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Short Term Success
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When She Doesn't Text Back
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  • Moxen Remon
    Moxen Remon 3 minutes ago

    These cookies look great, tho

    KCOWMOO 36 minutes ago

    Get to the point

  • ad226200
    ad226200 43 minutes ago

    Heme👏 review👏

  • Bradikan
    Bradikan 56 minutes ago

    his mother ditched her son and daughter for some tea and crumpet dick

  • kool aid
    kool aid Hour ago

    0:25 when your teammate flashes you in csgo

  • Gtoktas
    Gtoktas Hour ago

    Thank god it has been only 9 years so I think I am safe

  • rahman niggs
    rahman niggs Hour ago

    i got brain rapped by Medical/Chemical terms but atleast now i cant die from vitamin b12 deficiency

  • Andreas jams !!!

    Crab danced *This is what happened to the nation*

  • tiny crimester
    tiny crimester 2 hours ago

    You were sexy af at your heaviest tho. ;3

  • Diamondcreeper098
    Diamondcreeper098 2 hours ago

    this video: 17-year-old male who got blind and deaf with a strict diet and vitamin b-12 deficiency Instagram "fact" channels: a 10-year-old boy who got blind and deaf with only eating chips people, who read it loudly: did you know an x-year-old boy who got blind and deaf randomly?

  • VegabondKing
    VegabondKing 2 hours ago

    High school football coaches- show this to your players!

  • DRKitKat
    DRKitKat 2 hours ago

    He must have been irish

  • raluu roxx
    raluu roxx 2 hours ago

    a woman drinks 1 cup of jillie juice this is what happened to her body spoiler:she dead

  • hoibsh
    hoibsh 2 hours ago

    Old age doesn't necessarily equal wisdom.

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 2 hours ago

    TJ has an idiot for a mother.

  • mike hill
    mike hill 3 hours ago

    Those vitamins are so good.Too bad they weren't readers.

  • Angela Engle
    Angela Engle 3 hours ago

    2:00 Wait wait, but you can SAVE people with your bare hands.

  • Maria Laurel
    Maria Laurel 3 hours ago

    BS.....Quacks. AIDS was man-made in a lab.

  • Catharine Chen
    Catharine Chen 4 hours ago

    So many pickle Ricks

  • Houssein K
    Houssein K 4 hours ago

    Could this happen to an adult? Asking for a friend...

  • Vitor Roma
    Vitor Roma 4 hours ago

    The military guy you mentioned isnt a good example. Just a thief of the taxpayers serving a warmonger state and the military industrial complex.

  • xiarhos5
    xiarhos5 5 hours ago

    2 words and I'm yours Sleep aids

  • TinTin
    TinTin 5 hours ago

    My nigga AJ didn't eat any sweets

  • Toothpaste Boiii
    Toothpaste Boiii 5 hours ago

    "we learn from the mistakes of others" but god damn is it sad to know it's from an actual scientist who knows their shit

  • Legend of a Reverse Cowgirl

    *pregnant women have left chat*

  • Hank Hall
    Hank Hall 6 hours ago

    Wow this guy has had a hard life both parents just left him to fend for himself.

  • maneki_neko
    maneki_neko 6 hours ago

    why this happen only for pasta lmao

  • HellomynameisRyanfirstoutindeedgooglelikesmesomuchtheybotheredmeuntilmynamewasthislong

    A girl encountered her crush for the first time in 10 years. *This is What Happened to her Heart*

  • Dong Son
    Dong Son 6 hours ago

    Sure with your status in youtube with over 1m subs ull doing as good or better than ur high status military buddy. Big fan i c im not subbed yet i fixed that thought i already was lmao

  • Matt Cordero
    Matt Cordero 6 hours ago

    “Marshal” is a 29 year old man,👆 presenting to the emergency room with the following symptoms: His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti.....

  • Hậu Trung Trần
    Hậu Trung Trần 7 hours ago

    Is this real

  • M E
    M E 7 hours ago

    So a friend just committed suicide and I was told that my friend who's using meth and living on the streets in some insane world where technically he's camping? i dont know. but that fucked me up good last weekend and now that I've re-watched this video, I see why I've felt so good. I've literally transcended the trauma and had good values set up for nutrition while I work at my new job where I lift heavy boxes.. I feel amazing.

  • Pkm King
    Pkm King 7 hours ago

    1.2kg of sugar holy shet

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 7 hours ago

    He needed lots and lots of shilajit natural chelation it will all be gone

  • Trandom 11
    Trandom 11 7 hours ago

    A Organic Mercury Spilled 2 Drops Hand On Her Brain.This What Happend To Her Scientists

  • Samarpan Chhetri
    Samarpan Chhetri 8 hours ago

    How do people poo without a colon😁

  • A Non Human
    A Non Human 8 hours ago

    When will dad get the milk?

  • Lulujoy
    Lulujoy 8 hours ago

    This is so sad. But I have to comment on a mouse or guinny pig I saw at 10:29. I hope it's a pet. Edit..its a cat hand I think!

  • Blue Blue
    Blue Blue 9 hours ago


  • Aussigh
    Aussigh 9 hours ago

    Kid: eats gummy vitamins for breakfast and then breaks arm Mum: “VIDEO GAMES CAUSED THIS” The family shoulda just stayed at their country

  • Andy Speers
    Andy Speers 9 hours ago

    I gym everyday, what kind of diet should I go for? I'm 182cm, 70kg but still have a tiny bit of fat around my stomach, covering my abs slightly.

  • Luzviminda Gatbonton
    Luzviminda Gatbonton 10 hours ago

    simebody didnt put lamb sauce infront of gordon ramsay this is what happened to his dreams

  • Progy
    Progy 10 hours ago

    I was enjoying this video but then the bio chemistry at 5:00 started hurting my brain.

  • The American Channel
    The American Channel 10 hours ago

    I ate pizza today and my stomach ached.

  • Rico
    Rico 10 hours ago

    I mean you can take it out yourself but you must cut it far away and deeper from the cancer itself which means you must takeout a generous amount of skin and flesh within which will leave a nice looking hole in your face and try not to get a sepsis

  • jojo kenzo
    jojo kenzo 11 hours ago

    A teen played fortnite, this is what happened to his brains.

  • The ReplaceBuilder
    The ReplaceBuilder 11 hours ago

    man breathing in his whole life and this is happened to his bone

  • kdgang1
    kdgang1 11 hours ago

    so wth were parents doing?

  • winsley ocampo
    winsley ocampo 11 hours ago

    Me while watching this video Me: i wont do that Im so sorry for that guy My mom: see this shit can kill you My dad: hide the PS4

  • Prime Logos
    Prime Logos 11 hours ago

    2:12 w h a t

  • Maafa 1619
    Maafa 1619 11 hours ago

    I've eaten a pound of chocolate in 6 minutes.

  • TheLurkingRage
    TheLurkingRage 11 hours ago

    I was pretty jacked for a kid back when I used to do Kung Fu and over a decade later in August 1st this year I started to go to the gym to get that body back. I've been going daily except for Sundays, doing 45 minutes of cardio first and then weights for a total of about 2 hours at the gym each day. I started at almost 190 pounds and on the first day of the 6th week I'd lost 13 pounds in total. Something that idk what happened, and I went back to weighing 186 pounds. I gained back most of the weigh the 6th week, but I'm still stronger, slimmer and everything, so idk how the progress still holds up when exercising, but the scale says I put 10 pounds back in a week... Currently I still weigh 186, so I've somehow gained a lot of the weight I lost, back in a short time despite eating less and aren't losing any significant amount of weight (varies from day to day anywhere from 184 to 186) and because I don't follow a diet in particular, I can't tell if this is a good thing as in the gain in muscle is countering the fat loss therefore weight loss gets cancelled out, or what... Waist went down an inch and a half and you can see the top abs, my biceps and triceps much better now, so I'm confused... All I do is watch the calories and eat less than 1k calories most the time, cuz I'd still like to eat whatever I want and get fit, since I did it before and should be able to do it again. So... idk, definitely not the scale's fault as I used the gym's and the one at home so it's not a malfunction or something. Guess I'm just leaving this here I guess to see what my progress looks like in the future to see if I can pull off getting ripped eating whatever I want as long as I just watch the calories and hit the gym everyday...

  • Michael c
    Michael c 11 hours ago

    My mum has lhon

  • Luzviminda Gatbonton
    Luzviminda Gatbonton 12 hours ago

    somebody ate lays for lunch everyday. this is what happened to earths air

  • PerilousPlatinum
    PerilousPlatinum 13 hours ago

    this kid tried to be jacksepticeye but failed hard because he wasn't irish

  • Kieren
    Kieren 13 hours ago

    i think i might end up being featured here. i’ve been drinking a litre of cranberry juice a day to replace alcohol and i have cramping in my left side and my head feels like it’s 30 lbs when i stand up. 😅

  • nasser ali
    nasser ali 13 hours ago

    Who tf playing games for 3 days straight???

    TOTALLY AWEMAZING 13 hours ago

    A microorganism quit living in a cat. This is what happened to the human race

  • Emmanuel Gestupa
    Emmanuel Gestupa 13 hours ago

    now he have a *bLuEtOoTh*

    TOTALLY AWEMAZING 13 hours ago

    Elon musk designs a car. . . This is what happened to his rocket

  • Ken Ell
    Ken Ell 13 hours ago

    17 year old boy and eating this for 10 years? He's not a boy he's a 27 year old man.

  • Toxic Cookie
    Toxic Cookie 14 hours ago

    She watched JoJo

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 14 hours ago

    This confirms that stupid people shouldn't breed and parasites are from hell.

  • Dangelo Mateo
    Dangelo Mateo 14 hours ago

    I have currently used this specific “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for some days already and also the final results are remarkable. They give me a lot of strength as well as control my desire for foods, however I don`t quit whenever they wear off which I really like, and they also don`t cause me to feel jittery. I have not changed other things I am doing and have shed 7 lbs. .

  • Nerdygirl
    Nerdygirl 14 hours ago

    The thumbnail picture of this video is half of a walnut, this is what happened to my brain.

  • JMichael Zumbos
    JMichael Zumbos 14 hours ago

    Lol I broke a thermometer and got several mercury drops or (shinny balls) into my hands.. 10+ years Im still aliveee

  • Edith Attreed
    Edith Attreed 14 hours ago

    B 12 in aloe Vera, ashitaba, sauerkraut

  • Kaira Allen
    Kaira Allen 14 hours ago

    I feel like edibles would have easily solved her sleep problems 😂

  • 「Λ{The Enchanter}Λ」

    A man used a metal straw to drink, this is what happened to his brain

  • Christina Atwell
    Christina Atwell 15 hours ago

    12:39. Catch the picture change? 😂

  • QuantiumTronax
    QuantiumTronax 15 hours ago

    So the limit is 149?

  • Ashuteria
    Ashuteria 15 hours ago

    *Sees thumbnail* The fuc-

  • TheBishop12
    TheBishop12 16 hours ago

    9:52 this is why I’m not a Doctor

  • StayWise
    StayWise 16 hours ago

    So the limit is 149 mmm

  • Shamar Younge
    Shamar Younge 16 hours ago

    You know, I don't know how I found this channel wayyyyy back, but I'm glad I did.

  • Antonio Barrios
    Antonio Barrios 16 hours ago


  • ExplodingBagel
    ExplodingBagel 16 hours ago

    He's a weak gamer

  • Trandom 11
    Trandom 11 16 hours ago

    A Pasta Ate Student 5 Day Old For Liver. This Is How His Lunch Shutdown

  • Conrad Cole
    Conrad Cole 17 hours ago

    Lmao @ ". . .and not a hundred gummy vitamins for breakfast."

  • Dark Hellhound
    Dark Hellhound 17 hours ago

    So she basically will never shit normally ever again? Damn how unfortunate I won't even make a joke out of it I only wish for the best in her life and be grateful for what I have and stop taking it for granted.

  • Daniel Gax
    Daniel Gax 17 hours ago

    0:44 the wiener on the floor LMAO

  • Mike Waz
    Mike Waz 17 hours ago

    I check for your videos just about every week. Not a complaint about upload frequency, just saying I really enjoy them and can't wait for the next one. I'm just glad you have some free time to put out quality content every now and then. Thank you.

  • R H
    R H 17 hours ago

    Brownie points for Pewdiepie insertion!😎

  • MrNoodlyone
    MrNoodlyone 17 hours ago

    Windows XP was the last one to offer multiple audio outputs. Digital & analog. I miss it!!

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 17 hours ago

    I bet Matt stonie could eat 144,000 pounds of fish

  • Starr Seed
    Starr Seed 18 hours ago

    “...Not a hundred gummi vitamins for breakfast.”

  • Mark Hudkins
    Mark Hudkins 18 hours ago

    Darwin approves

  • Michael Giblock
    Michael Giblock 18 hours ago

    Doctor/Engineer/Therapist Chubbyemu!

  • Stalemate One
    Stalemate One 18 hours ago

    If that boy had parents or guardians who were supposed to be looking after him then those parents or guardians should be charged with criminal negligence for not feeding him properly.

  • sans flowey
    sans flowey 18 hours ago

    is he alive?

  • TTV. 10optical1
    TTV. 10optical1 18 hours ago

    0:41 same dude welcome to the club

  • Michael Giblock
    Michael Giblock 18 hours ago

    I'm doing an EET degree which is an associates degree and I'm 26. I'm doing well but I'm still in fear that it won't work out or maybe it's not for me. I do enjoy it though, but a part of me thinks I'm doing it so I can at least have some standard of living and not because it's my passion. Is that such a bad thing though? Anxiety is a bitch anyway, I get in my own way a lot of the time. Doing this program was my idea, and my GPA is higher than when I tried any other program and I'm proud of that.

  • catzanddogz
    catzanddogz 18 hours ago

    Eggs are now pasteurized. Enjoy your raw cookie dough.

  • YuDaBest
    YuDaBest 19 hours ago

    a boy only ate eyes for 10 years.this is what happened to his chips & french fries. anyhow i love the pewdiepie and tuber simulator entry on the vid lol

  • Probably Crazy
    Probably Crazy 19 hours ago

    A lesson I learned the hard way after being raised on dreams and fairytales.

  • Marble Woolf
    Marble Woolf 19 hours ago

    I mean...... natural selection, am I right?

  • beveledeggs
    beveledeggs 19 hours ago

    why is this video so hilariously dramatic

  • Purple Potato
    Purple Potato 19 hours ago

    Skin: Grows skin cancer Farmer:" It's probably cancer. No hospital necessary "

  • The Red Rogue
    The Red Rogue 19 hours ago

    How many vitamins did you by for this video.

  • Jinx
    Jinx 19 hours ago

    So, the cookies gave her aids?