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  • #TheWarningSecondComingofJESUS CHRIST:

    God the Father: Only when I am satisfied will I bequeath the most spectacular Miracles for the world to witness. -Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 @ 18:00 My dearest daughter let no man underestimate the Force of My Anger as humanity succumbs further into the depths of sin. I have sent you the prophets. Then I sent My Beloved Son, whom I sacrificed to save you and then I sent more messengers, all to little avail. Few souls even looked at such messages from the prophets or accepted the signs given to the world by the Blessed Mother of My Beloved Son. Because of My great love for you, as a Father, I am giving all of My children the Gift of Salvation yet again. You must not ignore My prophets for this could lose you your place in the inheritance, which I have planned for you. Children many of you who believe in Me, your Eternal Father, fail to understand the secret of salvation. This pathway to spiritual perfection lies in your ability to accept the purification needed to ensure that you are fit to stand before Me. Many souls must be stripped bare of all worldly attractions, distractions and corruption of soul. For those of you fortunate enough to have endured such a purification you will know that until you become, as a baby, little in My Eyes, you will be unable to surrender to My Holy Will. Struggle against such purification and you will find it difficult to redeem yourself in My Eyes. When you are free of all the world has to offer and focus on My Son, you will realise that the only real love and joy that exists comes from God. Nothing else, once you experience this, can satisfy you again. You may slip from time to time but this is to be expected. For you cannot be freed from sin until the New World begins and you align your will to Mine. My Plan of Salvation, which can only be achieved on earth by your allegiance to My Precious Son, has already commenced. It will not take long for the global conversion. This will be achieved through My end time prophet and as a result of The Great Warning. Feel My Holy Spirit, children, invade your soul as it spreads very quickly across the earth. I pluck My children from their spiritual darkness in every part of the world. I need your sacrifice and prayers to help in the salvation of souls. Only when I am satisfied will I bequeath the most spectacular Miracles for the world to witness. When these Miracles are presented they will multiply the conversion I need to take My children to safety and into the New Paradise. Only then can we become a real family again. I love you children. I am pleased with those of you, generous of heart and pure of soul who recognise this Divine Call from Heaven. I bless you all. God the Most High

  • Media EIB
    Media EIB 4 months ago

    Hi. We would like to use a few seconds of your video in one of our non-profit productions. Would that be ok?

  • Josef H. Wenas
    Josef H. Wenas 6 months ago

    Could you share more docs on Indonesian military between 1983 and 1988, especially regarding the famous Commander Gen. L.B. Moerdani, or Benny. Thanks

  • Michael Milo Jørgensen

    Do you want some good music (usclip.net/video/gErK39bRyhY/video.html

  • Pak Tv24
    Pak Tv24 10 months ago

    very old channel

  • Dohyun Choi
    Dohyun Choi Year ago


  • Benjamin Sullivan

    This CIA has tried to kill me multiple times in conjunction with CSIS. Botched CIA Murdering Operation in Russia: www.reculuxury.com Send everywhere and publish everywhere! World-Changing Physics Help my Family and Me! I need the attached information (unequivocal truth) uploaded for everyone to see. I have tried unsuccessfully. Good afternoon, my name is Benjamin Allen Sullivan. I have world and humanity changing discoveries (Mathematics, Physics, and Otherwise) that have been prevented from recognition and academic accreditation by the intelligence community. Below is the information that I have sent to thousands of Media, Government, my Fellow Americans, Academia, and every legitimate faucet of Democracy relentlessly without success (manipulation by the CIA et al.). I have attached my discoveries (Unification) and the patents that I own (including filing certificates) for the Quantum Technological Revolution (Quantum Radio and Communications, Quantum Imager, and Quantum Encryption Systems and Software) are available at the links provided below. My family and I need your help - our lives depend on it! We need you to validate and publish my Discoveries, Physics, and Science. Any other help that you can provide will contribute to saving our lives: 1. I need a Whistle-Blower Attorney (and firm) for the no fail contingency case of a lifetime (I am willing to pay a premium). 2. Main Stream Media Reporting the Truth. 3. Medical Attention for the removal of these implants and the remainder of me repaired after years of torture, abuse, and multiple attempts at my life. 4. Academia (you) validating my Discoveries, Physics, and Science and reporting the same. Please help us! Help my family and Me! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Good afternoon, my name is Benjamin Allen Sullivan and I desperately need your help and legal counsel. I have information substantiating years of torture, abuse, multiple attempts at my life, a botched CIA operation in Russia, theft of my intellectual property, and decimation of my life by the CIA and CSIS. I had a deadline of 13 July 2017 to have these filed with WIPO and have them fully protected. There is no way that I could have accomplished this after these people have systematically destroyed my life. These people have manipulated my life in every way and prevented the sale and filing of my intellectual property and prevented the establishment of my business to exploit my discoveries, physics, and science. In fact, there is absolutely no statute for time (or even my actions - which have been honorable and truthful) as long as these illegal implants remain in my body and my U.S. Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties are being discarded with every legitimate facet of democracy prevented from functioning. This intellectual property is worth trillions of dollars and it has been stolen (I possess the patents for a quantum radio, quantum communications system, quantum imager, quantum encryption and associated software - filing certificates attached and other intellectual property prevented from filing). I can pay you/your firm with the recovery and filing of this intellectual property which is an integral component of this case. This is the contingency case of a lifetime and I am willing to pay a premium for your firm’s legal help. I will engage the Affirmative Asylum process (I have an I-589 electronically filled out - attached). I am a U.S. Citizen and entitled to ALL my Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties. My U.S. Government (CIA) Drugged me by stabbing with a needle and put these illegal implants in my body. I need your help with this urgently. In addition to this, I have presented all the same information that I have given you to the Washington Post (Peter Finn) and thousands of other media emails. I am living by squatting in houses, in a tent, or in shelters after arriving in DC on 02 July 2017. I entered the US from Mexico by swimming across the Rio Grande and hitchhiking my way here. I do not have a fixed-address. I am prepared (and looking forward to) being a witness against these criminals and bringing them all to justice via legitimate democratic trials on home US soil with public access, media, public accountability, and all the components of democracy functioning. I need your counsel more than you can imagine. I require a lawyer that is willing to tackle the former director of the CIA, the U.S., and Canadian Governments, CSIS, and the remainder of the implicated intelligence communities involved. I am in constant fear of my life and need your help and your legal counsel! I know how incredible all of this sounds (and it is incredible), I could not make this up if I wanted to and I have the substantiating evidence to support it. Please start with reading the document: CSIS Murdering Ring and Operation in Russia Please help me immediately. drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6ch0mgORF2MVEs2NXBmaDlNRzg?usp=sharing I have also temporarily abolished a former business website to place all of the documentation in one place: www.reculuxury.com Please Help Me! *note* that my phone no longer works and I can only be contacted via e-mail: CEO@BASRC.Biz I can phone you prior if we arrange it, and I am able to meet with you in person (preferred) once you have had a chance to review all the information. Benjamin Allen Sullivan CEO BASRC Email: CEO@BASRC.Biz Web-site: www.basrc.biz

  • Underground Raiload TV show in Chicago

    To Hyde Park High school in Chicago, Il 6300 S StoneyIsland. This is a former student Clifton Bradley, This is a former student at Hyde park Stanton Haamid who is a barber and Clifton Bradley of a TV show named the Underground Railroad TV show in Chicago IL on CAN-TV channel 19 at 10:30pm Saturday's at 10:30pm. Thank you to the radio and TVclassroomm Year 1977-1980 for teaching me about TV Mrs. Puie and Mr. Cuningham who were great teachers... This is a former student of McCoy's Barber college This is the greatest Barber in Chicago, IL Stanton Haamid located you get great haircuts at Herb's barbershop located 7815 s Jeffery. This is a video link of him support him usclip.net/video/y3BguHDR_d4/video.html

  • Thomas Mesen
    Thomas Mesen Year ago

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  • Llew Gibson
    Llew Gibson Year ago

    Great video Mate, keep killing it! Look into my channel we both enjoy to gain!

  • Benon Brian
    Benon Brian Year ago

    hey we cant watch videos on line ....is it okay for us to download them...

  • Novelia Rantung
    Novelia Rantung Year ago

    i like this cannel

  • Nate Taurus
    Nate Taurus Year ago

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  • Manish Acharya
    Manish Acharya Year ago

    Would you please upload the videos of 3rd SAARC Summit held in Kathmandu where we can see our King Birendra. Any other archive footage upload of king Birendra visiting abroad from Nepal shall be highly appreciated

  • Piotr Tkaczyk
    Piotr Tkaczyk Year ago

    DON`T SAY "Migrant" or "Refugee" SAY "People struggling to enter Europe" .... are You happy being cultural marxists ? Political correctness is a censorship, don`t You think ?

  • Ben Grambs
    Ben Grambs Year ago

    Thank you so much! I would never have been able to do my documentary on the Kosovo Conflict had it not been for you guys!

  • Mother of God: The remnant army of Christ will Triumph - CRUSADEPRAYERGROUP dotORG

    Love is more powerful than hatred Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 @ 15:30 My dearly beloved daughter, I embrace you tightly, within My Bosom, as you endure this pain in union with Me. My children, and especially My followers, feel a tenderness towards each other, which they cannot explain. They may be strangers, living on opposite sides of the world, yet the love they feel is My Love. They love each other as natural brothers and sisters do in any loving family. I Am the Light that creates this spontaneous love, which brings souls together. It is My Holy Spirit, which unites all of God’s children together as one family. You, My children, are My family. The Holy Trinity heads up the family, and when your love is pure and humble, you are automatically part of this holy family. Love of the Father is through Me. When you love Me I will take you into the Arms of My Father who will place the Seal of Protection around you and your family. *(See Seal of Protection Crusade Prayer 33.) My Heart is tender, as I witness with joy, the love that you have for each other. You bring Me such comfort from the torment that I have to endure, as My poor children in war torn countries are being persecuted. Unite with Me now, so that My family of devoted followers will join as one, no matter what their background is or what country they come from, in order to conquer the hatred in the world. Love is more powerful than hatred. Hatred is diluted if it is responded to with love. If someone treats you unjustly, you must respond with love, and Satan will cower in pain. If you feel tempted to seek revenge on those who hurt you, then you must pray for them, forgive them and show them love instead. Love, which permeates through My family on Earth, is a very powerful force. You must never believe, for one instant, that hatred can defeat love. The power that hatred wields, although ugly and painful to witness, can be defeated through the power of love. How can love weaken hatred in the world today? Prayer is the answer. Love Me. Listen to Me. Respond to the requests of My beloved Mother and Me, her Son, through the various prayers given to you. Here is a special Crusade Prayer for the unification of God’s children. It will spread love in the every corner of the Earth and dispel the hatred that grows every day. This hatred, caused by Satan through the weakness of humanity, and which creates atrocities such as torture, murder, abortion and suicide can be averted through this Crusade Prayer number (37) for the unification of all God’s children “O dear Jesus, unite all Your beloved followers in love, so that we can spread the Truth of Your promise for eternal salvation, throughout the whole world. We pray that those lukewarm souls, afraid of offering themselves to You in mind, body and soul, will drop their armour of pride and open their hearts to Your Love and become part of Your holy family on Earth. Embrace all those lost souls, dear Jesus, and allow our love, as their brothers and sisters to lift them from the wilderness and take them with us into the Bosom, Love and Light of the Holy Trinity. We place all our hope, trust and love in Your Holy Hands. We beg You to expand our devotion so that we can help save more souls. Amen.” I love you, children. You must never feel disheartened when you see the wickedness around you. Your prayers can dilute this wickedness. Your love will defeat it. Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ

  • Saphire Blue
    Saphire Blue Year ago

    Priscilla is NOT Elvis' widow!!! She walked out on him and went to shack up with her karate teacher with whom she had been having a long affair while married to Elvis, and who had a small child and a PREGNANT wife!! Priscilla only "loved" Elvis again when he died, when she changed her name back to Presley and began to reap millions of dollars on Elvis specials, TV Graceland tours, etc, making millions for herself and getting her loads of publicity to kick start her own career! Elvis' widow, my foot!!

  • Chris Beson
    Chris Beson Year ago

    You keep uploading videos more than once. I see the same thumbnail 3 or 4 times.

  • Kumail Ali
    Kumail Ali Year ago

    @ap do u have any video of zia pakistan dictator and saddam meeting ???

  • MRafaelDS
    MRafaelDS Year ago

    This channel is propaganda shit just look at the related channels....

  • Bali Air Motion
    Bali Air Motion 2 years ago

    Why are you trying so hard to remind us about the conflict that we really want to forget? Ambon conflict has been pass years ago, seems like you want Indonesian to fight each other over and over again. You should ashamed of yourself!

    • CrazyEyesKillah
      CrazyEyesKillah Year ago

      It's an archive channel that preserves historical events. You don't have to watch it, but it may come in handy for those that do. I am Biafran and there is plenty of footage of that war. But it's OK to have it on here as people can use it as a resource for films, documentaries etc. Shall we get rid of books because they contain information about the past?

  • Omega Juicer
    Omega Juicer 2 years ago

    Is it true that you plan on smearing the Alt-Right press with never ending claims that they are associated with the NAZIS and KKK?? ...I hope Trump enforces the liable laws on YOU SLANDERERS. Hillary Clinton is the one connected to George Soros, ...a self admitted NAZI COLLABORATOR who helped send HIS FELLOW JEWS to NAZI DEATH CAMPS!! The KKK made campaign donations to HILLARY CLINTON, ....NOT TRUMP.

    • Omega Juicer
      Omega Juicer 2 years ago

      AP, ...are you Spirit Cooking, PizzaGate PIGS??

  • Voice of the Lao People

    s il vous plait si ce sera possible de mettre le son sur votre clip video SYND 20-4-74 KING SAVANG VATTHANA MEETS PRINCE SOUPHANOUVONG OF LAOS c est tres interressant

  • tom laporte
    tom laporte 2 years ago

    On your coverage page for the funeral of the Duke of Windsor, you say he was King George VI. He was, in fact, Edward VIII

  • Alan Williams
    Alan Williams 2 years ago

    Sorry AP archive I am unsubbing, I don't have any idea why you are posting all of your videos multiple times but it seems like some cheap trick to get more views. Good bye.

  • OneOfOne
    OneOfOne 2 years ago

    every post you have about the us presidential election is anti trump. youre just more biased lamestream media who passed your sell by date. fucking frauds

  • Wo Loda
    Wo Loda 2 years ago

    soooooooj moooooooooooooooo

  • jhon mores
    jhon mores 2 years ago

    If you can do research on human rights violations in West Papua?

  • Tony Tony
    Tony Tony 2 years ago

    Hola Me encantaría ver toda la entrevista de Adán segundo perez canales por favor lo conosi

  • Mila Kovac
    Mila Kovac 2 years ago

    Everyone this is just a propaganda channel....the amount of disinformation and incorrect translation :O and lies on this channel is shocking..........

    • Mister Twister
      Mister Twister Year ago

      не пизди сука бля...всё правда тут как есть

    • Omega Juicer
      Omega Juicer 2 years ago

      Theyare ordering their reporters to smear the Alt-Right press as NAZI & KKK collaborators, ...when self admitted Nazi Collaborator GEORGE SOROS backed HILLARY CLINTON and paid for all the attacks on Trump rallies.

  • James Dickie Vaughn
    James Dickie Vaughn 2 years ago

    Associated press just showed their true colors, publishing Clinton's wins but ignoring Trump's wins. I'm through with you, left-wing liberal which used to be very balanced, but no more!

  • rachid bekaddour benattia

    Add video airs nuclear bomb incident in Japan

  • Mubarak AlHashemi
    Mubarak AlHashemi 3 years ago

    I've seen the best channel in USclip there are actually many of the films did not see it before Thank you for your effort and I wish you every success and further progress

  • Milagros Quiñones
    Milagros Quiñones 3 years ago

    Lorri Berenson is a TERRORIST!!! Not and "activist". You are minimizing 70,000 dead people during the worst domestic war in Peruvian history. It is a shame that you are not following the real historic content of my country in regard to terrorism. Are you aware of the pain we suffered? The years... and years... fearing that there was not a safe place to go? These terrorists killed peruvian citizens for more than a decade! So I will say Osama Bin Laden was an activist and that 9/11 was a job from rebels and activists. Shame on you AP!!!!

  • Aitor Nadal
    Aitor Nadal 3 years ago

    thank you !!!!

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 3 years ago

    ' Israel did 911 - All the proof in the World '

  • TakingTrams
    TakingTrams 3 years ago

    In "USA: PRESIDENT CLINTON MEETS PM YOSHIRO MORI" the title or the footage must be replaced. None of the guys at the conference seems to be Mori, nor is anyone of them meeting Clinton.

  • Sebby Clarke
    Sebby Clarke 3 years ago

    You had a clip of a group of people performing Hamlet on the Great Wall of China in 1996. It was great to see this, but I can no longer find it. Can you send a link?

  • Jones Cece
    Jones Cece 3 years ago

    what happend to all the Mariah Carey Videos??? :(

  • rvannieuwenhuijzen
    rvannieuwenhuijzen 3 years ago

    Do you have the 1980 olympic football final Czechoslovakia - East Germany.

  • Trev S
    Trev S 3 years ago

    Its annoying you swamping the news with old news

    • Mila Kovac
      Mila Kovac 2 years ago

      +Trev S This is just a propaganda channel....the amount of disinformation and incorrect translation and lies on this channel is shocking..........

  • Truth Warrior
    Truth Warrior 3 years ago

    Why are you posting old archived videos on climate change , clogging up YT with old videos ? Hmmm ? I want breaking news.

    • CrazyEyesKillah
      CrazyEyesKillah Year ago

      This is an archive channel. Go to the AP news channel for that dumbass.

  • Al Merrder
    Al Merrder 3 years ago

    Stop Spamming YOU tube by Using HAITI s name to get views with out dated Shit ...you lowlife PUNK ...get a real Job Bitch

  • Dovahkin11
    Dovahkin11 3 years ago

    Thank you for the uploads. I love historical footage, especially in an easy to view format like USclip. :)

    • Dovahkin11
      Dovahkin11 2 years ago

      +Mila Kovac It was a lot better back when they first opened the channel. I guess it's gone downhill since :(

    • Mila Kovac
      Mila Kovac 2 years ago

      +Dovahkin11 This is just a propaganda channel....the amount of disinformation and incorrect translation :O and lies on this channel is shocking..........This channel is wow....

  • kyubi chan
    kyubi chan 3 years ago

    Thank you!!!!

  • Zen2010
    Zen2010 3 years ago

    Whispers: Stop flooding my subscription.

  • S Trek
    S Trek 3 years ago

    I agree it is a step forward, but... what a jumbled up mess! no organization, no dates or sound track on many videos. Are you leaving the organization and compiling of the collection to others?

    • Mila Kovac
      Mila Kovac 2 years ago

      +jcdurand3391 Guys this is just a propaganda channel....the amount of disinformation and incorrect translation and lies on this channel is shocking..........

    • jcdurand3391
      jcdurand3391 3 years ago

      +Jay Joe Get a life!

  • Muhammad Muzammil Shaikh

    Thank you very much for this. This is incredible.

  • Jessica Palmer
    Jessica Palmer 3 years ago

    I love to see all this archived footage, but it needs original footage dates in the description. It makes it difficult to know what you're looking at.

    • Mila Kovac
      Mila Kovac 2 years ago

      +Jessica Palmer + Dear Jessica this is just a propaganda channel....the amount of disinformation and incorrect translation :O and lies on this channel is shocking..........

  • Florian Dootz
    Florian Dootz 3 years ago

    Thank you so much. This is awesome!

  • YouHaventSeenMeRight

    I agree that it is cool to have this huge collection available on USclip. It would however be nice to have the date of video in the description instead of having to go to licensing page to find out when a video was broadcast/created.

  • Vlad Didenko
    Vlad Didenko 3 years ago

    The AP archive on USclip is cool. Relevant or not will depend on how actionable they will make the metadata.

  • NicMediaDesign
    NicMediaDesign 3 years ago

    It is a videomakers dream come true - having access to such a giant video archive.

  • Catfishstudios
    Catfishstudios 3 years ago

    Thank you.