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  • GamerSquid tv
    GamerSquid tv 11 minutes ago

    Where does he enter from? Look at where the men are standing and where big daddy is first seen.

  • Andrew Mark
    Andrew Mark 15 minutes ago

    Weird I thought Nicole was only going to be in like one scene, but it seems like she's the lead in this trailer!

  • Sabrina H
    Sabrina H 25 minutes ago

    the clothing in this movie is a joke xD

  • justin pierce
    justin pierce 48 minutes ago

    Kinda gay looking

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson Hour ago

    Stallone is still the man!!! May God Bless him

  • Drake & Marsh Wølf Studios

    One of the best animal movies

  • jake poh
    jake poh Hour ago

    Jenifer lawrence can be abombshell in this movie too

  • Isabella Lupescu

    *only watches this movie for 2 seconds of kate mckinnon*

  • Adam Brennan
    Adam Brennan Hour ago

    Pearl Harbor was attack bait, not an intelligence failure The “real heroes of WWII”... would be the Soviets, if we have to pick...

  • Gordon Anderson
    Gordon Anderson 2 hours ago

    I was told (first by a rich uncle) that "You have to do it at least once, so we know we can trust you.' Unwilling and unable to "do it" and we all know what men mean by this, {if you do not... rich men told me i had to suk their peni or I would be killed} i saw all my work destroyed and have lived in a van for most of my adult life, YES down by the river!

  • Zaim Hazmin
    Zaim Hazmin 2 hours ago


  • Slindokuhle Comfort
    Slindokuhle Comfort 2 hours ago

    “We’ll grow old and we’ll never be alone” ❤️❤️❤️

  • Francisco cantu
    Francisco cantu 2 hours ago

    I suppose this is to get me to stop watching Fox, good thing I only watch OAN.

  • Dude Anything2
    Dude Anything2 3 hours ago

    Cgi on this looks so good

  • bigblocklawyer
    bigblocklawyer 3 hours ago

    Annndddd.....they'll find some way to tie this to Trump, man bad.

  • Fatih Cinoğlu
    Fatih Cinoğlu 3 hours ago

    Real devil is come back hahhahaha👹👹👹

  • synthystation
    synthystation 3 hours ago

    That ain't no Charlton Heston

  • Otilia Rodriguez
    Otilia Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    This will be the evil haters movie. Completely political. DO NOT WATCH IT!!!

  • Otilia Rodriguez
    Otilia Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    This will be the evil haters movie. Completely political. DO NOT WATCH IT!!!

  • Otilia Rodriguez
    Otilia Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    This will be the evil haters movie. Completely political. DO NOT WATCH IT!!!

  • Otilia Rodriguez
    Otilia Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    This will be the evil haters movie. Completely political. DO NOT WATCH IT!!!

  • Bill Huber
    Bill Huber 4 hours ago

    I pray They won't preach pc crap at us. I'm a naval historian I don't want love triangles , she

  • Pain Kyller
    Pain Kyller 4 hours ago

    When is the Matt Lauer NBC movie coming out?

  • Jon Copeland
    Jon Copeland 4 hours ago

    At least we have CNN to keep us fair and balanced. Thank you Hollywood for having such a high moral standards. Your virtue is so apparent.

  • Iftikhar Hussain
    Iftikhar Hussain 4 hours ago

    only for tron and jamie❤

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 4 hours ago

    Why make a movie about this? Can anyone write an original story in Hollywood?

  • Luzz The ultimate
    Luzz The ultimate 5 hours ago

    randomly found this because i typed wrong randomly into google

  • Dollywood Films
    Dollywood Films 5 hours ago


  • Красивая музыка

    Фильм называться век адалин-кто смотрел? Хороший фильм ?можно посмотреть????

  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown 5 hours ago

    Oh, look, more pro-feminist crap, and featuring Margot Robbie and Charlize Theron! I don't care if it talking ill about Faux News, this is going to be trash. Also, am I the only one who recognized Charlize Theron's smug face through all that 'great' makeup?

  • Patricia Wolford
    Patricia Wolford 5 hours ago

    People, both men and women, who want to work in Hollywood...and today's journalism...will do ANYTHING to be in front of the camera. They're all basically prostitutes....and same goes for what we see coming out of Hollywood and mainstream media news. That's not exclusive to Fox News, folks. Products coming out of Hollywood are unabashedly anti-Conservative. Viewers will watch and praise this film because of the big name actors, but the underlying message is that Fox News viewers are ignorant. I too have been dismayed at all the blond pretty girls parroting their news on Fox, but that has and is changing. Perhaps it took Gretchen Carlson to take a stand, and bravo for her. That said, the kinds of sexual abuse in the likes of NBC News will never see the light of day in a Hollywood expose' because NBC is protected by Leftists.

  • Zamokuhle Tshabalala

    Lionsgate makes me wonder, when will Miraculous comes out ???

  • FUN COMICS official
    FUN COMICS official 5 hours ago

    1:11 That car on the background is from Mafia 2 LOL

  • Kevarimopo
    Kevarimopo 6 hours ago

    Didn't know that Brian from family guy sang for this teaser. 😂

  • N0G8
    N0G8 6 hours ago

    0-3-5 OMG they got us

  • irock2403
    irock2403 6 hours ago

    1:57 to 2:02.... Six seconds of Goddess Magickkk

  • R
    R 7 hours ago

    Is it me or does Charlize look diff in her face? Does she have prostetics on?

  • Loay Fraih
    Loay Fraih 7 hours ago

    Mel Gibson is one of my all time favorite actors and stars evere

  • rose mary
    rose mary 7 hours ago

    This trailer is better than the other released.

  • Amey Desai
    Amey Desai 7 hours ago

    This is going to "bomb" at the box office

    • Armando Garza
      Armando Garza 4 hours ago

      The will shell out loads of cash to promote this movie only to bomb the box office. You are correct, sir.

  • Hrittik Azad
    Hrittik Azad 8 hours ago


  • PS
    PS 9 hours ago

    ew why the billie eyelash song

    KANTUNAN VIDEO 9 hours ago

    Same concept as IN THE TALL GRASS

  • Mi4H786
    Mi4H786 10 hours ago

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  • Dreizehn Schwarzschild

    A Nicole Kidman tá diferente..

  • Susan Ananda
    Susan Ananda 10 hours ago

    Do Japanese like this movie?

  • Dan McG
    Dan McG 10 hours ago

    This looks great... and the makeup on Lithgow is insanely good

  • Artur Shahbi
    Artur Shahbi 10 hours ago

    Sheep timmy so cuuuute for smiling and small mini animal

  • Randy Clendenin
    Randy Clendenin 11 hours ago

    This sounds as it'll be a "great whodunnit"!! If a film can keep their viewers thinking, they'll do all-but if the make it too hard to follow (to the many that can't think) it'll shut them out!! Mouse Trap was one of the better ones I've seen to date. Good luck - take care, "God Bless", sincerely Randy .🤔👍👍✔🙏😇👊

  • John Bell
    John Bell 11 hours ago

    ......just Charlize, and 2 other women! ( I know who they are)

  • Shella Saleha
    Shella Saleha 12 hours ago

    Please season 2 😭😭

  • Lorrie
    Lorrie 12 hours ago

    This casting is too perfect

  • rambo rambo
    rambo rambo 12 hours ago

    good film

  • Lest uforget
    Lest uforget 12 hours ago

    Margot WHY U SO SEXY!!!!????

  • chris
    chris 12 hours ago

    i thought this was a hulu ad

  • Arianna Hester
    Arianna Hester 12 hours ago

    I’m honestly truly confused by this movie trailer. Love the actresses though.

  • Rei Enriquez
    Rei Enriquez 12 hours ago

    When good morning show is about to air soon.

  • ZombieZifiction
    ZombieZifiction 12 hours ago

    LOL this garbage is so cringe...

  • Zrycc
    Zrycc 13 hours ago

    Got the book at my library bec I'd watched the movie, recognized the girl on the cover(bec it's the cover from the movie) as Madison from AHS, came to watch the trailer, recognized the girl more, looked it up, was right. *_do I get $100 now for recognizing actors and actresses so fast?_*

  • n trainer
    n trainer 13 hours ago

    This movie looks like a juicy bit of fun, but it's just a movie, and certainly not factual. Rape and sexual abuse are serious matters, and shouldn't be confused with inappropriate/rude comments in the workplace. Everywhere I've worked, there have been people (men and women) who have said something offensive or inappropriate. An adult either lets it go, or tells them to knock it off - but they should't use it for financial gain, power, or to destroy a person's life. Real life is messy, and people (men and women) can be pretty rude at times. but not everything warrants litigation. But today, we want to police every comment, action, or offence. The women portrayed here (Kelly and Carlson) are not heroes. To many, they are traitors to the man that made them a (very wealthy) stars. They are smart, powerful women who knew what they were doing when they signed up for Fox news. Also, Margo's character is 100% fictional.

  • sledge hammer
    sledge hammer 13 hours ago

    "If we lose the Japanese own the west coast, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles" I could never be that cruel or hate the Japanese that much to allow them to suffer like that! Now we're stuck with it.

  • 💲🎲♦️Sly Cooper♣️💲🎲$

    Fun fact: Khampa was done by the same actor who done J. Jonah Jamison (J.K Simons) in the Amazing Spider-Man Toney Maguire

  • Hans Landa
    Hans Landa 13 hours ago

    I love this trailer. Before John Wick, we had John Rambo.

  • Junior Santiago
    Junior Santiago 14 hours ago

    not enough boobs or booty...not interested

  • n trainer
    n trainer 14 hours ago

    1:45 Kimberly Guilfoyle lol!

  • LClassic15
    LClassic15 14 hours ago

    Best Picture winner....for 1 minute

  • ThatBaldDoc
    ThatBaldDoc 14 hours ago

    Charlize's side eye alone can win her an Oscar.

  • Fallen Fred
    Fallen Fred 14 hours ago


  • CitizenSlyder
    CitizenSlyder 14 hours ago

    Spoiler alert. We win

  • Yasir Baig
    Yasir Baig 14 hours ago

    looks like a generic historical action movie with bad CGI and possibly even a worse dialogue.

  • PrisonbreakSPNheroes
    PrisonbreakSPNheroes 15 hours ago

    Why is there like a 1% comment rate on Jamie Lee Curtis? I am not here just for Evans... I am here for both Evans and Curtis. Forget that dumb ass Craig.

  • Eligia Marteliz
    Eligia Marteliz 15 hours ago

    Oh yesssssssss

  • aryan sharma
    aryan sharma 15 hours ago

    Why this movie is A rated

  • Amrkan Lover
    Amrkan Lover 15 hours ago

    What a POS movie...Figures the left has to make MOVIEs (you know they are fake right?) to try and make a propaganda point - apparently crappy ones at that. Jesus how much did CNN pay for this one?

    • ZombieZifiction
      ZombieZifiction 12 hours ago

      "minorities are criminals"... it's so in your face it's actually kind of pathetic.

  • Josh Vainstein
    Josh Vainstein 16 hours ago

    The dad dies

    GIZMO RADOS 16 hours ago

    All kiss scene in this trailer

  • KekAleKa High
    KekAleKa High 16 hours ago

    Is that the same Charlize Theron that's raising a adopted African boy as a girl and is mad she cant find a husband?

  • Liv Playzz
    Liv Playzz 16 hours ago

    How do you spell the guys last name at 1:05 ?!? My last name is pronounced the same but it's spelled Ayles

  • Travis Tynsky
    Travis Tynsky 16 hours ago


  • KekAleKa High
    KekAleKa High 16 hours ago

    Actresses who were asked who wants to TRY to cash in and virtue signal? They responded Me too.

  • That Guy You Know
    That Guy You Know 16 hours ago

    No, thanks, I'll pass.

  • GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

    Arrow + Assassin's creed = this

  • ruben garcia
    ruben garcia 16 hours ago

    Looks good.

  • GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks

    What in the... ?

  • Tammy Pierce
    Tammy Pierce 17 hours ago


  • mocho 1998
    mocho 1998 17 hours ago

    0:37 badass af

  • joseph melton
    joseph melton 17 hours ago

    This looks so shitty and boring. Jesus. This is all hollywood has?

  • 0
    0 17 hours ago

    Yeeeees girls. Well done

  • Kahana Kahuna
    Kahana Kahuna 17 hours ago

    "Midway" was produced by a Chinese film company. We've even outsourced our history to China. After Spielberg's masterpiece, "Saving Private Ryan," all other war movies are lame, by comparison.

  • RandomThingsPosted
    RandomThingsPosted 17 hours ago

    CGI May look like crap in some scenes, but I would probably still watch it

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042 18 hours ago

    Fake news

  • whatever9042
    whatever9042 18 hours ago

    This was produced by CNN

  • Algy Raytama
    Algy Raytama 18 hours ago

    The Best Movieee

  • Mike Gardin
    Mike Gardin 19 hours ago

    I didn’t know this movie was in 3-D

  • Old World Radio - Boston

    Charlize Theron is very good at not looking like Charlize Theron.

  • Angie Collins
    Angie Collins 19 hours ago

    Kate Mckinnon YAY

  • Drinkwater 7
    Drinkwater 7 19 hours ago

    I think it’s about time we had a transexual Rambo. Male to female.....the baddy puts his hand down her knickers to stroke the ladies pudendum and he gets a handful of hairy cock! He’ll be so discombobulated that Rambina can easily dispatch him with her booby trapped ballbag!! Hey presto, Jane Rambo wins again.

  • jmctigret
    jmctigret 19 hours ago

    The real bombshell was Matt Lauerand NBC cover up

  • Danger Man
    Danger Man 20 hours ago

    This is so fucking Godlike!

  • Comfy icecream
    Comfy icecream 20 hours ago