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They’re in our world now…
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  • Alex G
    Alex G 4 minutes ago

    The woman's voice in the trailers reminds me of CandyEvie/Luvie! Also, we need more cute clips like this!

  • Mighty Oshy
    Mighty Oshy 13 minutes ago

    Haunter is not nice.

  • _ Shixta_RaStA
    _ Shixta_RaStA 19 minutes ago

    2599 1116 9009 code amie

  • TheShiningGyarados93
    TheShiningGyarados93 20 minutes ago

    No comments about Shintaro Cheating? Figures that the Pokémon company does everything to protect their pure image and their not so pure players. Only selects certain comments to be posted.

  • ThatSpicyPotato
    ThatSpicyPotato 20 minutes ago

    We need episodes for gen 7!

  • Mighty Oshy
    Mighty Oshy 26 minutes ago

    So kyogre is evil?

  • Dracochuy
    Dracochuy 33 minutes ago

    the last vgc with the national dex. I will miss you

  • Ashely Gordon
    Ashely Gordon 34 minutes ago

    8:35 that was actually a ThunderPunch from Groudon.

  • Dusk Legend
    Dusk Legend 36 minutes ago

    Why does the sign at 2:40 say “orgy”

  • JD Rome
    JD Rome 36 minutes ago

    The XP share in Sword and Shield is pathetic and I hate it

    • JCMGeorge
      JCMGeorge 33 minutes ago

      Aight cool this is actually sun and moon

  • Dusk Legend
    Dusk Legend 45 minutes ago

    And then that pikachu stays in gen 7 because it’s “too cold” in galar

  • Red Captain Toad boy
    Red Captain Toad boy 50 minutes ago


  • M. Nourishad
    M. Nourishad 55 minutes ago

    I don't see a lot of Ultra Necrozma in the VGC finals so this is pretty cool

  • Malay Amsel
    Malay Amsel Hour ago


  • Mister Amico
    Mister Amico Hour ago

    It just makes me so sad coming back to this now that SnS is released, this game looks so much better than that game.

  • Kwstas Lofos
    Kwstas Lofos Hour ago

    Nice animations 100% not used in different games and the trees look so awesome from close

  • KalleGlugg
    KalleGlugg Hour ago


  • Michael Crain-Zamora

    Love this man's style.

  • LynxD007
    LynxD007 Hour ago

    Why hello their Felix Fraldarius

  • Raúl Rodríguez

    Oh god the difference in graphics D

  • Tairsito
    Tairsito Hour ago


  • children of woomy woomy



    Oh look the Pale lady from "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" won.

  • RoboTom
    RoboTom Hour ago

    Don't understand why mascot (or all) legendaries weren't banned for these.

  • Tairsito
    Tairsito Hour ago


  • Lady Leomon
    Lady Leomon Hour ago

    Best of luck to both James and Javier, you’re both awesome no matter who wins! Thanks for another great vid Pokémon Channel 💙🐱💙

  • Dwagoon
    Dwagoon Hour ago

    Me who doesn't play competitive: *visible Confusion*

  • Purple Activist
    Purple Activist Hour ago

    Justin is a beautiful man

  • Diego Arriaga
    Diego Arriaga Hour ago

    I've been playing Pokemon for close to 12 years now. Yet, I'm 99% sure I'd get REKED by any one of these kids.

  • J T
    J T Hour ago

    this looks good for a rushed 3ds port, shame on you nintendo and gamefraud

  • Uzma Hussain
    Uzma Hussain Hour ago

    i love pokemon so much

  • Nick Boon
    Nick Boon Hour ago

    Pimpnite should do the commentary next time

  • Son and moon Ultra

    I'm ❤Love Mexico

  • brassard15
    brassard15 Hour ago

    Man their teams were trash AF. So many legendary Pokémon for no reason.

  • Exotic Games
    Exotic Games 2 hours ago

    Play sword or shield for competitive

  • KFT
    KFT 2 hours ago

    Chupala Karol dance

  • Brenediction
    Brenediction 2 hours ago

    While I do admire the competitive scene I do wish that all pokemon were competitive. That way people could fight with their favorites rather then whats mathematically the best. An impossible feat I know but a man can dream.

  • hhux002 45
    hhux002 45 2 hours ago

    God I’m not going to miss the tapu meta

  • Crush Gandra
    Crush Gandra 2 hours ago

    Do you guys think there should be an organization in the Pokemon Series that's's similar to the Foo Fighters Organization (from the original Cardfight!! Vanguard anime)? But instead of an organization of Cardfighters it should be an organization of Pokemon trainer's.

  • AJ Mainiac
    AJ Mainiac 2 hours ago

    The female announcer wasn’t the worst I’ve heard, but she still made many mistakes.

  • Crush Gandra
    Crush Gandra 2 hours ago

    Do you guys think there should be an organization in the Pokemon Series that's's similar to the Foo Fighters Organization (from the original Cardfight!! Vanguard anime)? But instead of an organization of Cardfighters it should be an organization of Pokemon trainer's.

  • BLACKIE16491
    BLACKIE16491 2 hours ago

    Legendaries are allowed?

  • RavenVGC
    RavenVGC 2 hours ago

    Like si eres de Chile

  • Steven M Attrell
    Steven M Attrell 2 hours ago

    Surprised to see Mandibuzz. Though seeing it here, it’s a lot more defensive than I thought.

  • Luigidagreen13
    Luigidagreen13 2 hours ago

    Does anyone think that galarian weezing will see a lot of play in the new format for Sw Sh?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Hour ago

      @Luigidagreen13 Thats a really good question. But maybe not? Its evolution path was stripped from it so im not sure if the rules still applies.

    • Luigidagreen13
      Luigidagreen13 Hour ago

      Anonymous yeah I think it will. E really good in the format, I’m also curious and I think this is a good time to ask. But does eviolite work with G-Max pika?

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Hour ago

      Pretty sure it will. It can shut down so many things.

  • Pekin Ördeği
    Pekin Ördeği 2 hours ago

    i don't have any legendary card lmao

  • SuperSonic68
    SuperSonic68 2 hours ago

    Gosh, it's so laaaaaaggy. Yeah, Sword and Shield have frame drops when online in the wild area, it's better than THIS!

  • MovieTV The Pokemon Fan


  • Pekin Ördeği
    Pekin Ördeği 2 hours ago


  • ZeR0W1
    ZeR0W1 2 hours ago

    OF COURSE Ash just casually walked in and destroyed everything

  • Andy Landa
    Andy Landa 2 hours ago

    Only problem was that it didn’t show how oak and Pikachu met

  • Sebarz Gaming
    Sebarz Gaming 2 hours ago

    wow early idk what to say

  • aFk Natey
    aFk Natey 2 hours ago

    This is how many times pikachu has been in all games.... 👇🏻

  • Ninguém Importante
    Ninguém Importante 2 hours ago

    I still waiting my Eeveelution...

  • Futaba Naru Gonzalez


  • Futaba Naru Gonzalez


  • Twixter
    Twixter 2 hours ago

    One thing i won't miss in SwSh is the repetitive legendaries in these competitive scenes. High hopes for some actually interesting matches next season!

    • Javier Garcia
      Javier Garcia 4 minutes ago

      @ナナシさん we can all agree that dynamax wailord will destroy in the new meta

    • ナナシさん
      ナナシさん 47 minutes ago

      lol enjoy dynamax gyarados

    • Mathieu L
      Mathieu L Hour ago

      LOL you'll see the same Dynamaxed mon using the same Max moves. And since there's less pokémon = less variety.

    • spicie
      spicie Hour ago

      jokes on you, its going to be the exact same thing

    • Amphibians RiseUp
      Amphibians RiseUp Hour ago

      Twixter Maybe VGC shouldn’t allow mascot legendaries in their format. Perhaps it would be more balanced

  • Virasman
    Virasman 2 hours ago

    Coppa gonna strike pokemon?

  • ZeR0W1
    ZeR0W1 2 hours ago

    I don't understand. Who's this aimed at? Kids? But I know more adults than kids who play Go. At the same time, Go players?? Yeah right, as a Pokemon Go player seeing Pokemon move around IRL is like a spit in the face, because that's how the game was marketed, but it's nothing like this. And I'm salty. Please, I don't need sleep, I need answers

    NYA NYA NYA 2 hours ago

    I'm fearow 23rd person to comment

  • BellyDrum Beasts
    BellyDrum Beasts 2 hours ago

    If I was in this vgc I would’ve used my cosmic power moonlight moongeist beam charge beam weakness policy timid lunala set

  • Xavier Naughton
    Xavier Naughton 2 hours ago

    I’m just saying I cried when Jessie didn’t win

  • Splash
    Splash 2 hours ago

    I don't even know what they are doing lmao

  • 100k subs with 3 videos?

    THE FLOOR IS LAVA 5 4 3 2 1 Like if you don’t care

  • Sho Vásquez
    Sho Vásquez 2 hours ago

    Buena el Javié

  • MS_Ivysaur
    MS_Ivysaur 2 hours ago


    • King6d9
      King6d9 3 minutes ago

      I enjoy Vgc and Tcg.

  • Chris Koraltan
    Chris Koraltan 2 hours ago

    can we just do a VGC with Sword and Shield already??

    • 151Bryce
      151Bryce 24 minutes ago

      Chris Koraltan it hasn’t even been out a week yet

  • ixNoah
    ixNoah 2 hours ago

    How do you play this...

  • California Pizza Kitchen

    I have no clue what’s going on

  • Ramkril
    Ramkril 2 hours ago


  • Kitty Wombat
    Kitty Wombat 2 hours ago

    Hello ;)

    SULAGNA GHATAK 2 hours ago


  • Chubby Stuff
    Chubby Stuff 2 hours ago

    Me and my ex friend were arguing. She said that pokemon weren't real and they were stoopid. Key word: EX friend

    • Sad VatoTM
      Sad VatoTM Hour ago


    • Chubby Stuff
      Chubby Stuff 2 hours ago

      @Ebani I know, but I felt that. Oooofffffff. She said mah peenk queen was stoopid. my 5 jigglypuff t shirts, plushie, stickerz, etc will keel her >:I

    • BallisticBoyPlayz
      BallisticBoyPlayz 2 hours ago

      there was no other choice..

    • Ebani
      Ebani 2 hours ago

      Except most aren't, otherwise they would appear in SW/SH

  • Star Z
    Star Z 2 hours ago


  • Dario Urrieta
    Dario Urrieta 2 hours ago

    Bye gen 7 i miss you

  • Really Random
    Really Random 2 hours ago

    I cant wait for the sword and shield meta

    • Alex Aken
      Alex Aken 2 minutes ago

      @Javier Garcia chill reddit

    • Javier Garcia
      Javier Garcia 5 minutes ago

      Can't wait for the 400 pokemom meta

    • Alex Aken
      Alex Aken Hour ago

      @Alexis Ignition I sorta agree, but I'm gonna hold off on agreeing till about a month later

    • Nicholas Phelps
      Nicholas Phelps Hour ago

      Zacian is definitely going to be the most powerful Pokemon in Gen VIII, from what we've seen. Its only real shortcoming seems to be its inability to Dynamax, but given the fact that it can typically OHKO any Dynamaxed Pokemon that doesn't resist Behemoth Blade, that's not much of an issue.

    • Alexis Ignition
      Alexis Ignition Hour ago

      @Blitz Gaming WR sacred sword is broken bruh, also zamazenta is way inferior.

  • Jordy10se
    Jordy10se 2 hours ago

    Viva Latinoamérica v:

  • carlos valverde
    carlos valverde 2 hours ago

    Ggwp LATAM is strong

  • VR 21
    VR 21 2 hours ago

    Holaa como estan?? ;v

  • Raphael Alavi
    Raphael Alavi 2 hours ago

    Man I’m sure going to miss all the Pokémon in here that didn’t make it to sword and shield

  • Jett the Labraheeler

    I am early geez

  • Emma Eriksson
    Emma Eriksson 2 hours ago


  • Mythic Valkire
    Mythic Valkire 2 hours ago

    Not first

  • Sergeant Shiny
    Sergeant Shiny 2 hours ago

    1 view, 15 likes....USclip be Drunk

  • Haktic Chako
    Haktic Chako 2 hours ago


  • VR 21
    VR 21 2 hours ago

    Holaa :3

  • Javi Craft
    Javi Craft 2 hours ago

    Cuarto comentario y tercer like

  • Altijdmilan YT
    Altijdmilan YT 2 hours ago


  • DJWolfy -_-
    DJWolfy -_- 2 hours ago

    Yes the first comment

  • Jett the Labraheeler

    Wow I am early

  • Lovely Kamal
    Lovely Kamal 2 hours ago


  • Patrick Recio
    Patrick Recio 2 hours ago

    Ahuevo en latinoamerica

  • ShadowCookie Girl
    ShadowCookie Girl 2 hours ago


  • LuXuZ
    LuXuZ 2 hours ago


  • Mert KINALI
    Mert KINALI 2 hours ago


  • CarLa G
    CarLa G 2 hours ago


  • CC EGO
    CC EGO 2 hours ago


  • Drone Epic
    Drone Epic 2 hours ago

    Does this mean focus blast will finally hit its target?

  • Iris van landeghem
    Iris van landeghem 2 hours ago

    gloria should be an carpet or rug tester she model walk