My Self Reliance
My Self Reliance
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Winter is Coming
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Thanks for everything
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Leaving the Cabin
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An EXPENSIVE blooper!
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Time to Get a 2nd Dog?
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My Wild Life at the Log Cabin
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I Have a Question for You
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  • Cheryl Kerins
    Cheryl Kerins 4 minutes ago

    You cease to amaze me Shawn! talented in crafting things naturally from watching the process of it all...can't stop watching til the end and love seeing Calley in the outdoors...such a pleasant simple life for her too! Goodness the whole way through!

  • davka sh
    davka sh 4 minutes ago

    I realized I have to change my lifestyle.

  • love, piss and genderness

    30 sec of viewing this stuff instantly calms

  • JT Paar
    JT Paar 6 minutes ago

    This video was awesome! I watched it while listening to my stepmother talk incessantly about herself for 45 minutes on the phone...gave me the patience let her ramble. Something about the Ontario north puts ones' soul at peace.

  • Dianne Tell
    Dianne Tell 13 minutes ago

    Hi Shawn, if I had to to give a definition about your channel in one word I would say HARMONY. Every moment is a pleasure to hear and watch.

  • Shaun Hansen
    Shaun Hansen 13 minutes ago

    Shawn just one question, is that loon just a voice over or is that what you here from the cabin great videos , keep em comin

  • Bonnie Robbins
    Bonnie Robbins 14 minutes ago

    I agree with you 100% I have done a mans job all my life and also had 4 kids. I"ve done it all and so has my husband we shares it all

  • Bridget Bowman
    Bridget Bowman 15 minutes ago


  • Brian Spencer
    Brian Spencer 16 minutes ago

    Hi Shawn: A good mix of carpentry & cabinetry, designed to hold my attention until I figure out what is going on. Thanks Brian 79

  • Patricia Pulupa
    Patricia Pulupa 17 minutes ago

    Que bello lugar hermoso me encantaria esrar ahi ...saludos desde Ecuador _Quito

  • Libolt Adventures
    Libolt Adventures 19 minutes ago

    This is soo damn cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sateu Regardpa
    Sateu Regardpa 19 minutes ago

    You seem so happy

  • Kurt Baker
    Kurt Baker 20 minutes ago

    Me watching this vlog. Wife walks in.... Wife: What you watching? Cali comes on screen Wife: Oh, Cali's human. Me shaking my head but totally getting it. Be Well, Shawn.

    PATTY ANN APPLE 20 minutes ago

    New Subscriber!!! Have Been watching you for several weeks now, but today I had to comment. Pretty amazing what a dream and dedicated hard work can provide in one's life - Right? Let Me Tell You How Proud I Am Of You. MY husband and I have enjoyed watching your USclip Channel more than television. GREAT JOB! And to think this was just the beginning - HERE'S TO SEEING MORE FABULOUS THINGS FROM YOU AND YOUR ADVENTURES MR. SHAWN JAMES. Press On! Big Kiss For Cali ❤

  • marta sztahura
    marta sztahura 21 minute ago

    Beautiful golden autumn..blessed place!

  • Fraser MacDougall
    Fraser MacDougall 22 minutes ago

    I really like the sound of those augers

  • Ulf Ohlsson
    Ulf Ohlsson 22 minutes ago

    just waiting, one day that plastic thingy will fly throug the window

  • Jim Tritt
    Jim Tritt 30 minutes ago

    Does Cali constantly want to retrieve the training dummy because she loves to or because she feels that he mission in life ? Serious question I am concerned for her !!

  • Bill Williams
    Bill Williams 33 minutes ago

    Miss my visits with my father at our home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, especially in the fall with the leaves turning their colors and the crisp cool days. He passed last fall but this brings me back to these visits. Gives me a melancholy happiness.........tears and a smile. Thanks so much for sharing this video. Love the fact you limit your monologue as you do your tasks and projects. Your videos speak for themselves.

  • Dorcas Levins
    Dorcas Levins 33 minutes ago

    Shawn, was there a specific reason why you built the sauna apart from the living quarters? Wouldn't it have been more convenient to have just attached it to the cabin?

  • Kimn Wieboldt
    Kimn Wieboldt 34 minutes ago

    You put the saws in the outhouse?

  • Garbage Truck ***** ******

    Esse deve ser melhor que o Big Mac é um Big Bear

  • Goran Knezevic
    Goran Knezevic 37 minutes ago

    You need to watch those videos in HQ resolution. Omg! So many colours

  • Memphis Korz
    Memphis Korz 37 minutes ago

    I love watching your videos. I live in the city I long for bush life

  • Sue O.
    Sue O. 39 minutes ago

    So what is your favorite season living this way Shawn, and why?

  • Gangster of Love
    Gangster of Love 41 minute ago

    I wish I had the courage to do what you do

  • Pam Burgess
    Pam Burgess 43 minutes ago

    So beautiful with the tree's turning colors. Very peaceful! Love watching you work with wood like you do & playing with Cali. Thanks for sharing Shawn, it's another great video!

  • senatus57
    senatus57 46 minutes ago

    poor dog- eat nothing while this man eat all....

    DENIS REEVES 47 minutes ago

    If you add the extended time it takes to saw this wood which in it's self is very noisy it would be a lot quicker with a battery saw and less noise

  • Shivraj Sandhu
    Shivraj Sandhu 53 minutes ago

    Breathtaking fall colours! Beautiful cinematography.... Thank you for sharing.

  • Hayden Williams
    Hayden Williams 53 minutes ago

    Your videos keep getting better and better! Thanks for all your hard work editing them. Very enjoyable and educational!

  • Валли Рыбаков

    🍁🍁🍁🔨🏡🐕👍 Thank)))

  • marc3471
    marc3471 58 minutes ago

    Okay, I'm totally zen again, thanks! I think fall is the most beautiful season of the year here, and certainly in your neck of the woods. Have a nice weekend Shawn!

  • William Thompson

    Perfect intro with the woodland bird calling - and never-overpowering music. These are the works of a perfectionist - and one who critiques his own work. Thanks for flavoring my Friday coffee.

  • sjolle kos
    sjolle kos Hour ago

    hey james i just want to say again that you are doing realy well ur videos are entertaining and ur work is inspiring please keep up the great videos and have a wonderfull day =)

  • Sebastien Giboulot

    Hi Shawn, mate im so surprised some TV Network hasnt tried to air your videos. They continue to be amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Robbie S
    Robbie S Hour ago

    Do not be in disbelief, for the first few minutes of this video is not a work of CGI. It is as real as rain. Yes, Shawn is surrounded by nature's best scenic views it can offer. And we are just as lucky as him to witness it's blessed beauty.

  • Noelia Costa Uchoa


  • ronpeted
    ronpeted Hour ago

    That was pleasant .

  • Garbage Truck ***** ******

    Será qual o gosto da carne de urso pena que no Brasil não temos eles

  • NorwegianDean
    NorwegianDean Hour ago

    I love the intro song. Anyone know the artist or the name of it?

  • Sherrylee Best
    Sherrylee Best Hour ago

    So Shawn are you finally living at the cabin full time?

  • sierra's here
    sierra's here Hour ago

    Haven't had/watched TV in over 25 years. It almost always has an obvious politically correct agenda, plus just out right lies . I have vhs and dvd's that I watch once in a while , but still have walk away or fasr forward on some parts . Videos like yours and others are real !!! So refreshing, real life, truth, no evil/politcally correct agenda ! Thank you !

  • Mark Copland
    Mark Copland Hour ago

    i was always under the impression something went between the logs to seal. Can anyone enlighten me?

  • sole agui
    sole agui Hour ago

    CONGRATS!!!!!! thanks excellent! your refrigerator is the best ! 0 energy! and always ❄️👍🏼Greetings from Chile! 🇨🇱🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

  • MultipleEggs
    MultipleEggs Hour ago

    I love what you're doing so much and I wish to my bones that I was able to do it as well. Severe rheumatoid arthritis has limited me to building things inside sandbox games instead. It makes me sad but at least there are channels like yours and Primitive Technology that I can live vicariously through.

  • Carol Love
    Carol Love Hour ago

    Cali’s product placement is 👌🏾👌🏾😂😂

  • REM AM
    REM AM Hour ago

    Just wow

  • Artemus Rodricq
    Artemus Rodricq Hour ago

    we know there's only so much too build , but the"build" videos are the best..... no cooking, bathing or .......

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Hour ago

    We need to get you a solar powered table saw.

  • Faith and Health My Way for Me /JoyceB

    Nice sauna door😊👍

  • Fernanda Barbosa


  • Clau Dia
    Clau Dia Hour ago

    I would love to live there for the rest of my life, with my pets💗 It's such a peaceful place! Thank you Shawn and Cali🍀💗

  • Hitman
    Hitman Hour ago

    I love your videos. Thanks. Good job. Welldone

  • Robert Colvin
    Robert Colvin Hour ago

    It may have been asked before, but what's the difference in the two saws from which you choose, and how often do you have to sharpen them, beyond the obvious answer, "When they need it?" As always, the scenery, the dog and the changing leaves make this one of the great USclip shows. Thanks.

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park Hour ago

    C’mon now Shawn. I’ve heard rumors Martin Scorsese really does the filming and editing as he did in “The Last Waltz” I’ll keep it quiet.

  • ramit439
    ramit439 Hour ago

    It's really breathtaking the natural beauty of our country from coast to coast to coast!

  • Fernanda Barbosa


  • Marc Roberts
    Marc Roberts Hour ago

    Amazing. What a craftsman

  • Jay ONeill
    Jay ONeill Hour ago

    What? You didn’t make your own glue?

  • ziggy morris
    ziggy morris Hour ago

    The scenery is incredible, like someone painted it.

    • ramit439
      ramit439 Hour ago

      Maybe our Creator, yeah?

  • Dagmar Müller
    Dagmar Müller Hour ago

    you wife is beautiful

  • Dolly Woods
    Dolly Woods Hour ago

    Better and better. One of the very few times my body and mind relax is when I watch your videos. Thank you for that❤️

  • Brownie3307
    Brownie3307 Hour ago

    Place looks great! Thought about making a project table for these occasions? My knees hurt just watching. Thanks for the great vids Shawn!

  • themanonthestreet

    Am I the only one that finds the sound of a sharp auger bit cutting fresh wood rather soothing?

  • Jay ONeill
    Jay ONeill 2 hours ago

    I like the dark cloud transitions, very Halloweeny!

  • Ciobanu Marius
    Ciobanu Marius 2 hours ago

    This video is a stress killer...Your work is amaizing ! Keep it up ! You have true talent Shawn. Cheers...

  • Gayle Starry
    Gayle Starry 2 hours ago

    I find it so relaxing to watch your videos ! Thank you !

  • Leslie Zeihan
    Leslie Zeihan 2 hours ago

    Anyone who gives a thumbs down, don't go away mad, just go away! Thousands of us LOVE this channel, so just leave if you do not and don't give a thumbs down. Your Karma will come back to you!!

  • REM AM
    REM AM 2 hours ago

    What a tasty life 😘

  • Linda Rader
    Linda Rader 2 hours ago

    Don’t you wish Cali could talk?

  • divedeepinside
    divedeepinside 2 hours ago

    bon apetit , nothing is better than excellent food on fresh air after some physical work

  • andrew thompson
    andrew thompson 2 hours ago

    You should definitely build a little work shop next.

  • Tom Mars
    Tom Mars 2 hours ago

    Seasons are wonderfull at the cabin ! Thanks Shawn again and again.

  • Young-Soon Kim
    Young-Soon Kim 2 hours ago

    Good Friday Shawn & Cali🐕! Cali not only beautiful and never fails to bring smile to my face!👍🙂

  • Kathi Pauling
    Kathi Pauling 2 hours ago

    Oh, my goodness! Beautiful! I will be watching this over and over! Thank you!

  • Benjamin Grist
    Benjamin Grist 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know what bird was making the calls at the beginning of the video? I've heard that call before but I've never been able to identify the bird the bird making it.

  • Zo
    Zo 2 hours ago

    I would have had ten beer breaks cutting one slab of wood - great video, thanks for sharing.

  • Loda
    Loda 2 hours ago

    Appreciative for your videos and how you honor our environment. Thank you for sharing...

  • REM AM
    REM AM 2 hours ago

    What a wonderful life

  • Rosie Otis
    Rosie Otis 2 hours ago

    Holy cow, that picture is so crisp!

  • Listen Well
    Listen Well 2 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing! - I have a new video coming out today! - be sure to catch it!

  • jaim haas
    jaim haas 2 hours ago

    The beauty of multi-tasking. Introducing the male mind at work!

  • Santosh Rajput
    Santosh Rajput 2 hours ago

    wow realy amazing vidio.

  • Dark fanfanter
    Dark fanfanter 2 hours ago

    magique mec!!! c'est ça la vrai vie!!! bravo à toi on t'adore

  • Janet Withers
    Janet Withers 2 hours ago

    The sounds of the woods, the saw, Cali's breathing all relaxed me so much, I felt my eyelids closing again this morning. Cali has the most beautiful tail and you got some excellent shots of her. Your photography is superb. I am wondering what the little table things are for. That wood is just lush and gorgeous. Have a great weekend. 🐶💞🎃

  • Ennis McCaffrey
    Ennis McCaffrey 2 hours ago

    Will you and a Cali going to be building an ice house?

  • Rajib Kundu
    Rajib Kundu 2 hours ago

    The 480 people who put the thumb down, I believe they never got the taste of free life. I wish I could live like in such style for a month or two in my lifetime.

  • TheRodmens
    TheRodmens 2 hours ago

    smart dog!

  • Mindy Vaughn
    Mindy Vaughn 2 hours ago

    I know that you have already been approached by some big Time production company to put together a show with the amazing footage you have created. It is just off the charts fabulous. Thank you for sharing it all with us. The song of the loons and the wind in the trees. I saw a video of a liar bird the other day on a piece of footage from David Attenborough. It had decided to sound like a chain saw it had heard and it could also imitate the sound of a camera shutter. It was the cutest thing ever the way it cleared off an area as it’s stage and then layed out its feathers over its head and started singing like a chain saw. I so Love nature. 💖

  • An Ton
    An Ton 2 hours ago

    The perfect friday night show! =)

  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina 2 hours ago

    Mr. James you and your family are blessed to live in a beautiful area

  • Hempy
    Hempy 2 hours ago

    Watching Shawn sawing off wood is oddly satisfying... Can I pet Cali?

    • Hempy
      Hempy 2 hours ago

      P.S. It's 9PM for me here and I'm about to go to sleep, this is so relaxing, thanx a lot!

  • john mcdonnell
    john mcdonnell 2 hours ago

    a pair of hold down's would be a great addition to your saw horse

  • beachbums2008
    beachbums2008 2 hours ago

    Try alittle of bees wax on you hand saw blade. Makes it easier to saw through the boards of wood. If you don't have a stick of bees wax use a wax ring that you would use to set your toilet to the floor drain pipe. Keep the videos coming. I watch them all the time!!!! Coming to you from Pittsburgh Pa.

  • Delores Radford
    Delores Radford 2 hours ago

    Who besides me in the first minute or so of this video thought, "Where's Cali?" Beautiful and peaceful video. That cherry wood will make a beautiful table top.

  • Sheldam
    Sheldam 2 hours ago

    Even though you always work very hard, your videos always relax me. They make me want to sit out your log cabin with a cup of tea and enjoy Canadian wild beauty. Great videos. Greetings from Italy

  • Brent Brown
    Brent Brown 3 hours ago

    I think your wife is going to want an add on bathroom complete with hot running water before all is said and done, just say in. :-)

  • Merry Ann Mac
    Merry Ann Mac 3 hours ago

    Awesome video, Shawn and Cali...have a lovely week-end, you just made mine better. Merry Ann from Minnesota

  • georges PEKMEZIAN
    georges PEKMEZIAN 3 hours ago

    Hello by curiosity how do you for sanitary toilets etc ....