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  • Maya xoxo
    Maya xoxo Hour ago

    Aww Jupiter is so cute ❤️🐶🥰

  • Maddie Nagan
    Maddie Nagan 2 hours ago

    my friends: “yOu ShAvE eVeRy SeConD dAy? U wEaR rEaL bRaS? u UsE DeoDeRaNt?” me: WHAT THE HECK I’M 11 YEARS OLD ARE Y’ALL BABIES

  • Anya And Chloe
    Anya And Chloe 2 hours ago


  • Karen Precious
    Karen Precious 2 hours ago

    Hi i love you so much and you make my days happier andvmore joyfull. I wish i could see you but i live in england.

  • Sophie.B_xoxo
    Sophie.B_xoxo 2 hours ago

    you're right, being a girl is HARD!! xx

  • Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans 2 hours ago

    Hii love u vids and all those things are real get u girl

  • Keenly Keena
    Keenly Keena 2 hours ago

    Hello! My channel provides music pr and digital marketing tips, tutorials and much more! Check me out and subscribe! Looking forward for connecting with you all 😊

  • Pratigya Thapa
    Pratigya Thapa 2 hours ago

    Hey Natalie I have always been a outie and love your Vedio ❤️love from Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Salma Aktar
    Salma Aktar 2 hours ago

    I don’t have it I am 19

  • Nabihah
    Nabihah 2 hours ago

    I never would have thought all of these things could have happened with breast surgery. You're brave and so wise. Thank you for sharing your story and spreading awareness. Doctors generally push you away when you have symptoms that they generalise but not everything is known about enough. I have a little something (definitely less intense), the doctors always told me to do something which now is seen as something you should never do as it inflames you. Anyway, always be cautious and try to find answers. Ignoring things only makes them worse ❤

  • Pink priyaTV
    Pink priyaTV 2 hours ago

    I am a BIG FAN❤ Please reply to me

  • Zainab azam
    Zainab azam 2 hours ago

    I think the people who disliked this vid are just mean and they never got attention and they are jealous becuz you is da most BOOTIFUL lady alive and meh favorite USclipr.even though I never actually got a giveaway present I still watched your vids!!!!gurl don't worry!!we believe that you are brave and deal with it!!!!we all are proud of you!!!!!❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞 ⬇️

  • Gacha Mint
    Gacha Mint 2 hours ago

    A+ Grades here we come!

  • Ashlay Martin
    Ashlay Martin 2 hours ago

    I’m ur. Ingest fan

  • Marshmallow Unicorn
    Marshmallow Unicorn 2 hours ago


  • Kashif Ishaq
    Kashif Ishaq 3 hours ago

    I’m wearing socks 🧦 now!

  • Kashif Ishaq
    Kashif Ishaq 3 hours ago

    I want these all school supplies!!!!!!!!

  • Khadija Alsafi
    Khadija Alsafi 3 hours ago

    I like I did everything I want that giveaway

  • sumaiah nasif
    sumaiah nasif 3 hours ago

    Why is speaking to me Lol Btw : natalie ur an amazing person i live your videos thanks for everything

  • Malaika Lamarra
    Malaika Lamarra 3 hours ago

    Hey im here

  • Ella ball
    Ella ball 3 hours ago

    girl you did not need any thing to make you pretty you are always pretty

  • Avalon Sweany
    Avalon Sweany 3 hours ago

    #vlogmas is hereeeeee

  • Lama Elgamal
    Lama Elgamal 3 hours ago

    When are you gonna say the winners

  • Sharon Revell
    Sharon Revell 3 hours ago

    Can you also make marshmallow slime

  • Sharon Revell
    Sharon Revell 3 hours ago

    Can you make Apple sause slime

  • Jessicas Adventures
    Jessicas Adventures 3 hours ago

    Hi how can I win a giveaway

  • Kenya Valeriano
    Kenya Valeriano 3 hours ago

    3rd Grade

  • Bob Stone
    Bob Stone 3 hours ago

    #na navigation squad

  • Zivile Butkute
    Zivile Butkute 3 hours ago

    I hate my hair.....I have SUPER dry hair.

  • KaR1n4_XXX4evr
    KaR1n4_XXX4evr 3 hours ago


  • KaR1n4_XXX4evr
    KaR1n4_XXX4evr 3 hours ago

    My cats breath stink!

  • Abby Foster
    Abby Foster 4 hours ago

    I never won a press

  • Eshrat Zahan Hafsa
    Eshrat Zahan Hafsa 4 hours ago

    I love your hacks.I love you.

  • xShirubiax
    xShirubiax 4 hours ago

    I have a lot of these symptoms, but there are no Implants or other stuff in my Body 🤔

  • xXMillsXx mills
    xXMillsXx mills 4 hours ago

    #Vlogmas IS HERE!❄

  • Abby Hager
    Abby Hager 4 hours ago


  • sital baby
    sital baby 4 hours ago

    Hair hair everywhere

  • Cyane Tremus
    Cyane Tremus 4 hours ago


  • erin
    erin 4 hours ago

    Where did you get those circle ice cube trays i just think they are so cute lol

  • Rat Life 101
    Rat Life 101 5 hours ago

    I have a cat named kiki a Betta named sir peacock and a gerbil named salt we used to have 2 gerbils but pepper passed away

  • addicted to eddsworld

    *where was i when this was posted , like, wh- also this Is a really Nice video gurl!!! ♥️🧡💚💜💙🤩😍*

  • Salma Nouman
    Salma Nouman 5 hours ago

    DO NOT PRESS READ MORE! May God bless you😇😇😇

  • Salma Nouman
    Salma Nouman 5 hours ago

    I have socks 👣👅😌

  • misscookiecat
    misscookiecat 5 hours ago

    I am 14 and habe smaller Boobs xD

  • Syakirah Taib
    Syakirah Taib 5 hours ago

    i want the foodie lover #notificationsquad

  • Miahlin G
    Miahlin G 5 hours ago

    My strugle is to eat cause i love eating and i CANT STOPPP 😄😄😄😂😂😂

  • addicted to eddsworld

    DECEMBER 9 2019 YALL ♥️🧡💚💜💙🤩🤩🤩🤪😍😍

  • Nadine’s Vlog
    Nadine’s Vlog 5 hours ago

    When you have long hair and every morning , your hair is tangled and you have a hard time combing it. Who agrees? 👇🏻

  • Jackie Hiner
    Jackie Hiner 5 hours ago


  • Saania Salahuddin
    Saania Salahuddin 5 hours ago

    Why does it seem like she a psychology student

  • Sofhae _12
    Sofhae _12 5 hours ago


  • Connor Nall
    Connor Nall 5 hours ago

    No one cares about your stupid pregnancy

  • Anuradha Roy
    Anuradha Roy 6 hours ago


  • Jovana Djordjevic
    Jovana Djordjevic 6 hours ago


  • Lily Rose 8002
    Lily Rose 8002 6 hours ago

    I sleep at 8:45 because I am 10 and I go to school and wake up at 5:45 am and I sleep for 9:00 hours! When do you sleep and wake up?? Comment down below!!

  • Dawn Anders
    Dawn Anders 6 hours ago

    Hot glue is not that hot like aaaaaahhhh omg 🤬😱

  • Ela Plosnik
    Ela Plosnik 6 hours ago

    I hope I win ❄🎅

  • Squishy BTS
    Squishy BTS 6 hours ago

    This has 1m likes..... 😐 😮

  • Julia Czapiewska
    Julia Czapiewska 6 hours ago

    Omg I wish I could get these things but I probs won’t I never do

  • Dawn Anders
    Dawn Anders 6 hours ago

    Real men wear bras

  • Nadine Shambwe
    Nadine Shambwe 6 hours ago

    I hope I win or if I don't then next time

  • ChloeForLife
    ChloeForLife 6 hours ago

    I have been done to all of those and what’s funny is I wanted both of those for Christmas and my last name is cannon !! Hahah love ya ❤️😘

    YEXENIA FRANKLIN 6 hours ago

    #Keeper squad

  • Nerella Udaykiran
    Nerella Udaykiran 6 hours ago

    I like i phone 1st time I'm visiting ur channel I'm frm India I think it is a big giveaway to receive 😍

  • Leesie GurlRokz
    Leesie GurlRokz 7 hours ago

    Natalie!! omgomgomgomg!!!!!!! so i watched youre skincare mini fridge video on youtube, and i NEEDDDD you to try Florence by mills💜 a lot of people will be happy! don’t miss outtt!! can’t wait to see that vid out!

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K 7 hours ago

    Yes! A new giveaway! I love u so much that u don't even understand! I wish that I can win the camera because i have dreams of being a director. I usually film on my phone and make short films and the camera would really help. Love u! Good luck to everyone!

  • Bodour Alhajji
    Bodour Alhajji 7 hours ago

    Hey your channel is better because 5 min crafts is scammers they are fake their hacks doesn’t work so you are better

  • Elina Gašperlin
    Elina Gašperlin 7 hours ago


  • Sabysisters Ortiz
    Sabysisters Ortiz 7 hours ago


  • Sabysisters Ortiz
    Sabysisters Ortiz 7 hours ago

    Everything you said about boyfriends I have learned from my parents

  • joymay kageni nyawira

    If you don't mind plz l need a new iphone and a make up kit. l live in Africa.Kenya.Nairobi.....plz come on... Help your girl

  • Fazal Uduma
    Fazal Uduma 7 hours ago

    Girl your videos rock

  • Aylin Frzn
    Aylin Frzn 7 hours ago

    The second product: FREE.99?!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lauren Bishop
    Lauren Bishop 7 hours ago

    I want the quick twist

  • Sabysisters Ortiz
    Sabysisters Ortiz 7 hours ago

    I do not have the join button or a link to join the outies membership

  • Nina's World
    Nina's World 8 hours ago

    I want alllll

  • Grkovska Iva
    Grkovska Iva 8 hours ago

    I go to sleep at 21:30 and fall asleep at 22:00 And i wake up at 6:30

  • christine gitau
    christine gitau 8 hours ago

    My name is Natalie too!!!!!!!! But l am using my sisters laptop.Could l please win the macbook and camera . l love you soooooooo much

  • ADA
    ADA 9 hours ago

    I don't need one because I don't have a life

  • Haniya Kanwal Salman

    I think we should get paid for being a girl because it's a full time job for us 😁😂 ALSO LOVE YOUR VIDS FROM PAKISTAN 💖💟 ( ALSO PLEASE ADD ME IN THE GIVE AWAY 😌 )

  • Ayushi Sharma
    Ayushi Sharma 9 hours ago

    Any indians

  • Janine Taylor
    Janine Taylor 9 hours ago

    you look like a olivia jade time 1:15

  • shoheb Sayyed
    shoheb Sayyed 9 hours ago

    Great work Girl.. God Bless You

  • Emma Craftz
    Emma Craftz 9 hours ago

    Can I win the shaver thing cqlos I have literally just started to shave

  • T.B_ C.J
    T.B_ C.J 9 hours ago

    My period has been irregular ever since I started so I hate when it just be poppin up

  • bridget tofolon
    bridget tofolon 9 hours ago


  • Dawn Griffith
    Dawn Griffith 10 hours ago

    Yes 2019

  • Elgim Du Preez
    Elgim Du Preez 10 hours ago


  • LittleKiki
    LittleKiki 10 hours ago

    Cool Beans?

  • JEZ Trinh
    JEZ Trinh 10 hours ago

    I really love you Natalie and please send me one of the first products you tried 🥰😇🙏

    • JEZ Trinh
      JEZ Trinh 10 hours ago

      I mean the quick twist

  • Elgim Du Preez
    Elgim Du Preez 10 hours ago

    i think dennis should try a rainbouw coulerd style for his hair

  • Random People
    Random People 10 hours ago

    #VLOGMAS IS HERE! ❄️ My luck is so bad and I've never won any giveaway... :(

  • Hatnu Thangsing
    Hatnu Thangsing 10 hours ago

    i cant text you cuz i live in another country

  • Liané Schutte
    Liané Schutte 10 hours ago


  • Helen Nelson
    Helen Nelson 11 hours ago

    My 87 y/o mother told me she hasn't owned a notebook since she was in school over 70 years ago. She also said it was not necessary to write down dates and times of appointments if you have a brain in your head you should be able to remember such things. She does however have an address book. Should I be worried that I'm inadequate in the grey cell department? I must admit that I enjoy my little appointment books and sometimes I go back years later and read through them to verify that I truly do have a very boring life. ;-D

  • Elgim Du Preez
    Elgim Du Preez 11 hours ago

    period sucks

  • Xx_ Jupiter _xX
    Xx_ Jupiter _xX 11 hours ago

    Long hair gang in likes Medium hair do like and comment Short hair comment this is not for likes and comments I’m just bored 😐