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  • Niv !
    Niv ! Year ago

    Hey! An big thank you! It is really nice of you to upload these videos on such important topics. It has really helped in understanding the subject (statistics). I also liked the style of your teaching, your method adopted to teach, presentation, knowledge about the subject and communication speed. It's simply interesting to learn from your lectures. I kindly request you to continue your great work. You could educate and touch many more hearts. Thank You!

  • Liza Arango
    Liza Arango Year ago

    Hello, I didn't see any video lectures on " finding the critical value". any suggestions?

  • Aziz UR REHMAN
    Aziz UR REHMAN 2 years ago

    SIR. what about biverate distribiution. please upload vedio

    STE EST 3 years ago

    TY sir

  • Liz Roy
    Liz Roy 3 years ago

    You explain things in a way that make them seem simple. Thanks so much for your help!!

  • Erica Jones
    Erica Jones 3 years ago

    I am currently in Psych 324 behavioral statistics online and I have been struggling since I started! I even ordered a book called “Statistics for the utterly confused,” which is basically a book on statistics for dummies. I don’t know if my teacher doesn’t know how to teach this class or what. I found your videos on USclip and they have been very helpful! I just wanted to thank you for sharing them with us. I like how you explain in detail how to come up with the correct answer. I really enjoy your lessons, thank you!!

  • Mindy
    Mindy 3 years ago

    I am acing statistics because of your videos! I just wanted to say thank you :)

  • Funky Frreaks
    Funky Frreaks 3 years ago

    im beginning to enjoy maths now all because of the helpful videos you have posted.Thank you very much

  • Kizzel Padilan
    Kizzel Padilan 3 years ago

    (THUMBS UP!)😉😉😉

  • Cheryl Carter
    Cheryl Carter 3 years ago

    You truly make it so easy to understand. Would it be possible to do a video on Confidence Intervals and Sample for Proportions, and Confidence Intervals for Variances and Standard Deviations?

  • Youngand HonestlyWise

    Hey, your videos have helped me get through my math classes and I want to thank you for your posts. Also, can you make a video about how to calculate confidence intervals in stats? Thanks again :)

    • poysermath
      poysermath 4 years ago

      You're welcome. Glad the videos are helping. I've been thinking of Conf Interval videos. I just haven't gotten around to them ... yet. :)

  • Veronica O'Brien
    Veronica O'Brien 4 years ago

    Hi thanks for the information. The book I'm using is for psychology and doesn't list negative and positive z scores. The principles are the same. I'm confused by the top percentile, lowest percentile terminologies. Can you help?

  • Janine Maughan-Brown

    I've just watched your video on using standard normal distribution tables and it was SO helpful. The only place I am getting confused is that the tables we are given have a column for "larger portion" and a column for "smaller portion". How do I know which column to find my answer in?

  • btc_real
    btc_real 5 years ago

    Your videos are very helpful. Can you please do a video on regression :-)

  • Hayley R
    Hayley R 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for all of your videos! I cannot even describe how helpful you are at teaching statistics! I understand it now because of you lol, my professor and my textbook are no comparison!