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  • sue smith
    sue smith 37 minutes ago

    As always, easy to follow yummy recipe, always turn out well. Sooo good, thank you lovely lady

    SUMMER SCENT 2 hours ago

    Awesome recipe. I love the apple cake. May I know can I bake this cake in aluminum cup?

  • sadaf nayab
    sadaf nayab 3 hours ago

    I have two 7 inches pan .can anyone plz help me with the measurements an alterations with the recipe and baking time n all ..i will b very thankful

  • Preeti Kotharkar
    Preeti Kotharkar 3 hours ago

    Can u please tell me about setting because I already bought but not proper use it

  • Maya Pun
    Maya Pun 5 hours ago

    Wonderful recipe I tried today n it came out perfect thankq

  • Kasamba Michelo
    Kasamba Michelo 7 hours ago

    Wow just did lovely and yummy

  • Hot Viral
    Hot Viral 7 hours ago

    I've made the cake today with less sugar, it's good. Unfortunately, I used 20 min on my oven but my pan is widder than yours so it became a thin layer and the upper side crumbel because it's dry. Lol. It should be between 10 to 15 min for my wider pan.

  • Ken Jordan
    Ken Jordan 7 hours ago

    Thank you for remembering those of us who live outside of the USA and converting the measurements in advance for us.

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking 29 minutes ago

      You are welcome. Actually I develop all my recipes in grams and convert to cups for Americans.

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith 7 hours ago

    AMAZING LADY and her Recipes. Thank you

  • shahd az
    shahd az 9 hours ago

    I can trust your recipes %100

  • Mary Ann Nagamatsu
    Mary Ann Nagamatsu 10 hours ago

    No fail everytime I baked your banana bread recipe thank you ma’am:))

  • Gonzala H
    Gonzala H 10 hours ago

    Can i use the all purpose flour?

  • Stephane Ouellette
    Stephane Ouellette 14 hours ago

    These peanut butter cookies looks so delicious.I must try this recipe next week and i just love Stephanie when she gave a piece of that cookie to that cute dog.Thanks Stephanie for another great video.Greetings from your fellow Canadian.

  • soundspartan of the basket

    Thank You Stephanie! I enjoy this recipe, and have probably watched it ten times, and other of your videos. Your husband is a lucky man!

  • Valik
    Valik 14 hours ago

    Why use white sugar and brown sugar? Can I just use brown sugar?

  • chesh kat
    chesh kat 15 hours ago

    Just took my first bite! Love making these often. Finally bought my small skillets by Lodge but today made this in my square cast iron skillet. Will be eating the whole pancake all by myself. Because I can! Well, I will be nice and let my dog have some. Just a couple tiny bites. Because love is not leaving her out of the good stuff. Although she probably wishes that just one time I gave her a full serving of my food, not just a taste. My dog sends you hugs because we know you miss Baxter.

  • dixie rosaasen
    dixie rosaasen 15 hours ago


  • dixie rosaasen
    dixie rosaasen 19 hours ago

    Please ,what make stand mixer do you use ?

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking 15 hours ago

      I use a Kenwood Titanium Chef 5 quart mixer.

  • Enriquettes! Yudatco
    Enriquettes! Yudatco 19 hours ago

    Hi Stephanie you are the best in making videos in baking, very informative, clear explanations while baking😍😍i wish i could be like you! you are my idol!😙

  • Douglas Deakin
    Douglas Deakin 20 hours ago

    very good

  • Peres Noutchie
    Peres Noutchie 20 hours ago

    You're such a good baker

  • Paul
    Paul 22 hours ago

    It’s fantastic when you slice it and put the iside of the bread into a skillet with melted butter and fry until golden🍀🍀🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • isabelle huc
    isabelle huc 22 hours ago

    i'm gonna bake cookies tomorrow !!! thank you :)

  • Prasanna K
    Prasanna K 22 hours ago

    No butter

  • Raghavi Br
    Raghavi Br 22 hours ago

    It came out very well thank you so much

  • Priscilla Naidoo
    Priscilla Naidoo 23 hours ago

    Hi Stephanie. Can i use chocolate to coat the cake pops if candy coat is unavailable

  • Champion Teamc

    Your videos are great

  • - apollo msp
    - apollo msp Day ago

    Why does she sound like Ellen?

  • Aeon Matthew De Guzman

    You're Making it in 4:00 AM Now

  • ellen van opzeeland

    Is the180 degrees for an electric oven or a convection oven?

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      It depends on your oven. Older ovens require a correction for convection and newer ones don't. If your oven's manual says there needs to be a correction you should.

  • imene El m’rabet

    Tried the cake today and shared it with friends! It was delicious ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lady M
    Lady M Day ago

    You are absolutely Amazing. 🌻

  • Jos van Veldhoven

    To much sugar for me!!


    Cant wait to try it out 😘😘😘

  • Gwen Massey
    Gwen Massey Day ago

    Brilliant idea to use the glass to size the uncooked dough. Quite often biscuit dough is soft and messy to work with so the idea of using a glass to flatten the dough balls is really a great idea. Not sure I would add the sugar at the end though but I think I will give them a go.. 💐💐

  • AquilaMonroe Clark

    They look delicious thanks for sharing now I know why they cost so much they sure are a lot of work😋

  • Jill Pritchard

    Bring on the Extra-CrunchyJIF Peanut Butter. I want to feel the peanuts crunch and Jif has the best Peanut Butter I have ever had. With three kids and five grandsons, trust me, I know Peanut Butter!

  • Joyce Halvorsen

    This is exactly the recipe my Mom and Gr-Mom taught me....even the use of a glass to define the size of the cookie....I haven't baked these in some time - your demonstration has encouraged me to give them a try once more....I use creamy Jiffy peanut butter - it's just my preference. And of course, I always serve these with milk for the kids or coffee for us grown-ups....I like the way you demonstrate, with the exact details....some people forget to include the ingredient's amount....or how the finished product should taste....Good work.

  • Foos Mohamed
    Foos Mohamed Day ago


  • Foos Mohamed
    Foos Mohamed Day ago


  • Aless Zambrano

    Can you plz make a house tour of yours 🏡

  • Anna Linarez
    Anna Linarez Day ago

    Hi i love your recioes. Can i turn this cake into a tres leches cake ?

  • Meme Muhamad
    Meme Muhamad Day ago

    I adore her as well as her cookies. She is very precise in giving measurement even without looking at any paper. She speaks clearly and detail. Really enjoy your show. Thank you so much. 💚💚💚💚💚

  • shamrock4500
    shamrock4500 Day ago

    my grandma called this depression pudding, she made it with canned raspberries, or strawberries, cherries or lemon as well as butterscotch, she was a cook at a diner for years, we loved her cooking.

  • L G
    L G Day ago

    Just finished making them and they are delicious!!! Could you show us more cake recipes soon? (White/yellow cake) ❤️

  • Rev Gina Pond
    Rev Gina Pond Day ago

    So cute with her doggo wanting a cookie :)

  • AquilaMonroe Clark

    Those look delicious I’m going to try a little something different because of the diabetes.. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out..😋..Also the glass trick works with well with snickerdoodles.. I add a little flour in the sugar mix.. got to watch that blood sugar😋😋..

  • Condee Rogers
    Condee Rogers Day ago

    This is my second time watching. I'm ready to bake. I hope I didn't forget anything. Great video, by the way.

  • norm lor
    norm lor Day ago

    this is another one of my Favourite Pies as my Mom made it on special Occasions. she always used a double boiler I think as she never once showed any of us how she cooked?? I love this one of yours as you use whole Milk and dark Brown Sugar. I'll try this on Thanksgiving this year, thanks so much!! .I did find this recipe in Five Roses cookbook and it used Meringue but I always have problems cutting this pie without that Meringue slipping off the whole Pie

  • Tim
    Tim Day ago

    I made these earlier in the year. They are so good. I didn't have brown sugar so I bet they would be even better.

  • Dee 14790
    Dee 14790 Day ago

    Made it but it’s so crumbly :( Why is that?

  • Mary Begeot
    Mary Begeot Day ago

    Great tutorial lots of good ideas.

  • American Baker in Germany

    Ooh. I love peanut butter cookies. Thank you for sharing.

  • zwithgol
    zwithgol Day ago

    Hi Stefanie. I am confused. You say you go by weight measurements for both fluids and solids but in your recipes you give the measurements in ml, which is a volume measurement. While 160ml do equal 160g for water, it is not true for other liquids. 160 ml of vegetable oil equal 150g because oil is fat and is less dense than water. Please clarify.

    • zwithgol
      zwithgol Day ago

      @Joy of Baking that clarifies it. Thank you.

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      Actually I don't use ml and grams interchangeably. They can be different. But 1 cup of water would be 240 ml and 240 grams. But some liquids are heavier than water so the ml measurement wouldn't be the same as the weight measurement. I must admit that for liquids I don't always use weight, I often use volume measurements.

    • zwithgol
      zwithgol Day ago

      @Joy of Baking After watching your videos and reading some of your recipes you use g and ml interchangeably. That works for water but not for other liquids necessarily. I guess my question is when you list 160ml for oil do you mean volume measurement or 160g? I'm just confused because you say you go by weight for everything.

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      I’m not sure what your question is?



  • Klaudia Lacko
    Klaudia Lacko Day ago

    Am I gonna get salmonella?

    • Klaudia Lacko
      Klaudia Lacko Day ago

      @Joy of Baking oke, thank you, love your videos so much

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      If you're worried about salmonella, then I wouldn't make this recipe.

  • Sherrie Nale
    Sherrie Nale Day ago

    What brand is that lovely griddle you are using Stephanie? Very nice! Wish I had well the Welsh cakes)))

    • Sherrie Nale
      Sherrie Nale Day ago

      @Joy of Baking Thank you for taking the time to respond.I so enjoy your uploads and learn about making some very tasty things! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      I use an All-Clad griddle. Unfortunately I don't think they sell them any more.

  • Doris Pereira
    Doris Pereira 2 days ago

    can i use other butter?

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking 2 days ago

      I've never tried doing that, but it should be okay.

  • Lanie Sider
    Lanie Sider 2 days ago

    Another great recipe ♥️ love watching you bake you’re a genius

  • Ana Freitas
    Ana Freitas 2 days ago

    I made this recipe multiple times and it always turns out great! thank you :)

  • Ellen vd
    Ellen vd 2 days ago

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  • WildStarvingWolf
    WildStarvingWolf 2 days ago

    A friend gave me two large jars of peanut butter and I already used one but was wondering what to do with the other. I'll send it back to him in cookie form after making a few for me :)

  • Producción Sexta
    Producción Sexta 2 days ago

    Hello! We are a La Sexta News a Program for Spain, and we would like to use this video for the program, it is possible? Thank you!

  • bucci9938
    bucci9938 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for sharing. May I ask is the temperature the same if I am using a convection oven? Thank you.

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      It depends on your oven. Newer ovens don’t require a correction and older ones do. Check your oven’s manual to see if a correction is required.

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 2 days ago

    A video on how to recreate the giant Levain Bakery chocolate chip cookie would be terrific, but right now my mouth is watering for one of these yummy peanut butter cookies!💙

  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron 2 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail and I immediately got hungry !

  • Judy Yeo
    Judy Yeo 2 days ago

    Thanks Stephanie, i have made it with your guidance and it turns out fantastic!

  • Dharini Harikrishnan

    Hi Mam, pls could you let me know the link of ur 9 inch pan? Thanks in advance

  • Valerie Dudoit Temahaga

    Cookies came out perfect just like what i expected, i used honey but i also added 1 tsp of almond extract to pop the taste. Perfect cookie. I use almond extract in all of my cookies, it just adds a wonderful taste. I love and try all of your recipe and pleased with everyone.

  • Rose Galdamez
    Rose Galdamez 2 days ago

    I like your style!

  • Igor Urisman
    Igor Urisman 2 days ago

    My friend Gordon Ramsey doesn't boil the butter. I think he has a point there.

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      You are lucky to be friends with Gordon Ramsey.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 days ago

    HI Stephanie, I tried your American sponge cake and it turn out fantastic, I think your sponge cake is excellent and very soft everybody love it. Thanks for sharing. Look forwards watching another successful recipe of yours…

  • Yenthanh Nguyen
    Yenthanh Nguyen 2 days ago

    Helle chef , i can't find , please tell me to order kenwood machine

    • Joy of Baking
      Joy of Baking Day ago

      Here is a link to the North American version (120V) on Amazon: If you are in a 220V country you can try Amazon UK.

  • Pixie Styx
    Pixie Styx 2 days ago

    Thank you so much! Finally a sensible peanut butter cookie recipe. No ingredients that require a special trip to the grocery. I just love your channel Stephanie.⚜️

  • B Charron
    B Charron 2 days ago

    Yummy! If I lived in your household, I would have the figure of a pillsbury dough boy!

  • Vinnie Bozzuto
    Vinnie Bozzuto 2 days ago

    My wife Served the cake with Breyers Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, on the side...used Golden Raisins too! Very nice..went for 2 pieces!😊very moist..loads of flavor..thank you for sharing..

    • Vinnie Bozzuto
      Vinnie Bozzuto 2 days ago

      chesh kat No birthday, we just thought it was a nice recipe to try, reminded us of back home in Connecticut at Autumn in Florida, there is no Autumn...😎🍂

    • chesh kat
      chesh kat 2 days ago

      Golden raisins are a great idea. I thought of that while I was eating the apple cake for the first time. Didn't have any on hand. With ice cream, lucky you! Was it your birthday? Hope to get more apples next week to make again. Along with a big dollop of homemade whipped cream.

  • Judith L
    Judith L 2 days ago

    Thank you😘

  • Susan Premo
    Susan Premo 2 days ago

    Orange chiffon was a huge, huge! hit! Yum.

  • Marcus Milland
    Marcus Milland 2 days ago

    excellent video. Will try it this weekend. Delish, I'm sure.

  • maris Gaston
    maris Gaston 2 days ago

    Definitely will try this. Thank you Stephanie! Cute dog😀

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 days ago

    Thank you for touching on stabilizer vs. no stabilizer peanut butter. So often recipes calling for peanut butter leave me guessing, since I tend to keep the “natural” stuff in the house. These are a classic, in any case. :)

  • moji salahshoor
    moji salahshoor 2 days ago

    Hi 🌸Stephanie I just made the cup cakes but the cream cheese sank all the way to the bottom of the cupcakes, do you know why? Also non of the cupcakes puffed up at all! They all ended up flat!!! I did like you just i used cake flour . thank you after about one day top of the cake is wet and so sticky , why ?

  • Sandra  Mora
    Sandra Mora 2 days ago

    These are so easy to make. I've come back several times to this vid for the filling recipe and also the Chocolate Dipped Carmel vid!

    • Sandra  Mora
      Sandra Mora 2 days ago

      P.S. I also used butterscotch chips instead of chocolate and there was almost a war over which one was better!

  • Cora Santos
    Cora Santos 2 days ago

    It must of smell real good, did anyone see the doggie lick his lips?

  • EFBensonFan
    EFBensonFan 2 days ago

    Love them! Fork marks and all

  • Maggiemoo. Scott
    Maggiemoo. Scott 2 days ago

    You explain how to bake so well and clear. Thant you

  • Vinnie Bozzuto
    Vinnie Bozzuto 2 days ago

    We made the Apple Cake this afternoon, just addled the glaze with Orange juice and zest! Cooling now, looks terrific...topped it with the Walnuts and the Zest...😉

    SHERRYDUNNE 2 days ago

    Did Dorian miss St. Simon's? I hope so.

  • Lírio dos Vales
    Lírio dos Vales 2 days ago

    Always delicious!! 👏👏👏😋😋😋

  • Susan Premo
    Susan Premo 2 days ago

    Funny how such an easy cookie to make, can make a big difference when I watch you make them! Goes to show you can always learn something new, I like the idea of them all the same size, they look so nice, my husband's favorite. Today I finally made the orange chiffon cake, I have an old orange crush pop bottle for turning it upside down onto, scary. Got it though! Waiting for it to cool right now. Thanks for your wonderful lessons!

  • Inspiration Saveur Culinaire

    Yummy yummy delicious

  • B. johnson
    B. johnson 2 days ago

    I've made this cake several times and it always turns out great! I wanted to know if I could use a bundt pan instead. Thanks for such a delicious recipe.

  • Maryam Xoxo
    Maryam Xoxo 2 days ago

    What are the cases called?

  • Nia Lin
    Nia Lin 2 days ago

    It’s hard to find good PB cookie recipes! Many don’t have enough fat &/or PB in them. This recipe is very much like the one I discovered years ago & make every holiday season. It’s my fave cookie. Perhaps I shall try this recipe too! (In case anyone is wondering: the smooth Natural PB makes a heavenly cookie!) Thank you for another wonderful recipe Ms. Stephanie!

  • 1968maxwell1
    1968maxwell1 2 days ago

    Stephanie I ❤❤❤💕💕 peanut butter cookies i will be making this recipe this weekend 😄😄👌👌

  • bestsk8eva
    bestsk8eva 2 days ago

    can you freeze the custard of later use?

  • Μάνος Καραμάνος

    I've always been impressed by the fact that you can say the numbers for everything off the top of your head!! :)

  • Pacita Gayol
    Pacita Gayol 2 days ago

    Yummy 😋 thank u Steph gonna try this soon 🙏🏿❤️👍😋 more cookies to bake👌

  • Desi Slava
    Desi Slava 2 days ago

    I want to be on the place of your dog and to please everytime myself with your tasty recipes. 😁 I love peanut butter 😍. I dream to try original American peanut butter, but in Germany is not easy to find😣

  • Ms S
    Ms S 2 days ago

    Stephanie, you are ingenious! No need to make pastry cream, thank you! :D