack it to put in some of my favorite games when I was a kid. 😊

  • Jalissa Jenay
    Jalissa Jenay 4 hours ago

    No, baby, no. Superman, sweetheart, you are way better than this, okay? I love you & everything, but you need to get on top of your A game, okay? I mean.... you're doing great, no shade.

  • Purple Kid Junior
    Purple Kid Junior 4 hours ago

    Great console.

  • Иван Иванов


  • Stephen Madrox
    Stephen Madrox 4 hours ago

    I'm leveling up both Zane and fl4k at the same time.. I thought I would've decided by now which one to main but I'm still undecided, I like them both so much.

  • zaxbys chicken
    zaxbys chicken 4 hours ago

    joE WEEza

  • Honigdachs
    Honigdachs 4 hours ago

    The critique on the combat seems off base. There's nothing wrong with memorizing enemy attack patterns. Especially in a game with interconnected zones and a huge world map, it adds to the increasing sense of experience to not just learn the places, paths and areas, but also the enemies that inhabit them. Also, Blasphemous is not like Dead Cells, which has a high tempo, free flow gameplay dynamic, but has a more deliberate, pre-planning type of pace. It seems off to criticize the lack of "quick decision making" in a game that wants you to thread carefully and look ahead.

  • Anonymous FanGirl
    Anonymous FanGirl 4 hours ago

    This looks cool

  • Volfmech
    Volfmech 4 hours ago

    I seriously hope this carries on from the end of System Shock 2. I've been waiting *YEARS* for a third! Please don't disappoint!

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 4 hours ago

    Bring back group tackles!!!

  • Young Jinzo21
    Young Jinzo21 4 hours ago

    0:43 Is that you, Vegeta?

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 4 hours ago

    James "pedo" Gunn is a sicko and Disney are full of these predators.

  • League Staff
    League Staff 4 hours ago

    It is the most under rated game in my opinion and I had a blast playing it. Only issue is the annoying loading screens and frame rates 😬

    NANGSTAGRAM TV 4 hours ago

    Go to bed! 10 more minutes please Mum

  • MrSam8838
    MrSam8838 4 hours ago

    NoBoDy SeE tEm In 0:21?!

  • Ro :p
    Ro :p 4 hours ago

    Everyone is in it the movie have already broke the record and it haven’t even came out to all one piece I hope your all excited as much as me

  • Sock Outlet
    Sock Outlet 4 hours ago

    So this is what Blossom and Buttercup did after the death of Bubbles.

  • SoberBeatz
    SoberBeatz 4 hours ago

    0:52 Thats a Punisher scream right there

  • Lyndon24 Clanza
    Lyndon24 Clanza 4 hours ago


  • fludictag 174
    fludictag 174 4 hours ago

    I was playing split screen mode with my friend and every time I hit the menu screen or if an explosion happened it would lag out like crazy we are hoping to see a patch soon!

  • jess bomss
    jess bomss 4 hours ago


  • Rohan Bhujbal
    Rohan Bhujbal 4 hours ago

    he looka like norman reedus

  • DerRic Gambino-Allen

    Something about the black dude with glasses annoys me...like if he were punched in the face, it would make my day a lot better

  • Comander555666
    Comander555666 4 hours ago

    what are lootboxes? I thought the game would jave surprise mechanics...

  • Calvin Huang
    Calvin Huang 4 hours ago

    So gloves = super speed?

  • George Wayne
    George Wayne 4 hours ago

    I dont even understand anything in this trailer but Im still extremely hyped for this game! Lol

  • Kimivr
    Kimivr 4 hours ago

    0:42 *yo vegeta is that you?*

  • Keira Owens
    Keira Owens 5 hours ago

    Borderlands is our couples game. We had to fiddle with FOV sliders because the default was giving me a headache. I'd have to stop every time my husband went into a menu. We got as far as level 2-3 and had to stop. Hated the horizontal split. I really hope they reconsider the vertical.

  • Ben Jakab
    Ben Jakab 5 hours ago

    BL2 had an art book, stretch poster, lore books, and a goddamn Marcus bobblehead BL3 has some unfinished Warhammer figurines and a $20 budget ship

  • Green Bastard
    Green Bastard 5 hours ago

    LEZBEYUNS! Amazin.

  • SNStile
    SNStile 5 hours ago

    Can i turn off tum tum tum tum, when i have a low hp? Wtf?

  • Crazyoldman84
    Crazyoldman84 5 hours ago

    Rambo first blood is epic

  • reem karar • stan X1


  • Jungle Vinch
    Jungle Vinch 5 hours ago

    Little games for little gamers..... 😂

  • Hello Its Me Mario
    Hello Its Me Mario 5 hours ago

    Damn kojima man , what have you been smoking 😂

  • alepiu saja
    alepiu saja 5 hours ago

    Fuji vs Zoro? Dammit!!!

  • Sentarry
    Sentarry 5 hours ago

    My 2 year old high end rig is being pushed to its limits on low settings; During Multiplayer on medium settings, When there are many explosions and enemies, the framerate on PC can dip as low as 15 fps but 35-50fps during calm gameplay. I tried low settings but it gets worse for me. The framerate goes all over the place. This is definitely an optimization issue.

  • razak yusuf
    razak yusuf 5 hours ago

    you got a C????

  • maro
    maro 5 hours ago

    He did it the slow way

  • Syuhada Ramlan
    Syuhada Ramlan 5 hours ago

    corocodile? mihawk? take my money!!!

  • Khant Nyi
    Khant Nyi 5 hours ago

    7:14 earthshaker 0 man echo slam. Ouch

  • Wiggle-wiggles
    Wiggle-wiggles 5 hours ago

    When I got this game I played for one hour then deleted it until like 3 months later I downloaded it back and play 12 hours a day

  • cityblue1982
    cityblue1982 5 hours ago

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • Vinicius Moraes
    Vinicius Moraes 5 hours ago

    When the devs take your money and you make a bad review with a bad score :D

  • Seferino Krouth
    Seferino Krouth 5 hours ago

    Sgt Patterson: “Thank for flying Ranger 2-1 lines. I’ll be your Stewardess-Team Leader today. Also known as “First on, Last off.” Today we’ll be serving rounds of 5.56. Followed by our main course: All you can eat Taliban. Hope you all like foreign foods. Me: now this is motivation

  • Mariano Ortiz
    Mariano Ortiz 5 hours ago


  • Rhys Moreby
    Rhys Moreby 5 hours ago

    Banging first episode, lads! Keen for more!

  • Rosez
    Rosez 5 hours ago

    the first fortnite i watched

  • NO WiFi
    NO WiFi 5 hours ago

    Am very eager to see the other characters in action. Usually we get the main crew and sometimes a few characters from the canon.

  • Ryujin Jakka
    Ryujin Jakka 5 hours ago

    Damn it seems like everyone will be going out full throttle in this movie. Just from this I saw Mihawk, Fujitora and Smoker looking like they ready to beat the s**** out of someone lol Nice to see Kid and Law going all out too

  • ab ab
    ab ab 5 hours ago

    idk to you guys, but to me the movie looks like a giant trailer so kids will buy the next OP game

  • KazimbZ Gaming
    KazimbZ Gaming 5 hours ago

    Ped this year

  • Yeetoku
    Yeetoku 5 hours ago

    No one: Litteraly no one: No seriously not anyone: Ign: 9/10 iT hAs A lItTlE bIt fOr EvErYoNe, aNd tRuElY dOeS mAkE yOu FeEl lIkE yOu'Re iN tHe GaMe

  • aktm1407
    aktm1407 5 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: After having played both pes 18 and pes 19, I'll be switching back to fifa 20. My first fifa since fifa 17

  • light819
    light819 5 hours ago

    How many years has this been in development now?

  • Asahel
    Asahel 5 hours ago

    hmmm, Netflix did not have any series that rivals GOT yet, in my experience dont expect much. or youll be disappointed.

  • Tommy Bands
    Tommy Bands 5 hours ago

    Is the campaign online only ?

  • Carl Lazarraga
    Carl Lazarraga 5 hours ago

    This is the most visually stunning game I have ever played in my entire life.

  • Pecan Noodles
    Pecan Noodles 5 hours ago

    Don't buy this game on PC. It contains a keylogger that RECORDS EVERYTHING YOU DO ON YOUR PC. Show these fuckers they can't do what they want. Oh, and also, you need a constant 2 Mbps connection, meaning we don't know what they're doing with that, and also, Epic's parent company has ties with the Chinese government.

  • Shedrick Goldsmith
    Shedrick Goldsmith 5 hours ago

    I chose all Currently have: Lvl 20 moze Lvl 15 fl4k Lvl 11 zane Lvl 13 amara Only one a little broken is fl4k with the pet a.i. And some bugs regarding his gamma burst action skill but they’re all tons of fun to play. Don’t think so hard just level up!

  • yuki x
    yuki x 5 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion. Fallout 4 is better.

  • Geralt •Of Rivia•

    Will this work for ps4 ?

  • Jim Knopf hier bin inner Bande.

    Online koop has the same problem. they need to fix this!

  • trash reaygan
    trash reaygan 5 hours ago

    Where is Sanji ?

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan 5 hours ago

    Rx-78 and barbatos standing side by side is the most glorious thing i've ever seen

  • Kosmanen
    Kosmanen 5 hours ago

    Im here just to downvote (ya im still pissed for e3)

  • Gianluca Fiorenza
    Gianluca Fiorenza 5 hours ago

    Hope it will not be a disappointment like Prey

  • nightslasher studios

    I hope there isn't a comment of someone saying 2019? Cause those people are hella annoying Anyone watching this in 2019

  • echoeee
    echoeee 5 hours ago

    Sub - Like Dub - Reply

  • Andrey Larenkov
    Andrey Larenkov 5 hours ago

    Госпади.. какая убогая озвучка.. им чего ещё и платят за такое??

  • Damin Mance
    Damin Mance 5 hours ago

    Stop lying this isn't the best your just trying to get other people ripped off

  • Oleya Sabila
    Oleya Sabila 5 hours ago

    Gak sabarrr

  • Ayşe Bayram
    Ayşe Bayram 5 hours ago

    Transoformers cumartesi pazar

  • Rhythm Lanjewar
    Rhythm Lanjewar 5 hours ago

    we need to review IGN

  • JesusJanica
    JesusJanica 5 hours ago

    Gearbox is absolutely pathetic. It’s like they don’t play test their own game.. Seriously if anyone over at Gearbox sat down with another human in the same room and tried split screen they’d immediately know that it has major issues particularly with the insane amounts of lag. Instead all they do is advise players to think ahead of “Big fights” What a joke, so people have to deal with the terrible lag even when no one is using the menus? How about you guys actually iron out simple performance issues BEFORE LAUNCH, it’s not hard all you have to do is SIT DOWN AND PLAY THE DAMN GAME. All the performance slowdowns and glitches I’ve experienced are horrible, I would have picked it up on pc but it doesn’t support split-screen.

  • Misha Peaches
    Misha Peaches 5 hours ago

    he tp'ed to the mountain after

  • Yuri Sama
    Yuri Sama 5 hours ago


  • Christopher Saavedra

    I can't wait to play this mobile game. I hope there is english translation for this, because I love Castlevania and it's my favorite game.

  • YouSpoony Bardd
    YouSpoony Bardd 5 hours ago

    One of my favorite games, really looking forward to more of these!

  • Andre Robert
    Andre Robert 5 hours ago

    1:08 Mileena's best ASSet! Woman's got curves for days! I'd love to explore her.

  • John Tziannis
    John Tziannis 5 hours ago

    I got my first genesis when i was 10 years old. Here in Australia we called it Sega genesis. I loved it great console. I will definitely buy the genesis mini.

  • Last Son
    Last Son 5 hours ago

    This crappy movie gets a sequel but no Superman movie announced yet :(

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 6 hours ago

    where is iroha?