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  • Hal Gore
    Hal Gore Hour ago

    Pops did a Superman diveI feel him tho 👌🏽💯

    EFIL WV Hour ago

    The age out age should be raised to 25! According to neuroscience, the brain doesn’t fully mature until then. If you grew up around abuse and trauma, your brain will most likely be stunted permanently.

  • Momsagainstmedicalbullying burch

    People need to use wisdom..

  • Beth Manus
    Beth Manus Hour ago

    That was really dope! loved it!

  • TheLadydiva-atl
    TheLadydiva-atl Hour ago


  • Aaron Abarca
    Aaron Abarca Hour ago

    I wrote Dreams of Mermaid

  • Gideon Fifty
    Gideon Fifty Hour ago

    Didn't the Patriots allow him to introduce them (raise flag) on the first game of the following year? They might as well had let me do it although the Patriots are not my favorite team but i was rooting for them and watched the whole game.

  • Amilcar Valença

    Damn Wheel done !!

  • Jitka Blahakova
    Jitka Blahakova Hour ago

    Ann Curry was not exactly a beloved TV host regardless of Matt Lauer case, so let's not rewrite a history.

  • melinda lee
    melinda lee Hour ago

    So adorable🌸

  • Gabriel Velasquez

    The fyp shows what the kids like

  • mk 08
    mk 08 Hour ago

    This is fucking insane

  • Mohammed Rayast
    Mohammed Rayast Hour ago

    He would have ripped him apart if he'd got his hands on him.

  • Kk Khan
    Kk Khan Hour ago

    The killer needs to hang , lethal injection. Feel for the father. Law stinks. Why stop him let him get a few punches in. Burn in hell . I hope some prisoner pokes his eyes out.

  • mk 08
    mk 08 Hour ago

    This is fucking insane

  • mk 08
    mk 08 Hour ago

    This is fucking insane

  • gg
    gg Hour ago

    The killer was half black.

  • Lorna Ginette Harrison

    *"Why is that clown so mean?"* Surely one of the best put-downs *ever!* It’s obvious & simplistic, yet a genuinely legitimate question to ask, delivered in a very straightforward, distilled manner...genius, kid! Edit: Whoa! For some reason, the thought of Bill Skarsgård in FULL ‘Pennywise' costume & makeup - being super nice, chatting between scenes, just chilling - is somehow *more* terrifying to me than him behaving in character! [I guess it’s something to do with the confounding incongruity of mismatched expectations?] Go figure!

  • TheHand Noxian
    TheHand Noxian Hour ago

    If we lived in fair world "an eye for an eye" would be fair compensation for every evil done.

  • PrinceInShadow
    PrinceInShadow Hour ago

    Too bad this men has to faced seeing his daughter murderer all smiling while waiting for his ticket to free food and bedroom. If this happened in syariah law government that murderer will be hanged to death.

  • Omara Oliver
    Omara Oliver Hour ago

    Shes trying too hard to be relatable at the start of the video eating burgers and wearing jeans under her gown

  • Sniph3R Gaming
    Sniph3R Gaming Hour ago

    that fat geenie can freestyle rap

  • Bella Estrella***17
    Bella Estrella***17 2 hours ago

    Like kids are really gonna report anything inappropriate they see , trust me when I say they won’t ❗️🙄

  • Welcome's House
    Welcome's House 2 hours ago


  • Wendy T.
    Wendy T. 2 hours ago

    Blessed to be a Blessing

  • Carleen Evans
    Carleen Evans 2 hours ago

    Soo adorable! 😍🙏

  • Toffi&theGorilla
    Toffi&theGorilla 2 hours ago

    I never trusted romantic guys with guitars too fishy

  • Leaf1999
    Leaf1999 2 hours ago

    Yeaaah cranberry juice is definitely bittersweet

  • Gladiator Al Mousa
    Gladiator Al Mousa 2 hours ago

    Don’t blame him 😔 we understand must respect the court but !!!! It’s hard to see my heart killer

  • suavecitojones
    suavecitojones 2 hours ago

    Mama this is just too cool

  • mamaveros
    mamaveros 2 hours ago

    Lil Man is tooo cute! Advocates for lil sibling as well and knows👑👑💖💖

  • Anibal Saldana
    Anibal Saldana 2 hours ago

    You ladies look very hot

  • Anibal Saldana
    Anibal Saldana 2 hours ago

    This is one of the best shows ever

  • litabears
    litabears 2 hours ago

    Omg! So adorable and beautiful little girls❤❤❤

  • ɐuuɐʎɥs
    ɐuuɐʎɥs 2 hours ago


  • Vikki Lawson
    Vikki Lawson 2 hours ago

    That was sweet

  • Ms. Inspiration
    Ms. Inspiration 2 hours ago

    Absolutely Adorable!!

  • Gabriel Velasquez
    Gabriel Velasquez 2 hours ago

    Kids aren't suppose to be in tik tok... It's the parents fault

  • sinistar426
    sinistar426 2 hours ago

    Has anyone asked Ann directly, "Have you EVER signed a non disclosure agreement with NBC?' She seems to be "extra careful" about what she says and doesnt say.

  • zin lee
    zin lee 2 hours ago

    i hope that moron is in hell

  • KP Funny Vines
    KP Funny Vines 2 hours ago

    The reporter trying silly things to show our poverty

  • vuvlp 07
    vuvlp 07 2 hours ago

    It's 2019 now. What happen to them now? Second meet?

  • armando arroyo
    armando arroyo 2 hours ago

    I don't blame the poor guy.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 2 hours ago

    She is so good - too bad she cannot compete on the Masked Singer. Even if she did not win she would do really well.

  • Clips & things
    Clips & things 2 hours ago


  • Cook With Faiziya
    Cook With Faiziya 2 hours ago

    Ohh my God 🤗

  • Tech Master
    Tech Master 2 hours ago

    Sad part is that low life piece of shit has no remorse for what he did not even a big deal to take someone's life

  • anybodycanart
    anybodycanart 2 hours ago

    Scumbags battling her after she gave them such a gift.

  • GoogIe Chrome
    GoogIe Chrome 2 hours ago

    He is black

  • Veronica Luccas
    Veronica Luccas 2 hours ago

    Amen Guy ❤️💯❤️ the children will always need us no matter what age 💯❤️💯

  • Manpreet Boparai
    Manpreet Boparai 2 hours ago

    Good morning America..🌞🌻🌞🌻🌞 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Game time BD oasi
    Game time BD oasi 2 hours ago

    1:13 made me cry souch

  • Jocelyn A.
    Jocelyn A. 2 hours ago

    This was my baby brother too when I would come home from school 😭 now he’s 5 and says he doesn’t want me leaving for college ditooo🥺💙

  • Sundaysareforsleeping

    The truth is that all my kid's friends ALSO have tok toc. They just use eachothers phones! The kids know how to get around the controls. The best thing a parent can do is stay with their kids on social media. Follow the people that follow them. Keep accounts private and spend the time to know what they are into.

  • KinXSvlog
    KinXSvlog 2 hours ago

    Then don't give your kids fucking electronics you stupid parents

  • candiigurl7893
    candiigurl7893 2 hours ago

    The way she holds out her arms! That's so sweet! I hope their silbling relationship only gets stronger ❤

  • Enki Enlil
    Enki Enlil 2 hours ago

    Such an irresponsible mom 😅😍😍😍

  • K Hall
    K Hall 2 hours ago

    These all look GREAT!

  • Kķn_D :
    Kķn_D : 2 hours ago

    Love how he doesn't claim himself magician rather a mentalist instead

  • Primarca MGTOW
    Primarca MGTOW 2 hours ago

    Absolute degeneracy, there is nothing to save from this rotten society.

  • IamJ🍊
    IamJ🍊 3 hours ago

    She is so adorable!!

  • Kaylee London
    Kaylee London 3 hours ago

    I came here from TikTok

  • Sugakookiebaby xD
    Sugakookiebaby xD 3 hours ago

    She got that black girl magic running through her veins💖💖 Im so glad this young queen is so bright☺☺!!

  • Apoorva Anwariya
    Apoorva Anwariya 3 hours ago

    How do i get nick kroll in my life?😍

  • I’m Here
    I’m Here 3 hours ago

    This was a great interview.

  • Hsu Thiri Kun
    Hsu Thiri Kun 3 hours ago

    this is how I wanted it to be: 1.Milo and Wittles 2.Linsay and DeMarcus 3.Alixis and Alan 4.Elvanna and Keogh But Milo and Wittles r my winners btw I can't believe it was in 2018 I thought it was in 2019 #Witlo Forever

  • Ada Darling
    Ada Darling 3 hours ago


  • Yesenia Eguia
    Yesenia Eguia 3 hours ago

    Why must the Good die young. I would of adored him ifen i had a 2nd chance too.😞💔 I wasn't much familiar with his work...or music😅 I was such a Nerd Infested into Cartoons other than such😅 #Different #OhBoy #LifesNotFair

  • Emma Unique
    Emma Unique 3 hours ago

    Proper cyber law needs to be enacted asap for all social media sites.

  • Camille Camille
    Camille Camille 3 hours ago

    Soooooo cute

  • Tarrance Nichols
    Tarrance Nichols 3 hours ago

    That goes to show that anything is possible no matter what.

  • Tay Hadgu
    Tay Hadgu 3 hours ago

    Yass this looks good!😋😋

  • Hsu Thiri Kun
    Hsu Thiri Kun 3 hours ago

    who else misses willo

  • CCJJ160Channels
    CCJJ160Channels 3 hours ago

    Even more touching how she runs to her and drops her book bag like nothing else in the world matters.

  • Thomas Holman-Layne
    Thomas Holman-Layne 3 hours ago

    *G E T C H A D T R O N I C*

  • cocolola007
    cocolola007 3 hours ago

    I get like that too when my husband forgets to kiss me goodbye. 🤣 Oh man!!

  • don brassco
    don brassco 3 hours ago

    B.S Need A Pre Work Out Food😈

  • stirange
    stirange 3 hours ago

    Dude peaced the fuck out. Lol

  • Yesenia Eguia
    Yesenia Eguia 3 hours ago

    Even i *Completely* understand what he *Totally* meant during that Motown Moonwalk performance... 2:02 Ive seen him do better balances b4 But i cant imagine the disappointment he must of felt when he lost his grip *Due to the cheering must of bn some distraction* ... As a OCDish Perfectionist Myself i get what hes trying to describe, As a debute The Moonwalk could of been displayed better😕 But. 1st i seen it though I was still mesmerized😍👏🙏.. The day when i *wasn't* as out of control perfect Those were them days i miss😞💔😑 💙 U Michael✌✨

  • Oluchukwu
    Oluchukwu 3 hours ago

    There's camera crew following me and I have no idea yet smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ such good acting

  • Priscilla Lopez
    Priscilla Lopez 3 hours ago


  • John Edward Jones
    John Edward Jones 3 hours ago

    Several MDs suggested few years ago the breakfast is overrated. I had amazing results following the advice of one AU MD saying not to eat for at least 12 hours after last meal.

  • Lyn Utermark
    Lyn Utermark 3 hours ago

    Tik Tok isannoying

  • Miracle 7
    Miracle 7 3 hours ago

    I just cry💕🙏

  • fun mix101
    fun mix101 3 hours ago

    Great work

  • Ashes to Ashes
    Ashes to Ashes 3 hours ago

    Sooo precious!!!!

  • ASMR Flop Zoik
    ASMR Flop Zoik 3 hours ago


  • Marcia  Thompson
    Marcia Thompson 3 hours ago

    O for Christ Sake. This Tour is nothing but a holiday with their British Media Friends,who they are aligned with cosplaying her Dead Mother in Law. Where is the impact? Learnt nothing about the Charities Just playing dress up in costumes and gown. Then she fumble a few worlds from a piece of paper. Someone wake me up when all this Drivel is over.

    MOMO MO 3 hours ago

    they have fans but even one have no lightstick

  • Morgen Hartshorn
    Morgen Hartshorn 3 hours ago

    Don’t know her but I love her she is so intelligent

  • Candice Sacks
    Candice Sacks 3 hours ago

    She won't ever forget now!! Wow at 2 years old he can explain how he feels!! Glad Dad listened!! Good for him! Now hugs and kisses for him and baby forever 😘

  • Alice Collins
    Alice Collins 3 hours ago

    And they are going to try and do something about this.

  • Cloud17t27w
    Cloud17t27w 3 hours ago

    3rd class reporting. Neither Pakistanis nor Royal family or other in trip knows that its a bloody water issue in 1 village wow. What a superb 3rd class reporting.

  • joanna hernandez
    joanna hernandez 3 hours ago

    When I got this notification I was literally on Tik tok

  • Juicy Pomegranates
    Juicy Pomegranates 3 hours ago

    3:23 oil causes plate to fall

  • Sharon Davis
    Sharon Davis 3 hours ago

    Doesn't the breakfast give you the strength and energy to workout?

    • Sharon Davis
      Sharon Davis 3 hours ago

      @Jibran Haider Thanks!

    • Jibran Haider
      Jibran Haider 3 hours ago

      Well that stored fat is energy aswell, so by not eating instead of burning the breakfast, you'll be breaking down the fat.

  • BrickMaster1999
    BrickMaster1999 3 hours ago


  • Vredesbyrd
    Vredesbyrd 3 hours ago

    Are proper grammar becomes extinction?

  • DjRangje
    DjRangje 3 hours ago

    Yes it is not only the kids tho

  • Asif Kiani
    Asif Kiani 3 hours ago

    This is what your own country condition only in Los Angles about 53,000 People are home less even they don't have Washroom Facility. So First report on US Then talk about Pakistan. watch this report .