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  • Dolan Blah
    Dolan Blah Minute ago


  • Dolan Blah
    Dolan Blah 2 minutes ago

    No one: Niall: Tick

  • Shelby
    Shelby 3 minutes ago

    omg i love sing i didn’t know he voiced gunther

  • rose cohen
    rose cohen 3 minutes ago

    Wait, so he doesnt have two left feet?

  • SoundsGuud.
    SoundsGuud. 3 minutes ago

    Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy? Woahhh

  • Jayson Black
    Jayson Black 4 minutes ago

    I’d be willing to bet that Buttercup the unicorn framed Andy’s father for a crime and had him sent to prison.

  • Daniele Goncalves
    Daniele Goncalves 4 minutes ago

    I love you Justin bieber.beautiful.CAT😍😻😘

  • Malle
    Malle 4 minutes ago

    hmm...she is aging fast....

  • Jurassicgamer
    Jurassicgamer 5 minutes ago

    But Bear Gryills show is also not realistic for the most part

  • Dolan Blah
    Dolan Blah 5 minutes ago

    I used to live in Dublin lmao

  • steam-engines o tool
    steam-engines o tool 6 minutes ago

    Georgia !Sucks

  • Sage A. Clifton
    Sage A. Clifton 6 minutes ago

    Probably not the best person to do this.. He has been filmed lying about being in the wilderness. If being in a hotel for a week counts as survival, then why? What's the point. 😅😂

  • Daris Smith
    Daris Smith 6 minutes ago


  • NaturallyNik
    NaturallyNik 6 minutes ago

    I love her!!!

  • S_a_a_d_y
    S_a_a_d_y 11 minutes ago

    Billie at 16 making millions of dollars and my brother at 16 slapping me for no reason

  • Anna Springl
    Anna Springl 12 minutes ago

    4:57: "I know now that we are absolutely insane!" ... SHoulD'vE taKeN tHe *SANITY FAIR* qUIz I'm sorry

  • ailish086
    ailish086 12 minutes ago

    I'd use flute as a silly person. Maybe its a regional thing!

  • Sister Shook
    Sister Shook 12 minutes ago

    this should be called niall laughing at a bunch of words instead

  • Minimojojoy
    Minimojojoy 13 minutes ago

    Oh Bear, why don’t I believe you spent more than 10mins in that camel carcass...? 🤔

  • Adam
    Adam 15 minutes ago

    This is toronto slang not canadian

  • Leandro morel
    Leandro morel 18 minutes ago

    Kobe's bent at italian.

  • Sophie Caroline
    Sophie Caroline 19 minutes ago

    Love that Niall Horan is shining world wide recognition to us culchies 😭😭😭

  • Abnwil
    Abnwil 20 minutes ago

    WWE is fake

  • Ricardo Marquez
    Ricardo Marquez 22 minutes ago

    H E R O

  • William Stanley
    William Stanley 22 minutes ago

    This dude directed Road Trip. How?

  • Rebecca C
    Rebecca C 23 minutes ago

    I have no words...Jessica Lange, Angela Basset and Meryl Streep are probably the most iconic actresses of our time and my personal favorites. This interview was gold

  • Maxie Pattie
    Maxie Pattie 24 minutes ago

    Twist, George Carlin is GOD

  • Sofia Bell
    Sofia Bell 26 minutes ago

    He looks like Nick in real life

  • Katie Guevara Sánchez
    Katie Guevara Sánchez 26 minutes ago

    Who is here after shay had her baby

  • Maggie Flanders
    Maggie Flanders 27 minutes ago

    Nialls American accent sounds like Cody ko

  • Piotr Chylarecki
    Piotr Chylarecki 29 minutes ago

    Real life and virtual life + clock, nice concept!

  • shatteryib
    shatteryib 32 minutes ago

    Just end every word that ends with 'r' with 'ah' and say wicked alot and you're good

  • Emma Heffernan
    Emma Heffernan 36 minutes ago

    When he does the Dublin accent 😂😂😂

  • Little mix ayy
    Little mix ayy 39 minutes ago

    I love how he laughed at literally every slang, haha!

  • Jake Greenway
    Jake Greenway 40 minutes ago

    do all irish people wear their shirt backwards for interviews?

  • Daisy Barrón
    Daisy Barrón 42 minutes ago

    1:30 does...does he have his tank on backwards? Is that a tag I see or.......

  • Alisha Harji
    Alisha Harji 42 minutes ago

    He sounds like Harry styles

  • TheReal BK
    TheReal BK 44 minutes ago

    2:32 wiz khalifa said biggie is a better rap artist than pac and said that mumble rap is a Good direction for hip hop 🤦‍♂️ i can say all that in 2 words " wiz khalifa " - "high"

  • Bob sponge
    Bob sponge 45 minutes ago

    This is how many people liked Mark Cuban before they found out he liked trump 👇🏽

  • Dennis Szadeczky
    Dennis Szadeczky 48 minutes ago

    Even his voice is a music

  • maggie198333
    maggie198333 50 minutes ago

    If you watch Seth Roger videos long enough, you start laughing like him.

  • Emilie Corriveau-Plaziac
    Emilie Corriveau-Plaziac 50 minutes ago

    Omg when he spoke was just weird hearing him say that but that was a good accent..

  • Kiera Scarlett
    Kiera Scarlett 56 minutes ago

    I’ve used so many of these without knowing it was Irish slang ... so many are just in my vocab

  • The Band
    The Band 56 minutes ago

    Kill the bottle 5:48 wtf is he talking about 😂

  • Polly7767
    Polly7767 56 minutes ago

    I actually love being Irish haha 😂

  • Aoibheann Gough
    Aoibheann Gough 57 minutes ago

    lol I'm irish and I don't know half of these 😂

  • Shreyas Bharadwaj
    Shreyas Bharadwaj 58 minutes ago

    Kannadati teaching Hindi :P

  • sweetthan73
    sweetthan73 58 minutes ago

    They showed the scene with the cow in Twister, but didn't show the scene where they stop under a bridge or tie themselves to the posts on a fence? The latter I'm sure everyone knows isn't going to turn out that way, but the former? People still think it's a good idea to take shelter in their car under bridges and the like in order to avoid tornadoes. It's not a good idea. At all. Not even a little bit. The ones who do survive are the exceptions, not the rule. They got lucky and that's all there is to it.

  • Gloryboi
    Gloryboi Hour ago

    Finally some Canadian slang video I actually understand. Much less embarrassing than all these “Darts” and “Ehs” that I saw before.

  • pea bee
    pea bee Hour ago

    They dont give Barbara the respect she deserves. Let her talk! Even if you dont want to listen just be respectful

  • James Palma
    James Palma Hour ago

    This made my day. Thanks Sesame Street

  • Mary Cliggett
    Mary Cliggett Hour ago

    Forever waiting for Philly slang.

  • Teagan Bauer
    Teagan Bauer Hour ago

    Ooooo. Shoopa doop 😂😂😂

  • CraftyCole09
    CraftyCole09 Hour ago

    *”Poo”* Billie Eilish 2018 But now its 2019

  • TheRobloxCherry
    TheRobloxCherry Hour ago

    This is the posh side of Britain just for the people who don't know

  • Sexy-Rexy
    Sexy-Rexy Hour ago

    "I feel like a wanker"

  • Nikki
    Nikki Hour ago

    Niall's American accent is my new favorite thing😆

  • Alo Ruíz
    Alo Ruíz Hour ago

    esto me ayudo a comprender mejor mi español :v


    i.. i wasnt looking down you were

  • Alessandro Ceo
    Alessandro Ceo Hour ago

    Kobe remember the words but completely forgot the pronunciation

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones Hour ago


  • Madelief Girl
    Madelief Girl Hour ago


  • Rasa Sagaitiene
    Rasa Sagaitiene Hour ago

    Waiting for part 3

  • Audrey
    Audrey Hour ago


  • MonsterSIP
    MonsterSIP Hour ago

    Holyshit I forgot all about ready to rumble I must have seen that movie over a thousand times those two main actors are not used enough

  • Rishxm
    Rishxm Hour ago

    Most of theses are british slang😂

  • Lalin Arsoy
    Lalin Arsoy Hour ago

    touch yourself jimmy

  • Sonya Stefan
    Sonya Stefan Hour ago

    thick can also mean you're stupid/ cant understand something

  • Bmw Forlife
    Bmw Forlife Hour ago

    Nomen est omen. Mom: "Let's name him Bear Grylls", 'cause I have this feeling he has something with animals!"

  • Arthur Sweden
    Arthur Sweden Hour ago

    ”Mysa” är ett ord inte nån slang Och vad fan har du för slang jag har aldrig hört typ hälften av dom

  • Zanwer Aga
    Zanwer Aga Hour ago

    *Touch yourself Andrew*

  • razofdead
    razofdead Hour ago

    Dont post feeling... Sad, posted

  • Tamira Anderson
    Tamira Anderson Hour ago

    whoever name is andrew is feeling someway rn 💀😭 :44

  • asafox
    asafox Hour ago

    This video ends so abruptly..

  • Lord Vayne
    Lord Vayne Hour ago

    The movie was amazing but they should have done something about the cameraman in the mirror at 3:14

  • Unpredictable TOPS

    how to read polygraph: bigger movement = bigger the lie

  • Molly Grace
    Molly Grace Hour ago

    Niall, mate, im pretty sure yer shirts on backwards there lol

  • Macy Loveridge
    Macy Loveridge Hour ago

    i cry when i eat salad

  • John Skelton
    John Skelton Hour ago

    This was one of the most peaceful and relaxing interviews I've ever watched! I could listen to her talk all day long.

  • Leon Tran
    Leon Tran Hour ago

    Random due about the be hang Bear Grylls: "First time ?"

  • ahlicake
    ahlicake Hour ago

    So basically this is just Drake slang, NOT Toronto slang. I've lived in Toronto all my life and I have literally never heard anyone use a single one of these terms.

  • Brooke Cheyenne
    Brooke Cheyenne Hour ago

    This is Toronto slang LOL

  • K Pop QT
    K Pop QT Hour ago

    I am really wondering until now, does Tiffany know what "Sachultang" means...

  • needy gumdrop
    needy gumdrop Hour ago

    ari in 2015: thank you, next! ari in 2018 & 2019: *THANK U, NEXT (NEXT) 🎵*

  • john tx
    john tx Hour ago

    Buzz kill of a video..

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious Hour ago

    He sounds exactly like George Clooney

  • skoda10
    skoda10 Hour ago

    waste of paper

  • John Connor
    John Connor Hour ago

    Michael Mando is too smooth, man

  • Giovanni Modugno

    Already thinking about what to expect in the 3rd one

  • born_sinner
    born_sinner Hour ago

    I wonder how stoked was kevin Smith when he saw stan lee reading his script

  • Imma Potato
    Imma Potato Hour ago

    He has actually got such a deep voice!

  • baila mlt
    baila mlt Hour ago

    Dontown abbey même en France on vous aime fort!!

  • Chris G
    Chris G Hour ago

    Bear Gryll should review his own survival technique. Surviving doesn't include unnecessary risks or staying in a hotel.

  • Michi
    Michi Hour ago

    Fantastic video and the Italian of Bryant is good, very good, but the "g" isn't reed with this pronunciation.

  • shooketh
    shooketh Hour ago

    why did she get so ugly

  • Rebecca Ross
    Rebecca Ross Hour ago

    For some reason, any time I see these two interviewed together, it seems like she's on a totally different level to Jimmy. I just seems like Jimmy is like, eye-rolling with everything she says about Alex as a character etc. I'm sure it's not the case but I always get that feeling.

  • Umar Rehman
    Umar Rehman Hour ago

    My manns you need to try Meatlove kbbq in LA!!! Its the best KBBQ!

  • Judy Jones
    Judy Jones Hour ago

    Love you guys!

  • PixelGuardian
    PixelGuardian Hour ago

    Watch Gingerpale’s video if you want to hear some actual Canadian slang lol

  • Roohika
    Roohika Hour ago

    is.. is his shirt .. backwards... the white one