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  • April Swink
    April Swink Minute ago


  • Kay d
    Kay d 13 minutes ago

    Boogie woogie

  • Heather Clearfield
    Heather Clearfield 40 minutes ago

    Eryn forsure won but also tyler did good too 🙃

  • Ashelyy Walters
    Ashelyy Walters Hour ago

    Eryn is definitely the winner in my opinion but Tyler did try and they obviously had fun doing it lol

  • April Lynne
    April Lynne Hour ago


  • Meghan Senn
    Meghan Senn Hour ago

    Eryn! Sorry Ty that wing is roughhhh! Lol Eryn murdered her wing!

  • Alicia Mogilinski

    Eryn 100%

  • Paula Pendarvis
    Paula Pendarvis Hour ago


  • Kelci Adgate
    Kelci Adgate Hour ago

    Love your videos! I’m a new subscriber and rarely wear makeup so this video is exactly what I need

  • Sapphire Jenkins

    Tyler’s eyeshadow is better. Everything else Eryn did better

  • Lynn Salyer
    Lynn Salyer 2 hours ago


  • Aaralynn Blackwell
    Aaralynn Blackwell 2 hours ago


  • Leslie Aussem
    Leslie Aussem 2 hours ago

    Too the family...all together now! xoxo. awe poor Tyler...hahahaaaa..Eryn has it!

  • Am Y
    Am Y 2 hours ago

    I love the vibe that you two have❤️

  • Brittney S
    Brittney S 2 hours ago

    Love this video.. so pure. I think its gotta go to Eryn tho :)

  • Sassa Gaki
    Sassa Gaki 2 hours ago

    Would you review Tati's pallet?

  • Skincare Collector
    Skincare Collector 2 hours ago

    so much awareness out there, love and respect ur family share.

  • Ashley Lovins
    Ashley Lovins 3 hours ago


  • Caterina Maria Antea Rossi

    Don't know why but the eyes give me a Sandra Bullock vibe

  • hafsah wadie
    hafsah wadie 3 hours ago


  • shelby outler
    shelby outler 3 hours ago


  • Haley Bear
    Haley Bear 3 hours ago

    Eryn won 100% hands down, but nice try Ty

  • Ruthie Ragin
    Ruthie Ragin 3 hours ago


  • Kamilla Kristinsdóttir


  • K B
    K B 4 hours ago

    Lol Eryn

  • Marija xxx
    Marija xxx 4 hours ago

    Props for going through all of it, but god that is an exhausting amount of clothes for one. It's so much it low key stresses me out. A tip would be to not have so much storage space, the more you have the more you will fill it up

  • Cat V
    Cat V 4 hours ago


  • chantel george
    chantel george 4 hours ago

    Love the makeup

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 4 hours ago

    Ty cracks me up😂

  • Rosegold Ahmed
    Rosegold Ahmed 5 hours ago


  • Ivanna Perez
    Ivanna Perez 5 hours ago

    Erin is literally so beautiful oh my god??

  • KattBosio
    KattBosio 5 hours ago

    ERYN :)

  • Sivan Steyn
    Sivan Steyn 5 hours ago


  • Imaah Xo
    Imaah Xo 6 hours ago

    Boo is so cute 😝😝😝

  • Nikki F
    Nikki F 7 hours ago

    I like Eryns! :)

  • Sarah Phases
    Sarah Phases 7 hours ago

    That’s such a mix of fun and overwhelming.

  • The Leopard Lady
    The Leopard Lady 7 hours ago

    Aaron (sorry i spelt it wrong) won this 😂 Sorry T Sorry Laura face 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 xoxox

  • Watch
    Watch 7 hours ago

    The make-up industry is so saturated...

  • Charlotte Secker
    Charlotte Secker 8 hours ago

    Please that would be amazing to win 💛🐈

  • Bianca Reynolds
    Bianca Reynolds 8 hours ago

    Eryn ❤ Such a happy family x

  • Carrol Hathcock
    Carrol Hathcock 9 hours ago


  • sam robson
    sam robson 9 hours ago

    pick me

  • Ivana Georgieva
    Ivana Georgieva 10 hours ago


  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 10 hours ago

    One in a million... er, 5 in a million... Either way, I'd DIE if I ever actually won!! This would be a dream come true, for sure!!! Holy guacamole guys!!! Hehehe Ig @mel_marie22

  • Christine E
    Christine E 10 hours ago

    ERYN..Omg they were so rough on u!! Ur face must have been sore 😨

  • Quincey Rae
    Quincey Rae 10 hours ago

    Gurl...your hurrrr! You wear it well. Love it!

  • Kylie Hollitt
    Kylie Hollitt 10 hours ago

    i really hope i win because i dont have much makeup love you laura

  • Brittany Scherze
    Brittany Scherze 10 hours ago

    wtf was that after she said " cant wait" in the beginning of the video it was like a creepy laugh lmao she looked and sounded so fucking funny omg!!!! love it!

  • Sarah Massey
    Sarah Massey 11 hours ago

    I feel like you could of built a huge fort with all those boxes of makeup. 😆⛺️✨

  • Dream Morris
    Dream Morris 11 hours ago

    I need a make up closet

  • Dream Morris
    Dream Morris 11 hours ago

    Love this

  • sarah cisco
    sarah cisco 11 hours ago

    If I could have seen this when I was twelve the I m p a c t man. Thank you so much for sharing you and your families story, finally hearing someone that went through the same things I did is so powerful, truly beyond words. I always felt so isolated and alone in my childhood experience. Thank you so much for making this and using your platform for good.

  • Tori Sharpe
    Tori Sharpe 11 hours ago

    Whyyyyyyyyy are they being so rough on your face 😂😂

  • Ana Mondragon
    Ana Mondragon 11 hours ago

    Omg ... this is the cutest ever!!!! Although I love Eryn's side I vote for TYLER!

  • Penelope 12
    Penelope 12 11 hours ago


  • FunFishie
    FunFishie 11 hours ago

    Tyler is so tolerant of the unruly teenager

  • Emily Caudillo
    Emily Caudillo 11 hours ago


  • Ena Karčić
    Ena Karčić 12 hours ago


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 12 hours ago


  • Suzy Verkade
    Suzy Verkade 12 hours ago

    Outstanding Bravo Perfection Love it Love ya lots Love your cats toooo Xxxxx Awesome!!!!

  • Amanda Persaud
    Amanda Persaud 12 hours ago

    Literally Eryn won

  • Mela Boneau
    Mela Boneau 12 hours ago

    I don't have any make up, i need😭

  • Welch Zafira
    Welch Zafira 12 hours ago


  • Eligia Marteliz
    Eligia Marteliz 12 hours ago

    How come you don’t show your eye pallet? I’ve watched you for a while now and I would love 💗 to see it. I know you have it it’s in your give away box it was lite pink. Love ❤️ you an manny together oh n Erin she’s to cute.

  • Lily Zamora-Smith
    Lily Zamora-Smith 12 hours ago


  • Kemberly Jaquez
    Kemberly Jaquez 13 hours ago

    Eryn totally won!!! Lol

  • Kat Rabbitt
    Kat Rabbitt 13 hours ago


  • Clair Hambridge
    Clair Hambridge 13 hours ago

    You both did really well but my vote goes to Eryn, love you Laura

  • Mandy Summers
    Mandy Summers 13 hours ago

    So sweet 😍

  • makayla poulsen
    makayla poulsen 13 hours ago

    Eryn won

  • Ivette Padilla
    Ivette Padilla 13 hours ago

    Eryn side... 🥰

  • Lindsey Serpe
    Lindsey Serpe 13 hours ago

    Love that you are such a share bear with all of your swag!

  • Cameo Daphanee
    Cameo Daphanee 13 hours ago


  • Kayla Romans
    Kayla Romans 14 hours ago

    @ 18:18 She definitely said she is gonna murder him haha 😂😂😂 Eryn definitely won but Ty did pretty good for someone who doesn't do makeup 🤷🏽‍♀️


    How to blindfold a Chinese, cover their eyes with floss LOL!

  • Katrina Bell-Forman
    Katrina Bell-Forman 14 hours ago

    Eryn won but honestly Tys side looks like how I do my makeup so I’m not hating on it cause I feel personally attacked 😂

  • Nicole Burton
    Nicole Burton 14 hours ago


  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 14 hours ago

    Laura just needs a bright pink lip and she’ll be back in the 90’s

  • Ginny Miller
    Ginny Miller 14 hours ago


  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 14 hours ago

    I use that bronzer/contour palette and I’ve never had trouble with it being patchy. I feel like it’s the concealer

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 14 hours ago

    Gotta say, I never have flashback with the Elf powder and the other ones that have really fine silky powder

  • Tori Williamson
    Tori Williamson 14 hours ago

    Eryns side was prettier, but Tyler put in work. Lol.

  • Amy Fisher
    Amy Fisher 14 hours ago

    I vote Eryn for the final product but Ty did amazing and I love that he participated in the challenge all together! Cute little family!

  • Heather Waterman
    Heather Waterman 14 hours ago

    Eryn for me. Ty did good but Eryns eye looks good!

  • Dina Goldstein
    Dina Goldstein 14 hours ago

    Eryn defin ☺️. But Tyler’s effort was good

  • Emily Loftin
    Emily Loftin 14 hours ago

    Eryn’s side!

  • AnMaPa
    AnMaPa 14 hours ago

    Eryn! I love her eyeshadow!

  • Brandi Downs
    Brandi Downs 14 hours ago

    eryn side

  • Amber Fazzino
    Amber Fazzino 14 hours ago

    Eryn....but ty was a good sport 💜

  • lou lou
    lou lou 14 hours ago


  • Brooke Weiser
    Brooke Weiser 14 hours ago

    I vote Eryn

  • missmayhem_ x0x
    missmayhem_ x0x 14 hours ago

    When Tyler said pizza rolls I jumped so high because right before I started watching this video my husband put pizza rolls in the toaster oven and we both forgot. Lol thank God for the timer, they didn't burn 😂

  • Tammy Henry
    Tammy Henry 14 hours ago

    Highlighter and eyeshadow.. yes

  • typxraerae Edit
    typxraerae Edit 14 hours ago

    plzz i don’t have that much make up

  • Shanaynay
    Shanaynay 15 hours ago


  • Kayden Ballram
    Kayden Ballram 15 hours ago

    I enjoyed this video. I think Eryn won and Tyler won with being funny . You should do more videos like this❣️

  • Kitcat the cat
    Kitcat the cat 15 hours ago


  • Ashley Cox
    Ashley Cox 15 hours ago

    Eryn!!!! Loved the video tfs love you Laura

  • Megan Unger
    Megan Unger 15 hours ago

    Eryn1 Sorry Tyler! lol

  • Alexandria Jade
    Alexandria Jade 15 hours ago

    Eryn... killed it 💖