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Psycho Pack Launch Trailer
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  • JeSuisPoule *
    JeSuisPoule * 11 minutes ago


  • Entropy E
    Entropy E 18 minutes ago

    I disagree about Borderlands 1 game of the’s awesome! Super fun and holds up really well even today. Goes to show u how ahead of its time it was! I would definitely recommend starting there, then BL2, before jumping into 3.

  • dean goodwin
    dean goodwin 35 minutes ago

    You guys fucked this game royaly. It's got less content then the first game 2k is such a shit company so sad to have them ruin this franchise what a waste of money and development time. The VHs are boaring and not unique no wonder they don't want to make more the only thing this game got right was guns and that's all it has. The story is worse then anthem and D1. limited time event with gear locked behind a time wall is fucking bull shit. This is the last time I buy a 2k published game ever

  • Take a Wild guess.
    Take a Wild guess. 2 hours ago

    Is this the ad for borderlands 3 or the fort nite skins

  • Zachary Brinton
    Zachary Brinton 2 hours ago

    if they do these custom limited time events, they need more bank space. I am maxed out and have no vault space with my bank full of legendaries and if i want to hold onto the limited time gear, how do i make space to keep that for years to come... if there are lets say 15 legendaries added for every event, we have 2 confirmed events coming out. That is 30 slots in my bank now unusable if i get them all and you can't sell them out of fear of the event not coming back. We will need more like 150-200 slots with all the events. I struggle now figuring out what to keep with all the variants and legendaries in the game. i have no duplicates and am still having to throw out tons of gear that i can't make space for. please ask randy if it is possible.

  • Person Probably
    Person Probably 2 hours ago

    The hunt is everything. King dragon sends his regards.

  • Alex J. Sandoval
    Alex J. Sandoval 2 hours ago

    Great first episode, Greg & Fran! Really enjoyed having it on while I explored some nooks and crannies in BL3. The Ask A Psycho segment got a good laugh out of me, looking forward to more of that... surprisingly. PS-- I love that you cribbed Tyreen's 'Like, Subscribe, & Obey' for your signoff, but I can't help but with you had dipped back into Angry Greg voice and spliced the Psycho mask back in ala the (awesome) marketing campaign they did when you got to the OBEY part. :D

  • EpiclyLost
    EpiclyLost 2 hours ago

    I did all of BL2 with Krieg, UVH and OP, would love to have him back or even a special apperance in BL3.

  • EpiclyLost
    EpiclyLost 3 hours ago

    The text in game is too small! Please make bigger or a size slider.

    BANDIT HORSE 3 hours ago

    i played solo the whole time, and the hardest boss for me was the agonizer 9000

    GAMBANJUJJJ 3 hours ago

    Eye candy from previous games are dead, to be replaced by strong FW

  • JTAC Bluemansonic
    JTAC Bluemansonic 3 hours ago


  • Grant Stutesman
    Grant Stutesman 3 hours ago

    Need more ask a psycho tho

  • Grant Stutesman
    Grant Stutesman 3 hours ago

    Loved this show. Love this game. Love you guys. Keep keeping it real!

  • Jedediah Cyrus
    Jedediah Cyrus 3 hours ago

    I'm beginning to wonder if the reason why they only play that song for a few seconds every time is because they couldn't get the official rights for it and this is a way to work around any legal loopholes

  • ThatCurlTho
    ThatCurlTho 3 hours ago

    Your reason for not putting out the DLC character is just stupid. Yes, everyone mains some character, but it doesn't mean we don't want more of them. It worked in B2 and PS, I don't get your ''studies''.

  • lolbob999999 Plus 1
    lolbob999999 Plus 1 4 hours ago

    A lot of attention to detail because there is an echo on sanctuary about more and they went to Darzaran Bay as the last mission. She *"complained"* a -shit ton- *little bit*

  • Jereme Smith
    Jereme Smith 4 hours ago

    Can we get someone with some testosterone to host? What a bore

  • AleynaGamer
    AleynaGamer 4 hours ago

    I've been playing solo, and have been loving it so far. Killavolt took me a few tries, that shit was hard.

  • Matt Cypher
    Matt Cypher 5 hours ago

    1:08 they know not what they have done.

  • david_justin5523
    david_justin5523 5 hours ago

    Hell Yeah!

  • no importa
    no importa 5 hours ago

    The song is Seven seas of rhye -Queen (1974) You're Welcome

  • Corpsefury
    Corpsefury 5 hours ago

    It was fun until my bank was magically emptied.

  • Morning Glory
    Morning Glory 5 hours ago

    I found this amazing Jacobs rifle with a mid range scope, the thing has almost no recoil so it operates like an extremely fast sniper rifle

  • The Pyromaniac
    The Pyromaniac 5 hours ago

    This is slowly becoming one of those iconic Borderlands Trailers. And I love it so much.

  • MagikMaschine
    MagikMaschine 5 hours ago

    A new Bunkers and Badasses campaign would be nice

  • The Egg
    The Egg 5 hours ago

    The 2 main villains look like they vape

  • Nerd of Action
    Nerd of Action 6 hours ago

    Your game lost all my progress. Fix it.

  • Infinite Power Gaming

    This is my review rating . This game to me is 6.8 / 10 to me . Now I understand that there’ll be people defending this game and I understand but the reason is its 6.8 is because of the story , bugs and glitches . The story is the main problem one example is Maya’s case and Aurelia ‘ s case as well so you guys might know what happened ( I cant spoil for you)

  • wei liu
    wei liu 6 hours ago

    Does this mean that Borderlands will log in to the switch soon?

  • Julajam
    Julajam 6 hours ago

    i just want to know one thing how many tris?

  • kian mazur
    kian mazur 6 hours ago

    Troy: dabs Me at lvl 50 preparing for Troy boss fight: “don’t expect mercy, I’m not that kind of god.”

  • brij250
    brij250 6 hours ago

    Why is everyone on a Flak and Zane train. Is amara and moze just corny? Who sure I pick?

  • Head Astronout
    Head Astronout 6 hours ago

    I Love How Tiny Tina Says Apocalypse Party Were going to Blow Something I don't know but its Funny

  • Third Coast Stuff
    Third Coast Stuff 6 hours ago


    ANDREW TRAN 7 hours ago

    Should get rid of fran coz he makes the show seem shit from allhis lying crap

  • Gray Ayakashi
    Gray Ayakashi 7 hours ago

    I dont know if this is a bug but after beating he game and doing some end game continent to get 56 guardian ranks i started a new character. Now both of my characters have access to guardian ranks but now they both have -28 tokens and it pushed my guardian rank back 20 lvls.

  • Luis Moras
    Luis Moras 7 hours ago

    This was the best damn game ever!! Well written great story and just badass!!

  • lolbob999999 Plus 1
    lolbob999999 Plus 1 7 hours ago

    Good part starts at 0:20

  • kawan MG
    kawan MG 7 hours ago

    I love queen THE SEVEN SEAS OF RHYE!

  • Sno Storm
    Sno Storm 7 hours ago

    Miya dies

  • Scriggs Mcnilla
    Scriggs Mcnilla 8 hours ago

    Fuck yeah!! Be cooler if they didnt go away though....seems like a waste to make this other area and enemies to use for a month and scrap. Why not just keep it in?

  • Subject 8
    Subject 8 8 hours ago

    *Please change your mind on DLC Vault Hunters.* The characters are cool but I think you should add a true melee character (Melee mode action skill) like Brick and Krieg. I know that Amara somewhat fills that niche but she's more like Athena than the two mentioned previously. I played all 3 to the endgame and was really disappointed that Athena didnt deliver an awesome experience as Brick and Krieg who allow you to literally run in front of any enemies faces and start punching or hacking at them like a maniac on all drugs on this earth. *PLEASE. CHANGE. YOUR. MINDS.*

  • Hunter Hill
    Hunter Hill 8 hours ago

    That Ask a Psycho segment ahahaha I was hoping for more unique characters but I understand! Can’t wait for Bloody Harvest!

  • nameless
    nameless 8 hours ago

    The cheeky dab at the end is kinda cringe

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 8 hours ago

    I only started playing BL2 this year and im already hooked onto borderlands, someone please help me

  • Bobby Snow
    Bobby Snow 9 hours ago

    i dont want to play alone but i dont think i should need to fork over more money to play with other people, on a game i bought for over $100, i should be able to play with whoever a damn well please without paying more money.

  • mynoseknows
    mynoseknows 9 hours ago

    oh no Troy dabbed

  • KiwiDragn
    KiwiDragn 9 hours ago

    119:20 is the DLC vault hunter announcement. He straight up says they're not adding more characters because not enough people are going to play them if they're added.

  • Wolfgang Winter
    Wolfgang Winter 9 hours ago

    see through skag would be awesome too

  • TheOblivionBlade
    TheOblivionBlade 9 hours ago

    Is borderlands a violent game or not? It is rated MA, but looks cartoonish.

    • Coolio Star Stache
      Coolio Star Stache 5 hours ago

      .... Wow You can literally cut off people's limbs, and blood spurts out, so yes, violent

  • Louis M
    Louis M 10 hours ago

    The more Gearbox Software, LLC mocks Lord Jesus the more they believe Jesus is real. IF they don't believe Jesus is real, they shouldn't make the cover unless they want us to mock Jesus driven by hatred. I challenged you and tell me what did Jesus do wrong to you? That he died for you was too much for you too handle? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Give me one good reasonable

  • Human Male
    Human Male 10 hours ago

    Zane is the best boi. Irish lad for life. He’s amazing and fun to play, and once you get a few kill skills going, ALL OF ERIDIAN TRIALS ARE A BREEZE. Ps: If you play Zane and get a night hawkin, I’ve only found a crayon version, you win if it’s in cryo.

  • Peter
    Peter 10 hours ago

    Borderlands 3 is an amazing game, great graphics, great story and great multiplayer. But the thing that sucks about this game is the frame rate drops and the consistent crashing.. I have xbox one x and I’m playing on performance mode and it still crashes and gets serious frame rate drops. Giving this game 6/10 because of the actual performance of the game

  • Oki King
    Oki King 10 hours ago

    Ay sir amara just spoilered me in sanctuary ,,I wonder who will play me in the I talk about that?" Well I think there is coming something and I hope its gonna be good

  • Skilled Summoner
    Skilled Summoner 10 hours ago

    Zayne Main over here! although, fl4k is my next one.

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen 10 hours ago

    Queen is always a win

  • mighty the ninja
    mighty the ninja 10 hours ago

    i hope this is on the xbox one game pass.

  • Matthew Knight
    Matthew Knight 10 hours ago

    The outdo sounds like something a cringey youtuber would do... Both Troy and tureen: THE FUCK YOU SAY TO ME YA LITTLE SHIT?

  • goodsirbear -
    goodsirbear - 10 hours ago

    I think a apt summary of this character whould be BUBBLE SHOT GUN

  • GoldenSquid 296
    GoldenSquid 296 11 hours ago

    10 ten best things about Borderlands 3: Number 1: The use of a Queen song

  • HemDogz89
    HemDogz89 11 hours ago

    More than once a month! Understandable if you can't always get some from Gearbox in, but if I'm stuck at work and I can't play, at least I can listen to people talk about it.

  • Andrew Chok
    Andrew Chok 11 hours ago

    Who casted psycho in this?

  • Andrew Kielbasowycz
    Andrew Kielbasowycz 12 hours ago

    The greatest Queen song... makes me want to play the game... a bit.

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles 12 hours ago

    Troy: dabs Everyone: you weren’t supposed to do that...

  • Marci K.
    Marci K. 12 hours ago

    please let handsome jack make a comeback so the main villains arent twitch streamers

  • Gregory Joslin
    Gregory Joslin 12 hours ago

    Zane seems to be getting the least love but he is my favorite by far!!! He feels more tactical than the other characters and very versatile.

    • Gregory Joslin
      Gregory Joslin 8 hours ago

      @Fran Mirabella III you always make the right choice. Keep up the great work brother.

    • Fran Mirabella III
      Fran Mirabella III 11 hours ago

      Gregory Joslin He’s just fun that’s why I chose him.

  • Wolfen Richtophen
    Wolfen Richtophen 12 hours ago

    What do i want on a Borderlands... Gun Manufacturers making vehicle turrets. A Hammerlock Wedding, and a good ol' Torgue Planet....Its Mr Torgue. Why doesnt he have his own planet

  • Doctor Disco
    Doctor Disco 12 hours ago

    Why didn’t this start with the twins intro

  • Steven Paul
    Steven Paul 12 hours ago

    It may just be that it was only a split second they showed this frame but after beating the game and looking back at 1:53, I noticed something, I won’t point it out so those of you who haven’t played it yet can still enjoy the game.

  • Leo D.
    Leo D. 13 hours ago

    I don't believe these two play this game at all.

    • Fran Mirabella III
      Fran Mirabella III 11 hours ago

      Leo D. You can literally watch every minute I’ve played on Twitch. :)

  • iWrath17
    iWrath17 13 hours ago

    Back to where it all started after beating the game!

  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner 13 hours ago

    I can't believe they got Lysandaroths voice actor