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Halloween 2018Halloween 2018
Halloween 2018
2 months ago
Rainy Day JeepRainy Day Jeep
Rainy Day Jeep
2 years ago
Mother's Day!Mother's Day!
Mother's Day!
2 years ago
Sloth PrankSloth Prank
Sloth Prank
3 years ago

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  • David Curtis
    David Curtis 9 months ago

    I have just discovered this Channel. As a retiree who has been interested in history, especially military history, all my life I have to congratulate you in the highest terms for a fantastic teaching method and really clear presentation of the battles you discuss. Excellent.

  • The_Godfather 99
    The_Godfather 99 11 months ago

    cool stuff exept sasquatch -- i mean do you still believe in santa clause? sorry but that is just ridiculous to me. do more of your history classes they are extremely good i wish my history teacher did this

  • FullyOtto Bismarck
    FullyOtto Bismarck 2 years ago

    can you please show the Colibri in your next gun video

  • Smrt fazimu
    Smrt fazimu 2 years ago

    what finding big foot episode were you in

    • LordCryptid
      LordCryptid 2 years ago

      Super Yooper. I did the background work for Bigfoot and Wolverines also but hid from the camera.

  • Woodland Sprite
    Woodland Sprite 4 years ago

    Any investigations in western PA Beaver County / eastern Ohio Columbiana County border area?

  • the mi woodsman
    the mi woodsman 4 years ago

    thanks for the sub i appreciate it ! i subbed you as well ,look forward to your vids ! atb john

  • JC Johnson
    JC Johnson 5 years ago

    Thanks for the sub.

  • Dana Scarazzini
    Dana Scarazzini 7 years ago

    she's cute i love her