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How Taylor Guitars Are Made
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How Protein Bars Are Made
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How Tequila Is Made
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  • True2Live
    True2Live 5 minutes ago

    Screw the Olympics!!! THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!🤯🤯🤯👍👍

  • Sammy Damonte
    Sammy Damonte 7 minutes ago

    I hate that there are people in the world that act like this to girls.

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson 9 minutes ago

    donald glover is a genius.

  • Isabella Anchondo
    Isabella Anchondo 17 minutes ago

    What happens if they want to have a sleepover we’re do they sleep 🛏

  • Katelyn_ Playz
    Katelyn_ Playz 17 minutes ago

    Sebastian Lester 👍👌👏👏

  • cinq
    cinq 18 minutes ago

    the bucket of donuts are probably the only one I would eat

  • Grus Americana Raging
    Grus Americana Raging 30 minutes ago

    The massacre at the beginning of the episode is known as the Bombing/Massacre of Black Wallstreet in Tulsa Oklahoma

  • A Carneal
    A Carneal 33 minutes ago

    Mia khalifa?

  • ysvry
    ysvry 38 minutes ago

    very inspirational thx.

  • Disney_Factgurl
    Disney_Factgurl 44 minutes ago

    Me: so whos baby? Artist: it's fake I don't care about it Me: *throws it on the ground* Baby: starts crying Artist: NO THE OTHER ONE *dark humor for you*

  • James Hiler
    James Hiler 51 minute ago

    Thank you for making a video of facts I actually didn't know.

  • Dangrg
    Dangrg 51 minute ago

    Because we don't watch British shows and the Brits and people around the world mostly watch American shows and movies.

  • frizzeecurlz
    frizzeecurlz 55 minutes ago

    There’s people with careers like this and yet here I am.... still broke. Anybody hiring? I think I want to be a Food Stylist ✨

  • Dantibrod
    Dantibrod Hour ago

    i cried with this episode, idk why but i felt overwhelmed with emotions

  • Patricks Pickle
    Patricks Pickle Hour ago

    Jim Crow is scary lookin

  • Disney_Factgurl
    Disney_Factgurl Hour ago

    *cosplayers anime run intensifies*

  • Roblox Adventures

    2:54 is he Zach Choi ik it says mr k but I-

  • Vacationing With The Valentins

    I want to do this!!

  • sam roberts
    sam roberts Hour ago

    Modern music is trash.

  • trumpetking11
    trumpetking11 Hour ago

    One of my favorite Breaking Bad episodes, period!

  • Ashley Miranda
    Ashley Miranda Hour ago

    Is the director paid in samples? Lol

  • Many_Lives
    Many_Lives Hour ago

    Wait wait stylist?? When did that become a job and how do I get it? How does anyome get it? Ima google this.....

  • Quentin Yanez
    Quentin Yanez Hour ago

    Thought this was cool until I saw how it was a $10 a month cash grab after the first $40 year😪 playing on the pay from peoples emotions

  • smith tag
    smith tag Hour ago

    Ilyn Payne's exclusion from Arya's list is not because the actor has cancer. yes the actor has cancer but Arya also excluded many others from her earlier list like those who were following orders and didn't actually choose to hurt her family. that includes The Hound, Ilyn Payne, Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and Dunsen

  • Brandon Vega
    Brandon Vega Hour ago

    So a Japanese cheesecake

  • Achraf Hamdani
    Achraf Hamdani Hour ago

    When can we be equale😥

  • Lecl Lecl
    Lecl Lecl Hour ago

    So TECHNICALLYYYYYYY they aren original paintings anymore...they've been retouched so many damn times throught time that who's to say that it isn't a totally new and different painting. Idk

  • Anna Rodriguez
    Anna Rodriguez Hour ago

    She got diabetes after

  • Mike B
    Mike B Hour ago

    Still didn't answer the question "Why does it cost $18 to see a fricking movie" the "because it's better" does not answer why.

  • C J
    C J 2 hours ago

    That would of been cool if the joker and batman were brothers

  • Judorange1980
    Judorange1980 2 hours ago

    How much waste?

  • Sabrina Hutt
    Sabrina Hutt 2 hours ago

    “Good artists imitate. Great artists steal.”

  • Lucia A
    Lucia A 2 hours ago

    Wearing fur is disgusting.

  • Martha Tedla
    Martha Tedla 2 hours ago

    The commercials here didn't seem that timing-sensitive. I'm honestly not sure why you couldn't just have ppl do it and save 100k. Especially since they said it takes a lot of trial and error even with the robots, so they (maybe) aren't even saving time by blowing their budget on robots .

  • beth01
    beth01 2 hours ago

    Oh wow you can’t even dRaW a CiRcLe compared to artists who have years of experience? Who knew 😒

  • Go F Urself
    Go F Urself 2 hours ago

    Ari Aster is killing it, making a, rightfully deserved, name for himself. Hereditary fucked me up, I mean at my core fucked me up yet it’s also a piece of art, how Aster does that is absolutely genius. Midsommar is even better somehow cause it works on so many levels. If anyone has ever taken a hallucinogenic they undoubtedly know that time is the first thing to get 100% fucked with, 2 hours goes by in a minute so Aster using a 20 hour day of sunlight atop of constant shrooms is so brilliant, all sensors and movements are thrown out the door..I love this guy!!

  • Tiff Prendergast
    Tiff Prendergast 2 hours ago

    U can order her case on her website

  • Bibi
    Bibi 2 hours ago

    7:28 Naked Bone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Call me incarcerated

    If she was following him and keeping pace at his speed and operating a phone while driving again at that speed mam get out of the car your under arrest

  • Amyy B
    Amyy B 2 hours ago

    Carl Jung’s Jung is pronounced like “young”

  • Sydni Stewart
    Sydni Stewart 2 hours ago

    but what if someone steps on your foot🤷🏾‍♀️

  • BK Ghosty
    BK Ghosty 2 hours ago


  • Andrew Racine
    Andrew Racine 2 hours ago

    That was not a race riot, it was terrorism.

  • bluebunny 96
    bluebunny 96 2 hours ago

    the sad thing is that marshmallow ice cream was already made in so many other shops before

  • Nash Scheber
    Nash Scheber 2 hours ago

    Its okay imo there's better episodes

  • rosettAIRcps
    rosettAIRcps 3 hours ago

    She seems like a nice lady and had a great sense of humor.

  • Joy Damabel
    Joy Damabel 3 hours ago

    I wish that the dad payed more attention to his daughter rather than that dumb ass game

  • Doomer K Kid
    Doomer K Kid 3 hours ago

    I love Seinfeld so much

  • CJF
    CJF 3 hours ago


  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 hours ago

    Just because he (Ozymandias) was shown in the episode, it doesn't mean that it is concurrent with the main story line.

  • Alfian Nur R
    Alfian Nur R 3 hours ago

    The true answer is the Japanese's Spider-Man

    ASHLEY WEED 3 hours ago

    The old lady looks a lot like the old lady from ratatouie that shoots the rats out of her house.

  • Manny S.
    Manny S. 3 hours ago

    1:03 is the best.

  • Gabriel Reynolds
    Gabriel Reynolds 3 hours ago

    Well good luck with that now I know it doesn't sound like it but I assure you there was sarcasm in my voice

  • Minha Fatima
    Minha Fatima 3 hours ago

    0:33 “Classrooms experiments”

  • Mike Walko
    Mike Walko 3 hours ago

    The way this guy talks is exactly the same as the #15 burger king foot fungus guy. It frustrates me so much

  • Naomi knows
    Naomi knows 3 hours ago

    My name is Naomi!!!!!

  • Michael Del Rossa
    Michael Del Rossa 3 hours ago

    Mike great work !

  • iiDaisy Aldc
    iiDaisy Aldc 3 hours ago

    i’m so happy taking these off after class

  • Campbell 0714
    Campbell 0714 3 hours ago

    how does a pediatrician buy a 7 mil house she has to be like ceo of childs heath

  • txman201
    txman201 3 hours ago

    "can't hardly"....typical of hollow-body chasers of meaningless things.

  • Amy Tyler
    Amy Tyler 3 hours ago

    I used to live in New Jersey it was great right by New York and there was GREAT Food but I sadly moved to ohio

  • aubry Wilson
    aubry Wilson 3 hours ago

    Y’all should try the omelette maker you can put in the microwave. Might sound nasty but it’s actually good😂😂but the only things is is that you have to make your ingredients before like bacon or sausage . Overall I love it

  • Sky狼
    Sky狼 3 hours ago

    *dollightful will always be my favorite doll artist though*

  • Simran Joshi
    Simran Joshi 4 hours ago

    There’s one thing I want to know how did she climb that rock wall with heels? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Katherine Miranda
    Katherine Miranda 4 hours ago

    This is some caveman stuff here

  • HawksNest
    HawksNest 4 hours ago

    Thumbnail, that is all.

  • Michael Placzek
    Michael Placzek 4 hours ago

    That's why its so expensive, they add unnecessary stuff

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 4 hours ago

    I'd argue that it is indeed one of the worst episodes of the series, but also that that says more about the other episodes than it does Fly. Fly is a good episode. Almost every other episode is just better.

  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 4 hours ago

    What? Ozymandias isn't the most hated episode. That would be-- Ohhhh...

  • alv0000
    alv0000 4 hours ago

    that was a greek helmet: a clear reference do Alexander the Great

  • I game Now
    I game Now 4 hours ago

    But where is the dad

  • Scottishh
    Scottishh 4 hours ago

    *If they do this to me I’ll kill them*

  • Pari Panda
    Pari Panda 4 hours ago

    The way they put in the eyes killed me it was like satisfying but gross like if u agree 👇🏽

  • liliana
    liliana 4 hours ago

    “it wasn’t only saying goodbye to each other but their childhood” 🥺

  • Nevie Centeno
    Nevie Centeno 4 hours ago

    you are the best person in the world due to this title

  • Chrissy Kins
    Chrissy Kins 4 hours ago

    Doesnt seem sanitary 🤢

  • Dawny
    Dawny 4 hours ago

    I am so anoyed that the city that London blew up with MESUSA isnt in the film

  • Fiona
    Fiona 5 hours ago

    Why did she take such a big bite 😂

  • Tammy Kirk
    Tammy Kirk 5 hours ago

    My hair was this long and i cut it i miss my hair 😢

  • John Troy
    John Troy 5 hours ago

    TLk about, jobs with satisfaction levels over the roof.

  • Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson 5 hours ago

    Mark Oldman has got to be 1 of my favorite food personalities. Saw him perform at New Yorker food festival and he was funny and super interesting and easy on the eyes.

  • Hussain Hussain
    Hussain Hussain 5 hours ago


  • Mr Satan
    Mr Satan 5 hours ago

    u forgot the unforgettable song when they were having dinner

  • kdog
    kdog 5 hours ago

    Cute tootsies

  • Brody Jacobsen
    Brody Jacobsen 5 hours ago

    Please do a Ava Max torn

  • fréderique petronella

    I also want son tatoo but when i am older❤

  • Christopher Blandford

    That is a Corinthian helmet, not a Roman helmet.

  • Lakshmi Shah
    Lakshmi Shah 5 hours ago

    Imagine if your hair got in your face...

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith 5 hours ago

    Is it halal

  • Caroline kerr
    Caroline kerr 5 hours ago

    What did the librarians say read more

  • bilbo
    bilbo 5 hours ago

    here come the diabetes comments..

  • sTrOnG tHoUgHtS
    sTrOnG tHoUgHtS 6 hours ago

    You made me more confused

  • Lucas Castillo vlogs


  • EvanTtube Gaming
    EvanTtube Gaming 6 hours ago

    No one: That ONE guy: ThAT Is TrAcEd!!!

  • Kallie_Kandie
    Kallie_Kandie 6 hours ago

    when you have *B r a c e s*

  • Zachary Swaffield
    Zachary Swaffield 6 hours ago

    I find it weird dr Manhattan didn’t leave mars to explore the universe