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  • Deoz
    Deoz Minute ago

    che czzo hanno visto i miei insulsi occhi umani

  • Pulsxd
    Pulsxd Minute ago

    Look, I think these Nintendo Minutes are great but why are you doing these challenges with people who literally work at Nintendo? Its not like they couldnt afford it without the challenge? Please, for the love of god, get someone else to participate in these challenges who doesnt already have a switch etc. that would be so much cooler to see

  • jpants36 - MCPE
    jpants36 - MCPE Minute ago

    How many trailers do you want? Nintendo: *yes*

  • Tal the gamer
    Tal the gamer 3 minutes ago


  • British Tea
    British Tea 6 minutes ago

    For a second there I tought this was going to be No More Stranger Things 3.

  • Vereor
    Vereor 10 minutes ago

    Yeah, take another Joycon :D

  • Speldax
    Speldax 10 minutes ago

    *Oh, Bee movie 2*

  • Cha-Cha Laka
    Cha-Cha Laka 11 minutes ago

    Vuelve la buena música de bravely default y no la básica banda sonora de Second (que no es mala pero sí inferior). P. D. : serán nuevos héroes? Será un universo paralelo como lo que vimos en default o serán los descendientes de nuestros antiguos héroes?

  • David Pollak
    David Pollak 12 minutes ago

    I love the music in this!

  • Ospinogamer69_
    Ospinogamer69_ 15 minutes ago

    Closer, get closer, more closer: A Yeti in a food DLC

    CÁLIBUR 15 minutes ago

    0:57 Damon have an N64

  • CrisFTW
    CrisFTW 16 minutes ago

    Cool. He got the drifty joycons

  • Mike Ma Ga
    Mike Ma Ga 17 minutes ago

    1:46 OH YEAH

  • Ese1Pac
    Ese1Pac 18 minutes ago

    So bravely second isn’t bravely default 2? Huh...

  • Gd GeoDanHKS
    Gd GeoDanHKS 20 minutes ago

    0:42 so dog s* does make things grow faster

  • Marie Mallow :3
    Marie Mallow :3 21 minute ago

    This overall sucks. I can’t even backup my games🥺

  • A-Punk八
    A-Punk八 22 minutes ago

    travis for smash?

  • Lincoln Y
    Lincoln Y 22 minutes ago

    I love how steampunk the Docks look

  • Loli4lyf
    Loli4lyf 23 minutes ago

    mecha weebs wet dream

  • Johnny C
    Johnny C 25 minutes ago

    go to Nintendo Tokyo!

  • little cookie
    little cookie 26 minutes ago


  • Moe Ewais
    Moe Ewais 27 minutes ago

    Apex for switch

  • auggie1980tillend
    auggie1980tillend 29 minutes ago

    Damn Foo!!!

  • Luuk Jansen
    Luuk Jansen 30 minutes ago

    Byleth for smash ultimate!!!

  • Luuk Jansen
    Luuk Jansen 31 minute ago

    Byleth for smash ultimate!!!

  • 4V Gaming & Arts
    4V Gaming & Arts 43 minutes ago

    Based on the anime?

  • Husbando Emblem
    Husbando Emblem 44 minutes ago

    I want this game and I haven't even played bravely second yet, idk if there is a correct order to the games or...

  • Pinguinașul Dani
    Pinguinașul Dani 44 minutes ago

    When will it be released?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • CuriousUserX90
    CuriousUserX90 44 minutes ago

    Munch’s a Oddysee should come to the Switch as well, at some point that game is in need of being playable on a Nintendo System.

  • Cr3atim
    Cr3atim 45 minutes ago

    Nintendo Mr Beast.

  • Jake
    Jake 45 minutes ago

    Ok im excited but why does the guy in the back look like handsome squidward

  • Teshigi Smith
    Teshigi Smith 46 minutes ago

    This animation reminds me of old school Digimon. Like specifically the old movie and I love it.

  • The Golden Explorer
    The Golden Explorer 47 minutes ago

    Orb of dominance: *Enderman screams* The game theorist: AIGHT HERE GO GO AGAIN

    JIMARI 48 minutes ago

    1:21 *PENETRATE*

  • Terance
    Terance 50 minutes ago

    That is an awesome trailer!!

  • Mattia Piola
    Mattia Piola 52 minutes ago

    Can't wait!

  • Pinguinașul Dani
    Pinguinașul Dani 52 minutes ago

    If i already have bought legendary edition on pc will i also have it on switch? Qwick answer pls...

  • Сергей Сергей

    Русские есть а если найду ?

  • Logan X
    Logan X 52 minutes ago

    FU: Do it. Me: Shia Lebouf for 2020

  • Cable Comics
    Cable Comics 56 minutes ago

    btw that quick flash animation at 5:12 was actually stolen from a small animation studio named Studio Plumeau. Just thought I'd put that out there...

  • Gray And Grey
    Gray And Grey 56 minutes ago

    Suda's back? Suda's back, baby! And those sick beats!

  • cyclopskaz
    cyclopskaz 56 minutes ago

    Great! But we NEED a second wave for X-Men. I would love: Rogue, Beast, Emma Frost and Angel

  • MHBarney
    MHBarney 57 minutes ago

    THEY DIDN'T DID THEY? The Bravely series is one of the best JRPGs ever. After Xenobalde of course ;) ... Octopath was not great for me personally. I usually like a good old 16 bit style but in this game it was too least for the persons themselfes. And the Story and personalitiy where completely I'm so hyped for Bravely right now. I've never thought that this could tappen.

  • Michael James
    Michael James 57 minutes ago

    I’ve never heard of this series but this blew my adult mind. Holy crap!

  • WRLD OverHeaven
    WRLD OverHeaven 59 minutes ago

    This went from a zero to hundred real quick.

  • kirbysup channel
    kirbysup channel 59 minutes ago

    "the joycons made the difference" Let's take a moment to appreciate Nintendo for that.

  • Kaji chuu
    Kaji chuu Hour ago

    Evil Digimon attack! :O

  • Hard Mode Gamers

    Nintendo Stranding, a game by Hideo Kojima

  • chandler carter
    chandler carter Hour ago

    I love that the extended trailer just adds more of the fake trailer

  • Nekomancer777
    Nekomancer777 Hour ago

    Whoa, it's dreams for Nintendo switch

    UMICL Hour ago

    Honestly an unboxing picnic is such a big brain idea 🤯

  • Syome
    Syome Hour ago

    I think my peepee got hard

  • Chicken Permission

    They finally did it, they created the perfect game

  • Austin
    Austin Hour ago

    I almost thought they were importing bravely second to the switch, almost didn’t click the damn video.

  • SomeThingElse
    SomeThingElse Hour ago


  • Sully5246
    Sully5246 Hour ago

    This trailer has more views than anything shown at the game awards besides Ghost of Tsushima. Bout time the NMH games get attention

  • Brad Passey
    Brad Passey Hour ago

    Anyone here after the disappointment that was the game awards just wishing you had more info on this game?

  • Call of Duty Black Ops

    90% Of People are watching this because they have a Nintendo Switch Or Getting one

  • Chaengie 27
    Chaengie 27 Hour ago

    There's something so satisfying about seeing the main character finally show up in a videogame trailer

  • The Great Gatsby

    Is this gay? Can it be gay?

  • The Wise Viper
    The Wise Viper Hour ago

    Death Stranding on Switch looking pretty good

  • Matthew Giron
    Matthew Giron Hour ago

    About time something creative. Not some stupid over saturated pixel lame game.

  • лох ненужный

    Русские есть?

  • Amelia Perkins
    Amelia Perkins Hour ago

    So are we gonna get an actual date

    UMICL Hour ago

    Nintendo Minute doing a Mr Beast challenge? _odd_

  • Gothic Orphan
    Gothic Orphan Hour ago

    This is one of the best trailers one ever seen! This is what a damn trailer should look like!

  • l SpoonX l
    l SpoonX l Hour ago

    Getting your own stuff ey? Lol

  • Jeff Z
    Jeff Z Hour ago

    The English voice acting is brutal in this. Like getting worse

  • Toma 2
    Toma 2 Hour ago

    My boyfriend says this wasn`t game of the year. How foolish.

  • Knight of Arkronia

    I'm not going to lie, I was really hoping Rogue would be part of the update. Still, it's nice to see that we're getting more info on the game, both on this DLC pack, and the next one! P.S. We got Cyclops, Colossus, and costumes for the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel in an update separate from the Expansion Pass. Maybe we could get Rogue and some other characters in a similar update?

  • BenBrian
    BenBrian Hour ago

    They probably did this to mock google

  • Leo the Skelly
    Leo the Skelly Hour ago


  • samuel bird
    samuel bird Hour ago

    To think my most anticipated game is an Indi title who woulda thunk it

  • Aceradome k
    Aceradome k Hour ago

    What if you make a different account because your region is not available with Nintendo eshop then you make an account with Nintendo eshop but you want to buy Nintendo switch online. Can you make it so that the account that has no Nintendo eshop have Nintendo switch online?

  • PureMango
    PureMango Hour ago

    YES! I also wish for the previous games to get a Switch port. I never got the true ending for Bravely Default, my circle pad broke and I had only played the second ending instead. Not beating BD and having no 3DS discouraged me from getting Bravely Second. But from what I played, Bravely Default has to be my favorite JRPG.

  • Jhinjhi minji
    Jhinjhi minji Hour ago

    Welp. As a child who grew up with diamond and pearl, I can firmly say my Hope's have been dashed for a remake. Goodbye sweet prince....

  • Kaapeli 2299
    Kaapeli 2299 Hour ago

    Super bomberman for Nintendo switch Snes

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez Hour ago

    Right about now it's time to rock with the biggity Buck Bumble

  • Jhinjhi minji
    Jhinjhi minji Hour ago

    Good game. Wholesome fox. Thank you nintendo

  • bloodcake
    bloodcake Hour ago

    w000w what a brand shitshow to manipulate kids for christmass ... n1 america

  • Slick Solo
    Slick Solo 2 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this video. It feels like I’ve watched an entire 13 episode anime in 5 minutes

  • Jhinjhi minji
    Jhinjhi minji 2 hours ago

    So I demoed this in a gamestop recently, and I have to say, what I played was pretty solid and I fell in love with the game instantly. What got me are the movement options, and how fun it is to just treverce the world. I highly recommend this game if you like platformers full of charm.


    I’m so jealous.. Been crazy with the company since the good ol’ days and this is what I always wanted to do.

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 2 hours ago

    I have been waiting all day for the nintendo direct

  • Luis Tijerina
    Luis Tijerina 2 hours ago

    What's not what you meant, Krysta? I have to know.

  • Alex Photiou
    Alex Photiou 2 hours ago

    so is this gonna be a direct sequel, cuz we already had that with end layer, or will it be like xenoblade 2

  • XxRathalos BrillanceXx

    I hope this game deeps into the mystery about the three keys ( agnes pendants, sand hourglass and the sword of the brave) and connects with Ringabel (Remember he is a interdimensional agent so a multiverse with the two previous games is possible) and the planeswarden. Also we dont know Magnolia s real name so i hope she does a cameo or something

  • barfyman362
    barfyman362 2 hours ago

    I am loving this game. Been a fan of the series for almost a decade now!

  • potato man23
    potato man23 2 hours ago

    So it's battleborn

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 2 hours ago

    This video was so uninteresting maybe let someone who works for the the organization your giving to go through and shop. Anyone really. Seeing the moderators there isnt any tention. We all know what kind of mederate amount they will manage to take to the counter.

  • Zelda Rocca
    Zelda Rocca 2 hours ago


  • Xenogyn
    Xenogyn 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who lost my mind at the AC-bu animation at 4:45?

  • Eduardo Ota
    Eduardo Ota 2 hours ago

    What a fantastic trailer! I keep coming back to rewatch this trailer, and it's now been at least 20 times because it's so unique and well made. I really hope the rest of the game will be as amazing as this trailer!

  • NotUrWorldFromNow A.D

    Its about damn time

  • Starztaku
    Starztaku 2 hours ago

    I love your sweaters!

  • daishi15
    daishi15 2 hours ago

    I love Nintendo

  • Umbrella Sound
    Umbrella Sound 2 hours ago

    Looks like this game was made only for Dunkey to make video about

  • the concerned teammate

    This is great but I hope square enix port Nier:Automata on switch or make an another game of Nier.

  • PrinnyLordNinjocity
    PrinnyLordNinjocity 2 hours ago

    I wish for 3 things: 1. rerelease NMH 1 and 2 for Switch 2. Goddamn Superhero to be released as a full IP 3. Travis in Smash