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  • Lordis Denny
    Lordis Denny Day ago

    I wish my mom seen this when I was 7

  • Old Luke
    Old Luke 6 days ago

    You think cavemen let the baby sleep away from them? It's natural

  • Dan Lyons
    Dan Lyons 13 days ago

    I had a dream last night that I married a total bitch and had a two year old suffering from night terrors... I then woke up and realize it wasn't a dream.

  • Gøsu Gənkø Genjin

    i cant sleep without my mom im way to scared

  • Trina Marie
    Trina Marie 19 days ago

    me and my child go through it

  • TheOzme
    TheOzme 24 days ago

    Call on the name of Jesus Christ and the Demons Flee. I promise. Turn to the LORD!

  • SuperBrubba
    SuperBrubba 27 days ago

    People who are struggling with the question of co sleeping with their baby or not, watch the documentary The Milky Way. They cover the benefits of co sleeping and how it's only dangerous when the baby is formula fed and the parents don't do any research on how to co sleep with their baby.

  • Hydrated Water
    Hydrated Water Month ago

    I still have them and according to my parents I cursed out my dad and acted like a crack head

  • Sleep Mares
    Sleep Mares Month ago

    My heart goes out to any child experiencing Night Terrors. Even as an adult, it's scary AF... Worst experiences in my life. Almost like a near death experience....

  • 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    I have this as well lmao. I had a sleep over at church youth group and the bigger kids said I said the names of the people in my room in my sleep. *BRUH*

  • Santosh Joshi
    Santosh Joshi Month ago

    Dr Haviva.. i shouted in my sleep. My mom was terrified.

  • AlexxD Brawlstars

    I'm 15 and haven't experience a single night terror.

  • Bruce Fame
    Bruce Fame Month ago

    What made you choose oculoplastics over vitreoretinal surgery?

  • jay double U
    jay double U 2 months ago

    my daughter ha them still at age 35

  • Fenomanom Slimes
    Fenomanom Slimes 2 months ago

    I’m 12 and still have night terrors. When my mom tells me I’m like ‘what?’

  • Tess Obrien
    Tess Obrien 2 months ago

    My mum sometimes lets me sleep with her

  • You tube
    You tube 2 months ago

    i doner

  • L. Amara
    L. Amara 2 months ago

    I have a swollen eyelid and I went to see Dr Lelli with great expectations, after reading his profile on the web. . Unfortunately, after one visit, he never showed any interest in dealing with my medical problem. He asked another doctor, Dr Patel to deal with my situation: after two visits and 10 blood tests ( the state of NY lists them for no more than $50 each but their hospital charged my insurance around $1000 for each ) , Dr Patel told me that I might have TB !!!! and my personal doctor should follow me. After so many tests and medication, there was no TB what soever! Overrral I had a bed experience with both doctors and they showed little concern about my case. I will not recommend neither Dr Lelli nor Dr Patel, who apparently moved to California .

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 3 months ago

    Well done Kraft...

  • Caleb Caleb
    Caleb Caleb 3 months ago

    I quite frequently get them. Some days I can’t remember what happened but most days I remember everything. I know what’s going on but I can’t stop my actions of screaming and running around, it’s quite weird. I’m 17 still and have this, hopefully someday it’ll go away

  • haajar samsodien
    haajar samsodien 3 months ago

    Idiot lol

  • Jake Beckham
    Jake Beckham 4 months ago

    This is bs There’s way more to it

  • F Jones
    F Jones 4 months ago

    You save my daughter eye thanks so much. God blessings.

    • F Jones
      F Jones 4 months ago

      CORRECTIONS saved.

  • FluffyTato
    FluffyTato 4 months ago

    But I don’t remember having a night terror when I was 2 But I remember screaming and crying sometimes

  • xxjoell kind boy
    xxjoell kind boy 5 months ago

    I am 10 and I still think I will get it and I don't neet it became it is bad for my sleep.

  • Ramesh Sonar
    Ramesh Sonar 5 months ago

    May liver donar b+

  • Ramesh Sonar
    Ramesh Sonar 5 months ago

    May liver donar b+

  • tlbue32
    tlbue32 2 years ago

    She really didn't say anything. Other than its normal don't wake them up..........

  • WOWCruiser
    WOWCruiser 2 years ago


  • Vortex ASMR
    Vortex ASMR 2 years ago

    I'm 23 and can't sleep lights turned off :(

    • Mounia
      Mounia 3 months ago

      omg I felt that

  • Cory Kingsbury
    Cory Kingsbury 2 years ago

    I'm 24 and still have this problem

    • Trina Marie
      Trina Marie 19 days ago

      me 2

    • DizzyFizzy420
      DizzyFizzy420 Month ago

      I'm 16 and I don't live with my parents, and it's so fucking embarrassing!!

    • Tom##
      Tom## 3 months ago

      Guys i have same problem I'm 22 years old , but I know how to be safe , just have clove of garic put it next to your bed , and caver you eyes and back, neck Spain area with blacket , then sleep, . It's work,

    • LionessProwess
      LionessProwess 3 months ago

      @Dani Marie I'm curious. If you don't mind me asking, have you seeked professional help?

    • Dani Marie
      Dani Marie 4 months ago

      Cory Kingsbury same I’m 26

  • Jun hee Bae
    Jun hee Bae 2 years ago

    ive had many Night Terrors, and have taken mental notes. When a person is near a rested mode and ready to sleep, somewhere in the brain, you would feel a sense of weakness as you would start to tire. umm,,, don't go to sleep. It is a good indicator that an onset of a Night Terrors will begin. It is hard to shake it off. It is not light headedness or dizziness. The feeling is of weakness.

    • Master Baiter
      Master Baiter 3 months ago

      LionessProwess no because of one major factor. You are aware that you are awake and but you can’t move in your sleep paralysis. You also almost perfectly remember what happened.

    • LionessProwess
      LionessProwess 3 months ago

      Is Night Terrors the same as sleep paralysis?

    • drew
      drew 6 months ago

      perfectly put

  • Alyssa Teresa
    Alyssa Teresa 3 years ago

    I'm 11 watching this omg

    MOHAMMED ALTHAHABE 3 years ago


  • Introvert gonwilde
    Introvert gonwilde 3 years ago

    I had night terrors until I was 7 and they started at 3 I would scream cry Hollar kick and punch and talk and I had no clue the next morning I would be like hi mom hi dad and they would be like omg u screamed all night and I ddnt believe them until my dad showed me a recording

    • Gisseh
      Gisseh 2 years ago

      А shakе rесipe that сurеs insomniа => Whаt Arе Night ТТТerrors Hоw Cаn I Help Mуууy Child with their Night Теrrоrs

  • Kristen Miragliotta
    Kristen Miragliotta 3 years ago

    thanks ype!

  • Hà Thanh
    Hà Thanh 3 years ago

    Amazing things are happening there :)

  • Juliojones Exchange
    Juliojones Exchange 3 years ago

    This guy saved my sisters life with a liver transplant in Miami in 2005, ur in good hands with this dude

  • Med School Radio - Simon R. Downes

    Thank you for this excellent description of your neuroendovascular service!

    PATRICIA DANDOLA 3 years ago

    He is one in a billion. He did I think 6 surgeries on me .my family knew I had to see him after each one to make me feel better. His is so busy but when you are in his presence , he is 100% listening to you. He responded to my pain, he held my hand and he even treated me with new procedure to avoid more surgery. I got quality of life back. He has a passion I have not seen in other surgeons. I javelin a jpouch and he knows we are a special group. Love the hospital too, great care, great nurses, I loved the video, thankfully I have not seen him since 2012. Just would like to give him a hug, thank you

  • Alan Tracey
    Alan Tracey 3 years ago

    My name is Alan Tracey and I will forever be grateful to Dr. Milsom performing surgery for my Crohn's disease at Mt Sinai hospital 15 years ago. I have been in remission since the surgery and owe my normal life style to Dr. Milsom. Thank you Dr. Milsom!

  • Armando Martinez
    Armando Martinez 3 years ago

    Mimi, Happy 100th Birthday! Wow what an accomplishment. You truly must have done the world a good service because you have been rewarded with such an extension of life. You are a wonderful friend to me. watching you grow older is an absolutely wonderful thing for me to witness. You bring me joy and a breath of hope in this world full of unimportant substance. I love your war stories and your cookies! But most and above all I value our friendship. You are irreplaceable to me. I love you, Mimi. Live!

  • Joan Knecht
    Joan Knecht 3 years ago

    May this special birthday video bring you much joy and wishes from all who admire and love you. I felt honored to sit with you at a CUNYHSN reunion and hear your talk on WWII experiences. You were wonderful and inspiring to each of us! Thank you for serving as a nurse to the men and women of our country and congratulations on all your achievements. Enjoy more birthdays to come!

  • Lauren Cory
    Lauren Cory 3 years ago

    this is my great aunt!

  • Lori-Ann Benison
    Lori-Ann Benison 3 years ago

    Happiest of Birthdays, Thank you for your Service. It is Amazing to have Nurses like you on staff for over 30 years.I hope I can do the same, Respectfully, LoriB EMS

  • Jennifer Langenreither

    Happy Birthday, dear Mimi! When I grow old I want to be exactly like you - cheerful, optimistic, curious, tough on yourself and your body and a source of inspiration to us younger folks. Have a wonderful day! 🎂🎁🍾🎉

  • Ann Michele
    Ann Michele 3 years ago

    Happy early Birthday Mimi, thank you for your service to our country and also thank you for your many years of service as a nurse. Your story is an inspiration to all. (From a 1977 graduate of the Cornell University-New York Hospital School of Nursing.)

  • Alexander Seiler
    Alexander Seiler 3 years ago

    lol how

  • Alexander Seiler
    Alexander Seiler 3 years ago


  • Alexander Seiler
    Alexander Seiler 3 years ago


  • Igor Vasylkiv
    Igor Vasylkiv 3 years ago

    Praise the Lord for gold hands of doctor, for strong spirit of this girl and all people who support this family in prayers and not only!!! =)

  • accouswk
    accouswk 3 years ago

    Great and Brilliant surgeon. The scoliosis community has learned quite a bit from his hard work and dedication to the study of spinal deformity and its treatment. Great story.

  • Judy Craemer
    Judy Craemer 3 years ago

    Awesome story.

  • Michael Greller
    Michael Greller 3 years ago

    What a great story. Dr. Neugarten does some amazing things. Good luck Amber.

  • FIFA Player
    FIFA Player 3 years ago

    Also, my sister was talking to me, she was calling my mom to try and talk to me.

  • FIFA Player
    FIFA Player 3 years ago

    How come I had 3 night terrors and remembered all 3? Is it normal?

    • Dallasッ
      Dallasッ 2 months ago

      FIFA Player same I remember some of mine.

  • Demetrio Tozzi
    Demetrio Tozzi 3 years ago

    All the good things to fellow BPD sufferers. Very good documentary.

  • Tracy Lunos
    Tracy Lunos 3 years ago

    20 years later and I still keep my DBT cards in my purse. It realy does help you cope.

  • Daniel Afflitto
    Daniel Afflitto 3 years ago

    that's my uncle Joe

  • Georges Dragatsi
    Georges Dragatsi 3 years ago

    We are proud of Dr. Dragatsi's achievements, dedication and commitment to her profession, the patients and the staff. Congratulations and thumbs up to the best doctor ever.

  • shinobidef
    shinobidef 3 years ago

    As someone with BPD, I found this very helpful - thank you

  • Lone-Wolf-XCII
    Lone-Wolf-XCII 3 years ago

    This was very close to the bone and the best video on BPD that I have been able to find so far. Thank you very much for posting this.

  • Liz Torres
    Liz Torres 3 years ago

    This made me feel so much better. A little hope, a little smile in my heart. Thank you for making this and sharing it.

  • ChildrenOfTheSunCP
    ChildrenOfTheSunCP 4 years ago

    DR PATSALIDES IS ONE OF THE BEST DOCTORS ON THE PLANET! Thank you, Dr. for all of your caring and expertise!

  • Nicky Jarrett-Smith
    Nicky Jarrett-Smith 4 years ago

    Great work Anton! I am so proud, I could burst. Congratulations!!

  • donovanj1
    donovanj1 4 years ago

    Dr. Milsom performed jpouch surgery on me in 2005 and gave me my life back after 20 years of severe ulcerative colitis that almost killed me. Not only is he a gifted surgeon but a really nice man who put me and my family at ease through the entire surgical experience.

  • rell220
    rell220 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • Connie Jay
    Connie Jay 4 years ago

    What a beautiful program - thank you!

  • Pep P
    Pep P 4 years ago

    God Bless Angela

  • Pep P
    Pep P 4 years ago

    Angela Sudol is a Saint, She is one of nicest + caring people in the world and if she recommends Doctor Raza of New York Presbyterian Hospital, she is giving you great advice.

  • GreenRosetta
    GreenRosetta 4 years ago

    Until I was diagnosed yesterday I thought I was alone in the world. Sitting here listening to these people has made me realise that I can get through this. I love you all xo

  • Mohinder Sood
    Mohinder Sood 4 years ago

    Dr. Isom did my heart surgery 25 years ago. He did a great job. I am ever grateful to him. He said it rightly that it is not only extending one's life but with quality of life.

  • Stephaine Berry
    Stephaine Berry 4 years ago

    This cover kid is so adorable. Should be the poster child for NYP Morgan Stanley Childrens' Hosp. It inspires me to give and to help.

  • Timothy Rigney
    Timothy Rigney 4 years ago

    Dr. Souweidane, it's so encouraging to see that in a situation where the prognosis may not look all that great and your optimism for a procedure's helpfulness is limited, you still somehow managed to take a leap of faith, make a solid effort, and potentially have an impact which could save a person's life.

  • Lanese Johnson Hu
    Lanese Johnson Hu 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting this. It helps me figure out why I am the way I am

  • Colleen Alderson
    Colleen Alderson 4 years ago

    Wonderful - shows such heart and soul!!! Congrats and thanks for posting.

  • José Gómez
    José Gómez 4 years ago


  • ecuachic17
    ecuachic17 4 years ago

    Words cannot express our gratitude to Dr. Bacha and the amazing doctors and nurses at your hospital. Thank you for saving our baby girls lives, we are forever grateful!!!

  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane 4 years ago

    Dr q did all three of my operations to reconstruct my heart because of HLHS

  • Primrose Mangilog
    Primrose Mangilog 4 years ago

    She is an inspiring person to not only the nursing profession, but to all of healthcare. I'm currently studying as a nurse and I hope to one day be able to work at NY Presby through an internship and see the impact of a nurse at the bedside come to life.

  • windstorm1000
    windstorm1000 4 years ago

    good for you Evan--keep going keep healthy

  • Hector Moran
    Hector Moran 4 years ago

    oh baby :(

  • Lily Shamanova
    Lily Shamanova 4 years ago

    my hospital:)

  • dana M
    dana M 4 years ago

    I meet Dr. Sharaiha and her NP this past week,they were both extremely imformative, professional and spent a lot of time fully explaining the proceedure, outcomes and possible complication. My husband was truly impressed, as was I! Hope to be on the schedule soon!

  • Janet J
    Janet J 4 years ago

    God bless you all suffering from this! You're in my prayers!!!!!

  • Salah Mabrouk
    Salah Mabrouk 4 years ago


  • bocejo
    bocejo 4 years ago


  • Kaley Sanchez
    Kaley Sanchez 4 years ago

    This is an example of amazing people/dogs doing amazing things

  • Lioness
    Lioness 4 years ago

    So sweet

    • NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
      NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital 4 years ago

      @Lioness. We're so grateful to have David and Cassie volunteer their time every Sunday to visit our pediatric patients at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital.

  • dana M
    dana M 4 years ago

    I will be calling to see if it is available now! Great idea, should have been available a long time ago!

  • Steven Prince
    Steven Prince 4 years ago

    This video is pointless

  • Y K
    Y K 4 years ago

    I am very sick right now with liver cancer but i don't think i will let my son go through one second pain so i can live.

  • Y K
    Y K 4 years ago

    Great son!

  • Diane D Goldman
    Diane D Goldman 4 years ago

    I am hoping to have this procedure this summer. My BMI needs to be at 35 and I am working towards that now by loosing weight.

  • Puja Nithyananda
    Puja Nithyananda 4 years ago

    Enjoyed your video!

  • cypresstwist
    cypresstwist 4 years ago

    This is by far the best BPD documentary I have seen.

  • Marge Teilhaber
    Marge Teilhaber 4 years ago

    Totally adorable.

  • Bobby Lewis
    Bobby Lewis 4 years ago

    Congratulations Maddison, I am so happy to hear that. I had the same surgery in October 2009 at NYP. I'm going into my 6th year being seizure free. It is truly awesome. Wish you all the best. Bobby

  • Shawn Aboulkhair
    Shawn Aboulkhair 4 years ago

    Dr Chabot is the most remarkable doctor I have ever had the honor of knowing He saved my mothers life He has compassion beyond compare. I highly recommend if you have the unfortunate diagnosis of any problems with your pancreas or any family history you see Dr Chabot . I thank you again Dr Chabot it's been 8 years and mom is going strong !