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  • SonicExeReaper
    SonicExeReaper 19 seconds ago

    I want to blame Nintendo for the censorship, but I’m putting the blame on Atlus since they bend the knee to the social justice maniacs and censor Catherine. Jesus, Atlus, they’re not gonna go show up at your door and threaten you. They’re just gonna sit in their basement and spam pointless hate so they could scare ya. 🤦‍♂️ Just ignore them and focus on the true consumers like us true gamers in the same way some gaming companies are doing.

  • Montagone UK
    Montagone UK 2 minutes ago

    I got this today and played for nearly an hour. Really fun game, I forgot I had the ring at one point as I was so focussed on the exercises. Would recommend.

  • Jayvees Gaming
    Jayvees Gaming 3 minutes ago

    Damn this game was wasted already when the developer announce of making this game censored even in Japan.

  • Mr. Wik-e
    Mr. Wik-e 3 minutes ago

    This is P E C C I N G awesome.

  • I heart Smash Bros
    I heart Smash Bros 3 minutes ago

    P E C K

  • Matheus Xavier
    Matheus Xavier 3 minutes ago

    1:41 Dance is what to do

  • Calvin Barot
    Calvin Barot 4 minutes ago

    Sims: Castaway meets Harvest Moon.

  • Lightspeeds
    Lightspeeds 4 minutes ago

    Of course this comes out when I'm broke.

  • Deion Greenaway
    Deion Greenaway 4 minutes ago

    Moondancer:😒💢 this time i well try again

  • Sesses
    Sesses 4 minutes ago


  • Majoras Arbok
    Majoras Arbok 4 minutes ago

    Nintendo acknowledges Digimon? Good time to be alive fellas, good time to be alive


    0:58 Guys. There's an outfit that makes Hat Kid look like you're playing A Hat In Time on the SEGA Saturn. *_T H I S I S N O T A D R I L L_*

  • Vichardt
    Vichardt 5 minutes ago

    Ah *PECK* There goes my wallet again

  • Jacob Miranda
    Jacob Miranda 5 minutes ago

    How is a hat in time rated T for teens

  • Brandon Fazbear
    Brandon Fazbear 6 minutes ago

    That ending was priceless

  • J Farischon
    J Farischon 6 minutes ago

    I can't wait for my physical copy to get here!

  • SubWPass
    SubWPass 7 minutes ago


  • BlazingBoobEnthusiast
    BlazingBoobEnthusiast 7 minutes ago

    Atlus might have a hand on the censorship issue everyone But Nintendo unlike sony dont have an agenda.they are most likely doing this because its more trouble than its worth porting the thing uncensored. So heres what we can do. 1- dislike the annoucement trailer to send a message and 2-Ree harder than the vocal minority if we become a bigger problem than the Twittards Nintendo might take notes for the future.This game is already compromised and most likely wont change either way.I suggest not buying but isnt up to me what to do with anyone wallet.just know that if you care about eastern gaming and not nip this bud now we have another sony in our hands

  • Kiro Blaka
    Kiro Blaka 9 minutes ago

    Sooo console dlc when?

  • Jim Carrey's Livid Legume Contraption

    I saw Star and Ox and got excited, but then i saw blocks

  • CommanderTaco
    CommanderTaco 9 minutes ago

    I read starfox :/

  • Wie-Zard
    Wie-Zard 9 minutes ago

    Oh no. Well. I'm goanna say it anyways, I prefer Digimon over Pokémon.

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 9 minutes ago


  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 10 minutes ago

    Yay my favorite game is on the switch

  • Redray
    Redray 10 minutes ago

    Smash splash card introduction. Hat kid throws their hat in the ring!


    I've never played AHIT yet know almost all about why everyone loves it so this is amazing to see~

    MKSVEN 10 minutes ago

    Nintendo was tut ihr? Jetzt kommt für die Switch nur die zensierte Fassung? Und das selbst in Japan? Sorry, aber so wird das nix. Habe meine Preorder gerade wieder storniert. Zensiert = Storniert

  • Harry Olaya
    Harry Olaya 10 minutes ago

    Digimon getting the attention it DESERVES! I wonder where theres blood in this game tf 😳

    • Dorugoramon 0
      Dorugoramon 0 2 minutes ago

      Lets just say the game is dark at times. Im not going to spoil it for you.

  • Noah Grucza
    Noah Grucza 12 minutes ago

    My question is WILL THERE BE MODS!?

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood 13 minutes ago

    Bought the game from the eShop before they even announced it. Square up boi

  • Some Pepper Kind
    Some Pepper Kind 14 minutes ago

    This kid is still smug dancing. *steals moms credit card*

  • Denpa Otoko
    Denpa Otoko 14 minutes ago

    Hat Kid

  • Samuel Williamson
    Samuel Williamson 14 minutes ago

    I keep rewatching this because as creepy as the presenters are they are just so dang attractive...

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 15 minutes ago

    Nice video nintendo

  • Jacster
    Jacster 15 minutes ago

    Can't wait to play this on my Switch tomorrow after I finish work !

  • eXequiel
    eXequiel 15 minutes ago

    Super Mario battle royale pls

  • toadtime123
    toadtime123 16 minutes ago

    Ring fit of the wild

  • GamingYoshi Fanatic
    GamingYoshi Fanatic 16 minutes ago

    Man, I read that as Starfox rip

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 17 minutes ago

    Nice video nintendo

  • Gabriele V.
    Gabriele V. 17 minutes ago

    So this should be the Tetris DLC for Smash Ultimate

  • 1omri1
    1omri1 18 minutes ago

    The thumbnail made me think there's gonna be a new Amiibo or something

  • Detective Jay K.
    Detective Jay K. 18 minutes ago

    Japanese game with suggestive themes those are the best kind! Also the gameplay is fun

  • Candace Alvarado
    Candace Alvarado 18 minutes ago

    I can’t believe this! 😡😡😡 it said it’s available now but when my mom called Gamestop they said it was gonna be released in like 3 weeks! Like to make 3 weeks go by faster

  • Warner
    Warner 19 minutes ago


  • The Unknown Jones
    The Unknown Jones 19 minutes ago

    Rated T....... WHAT THE PECK

  • TurboPow3r947 YT
    TurboPow3r947 YT 19 minutes ago

    Im surprised no one had made a pillar men joke about Dragaux

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 19 minutes ago

    Nice video nintendo

  • Splat Tim
    Splat Tim 20 minutes ago

    now fortnite and a hat in time are on the same console. okay, me, shut up

  • Flying Golden Strawberry
    Flying Golden Strawberry 20 minutes ago

    I'm gonna get this game for my birthday in November :3

  • Adam Blundon
    Adam Blundon 21 minute ago

    Nice video nintendo

  • SilverGold Gaming
    SilverGold Gaming 21 minute ago


  • Demi-Fiend of Time
    Demi-Fiend of Time 21 minute ago

    I can't believe it's not Shin Megami Tensei a great substitute for your clasic cyberpunk anime monster fighting rpg goodness while Atlus takes their sweet time makeing SMT V!

  • LazyAlarm
    LazyAlarm 22 minutes ago

    Well, we’ll. Down with the mafia.

  • TCn TheClassicnathan
    TCn TheClassicnathan 22 minutes ago


  • Bryan BD
    Bryan BD 22 minutes ago


  • TheAwesome GN
    TheAwesome GN 22 minutes ago

    Bout time

  • Janek T
    Janek T 23 minutes ago

    D A N C I N

  • PrismaticAngel7
    PrismaticAngel7 24 minutes ago

    i loved the classic digimon tv series

  • Maria Ines Albornoz
    Maria Ines Albornoz 24 minutes ago

    Nintendo swuitch

  • Wayne the Shy Guy
    Wayne the Shy Guy 24 minutes ago

    Hat kid Smug Dancing on a Roomba. Okay, you've sold me, I'll buy it.

  • Jacob Tidwell
    Jacob Tidwell 24 minutes ago

    When you realize Fox is Claude....

  • SaihenKiri
    SaihenKiri 25 minutes ago

    Nyakuza Metro?


    *_I ' M G O N N A S A Y T H E P W O R D_*

  • An Anime Weeb
    An Anime Weeb 25 minutes ago

    -should be Rated E because a kid is there- Rating: T fOr bLOoD

  • ChandSlam
    ChandSlam 26 minutes ago

    The female main character reminds me of Hercules with that hair haha

  • purplepotatochipPPC
    purplepotatochipPPC 26 minutes ago

    It’s about time you showed up, Starblox. You’re the only dope for our world

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean 27 minutes ago

    Is this game worth buying?

  • KPG 64
    KPG 64 27 minutes ago

    An how is this rated teen ?

  • ChandSlam
    ChandSlam 27 minutes ago

    SWOLE DRAGON Okay i'm sold

  • StickguyMB
    StickguyMB 27 minutes ago

    Waa its rated T? Idk why I didnt know that

  • TheKewlPerson
    TheKewlPerson 27 minutes ago

    If you don’t have this game? *GET IT!! PLAY IT NOW!!*

  • Killer Kaiju
    Killer Kaiju 28 minutes ago

    Where's "Blox" McCloud at? XD

    • GamingYoshi Fanatic
      GamingYoshi Fanatic 14 minutes ago

      We also need Bloxo Lombardi, Bloxxy Toad, Blobby Hare and Broxtal 👌😂

  • ChandSlam
    ChandSlam 28 minutes ago

    I remember this game when it was a kickstarter like 3 years ago, holy crap how does time go by so fast.

  • Super Lime Apple
    Super Lime Apple 28 minutes ago

    Is it compatible with steam workshop?

  • Robot 21321
    Robot 21321 29 minutes ago

    Not touching censored garbage. I would have 100% bought this otherwise. Screw off.

  • dark m
    dark m 29 minutes ago

    Boooooo booooo give us Metroid trilogy boooooooo

  • Octo Jay
    Octo Jay 29 minutes ago

    Finally a port for switch

  • Dungeons And Dumb Stupid Idiots

    OH BOY!

  • dark m
    dark m 29 minutes ago

    Boooooo boooooo give us Metroid trilogy

  • Jaekization
    Jaekization 32 minutes ago

    BUY THIS. If you like turn based gameplay in any way, this game is amazing. The story is fantastic. Super underrated

  • Shane of the Mario fans.
    Shane of the Mario fans. 32 minutes ago

    The new Rush: A Disney Adventure looks great !

  • I_ Dont_ Think_ I_ Am_ Very_ Funny_

    ITS OUT NOW BOIS HERE WE GO!! (I have it on steam but there is never enough ahit in my life)

  • Brady Thompson
    Brady Thompson 33 minutes ago

    Can’t wait to exercise this when I I get home.

  • Super Luigi Odyssey
    Super Luigi Odyssey 33 minutes ago

    Oh my now available sweet

  • b2j135
    b2j135 33 minutes ago

    Heck yeah

  • Il Giro dei Mondi in 80 Giochi

    No physical copy in Europe?

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 34 minutes ago

    The character lighting is so weird

  • knuclear200x
    knuclear200x 34 minutes ago

    >NEW SWITCH GAME >it's a PS4 game...

  • Daniman17
    Daniman17 35 minutes ago


  • ғ ʀ ɪ ᴄ o
    ғ ʀ ɪ ᴄ o 35 minutes ago

    I have the task of _Dancin_ in front of like 100 classmates on the 31rst. Wish me luck.

  • Roblox ExtensionYT
    Roblox ExtensionYT 35 minutes ago

    *Super Smash Bros Need This*

  • knuclear200x
    knuclear200x 35 minutes ago

    >NEW SWITCH GAME >it's a PC game...

  • Excellent Gaming
    Excellent Gaming 35 minutes ago

    I miss Wii fit

  • Edward Hernandez
    Edward Hernandez 35 minutes ago

    A Hat to the Past

  • Marx
    Marx 36 minutes ago


  • Sunbreaker7
    Sunbreaker7 36 minutes ago

    I really enjoyed this game, wouldn't mind playing it again.