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  • Jacqueline's Journey

    I remember my dad told me happy Valentine’s Day on my birthday so...

  • danelyn salimbot
    danelyn salimbot 3 hours ago

    I love you celine💚💛💙

  • Myk Hollywood
    Myk Hollywood 3 hours ago

    Pinoy pride!

  • Corrie Van
    Corrie Van 3 hours ago

    Take a look at Dr Cam's response

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward 3 hours ago

    Holy smokes, James! Straight fire

  • Noelia Fantón
    Noelia Fantón 3 hours ago

    The most dramatic carpool ever! 😄🤗

  • Igor ogI
    Igor ogI 3 hours ago

    I love Ewan

  • Gaia Perasso
    Gaia Perasso 3 hours ago

    Oh oh back again

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 3 hours ago

    Who else binge watches “ The Office “❓🤔

  • In Dreams
    In Dreams 3 hours ago

    "what do you give your dtr who is already a billionaire?" lol

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 3 hours ago

    Who else binge watches “ The Office “❓🤔

  • Majalah BEDA
    Majalah BEDA 3 hours ago


  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 3 hours ago

    Who else binge watches “ The Office “❓🤔

  • Cindy Adkins
    Cindy Adkins 3 hours ago

    James Corden is an amazingly talented man. Thank you for talking about this subject.

  • J S
    J S 3 hours ago

    just another triggered fat person trying to justify their lack of self control. is this guy living in poverty? No. Put the ice cream down. Start walking more and drinking more water. That simple.

  • Samantha Macko
    Samantha Macko 3 hours ago

    those girls can’t sing 🥴

  • YonekuniKyuhyun
    YonekuniKyuhyun 3 hours ago

    Joon, Gi, and Jimin together like we stan poly ships!!!!

  • Samantha Macko
    Samantha Macko 3 hours ago

    those girls can’t sing 🥴

  • The Army Brat Caregiver w/ Shih-Tzus

    I love the fact he says it so well. Anyone who tries to shame me, my comeback is simple: It would help if I had a thyroid and ovaries. Know where I can find good ones?

  • OneTwoThree
    OneTwoThree 3 hours ago

    Cuando harry perdio en esto estaba en el mismo puesto que ash skdjdjjd

  • Kl
    Kl 3 hours ago

    staged the house

  • BStasiya
    BStasiya 3 hours ago

    My godmother used to say "It's not evil what's goes into the mouth, it's evil that comes out."

  • Lisa Prest
    Lisa Prest 3 hours ago

    Love you, James! I adore Bill Maher but hurt he felt the need to bring this up. Evidence-Based research has shown that Genetics, among other issues, are at play. Even Gastric Bypass, radical surgery to rearrange your interior organs is not more than 50 percent successful.

  • Rose King
    Rose King 3 hours ago

    Bill Maher is not relevant anymore so he saying whatever in order to become so...

  • MissLoulouNYC
    MissLoulouNYC 3 hours ago

    Bill Maher is a bully

  • Goldie H
    Goldie H 3 hours ago

    I can’t stand Bill Maher any more. Thanks for calling him out! I used to like him, that was before I realized how misogynistic, self righteous and judgmental he is. “We don’t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day”...LMFAO!!!

  • jrfeil23
    jrfeil23 3 hours ago

    anyone who dislikes this video is fat

  • Zomburai45
    Zomburai45 3 hours ago

    "I truly believe Bill's heart is in the right place..." Oh, you sweet summer child.

  • Shree Nation
    Shree Nation 3 hours ago

    Shame is 100% wrong, but I hope people encourage others to become the best they can be. Obesity is no joke and I've struggled with it all my life.

  • Clemar Fulcott
    Clemar Fulcott 3 hours ago


  • Shaurya Pandya
    Shaurya Pandya 3 hours ago

    I'm not for indentity politics (AT ALL), however, for context, I lost about 30-40 pounds of my baby fat. And I both agree with what Maher has to say and what Corden has to say, though Maher's premise isn't a good one. His contrasts with racism and stuff aren't that good, but his points about medicare, epidemics, and better health education are, which is exactly what Corden explains here. Before, I had what, for my age was actually a reasonable diet. I didn't have much fast food, never drank, and was not overtly active. However, when I decided to lose weight, it was both an instricic and educational motivation that drove me. Information on how to get fit is more effective then just telling someone to lose weight, because it works in different ways. As it turns out, intermittent fasting really helped me, personally, and going into plant based foods and more protien with rougher exercise is what drive me down. Since I'm short, I need less calories, and since I'm a vegitarian, I need my nutrients and I need to get whole and not refined grains. However, the truth is it depends on the person. For example, even though I keep very fit, I don't have a six pack. But that's fine because I just feel better and thats what changed me. It's all about who you are- maybe you need less or more then I did, but what I can say is the education helps a lot, but it's hard to find on our own. That's a real problem we can solve

  • Aaron Hark
    Aaron Hark 3 hours ago

    Wait...I agree...but. If you are healthy and actively attempting to be healthy...Fat shaming is awful. I'm chubby and it's unhealthy. Why not take a realistic look at it.

  • Ainsley Herrington
    Ainsley Herrington 3 hours ago

    I went to his concert He's awesome !!!! I love you shawn Mendes

  • kyleigh denning
    kyleigh denning 3 hours ago

    i wonder how harry feels knowing he has the same tattoo as the guy who slept with his sister then wrote a song about it (:

  • Ezra Milos
    Ezra Milos 4 hours ago

    Fat acceptance is madness. Only women and liberal media encourage this mental illness.

  • Rebecca Suraci
    Rebecca Suraci 4 hours ago

    I can’t imagine James skinny .. he’s so damn cute how he is .. but I also want him to be happy and healthy .

  • Mid-Nite Ryders
    Mid-Nite Ryders 4 hours ago

    I once lost 90 lbs. and all I had was more energy to be depressed !!! Been overweight 57 yrs. a fat shaming doctor once apologized to me cuz my EKG was better than his . I once said to a not nice person yeah my defect is obvious and now so is yours. Amen.

  • Destiny Alexander
    Destiny Alexander 4 hours ago

    #thisishowwebingham you should show this to Madi she will love

  • Natasha Semrau
    Natasha Semrau 4 hours ago

    Thank you for speaking up for the larger sized people! I agree it is bullying. One doctor told me to get one of those stomach surgeries, and l already have chronic Chrone's. If l got one of those surgeries, l would never leave the toilet. Yes, we know we are fat. Every time l go through a small hall and tip over a shelf or something, I feel fat. I go to buy clothes, l feel fat. This culture is skinny obsessed! But l not, l am fatty fat fat! Thanks Mr. Corden for expressing your feelings!!!!

    • Natasha Semrau
      Natasha Semrau 3 hours ago

      I ment to write Crohn's, but this word box wouldn't let edit!!!!!! I do watch Maher for other reasons, like his pro pot stance. For the most part Bill is okay. Some people have good control and metabolisms, the rest of us fight to hit the ideal of modern beauty.

  • hautbois
    hautbois 4 hours ago

    If you're fat, you're more likely to die early. It's your life, it's your choice, but there is no need to celebrate fat people.

  • Nazish Iftiaz
    Nazish Iftiaz 4 hours ago

    It sucks to have asthma while watching this 😂 my chest is hurting now 😂😂

  • Gurpreet Gill
    Gurpreet Gill 4 hours ago

    Bill is right

  • Jennifer Chevalier
    Jennifer Chevalier 4 hours ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏I've always liked you, and right now I absolutely love you! Thank you for being our voice!

  • Wendy B.
    Wendy B. 4 hours ago

    When you just realized Sia is Australian

    IL MOSTRO 4 hours ago

    Just stop eating processed high carbohydrate, high sugar foods. It’s not always your fault, the big food corporations have put billions into figuring out how to get you addicted to pure crap that has nearly zero nutritional value and keeps you hungry for more and costs the companies nearly nothing to make. Stop drinking sugary drinks, cut the carbs, and avoid processed boxed or bagged fake foods. Eat real food, mostly vegetables, and avoid sugar at all costs.

  • Oli Cowley
    Oli Cowley 4 hours ago

    Eat less move more

  • Monkey Killer
    Monkey Killer 4 hours ago


  • Art Girl Abiya !!!
    Art Girl Abiya !!! 4 hours ago

    I was like holy frick those people are there for James Corden but instead THEY GET A FRICKING NCT CONCERT there are people on the side that are just clapping

  • Anna Hatori
    Anna Hatori 4 hours ago

    When trying to effect positive change with negative reinforcement. . . well I'm no mathematician but I do know a positive times a negative comes out to a negative.

  • laura begay
    laura begay 4 hours ago

    Maher the sex addict. Hes been on this bent against food addicts for years.

  • Abby Darmody
    Abby Darmody 4 hours ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed tag, HATED el royal.

  • karey lester
    karey lester 4 hours ago

    I tend to agree with Bill. Sorry. Simply cut out sugar and refined carbs and u dont even have to move ur ass. fat will drop off.

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores 4 hours ago

    Clap back deserve some kind of award 🥇

  • Angelina Akhnoukh
    Angelina Akhnoukh 4 hours ago

    hawkeye has been spending too much time with thanos (I want it the back way)

  • Poetic Entanglement
    Poetic Entanglement 4 hours ago

    I absolutely adore him. 💖

  • emma marie
    emma marie 4 hours ago

    talent talent talent, when you sound THIS good live its all talent coursing through their veins

  • Linda Churchyard
    Linda Churchyard 4 hours ago


  • namjoons flower
    namjoons flower 4 hours ago

    michael had the same energy as niall when he played with 1d LMAO

  • Heyitskate Louise
    Heyitskate Louise 4 hours ago

    My family are all like December jan and feb not hard to forget when we’re all weeks apart

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 4 hours ago

    Keto man. I lost 65 lbs and I'm in the best health of my life.

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan 4 hours ago


  • SakuraSyaoranTC
    SakuraSyaoranTC 4 hours ago

    I need to know what's going on with Josh!

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown 4 hours ago

    Bill Maher is awesome. It's a show for adults on HBO. If an adult cannot handle hearing that obesity is basically the cause of most health issues in USA, then don't watch him. It's not like he's a gym teacher you have to see everyday. A doctor will tell a patient exactly the same thing and nobody blinks an eye. Would you prefer he use a mommy voice so you aren't offended? Just #revengebody him and get even. 💪😁

  • ozkan cil
    ozkan cil 4 hours ago

    Seriously. I cant again weight. And I have a friend who cant lose weight. Literally she watches what she eats. Eats less then me but for some reason she gets better nutrient I guess. It automatically changes her body. With me I have to eat really healthy for like 3 days to see any results so it really does have something to do with science.

  • MasonHP
    MasonHP 4 hours ago

    Surprised neither comedian mentioned the food industry in the US putting sugar in just about everything and causing much of the obesity epidemic in the US.

  • mama soomaali
    mama soomaali 4 hours ago

    I thanks for telling the truth

  • ItchyRebecca Cortez
    ItchyRebecca Cortez 4 hours ago

    I came back to watch this but like was it me or did V get rejected by a high five?😭 @ 4:30

  • Keith wright
    Keith wright 4 hours ago

    Clips out of context. Watch the whole rant and see if you don't agree with him.

  • Susan Brown Peck
    Susan Brown Peck 4 hours ago

    Amen James! So very well said.

  • Marie Armstrong
    Marie Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Shame on you Bill for getting laughs from stupid people in your audience. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By insulting heavy set people. Are you that desperate for ratings.

  • Wendy B.
    Wendy B. 4 hours ago

    I swear the ending song sounded like Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson

  • christine lockhart
    christine lockhart 4 hours ago

    love caedi b😊😘

  • K Lockhart
    K Lockhart 4 hours ago

    James, your emotional intelligence gets me every time.

  • Carolyn's RV Life
    Carolyn's RV Life 4 hours ago

    yes. I love Bill Mahr but he was so wrong on this one. You nailed it; if shaming worked we'd all be toothpicks. Thank you for speaking our truth!

  • Claudia Villatoro
    Claudia Villatoro 4 hours ago

    Love MATA!

  • Tom Carrol
    Tom Carrol 4 hours ago

    I like bill maher more every day

  • random guy
    random guy 4 hours ago

    the behive is about to attack this video

  • Youssef Hegazy
    Youssef Hegazy 4 hours ago

    Bill Maher talks about how fat people are lazy, yet his show only comes once a week, and he takes months and months off every year, he doesn't even have the work ethic !!!

  • Maria Velasquez
    Maria Velasquez 4 hours ago

    Love you James... tell it like it is!!

  • Igor ogI
    Igor ogI 4 hours ago

    He’s hot as hell

  • Awesomeness Sauce
    Awesomeness Sauce 4 hours ago

    Bo: BODY TEMPATURE- C also bo: DaMn iT. Even though he isn't a comedian anymore- he Is still so damn funny😂😂😂

  • kprince007
    kprince007 4 hours ago

    She should have dropped the shoes instead of the necklace. XD

  • joe2grand
    joe2grand 4 hours ago

    James Corden isnt funny- Thats why he left the UK- Plus he is mad at Maher because he is fat

  • Edison Deocampo
    Edison Deocampo 4 hours ago

    So talentedddddd

  • Ricky Williams
    Ricky Williams 4 hours ago

    Believe Me I Can See A Dick!!! 😂

  • garrett decker
    garrett decker 4 hours ago

    Most cases of fatness is caused by bad eating habits. Shouldn't shame anyone for how they look, but that doesn't mean it should be encouraged, either.

  • Burn Bobquist
    Burn Bobquist 4 hours ago

    Yeah depression or a feeling of lonelyness is a huge factor. I was always a slim kid, right until i got 10 or 11 i think... back then the bullying in school startet, not because of my weight (i was slim), but because i was taller than everyone, yeah i got bullied because i was tall. And yeah, back then i started eating and drinking unhealthy food and 20 years later iam still overweight. I would not say iam fat, because iam actually not really fat, but iam overweight and it sucks, because in my every day life people make fun of it. The worst part for me is, that i always get drawn back into a spiral of negativity. Last year my girlfriend was diagnosed with a heavy depression which led to a lot of conflicts in our relationship, so again, i started eating more and unhealthy food. She is getting better these days and i lose some pounds which is nice, but as James said pretty fitting: you have good days, sometimes even weeks and then something shitty happens and you have a really bad month. :(

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 4 hours ago

    Thank you, James! Some people need reminding that if we could all be of average weight as easily as he says, we would all be there. But, it's not that easy.

  • Guahan813
    Guahan813 4 hours ago

    Do that next to Disneyland

  • Mal Bertha
    Mal Bertha 4 hours ago

    Noah, Caleb Gaten and James CAN DEFINITELY SING WELL BRAVO

  • Derek Requiem
    Derek Requiem 4 hours ago

    Harry was 4th on the left and he got inked. Ashton was 4th on the left and he got inked. Game is rigged confirmed.

  • Burak Uzun
    Burak Uzun 4 hours ago

    MrBeast has the biggest purchase in walmart history!!!!

  • Robert Greer
    Robert Greer 4 hours ago

    Bill Maher has always, always been an arrogant prick w/a superiority complex. Why people continue to reinforce his bs is beyond me.

  • Kay_ Ck
    Kay_ Ck 4 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, I laughed, teared up and got just as excited as Sam Smith. I love how Sam and James are around each other. Favorite episode

  • Marelyn Valerramos
    Marelyn Valerramos 4 hours ago

    J-HOPE IS MEEEEEEE when I found out that my friends actually got bf before 😂😂😂

  • Carl Edwards
    Carl Edwards 4 hours ago

    amen brother.

  • Marelyn Valerramos
    Marelyn Valerramos 4 hours ago

    Rm: "well they r the most cowards in our group so... " Jin *OH CMON CMON I'M NOT AFRAID U KNOW!*

  • Mafer
    Mafer 4 hours ago

    Why am I crying? I just want to go give James a hug and say thanks

  • MUYFA East bay
    MUYFA East bay 4 hours ago

    Thank you for this Bill is a Republican at this point