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  • Lance Milligan
    Lance Milligan 5 minutes ago

    Excellent video!

  • unicorn cat
    unicorn cat 5 minutes ago

    Are they realated to lays

  • 11atlantica
    11atlantica 7 minutes ago

    Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir? I dunno. Was Halle Berry nude sunbathing there?

  • flamingo man
    flamingo man 9 minutes ago

    I just skipped to a part and heard jelly has a virginity

    YAMI KAMI 9 minutes ago

    Don't worry guys. We won't die by earth flipping over in like a few thousand to a few million years. We will just die in like 30 to 50 or so years do to our own incompetence. Huray Global warming.

  • Ricardo Velozo
    Ricardo Velozo 10 minutes ago

    Oh man! thank you thank you!!!! I discovered this as a kid with a comb! Loved to keep flipping and it would behave exactly like that!

  • Matthhew MacCashland
    Matthhew MacCashland 16 minutes ago

    Why don't they use the 2 telescopes IN SPACE to look for it? They need to try harder.

  • Facehunter2003
    Facehunter2003 21 minute ago

    I like that you blurred the apple logo

  • ChickenMcNugget
    ChickenMcNugget 23 minutes ago

    But my feather is lighter!

  • How to YEET
    How to YEET 23 minutes ago

    Is that a flipping universe? Cuz that looks like a mini Minecraft universe

  • MrFresh3991
    MrFresh3991 24 minutes ago

    We this would explain the possible periodic shift of the magnetic poles

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 25 minutes ago

    We are here for a good time not a long time. Remember that.

  • Ricky Stoner
    Ricky Stoner 26 minutes ago

    This makes me love physics.

  • mark schiavone
    mark schiavone 28 minutes ago

    Great! Another way the world is going to end.

  • Matthew McClendon
    Matthew McClendon 30 minutes ago


  • Matthew McClendon
    Matthew McClendon 31 minute ago

    Pushing brain washed people

  • Destro Metro
    Destro Metro 32 minutes ago

    can you explain gyroscopes next. still dont get those after watching your old videos

  • Douglas McNeil
    Douglas McNeil 32 minutes ago

    So, don't flip out over the intermediate axis. :)

  • ksafel
    ksafel 33 minutes ago

    I KNEW you were South African

  • tonys trucking
    tonys trucking 35 minutes ago

    did they have road rage back then??

  • Dom Vasta
    Dom Vasta 39 minutes ago

    your trials wouldn't be that predictive if all the participants were clones of you and physics girl.

  • Soap Swaby
    Soap Swaby 40 minutes ago

    I drop a dislike for knowing about lastpast

  • Zerg
    Zerg 40 minutes ago

    Okay, So i’ve been boggling my mind over entanglement for a while... At the moment i tend to lean with Einstein, it sure seems like spooky action. I have a question or two for those much more educated than myself though. Thanks ahead of time. - When looking at entanglement, there is always talk of ‘particles’ even when the experiments are done with photons... what exactly do they mean by particle? A single atom, a molecule, a subatomic particle or a photon? - Did i hear this correctly, to entangle particles they must be split from a single source? With photons that makes sense, but with any other actual atom, that does not make sense to me... you cant have a stable half of say, a single carbon atom, can you?

  • Assur Banipal
    Assur Banipal 40 minutes ago

    Well... Of course, the Earth won't flip; it is flat and stays still. The sun rotates around it. Checkmate.

  • Prasad Pawar
    Prasad Pawar 41 minute ago

    This is me watching this video 4th or so time. Still you scared the hell out of me at the end.

  • Tobias Yoder
    Tobias Yoder 42 minutes ago

    I can see Derek has been watching a lot of 3Blue1Brown lately lol

  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris 45 minutes ago

    Why is there a baby bottle in space?

  • EBA
    EBA 45 minutes ago

    Columbus when he went to Africa 0:55

  • Zerg
    Zerg 50 minutes ago

    Derek we love you n all... but... All the fundamental particle spin in the world, will never ever, make that weird jumpsuit thing okay. Were you auditioning for a part in a remake of the running man or something?

  • GermanTopGameTV
    GermanTopGameTV 53 minutes ago

    The earth won't flip. It allready has flipped to it's most stable axis like some billion years ago

  • Flat Earth Fisherman
    Flat Earth Fisherman 55 minutes ago

    The earth is Flat, and space is fake. You people are dribbling and drooling over computer generated images, and hoaxed moon landings.

  • timmd909
    timmd909 58 minutes ago

    Pretty sure the moon also helps kind things rotating smoothly...

  • Jo Fo
    Jo Fo Hour ago

    Uh, now do a video on why there‘s a baby bottle on the space station.

  • SkyTech RTS
    SkyTech RTS Hour ago


  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel Hour ago

    Me: Oh this is very interesting. I'm not feeling too good so maybe I should get off the computer though Also me: I'm sure this video won't do anything to give me motion sickness 7:40 : *happens* Me: *throwup*

  • Davide Mognaschi

    Definitely instructive.

  • Uwe Pries
    Uwe Pries Hour ago

    I‘ve been flipping TV rcs and my smartphones for years, wondering why they flipped, most of the times once, sometimes 2-3 times. very intuitive explanation. Thanks!

  • Conor Power
    Conor Power Hour ago

    Y'all really never heard of Pluto

  • Mad Ting
    Mad Ting Hour ago


  • RaspyRigged
    RaspyRigged Hour ago


  • Kai Howells
    Kai Howells Hour ago

    Forget how the Intermediate Axis Theorem works - I want to know why they had a baby's bottle in space‽

  • Fraser Smith
    Fraser Smith Hour ago

    OK, can you now explain why it takes at least 3 attempts to plug in a USB plug? Perhaps theres a link. :-)

  • jan van ruth
    jan van ruth Hour ago

    the fluid in the bottle will not spin instantaniously when the bottle is spun, but will take time to get up to speed. this might have something to do with the effect described.

  • Sean S. Lally
    Sean S. Lally Hour ago

    Enhance ENHANCE ENHANCE!!!!!!!!!

  • Erica Baker
    Erica Baker Hour ago

    If Planet 9 is discovered, I think we should keep the theme of naming the planets after Roman deities. I propose the name Minerva, after the Roman goddess of wisdom. This represents how much scientific progress has made to be able to discover it.

  • sheffieldgeek
    sheffieldgeek Hour ago

    I see a Prusa 3D printer back there.. :)

  • Vanna6345
    Vanna6345 Hour ago

    The math is easier ..

  • cedric belle
    cedric belle Hour ago

    That first guy looked like he was CGI or a wax figure 😂😂😂

  • Nick Mail
    Nick Mail Hour ago

    my first thought was what can they do with this and Graphene?

  • Avengerie
    Avengerie Hour ago

    Konstantin wants to find Planet 9 because he secretly hopes its atmosphere is 99% hair gel.

  • el koku
    el koku Hour ago

    the earth has surface currents, tides and wind, and also has internal currents of magma. What would happen if for some reason it coincided that both currents move perpendicular to the equator?

  • Pablo Gutierrez
    Pablo Gutierrez Hour ago

    David Bowie!!! Yes !!!!

  • William Dunhan
    William Dunhan Hour ago

    Then why did Obama just buy some beachfront property?

    • William Dunhan
      William Dunhan 57 minutes ago

      @Valrath823 top "scientists" (not just politicians) claim we have 10-ish years. Even Obama claimed this. So forgive me if i don't take the word of liers. Besides, we should evolve or die. It's the way life works. Right?

    • Valrath823
      Valrath823 Hour ago

      Because he's not going to be alive in ~150 years. Seriously, what does that have to do with the science of climate change? I know what you're trying to get at, and it's a bad argument. People engage in hypocritical activities all the time. For example, I can say that drinking plenty of water is good for your health, but I still drink a lot of soda. That doesn't invalidate the benefits of drinking water. Obama buying beachfront property doesn't mean that climate change isn't real. It means that he likes that property. Sea level rise is a very slow process, and some news articles do compress the time frame, which can lead to confusion. The concern for increased coastal flooding won't be a major problem for another hundred or so years. Unless Obama has an elixir of immortality, he'll be dead long before water levels become a concern. Maybe the people that inherit the property might have to deal with, but he won't. He's free to do as he pleases.

  • AlwaysLearning
    AlwaysLearning Hour ago

    So if a large enough mass collided with a planet it could change the planet's largest moment of inertia axis and it's spin orientation?

  • gus bisbal
    gus bisbal Hour ago

    So how about 0:07, why doe sthe handle start to move up? Is it movement of the space station? Is there another effect occurring here. No mention of this and yet you showed it really clearly!

  • Navpreet Singh
    Navpreet Singh Hour ago

    Your control parameter should also be "eating the same diet everyday"

  • Warren Armstrong

    For now.

  • Cayden Bong
    Cayden Bong Hour ago

    Dude your an idiot humans are already water proof we have wrinkles on our skin when we go into the water because I gives up better grip underwater

  • Zonnymaka
    Zonnymaka Hour ago

    Now we must test that with an object made of aerogel.

  • certifiedweeb101

    it kinda looks appetizing to me

  • weksauce
    weksauce Hour ago

    Damn, sometimes I want to do more than upvote, to signal quality to the YT algo... this video deserves the special upvote.

  • Blazah NYOB
    Blazah NYOB 2 hours ago

    Wrong! Evidence from the magnetic rocks in the Hawaiian island chain prove the earth has flipped multiple times in the past because the magnetic field of those rocks has switched/flipped as the islands have formed and moved. Show us evidence next time that its not going to happen, or that it wont for a very long time, OR that us humans are or aren't going to have an impact on whether or not it is or isn't going to flip. Thanks.

  • Karmanyaah Malhotra
    Karmanyaah Malhotra 2 hours ago

    This made me use my tennis racket for the first time in months.

  • Bob Berendsen
    Bob Berendsen 2 hours ago

    So aerogel is being used to drill for more oil in the ocean?

  • Sylvester Puddy-Tat
    Sylvester Puddy-Tat 2 hours ago

    Differential equations! Intuitively, I knew it, harmonic waves and such.

  • TheRealJal ʕʘˑ̫ʘʔ

    Its a diablo but smaller.

  • Raphael Pistor
    Raphael Pistor 2 hours ago

    As a physicist, it does not surprise me at all that the citation was from Landau.... genius and master of concise text

  • Om Kothari
    Om Kothari 2 hours ago

    4:31 And now it's about to kill the cameraman 😂

  • Danaan Ker
    Danaan Ker 2 hours ago

    I'm the opposite of this, id risk $10 to win $5 😂

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson 2 hours ago

    Just call it planet bowie

  • Michael Dickey
    Michael Dickey 2 hours ago

    I bought one of those blankets almost 20 years ago now. Still have it in my shop.

  • trxley
    trxley 2 hours ago

    lub dub

  • `Trash_Bin`
    `Trash_Bin` 2 hours ago

    You cannot fool me. That is a Tear from the Sky formed into a Cube

  • Terence Hoefdraad
    Terence Hoefdraad 2 hours ago

    The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” - Psalms 14:1

  • Ejay vgl
    Ejay vgl 2 hours ago

    I have undiagnosed brain damage. My gun is defect so my drew did all the work for me wich drove me insane i could not explain anything because drew was constantly thinking.. I took medicine to reduce the thinking.. its gone now. Turns out i have an iq of 150+ just because of the extremely overdeveloped drew. But i cant spend long time with people because I get exhausted of the sounds etc because thats sensory part that gun handles and its broken. Hope it makes sense god bless

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 2 hours ago

    Phew. Now I can stop bolting my furniture down.

  • Rise of the curtain
    Rise of the curtain 2 hours ago

    29 seconds in and that shirt already made me forget what I was watching.

  • Chieh Hsu
    Chieh Hsu 2 hours ago

    Note: for the intermediate axis theorem to work, there has to be three different moment of inertias about the three rotational axis of the object @13:08 this explains why the Earth has its mass mostly on the area with low longitude.

  • turkeyphant
    turkeyphant 2 hours ago

    Don't use lastpass. It's shocking. Use bitwarden.

  • Green blue
    Green blue 2 hours ago

    No information is given, don’t waste time on this video.


    I panicked within the first few minutes

  • rutiglianoweb
    rutiglianoweb 2 hours ago

    what happens when the ice accumulate on the poles because of ice ages ?

  • Devon Farrier
    Devon Farrier 2 hours ago

    Maybe this is one reason the magnetic poles in the Earth flip

  • John Yang
    John Yang 2 hours ago

    Is the best thing to do to open the window in a rainy day?

  • Sagittarius A *
    Sagittarius A * 2 hours ago

    As a non-native speaker I tried to follow the explanations... Want to try something concerning the principal axis of inertia (not sure if Derek meant this by "max moment of inertia")? Spin a hard boiled egg (the longes axis being horizontal) as fast as you can - see what happens.

  • Hans HansHans
    Hans HansHans 2 hours ago

    nice video, but wouldn't you have the same effect if you spin your system along the axis with the smallest moent of inertia? the big masses would also experience the centrifugal forces and make it flip?

  • Afthab Roshan
    Afthab Roshan 2 hours ago

    Were did u guys actually lost him? Well, i lost around half way into video, felt like a scientist so continued to watch it Gosh! Why am I watching it?

  • Fluffy Lama
    Fluffy Lama 2 hours ago

    Why are there 96000000 black balls on this reservoir? Because someone put them there

  • YakMunsterJuan
    YakMunsterJuan 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Pas
    Daniel Pas 3 hours ago

    Damn I was hoping the earth was going to flip

  • Igor
    Igor 3 hours ago

    Wrong. A smoking US radiation worker gets more

  • Colleen Forrest
    Colleen Forrest 3 hours ago

    Shazbot! The make video is private now :(

  • Konstantinos Nitsopoulos

    We have an ozone generator at work, behind a couple airlocks, but we never use it. It's on a timer which may activate it around midnight. I'd be afraid of impurities from the machine.

  • Geordie Matthews
    Geordie Matthews 3 hours ago

    You should do a high speed video of spinning a geological hammer really rapidly in this manner, then trying to catch it. An extreme example!

  • Greg Deocampo
    Greg Deocampo 3 hours ago

    very interesting, very very cool.

  • PandiiMan
    PandiiMan 3 hours ago

    Sorry man, that was not a good explanation. This should have either been simplified or not done at all.

  • Zac Caira
    Zac Caira 3 hours ago

    That made me dizzy. Great video

  • Hontas Farmer
    Hontas Farmer 3 hours ago

    If you have to change frames of reference in order to explain it OR use the phrase "frame of reference" then it is not intuitive. I understand it ... but I am a physicist. "Intuitive is something a student in a low level, nearly math free, physics class could understand.

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    The last time it came by, it disrupted the position of 6 of the planets ending life in the two populated planets at the time. One recovered but the next time around Earth finds itself in a direct collision course.

  • polish sausage
    polish sausage 3 hours ago

    please someone explain me this: i never ever get bored. my thoughts are simply amusing activity, i'd say. my head is always full of colorful ideas and interesting questions i try to answer and hypotheses. i'm one of the most creative people i know, if anyone wondered and part of that time is used for introspection. one fault - the time passes fast as duck and i can't do much about it