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  • Strain X
    Strain X 21 hour ago

    Hes dead bitch

  • Sheila T
    Sheila T Day ago

    That man can dance his tail off!

  • Eqnzo
    Eqnzo 9 days ago

    tiny pen is

  • Fun. Bike Let the fun BEGIN

    You are relly kind

  • junior vallejo
    junior vallejo Month ago

    Why he always doing some that got to do with nicki he cannot move on lmao 😂

  • E.J. Manghram
    E.J. Manghram 2 months ago

    Damn he really looks a whole lot like his dad

  • The Great SteveO
    The Great SteveO 3 months ago

    He listening to Nicki?

  • Berry
    Berry 4 months ago


  • Berry
    Berry 4 months ago

    Damn can this girl get a better wig

  • METalGod66
    METalGod66 5 months ago

    I mean she wasn't his girlfriend but they still fucked lol

  • Nishad Begum
    Nishad Begum 5 months ago

    Kootha lyer

  • Nashanta Stanley
    Nashanta Stanley 6 months ago

    Oh my!!!😈😈

  • Jalisa_playz with mom and dad kitty fun

    That's Tayler white

  • stalker butcheeks
    stalker butcheeks 7 months ago


  • raven taylor
    raven taylor 8 months ago

    I literally hemorrhaged with my ex and needed blood transfusions to live. This when he just got out of jail I always run into these hammers. I swear wtf

  • tralo films no status
    tralo films no status 9 months ago


  • loyalfanatic
    loyalfanatic 9 months ago

    He's so lame

  • NaeNae gang
    NaeNae gang 9 months ago

    I know over x

  • Camron Bates
    Camron Bates 9 months ago

    Is the video on her instagram page 😘😜

  • Evadney Taylor
    Evadney Taylor 9 months ago

    I'm sorry I can't get him out of my mind something is wrong you sir are the only sincere one and his sister try to dig to the depth of what happened to your son get answers u can do it

  • wavyyy .alexiiis
    wavyyy .alexiiis 10 months ago

    Errrr try again

  • kris tv
    kris tv 10 months ago

    Not his girlfriend the girl thats pregnant for him is jenisis

  • Rughead Jones
    Rughead Jones 10 months ago

    BRUHHHH THIS ISNT HIS GF 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Extra Lives
    Extra Lives 11 months ago

    That's why her hair came out like that

  • Audrey Mejia
    Audrey Mejia 11 months ago

    If Taylor white was pregnant of x's baby she would said it but she didnt so..... She's not pregnant

  • A Z
    A Z 11 months ago

    Two Cutie pies...A little crazy in a good way..Love them..

  • Genovevak Salazar

    i now

  • Genovevak Salazar

    YOU don't miss Geneva his jab todo a baby YOU kill her

    • Mariatu Kamara
      Mariatu Kamara 7 months ago

      Genovevak Salazar no Geneva is not the mother

  • Genovevak Salazar

    YOU don't miss Geneva his jab todo a baby YOU kill her

  • Gomiru
    Gomiru Year ago

    lol i bet u feel silly now

  • Diaby Scott
    Diaby Scott Year ago

    he is not dead don't believe that he is in hospital he said if 1 million people don't come and visit him he will never make music again

    • Technosauce
      Technosauce 4 months ago

      Carlos Galvan xD

      CEROSER 6 months ago

      9 year olds be like

    • Shardon Johnson
      Shardon Johnson 8 months ago

      Bro shut tf up

    • Wrench
      Wrench 11 months ago

      He didn't survive 3 shots beneath the neck dude rip jahseh Dwyane Ricardo onfroy 1998-2018

  • Marion Lewis
    Marion Lewis Year ago

    Wtf happen to tabious rhough she lovvved him

  • oakland lee
    oakland lee Year ago

    Im waiting for that result of the request i made.

  • Private Jamie
    Private Jamie Year ago

    Taylor white is not pregnant go look st Her on insta you dumbass

  • Winston Vincent
    Winston Vincent Year ago

    What’s his ig

  • D Michael Andre
    D Michael Andre Year ago

    Add me on snap for my 10” cock @d_michaelandre

  • Yisselia Burgos
    Yisselia Burgos Year ago

    Oh Lord🙏🙏🙌🙌he's hot hot sexy🤤🤤💦💦💦💦🍆🍆

    • Spiffy 2x
      Spiffy 2x 11 months ago

      Yisselia Burgos I can put pic up if u want me to it don’t matter or do u have google hangouts or kik

    • Yisselia Burgos
      Yisselia Burgos 11 months ago

      @Spiffy 2x soooo basically you be trying to get girls on USclip really ,, anyways if I did I'm not gonna share my info with you cuz you have no profile pic to begin with🤷🤷

    • Spiffy 2x
      Spiffy 2x 11 months ago

      Yisselia Burgos got any social insta?

    • Yisselia Burgos
      Yisselia Burgos 11 months ago

      @Spiffy 2x your damn right I do

    • Spiffy 2x
      Spiffy 2x 11 months ago

      Yisselia Burgos mhmm u like bigg 🍆prints?

  • Tipsy Tippy
    Tipsy Tippy Year ago

    I’m here for the dick print

  • Mia Jones
    Mia Jones Year ago

    This is so pathetic like do he really think this is cute it's so unattractive when people put themselves out there like that .... Just a waste of dick it's always the dumbest niggaz with the good "D"

  • Chelsea Bella Gallo

    Ok so. This dude ain’t even big. I’ve seen huge!!! This definitely ain’t it. Safaree cute tho.

    • Spiffy 2x
      Spiffy 2x 9 months ago

      Chelsea Bella Gallo u should see my bigg 🍆 print

    • Celebrity Blog
      Celebrity Blog Year ago

      Chelsea Bella. Gallo I’m guessing you didn’t see his expose video 👀👀👀

  • nikki boss
    nikki boss Year ago


  • Teina Mo
    Teina Mo Year ago

    All you men haters are just mad that yo dick ain't big like his😂😂lol just sit down💀

  • Teeko Teek
    Teeko Teek Year ago

    Y so many dudes comment on this😂😂😂😂😥😥😥😥😥 I'm so confused

    • Celebrity Blog
      Celebrity Blog Year ago

      Teeko Teek lmaaaaoo I’m wondering the same shit

  • Ms.Arona Davis
    Ms.Arona Davis Year ago

    I guess if he can't make it by Rappin in the music world I guess his only option is to do whatever it takes to make some coins and to stay relevant

  • DeeDee Moreno
    DeeDee Moreno Year ago

    If you had a Big Dick like that you'd probably flexing too. So STFU..

  • Deniese Wynne
    Deniese Wynne Year ago

    Some things you cant help😁

    • Spiffy 2x
      Spiffy 2x 9 months ago

      Deniese Wynne u like bigg 🍆 prints if so I have one ‼️

  • Armando El Dzulum

    Hermoso paquete... Delicioso

  • oakland lee
    oakland lee Year ago

    I'm waiting on that next video of yo in those tight shorts.

  • TheTiki1111
    TheTiki1111 Year ago


  • Tee P
    Tee P Year ago


  • Lynette Stamoulis

    all I can say is, dam.

  • Michael Martinez

    But D ayum Ugly!

  • Myihaliane Scott

    I don't even care if you corny lol give that is Safari on this liquor oh so heavy ready ready ready yes I'm begging give me that Safari😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marion Lewis
    Marion Lewis Year ago

    Just take them pants off alreadt

  • bonswa1
    bonswa1 Year ago

    Call him littles😂😂😂😂😂

  • Realrude01 NOLA
    Realrude01 NOLA Year ago

    Bruh ... Go Head Bunny! 💯😂😂😂

  • Nicole Trevino
    Nicole Trevino Year ago


  • Honeymoon Globe
    Honeymoon Globe Year ago

    I want to touch That Dick

  • funny videos show

    He's so disgusting I bet he doing this for these niggas out here🤮

  • zztopdog
    zztopdog Year ago

    I bet Safaree can take some dick too.

  • Jackie Ashley
    Jackie Ashley Year ago

    He damn annoying af that a socks REALLY

  • isaac powell
    isaac powell Year ago

    It's sad when all black men are good for is bulge🤔

    • Ashley 2000
      Ashley 2000 8 months ago

      @Dee Jay I agree this nigga can't be quick to say shit like that

    • Dee Jay
      Dee Jay Year ago

      isaac powell and beating up fuck boys like yourself... watch ya mouth keyboard warrior

  • Dee Major
    Dee Major Year ago

    Of course he playing Nicki

  • Deidera  Williams

    LAME AF..😑😑

  • Sean Gonzalez
    Sean Gonzalez Year ago

    Embarrassed for him!.... He's weak!.... Ppl lusting over Mr. Happy Dicks pencil Dick. Dudes with big Dick's don't flaunt like that and quiet about it. We have nothing to prove in that area so we more so wait out to surprise the one we have interest in so we can see the reaction. Safaree is average and corny as Fuck. That's why he's loving the attention so much. It's pathetic.

  • Kay Star
    Kay Star Year ago

    I guess that's all he has at the moment - a d print. Sad!

  • Sheila Ann
    Sheila Ann Year ago


  • Angela Murray
    Angela Murray Year ago

    Wowwwwwww nice dreams of fing this man iam just saying

  • Nisha B
    Nisha B Year ago

    Thirst trap.... #butwewatchingtho👀👀

    • Nisha B
      Nisha B Year ago

      U didn't get your thirsty ass off the internet...so..don't even try it Dee Jay...sorry not sorry... But u watching👀👀👀👀 too nigga...Worry less bout me!!!

    • Celebrity Blog
      Celebrity Blog Year ago

      Dee Jay stfu

  • Edward D. Taormina


  • D. D.
    D. D. Year ago

    Nothing big there ...Next!

  • SunShine
    SunShine Year ago

    I DON'T want that inside of me...#NEVER

  • EuphoriaEffect
    EuphoriaEffect Year ago

    Hey gay lol

  • Jimmy KrackKorn
    Jimmy KrackKorn Year ago


  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo Year ago

    All dudes up here. Thought be sum chicks.wtf. were the ladies T

  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo Year ago

    Ah small

  • Stephane Mercier

    Where's the beef?

  • nord kristal
    nord kristal Year ago


  • jimbo
    jimbo Year ago

    Squinting over here....

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb Year ago


  • ASMR Liv
    ASMR Liv Year ago

    All that dick and dont know how to use it. Smh

  • Jeff Harder
    Jeff Harder Year ago

    Yawn. Seen better heads on a mug of beer

  • Roman Esq
    Roman Esq Year ago

    She was his beard contract ended See ya clown

  • Paula Onyenyeonwu

    I hope everyone read up on the people running for the positions we will be voting on next month. While y'all looking at bullcrap!

  • Dominique Vincent

    We know you got dick Safaree but obviously you dont know how to use it because females leave him to quick, you know when a female getting good dick, she ant going no fucking where. You go have to shoot a bitch to make her leave. They run from his ass! Dick big but he ant got no stroke game!

  • Shantel  Goggins
    Shantel Goggins Year ago

    Damn was that video in 3D 👀🍆

  • Jon Ford
    Jon Ford Year ago

    Chris brown liked

  • Ty Brant
    Ty Brant Year ago

    This nigga know wtf he doing 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • laylay beautiful

    If only he wasn't so damn corny. The End!!!!!!!

  • Michael Francis
    Michael Francis Year ago

    I want that gay man's huge bulge 💚💜💙💛

  • bee sting
    bee sting Year ago

    Attention whore. Lol gay ass

  • guanche26
    guanche26 Year ago

    that hoodie would look good on Kylie Minogue tho...... oh wait........ ooooh ........it is hers??

  • ToxicatedVex
    ToxicatedVex Year ago

    She was never pregnant and why tf is this happy ass music here

  • tj Tanner
    tj Tanner Year ago

    Damn, that fuckin body!

  • Cheryl Mcleod
    Cheryl Mcleod Year ago

    He's korny....using his penis for fame...no talent... Nikki used u for sex...

  • oakland lee
    oakland lee Year ago

    You have all of my attention always

  • Nick Hughes
    Nick Hughes Year ago

    What kinda off bloody push-ups..

  • Willie Jurado
    Willie Jurado Year ago

    Delicious to suck...perfect

  • DEWARREN cook
    DEWARREN cook Year ago

    I want to deep throat that big dick👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • DEWARREN cook
    DEWARREN cook Year ago

    I want to suck that big ass black dick👀👀👀👀👀👀