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this is it.
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  • yang hu
    yang hu 4 hours ago

    My guy want to Costco instead of grabbing a plastic shovel grabs the one with the blade Me: Damn somebody wants to kill his friends

  • Dark Eyez
    Dark Eyez 4 hours ago

    Dude almost said what the fuck

  • Josiah Paul
    Josiah Paul 4 hours ago

    Fotnite is good

  • theog cuatro
    theog cuatro 4 hours ago


  • Cappin Hooks07
    Cappin Hooks07 4 hours ago

    12:52 made me laugh only bc the sound

  • Tara Gallegos
    Tara Gallegos 4 hours ago

    Buy your jersy

  • Dath Vindictive
    Dath Vindictive 4 hours ago

    #WEEKLYCHALLANG win a game without getting any run plays. If you win open a legendary pack. #yoboypizza.

  • VapeReviews
    VapeReviews 4 hours ago

    Y tf u throwing it so high

  • Hunter Werther
    Hunter Werther 4 hours ago

    This is dumb af

  • Ben Lopez
    Ben Lopez 4 hours ago

    Week challenge get all qb touchdowns

  • LCTRC_ Gold
    LCTRC_ Gold 4 hours ago

    You look like imdontai but white

  • angel Scott
    angel Scott 4 hours ago

    You. Week

  • seanbrasket entertainment

    #wannabe mr.beast 1,000,000 dollar challenge lol

  • yeety boi j v
    yeety boi j v 4 hours ago

    #Weeklygoal Get 2 pick 6's

  • Oregonducks 1919
    Oregonducks 1919 4 hours ago


  • Gravitixx
    Gravitixx 4 hours ago

    U guys suck

  • Tamara BeardCredle
    Tamara BeardCredle 4 hours ago

    He got a roman atwood hat

  • Joseph Haas
    Joseph Haas 4 hours ago

    Your weird pizza your the one that has the camera pointing there

  • Davin Doak
    Davin Doak 5 hours ago


  • mjae_flips
    mjae_flips 5 hours ago

    Tell the fucking guy in the stealers toque to sit his ass down, ever time the thing is thrown his ass gotta say shit like c’mon man everybody thats out isnt doing shit 🤦🏾‍♂️ - edit- not tryna be rude just saying

  • BG Invalid
    BG Invalid 5 hours ago

    The kid who invented the challenge goes to my school and my mom is his teacher

  • ThosOneGAMER S
    ThosOneGAMER S 5 hours ago

    #Weeklygoal have a total of 150+ Scrimmage Yards with your halfback

  • hellfire beast
    hellfire beast 5 hours ago

    Only score with WR

  • Abraham Ortiz
    Abraham Ortiz 5 hours ago

    Send me a NFL football

  • TheColdPack
    TheColdPack 5 hours ago

    Me watching him getting a 92 Matt Ryan later me watching his quick sell Matt Ryan Me. :(

  • Zeik
    Zeik 5 hours ago

    I played flag football at that exact football field

  • Virtual Reptile
    Virtual Reptile 5 hours ago

    #WBW why did Susie fall off the swings, because she had no arms. Knock knock, who’s there, NOT SUSIE

  • VPXking
    VPXking 5 hours ago

    “The more I get hit by heavier objects, the less brain cells you have” - yellow hoodie man 2019

  • Chicken8074 PS4
    Chicken8074 PS4 5 hours ago


  • Caleb Petitt
    Caleb Petitt 5 hours ago

    #weeklygoal win the game without calling an audible

  • ZuRG StARz
    ZuRG StARz 5 hours ago

    The CTE challenge

  • Josiah Brown
    Josiah Brown 5 hours ago

    It said speed

  • Noah The Slayer
    Noah The Slayer 5 hours ago

    Noah has two hoods on and that other dude had a hoodie and a thick Beenie which would me even more protection then two hoodies

  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero 5 hours ago

    11:51🤣😅😅 the noise

  • Jensen Mccutcheon
    Jensen Mccutcheon 5 hours ago

    #weeklygoal get more points with your kicker or punter than your starting running back

  • M E G A T H O T
    M E G A T H O T 5 hours ago

    #whiteboardcommentoftheday Antonio Brown

  • zan droidphone
    zan droidphone 5 hours ago

    100 likes pizza has to fake field goal every play

  • god talent
    god talent 5 hours ago

    “Hey guys lets Throw shit in the air and stand in a circle to see who it hits in the head” fucking morons

  • Nathan Stansfield
    Nathan Stansfield 5 hours ago

    At 4:03 was that just the worst stiff arm or taunting

  • zan droidphone
    zan droidphone 5 hours ago

    0 likes pizza quite USclip

  • Fortnite Kidd
    Fortnite Kidd 5 hours ago

    #weekly Get a 40yd td

  • Bob The Great Reee
    Bob The Great Reee 5 hours ago

    1 like and pizza buys a Julio Jones jersey

  • Samuel Beckstead
    Samuel Beckstead 5 hours ago


  • BPP
    BPP 5 hours ago

    Someone could have been hurt bad though😂😂 not sure this is worth it

  • Carson Holliday
    Carson Holliday 6 hours ago

    if you guys have been a fan of pizza for a while like me you would know that the football in the back in his cases with the marker it is sighned by patrick mahomes

  • Trey Price
    Trey Price 6 hours ago

    For 91+ pack get 91 points combined in next 4 games like so he can see this

  • Carson Battest
    Carson Battest 6 hours ago

    Vince Wilfork vs JJ WATT

  • Randomness Player
    Randomness Player 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal- Get 100 plus yards rushing and a rushing TD with Michael Vick. Like so he sees

  • Ryan M Dean
    Ryan M Dean 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal:only call pass plays the whole game

  • Pete Wray
    Pete Wray 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal: run a touchdown with Michael Vick, or run a touchdown with your fullback

  • X.spotify Fuentes
    X.spotify Fuentes 6 hours ago

    I tried it and it actually didn’t work lol hahaha

  • Dlife20
    Dlife20 6 hours ago

    Yo boy pizza get a 100+ yards kick return in a game

  • Buzos
    Buzos 6 hours ago

    This is why women lives longer then men!

  • mario depau
    mario depau 6 hours ago

    Cmon mv

  • Luke Neal
    Luke Neal 6 hours ago

    If you agree

  • Luke Neal
    Luke Neal 6 hours ago

    Get a girlfriend #WeeklyGoal

  • danny highline
    danny highline 6 hours ago

    weekly goal: win the superbowl by only run plays

  • Samuel Perez
    Samuel Perez 6 hours ago

    What is in the sky in 6:50 is that like Jesus opening a portal

  • Shadow
    Shadow 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal: you can’t kick Field goals for the hole game

  • Jakesnake105 Parker
    Jakesnake105 Parker 6 hours ago

    You should put escape artist and dashing deadeye on Andrew luck. Like so he can see.

  • Oscar Rojas
    Oscar Rojas 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal: have to go for it when its 4th down everytime. :)

  • Ray West
    Ray West 6 hours ago

    #WeeklyGoal Score a touchdown with your fullback

  • Buckin Bronco 33
    Buckin Bronco 33 6 hours ago

    Weekly Goal: win a game with kicking an onside kick and squibs for the rest of the game. Bonus pack (cough cough) the 91+ legend if you successfully recover the onside Good luck you wanted a challenge

  • Master MLG
    Master MLG 6 hours ago

    Why didn't he just run straight at the start of the vid

  • Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson 6 hours ago

    If Pete Carrol played a game of foootbal. With him being so old he would turn in to dust it he got tackled

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor 6 hours ago

    Speaking from experience this is some of the dumbest shit you could do I’ve had 8 concussions and am already feeling the consequences head blows are no joke, but this was some funny ass shit to watch and I definitely enjoyed it 😂😂😂

  • Julio Magana
    Julio Magana 6 hours ago

    You the best pizza

  • Mason Mozingo
    Mason Mozingo 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal score before the other player.

  • Tahj smith
    Tahj smith 6 hours ago

    #weekly goal strip the ball 2 times.

  • cory jochem
    cory jochem 6 hours ago

    #whiteboard jesus can walk on water Babies are 72% water I can walk on babies I am 72% jesus I am also 100% in jail

  • Roblox Gamer99
    Roblox Gamer99 6 hours ago

    did anyone get a ad when the basketball hit his head after the first elimination

    FaZe_BRODY_YT 6 hours ago

    Sub to my USclip plz

  • ItzTr1kSh0t -
    ItzTr1kSh0t - 6 hours ago

    This makes me so mad wyd is that song every utuber I no is using at 2:23 it makes me mad that in probably the last 1 to figure out the song name lol.

  • abafore
    abafore 6 hours ago

    I got a headache while watching this Like if you did to! 👇🏽

  • Tony Brooks
    Tony Brooks 6 hours ago

    When he spun his camera around I saw his room and I was like “I NEED IT” in all seriousness dope room tho

  • TRN Shots
    TRN Shots 6 hours ago

    Friend: I bet you can’t get a concussion in one vid Pizza: hold my controller

  • JD Zone
    JD Zone 6 hours ago

    Weekly Goal: Rush for 100+ yds but under 10 carries

  • Dylan Messinger
    Dylan Messinger 6 hours ago

    Wait am I retarded or is everyone stupid the decades work, 2001-2010 so that means the the decade ends next year because it will be 2011-2020 so the meme decade ends next year i feel so happy now

  • Hether Empa
    Hether Empa 6 hours ago

    How do u dive for a catch or dive to block

  • Luke Neal
    Luke Neal 6 hours ago


  • Luke Neal
    Luke Neal 6 hours ago

    Weekly go get a girlfriend

  • VMS AnTw0nZ
    VMS AnTw0nZ 6 hours ago

    Pizzas name is jamarcus

  • Jason Arceo
    Jason Arceo 6 hours ago

    I was eating when that toilet shit noise came in...

  • Jacob Baumeister
    Jacob Baumeister 6 hours ago

    i subscribed to both channels and they are amazing and clicked the notification bell so subscribe and click that notification bell

  • oakley mckay
    oakley mckay 6 hours ago

    yo can anyone tell me how to do that pitch thing?

  • Gaming with noah
    Gaming with noah 6 hours ago

    YoBoyPizza:THATS THE BEST PULL OF THE YEAR!(quicksells Matt Ryan) Me:😭

  • Chikdee Tryhard
    Chikdee Tryhard 6 hours ago

    #weeklygoal pronounce saquan Barkley’s name right. (Say-quan). Not. sa-quan

  • Chase Henson
    Chase Henson 6 hours ago

    White board should be frank putting you in the trash

  • Axil3x
    Axil3x 6 hours ago

    Throw a knife

  • Marrenna Berry
    Marrenna Berry 6 hours ago

    how many likes is how much people looked at pizzas cruoch

  • Ethan Ayers
    Ethan Ayers 6 hours ago

    Best Madden player

  • Ethan Ayers
    Ethan Ayers 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal have to go for 2 points

  • Jamar James
    Jamar James 6 hours ago

    Second kid said a fact td better than pizza

  • Supreme Chicken
    Supreme Chicken 6 hours ago

    You need more camera angles

  • Lil Deacon
    Lil Deacon 6 hours ago

    Weekly goal respect juice wrld

  • Colin Hyma
    Colin Hyma 7 hours ago

    #weeklygoal throw 3 tds with your qb

  • Brady Reynolds
    Brady Reynolds 7 hours ago

    10 likes and pizza has to roast leveon bell

  • huh Sasuke
    huh Sasuke 7 hours ago

    Killer man?

  • Jennifer Gelsone
    Jennifer Gelsone 7 hours ago

    You should’ve squib kicked it

  • audrey osborne
    audrey osborne 7 hours ago

    when i saw the hydro flask i ran