The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 53 minutes ago

    Wisconsin sure showed their stuff against Michigan....SPANKED them good on Saturday.

  • Tall Dude
    Tall Dude Hour ago

    Urban is a beast. Total kool Ohio person. Here is a really funny thing. A lot of Michigan people want him to coach that school up north. Haha. Never, dream on and you have want you have.

  • Edward Hargrove
    Edward Hargrove Hour ago

    I don't get how Doug can defend and make excuses for Baker Mayfield bad start. Excuses like he only played about 10-11 games now or he's like a 3 year old smh. Lamar Jackson has only played 10 games and y'all "commentators" try to make him seem like a horrible QB but Baker Mayfield still get excuses after 15 starts in the NFL smh #AFC.North.Champs.Ravens.

  • Steven Meinking
    Steven Meinking Hour ago

    Actually disagree with Colin on this, and Mark Sanchez is a perfect example. Take the money and run...just like Baker's Hulu commerical. NFL careers are short, and winning championships won't feed you when the career is over. If you can, get it while you can. That isn't Baker being distracted, that's Baker capitalizing on his situation.

  • Brandon Bauer
    Brandon Bauer Hour ago

    Fire harbaugh

  • Travis Talbert
    Travis Talbert Hour ago

    Let him go first lord

  • Jose Bocanegra
    Jose Bocanegra Hour ago

    Glad that Colin does not hold a grudge. That is a key ingredient in a happy, successful marriage.

  • Brandon Gasper
    Brandon Gasper Hour ago

    The New England Patriots aren't 1-2 Colin... good picks... NOT

  • KneeGrowObama
    KneeGrowObama Hour ago

    Can't count the Dolphins. Can't count the Cardinals. They're not competitive..... Ravens played 2 games to is year, their opponents: Dolphins and Cardinals.

    BAMA HAMMER 2 hours ago

    Joel and Cowherd are SEC haters they always have been. There is a video called Alabama vs the world and Cowherd and Klatt vs Alabama and are hilarious. Don't ever discredit Bama especially in revenge games.

  • Bennett Morella
    Bennett Morella 2 hours ago

    Josh Allen and Sam darnold over an mvp quarterback.. hating on cam so hard

    BAMA HAMMER 2 hours ago

    No matter the subpar opponents Bama played in the regular season it's always Bama doesn't play anybody. Look at Clemson's patty cake schedule and Trevor Lawrence throwing 5 picks in 4 games. Take 2017 for instance we lost to Auburn and everybody said we sucked and couldn't make it to the playoffs. Well we did and slaughtered our way to a nattty.

  • Daniel Randazzo
    Daniel Randazzo 2 hours ago

    I like your explanations... But not really, I think you might go 0-5 this week bro. I am on the opposite side on every one. Let's slap a fun bet on you going 0 and 5 in the Blazin' 5 Colin Bayless ;)

  • Jacob-210-
    Jacob-210- 2 hours ago

    Walk it to em has been injury prone since college. He is a great "talent" but the punishment doesn't lessen in the pros. The first 3/4s of his year two was really good but let this dude participate in the playoffs before putting him tier 1 with Patty. Wanted to add that IMO Dak is developing into what Cam Newton could have been if he loved the game, but Dak is more durable, he relies much less on his athleticism, and he most importantly he takes the game seriously.

    SEAN ROY 2 hours ago

    Colin can you please put that nice big microphone closer to your mouth? I cant hear you.

    SEAN ROY 2 hours ago

    I love colon cowherd so much I eat pizza rolls for breakfast lunch and dinner so I can get colon cancherd by 25.

    SEAN ROY 2 hours ago

    She cheated?

    SEAN ROY 2 hours ago

    Colin 😔 what happened? Remember you WERE married! Not anymore.

  • ChangeTheGame
    ChangeTheGame 2 hours ago

    Dak gonna have 7 tds and 500 yards vs Dolphins Cowboys win 78-0

  • TacticalBacon
    TacticalBacon 3 hours ago

    Cowboys are a super bowl contender once all their pieces start clicking,they have a top 3 o line,rb,Lb core,and a shutdown corner in Jones,they’re d line should be even better with Robert Quinn out of the suspension,if dak can keep playing at this level,they are the best team in the NFC

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith 3 hours ago

    Undraftable and compared to Johnny football..... you didn’t think he would work 😂😂 Steelers fan not Browns fan so don’t call me fan boy 😂

  • Donnie Sizemore
    Donnie Sizemore 3 hours ago

    Talk about uptight

  • Chad Schmidt
    Chad Schmidt 3 hours ago

    klatt is amazing!

  • John
    John 3 hours ago

    You can’t say Drew Brees has had a much better past 5 years that Ben roethlisberger has.

  • Harry Cottrill
    Harry Cottrill 3 hours ago

    If Dez was a "headcase" then what does that make Tyreek Hill?

  • Peter Comino
    Peter Comino 3 hours ago

    Colin how many of those wins without Ben had Antonio brown and lev bell.... mute point...

  • DON
    DON 3 hours ago

    1 hit and TO will be retired again

  • Brucewayne1212
    Brucewayne1212 4 hours ago

    It's amazing how these guys want to even give quarterbacks credit for wins that the defense and running game sometimes win... Quarterbacks take a couple of steps back, and merely hand the ball off an awful lot during the course of a football game... Please let me debate these guys on this matter.

  • Riptide Rapids
    Riptide Rapids 4 hours ago

    Ravens gonna upset 💪

  • Al knud
    Al knud 4 hours ago

    He is literally fishing for people to agree that baker is bad.

  • the99thProphet
    the99thProphet 4 hours ago

    "He wins a lot more than baker" ...

  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts 4 hours ago

    I guess tex am is really good

  • TheMrMantequilla
    TheMrMantequilla 4 hours ago

    As a semi cowboys fan (not the biggest fan of football/but always watched cowboys being from Texas and family) I don’t doubt dak, but I have doubted their HC/OC , and their defense sometimes.

  • Tre Day
    Tre Day 4 hours ago

    Colin you’re a true THOT lol 😂

  • Gerry Redlinger
    Gerry Redlinger 5 hours ago

    lol. Wisky is so good. Michigan isn't

  • ACwolf
    ACwolf 5 hours ago

    Just came hear so I could hear the Bills get praised

  • Jeremiah Rimbey
    Jeremiah Rimbey 5 hours ago

    Totally lost me when he said Joe Montana who was great in his time but his stats are just weak by modern standards.

  • Bonney Dahlquist
    Bonney Dahlquist 5 hours ago

    Not a fan of mariota but he has a awful o-line .one of the worst no wide receivers no coaching .

  • Zach Raimy
    Zach Raimy 5 hours ago

    You say he didn't have Brady's weapons, but you said Brady didn't have weapons before...

  • Gamer702x
    Gamer702x 5 hours ago


  • Zach Raimy
    Zach Raimy 5 hours ago

    Bucs move on from Winston

  • MIx Equation
    MIx Equation 5 hours ago

    Lamar played two of the worst defenses in the league

  • mksrookies
    mksrookies 5 hours ago

    Dak is 0-2 in games that matter that's why there are doubters. If he don't win that rd 2 game this yr he will be 0-3.

  • DJ & Tay
    DJ & Tay 5 hours ago

    Colin went 1-2. Georgia didn’t cover

  • Beau Camp
    Beau Camp 5 hours ago

    I think you might be 5 for 5 this week Cowherd!

  • Magnum Cox
    Magnum Cox 6 hours ago

    Bro social media is this big know when they were younger solcial media a joke to most of people

  • Dre 303
    Dre 303 6 hours ago

    I like how Colin picked The Steelers but the screen showed he picked SF

  • Brucewayne1212
    Brucewayne1212 6 hours ago

    I don't know if there is an organization who pays Cowherd and Greenberg of ESPN to push this lie. But I'd love to be on live t.v. with a national audience when they make this asinine statement. 1st of all, football is a gladiator sport. 2nd, what do punters, field goal kickers, and quarterbacks all have in common (if you have any intelligence, you will know what I mean). And finally, Wayne Gretsky and M.J. were 10 times less defended of others for their success... Why do these 2 guys state such lies??? I'd love to ask them in person.

  • guillermo fiscal
    guillermo fiscal 6 hours ago

    Dang colin gets trashed in the comments lol

  • dzer3
    dzer3 6 hours ago

    Better than steve young? Lol

  • Charles Valencia
    Charles Valencia 6 hours ago

    keep sleepin on the 49ers y'all think they will let the steelers score 26 haha

  • Nat Buskirk
    Nat Buskirk 6 hours ago

    Collin "they can't eat me" Cowherd

  • Garrett Carbullido
    Garrett Carbullido 6 hours ago

    The only problem with the Cowboys section i heard was that he said Byron Jones & Amari Cooper were elite, but not Zack Martin. I am a Cowboys fan & know that Zack Martin is the best at his position & is comparatively better & more valuable than Byron & possibly Amari

  • Taj
    Taj 6 hours ago

    Who else thought their headphones were broken when the intro played

  • Xavier Rod
    Xavier Rod 6 hours ago

    Colin wants Dak now😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Geahan
    Andrew Geahan 7 hours ago

    I really like Joel. The ONLY thing I don't really like is he can lose some of his objectivity when it comes to Harbaugh. He's still a great football mind and not everyone is perfect. I hope he rips him a little at least now that the game has been played.

  • Thomas Paun
    Thomas Paun 7 hours ago

    Let's talk about this Dst thing when he beats an nfl team

  • A.T X
    A.T X 7 hours ago

    Carson wentz is overrated asf

  • clear 2b
    clear 2b 7 hours ago

    Tom Brady and his wife are witches

  • Ninja Please
    Ninja Please 7 hours ago

    dak da man

  • KillingWithaSmile613

    bill is bradys messier. i love brady biut this is horrible colin. fail

  • KillingWithaSmile613

    wow please can someone vet these analogies before they are used on air? that was beyond cringy and painful to jesus christ...

  • Bryan Lutz
    Bryan Lutz 8 hours ago

    See the problem with that is basically if you lose 1 to 2 games you are out of the playoffs, look at ohio state they have 1 to 2 horrible games a year against a mid tier team and are instantly out of the playoffs.

  • Team Civilized
    Team Civilized 8 hours ago

    Got Kirk over jimmy g

  • Chris Bovee
    Chris Bovee 8 hours ago

    Jared Goff is soooooo overrated😑

  • Emmanuel Kidd
    Emmanuel Kidd 8 hours ago

    So Drew Brees isn’t a top 4 qb?😂 wtf

  • Jason J
    Jason J 8 hours ago

    49ers easy money !!!

  • BrewCity Badazz
    BrewCity Badazz 8 hours ago

    Greg constantly selling out his old teammates for tv gigs smdh.....

  • Jay Eff Ess
    Jay Eff Ess 8 hours ago

    She was useless on this show. Joy is miles ahead of her

  • kash king
    kash king 8 hours ago

    I just realized they gave a man who clearly knows nothing about sports a show about sports 😂 I watched his show over and over just to prove myself wrong and realized I'm probably not the only person who's done that. He literally knows nothing, us being confused and tryna figure out the problem by watching over and over is giving him good ratings. 😐 He should have been off the air a long time ago. I 🤦

  • sports divergent
    sports divergent 8 hours ago

    Dak is doing the same thing

  • Martin Torres
    Martin Torres 8 hours ago

    I need to see Dak beat Aaron Rodgers before I buy into him

  • Chachi's Adventures
    Chachi's Adventures 8 hours ago

    Who tf have they played so far....they got Miami they'll be 3-0....and we will all have to hear "Cowboys are SB champs!!!"

  • Steve Dee
    Steve Dee 8 hours ago

    Last year you ripped him apart. Always believed in DAX. AND Tony. Without injury

  • Matthew Whitlock
    Matthew Whitlock 8 hours ago

    I had to pop in and hear some wisdom from the worst coach of all time

  • Christopher Pooler
    Christopher Pooler 8 hours ago

    Baker is straight garbage

  • Blake Buchanan
    Blake Buchanan 8 hours ago

    We're sick of Mariota in Tennessee.

  • Jay Eff Ess
    Jay Eff Ess 9 hours ago

    God, Christine was useless on this show

  • Steven Hopkins
    Steven Hopkins 9 hours ago

    As a Boston redsox fan what about Derek Jeter

  • Clown Centralia
    Clown Centralia 9 hours ago

    Let's go Ravens let's get the W. Going to be a great game.

  • Orbitz _
    Orbitz _ 9 hours ago

    4:26 carr is looking like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons

  • Ray Lanza
    Ray Lanza 9 hours ago

    Biggest lions hater on the planet

    SEAN ROY 9 hours ago

    Colin I have a serious question, without looking it up, did Derek Fisher ever wear a headband?

  • Zach Morgan
    Zach Morgan 9 hours ago

    "I'll take Dak over Jimmy, he doesn't have two injuries" - takes Wentz "Jared Goff is elevated by his coaches, here are other QBs elevated by their coach. You think Dak isn't elevated by his o line?" what?

  • Gertsy_Bear_
    Gertsy_Bear_ 10 hours ago

    Gretzkys first 10 years. 4 cups and 9 mvp. Brady aged better in an era of better body management. Nobody in any sport was as dominant as the great one in his prime.

  • Cody Chapman
    Cody Chapman 10 hours ago

    Get offensive. 9 sacks!, 6 Holding calls, and missing 2 starters on the O-line. They sucked big time! Marcus Couldn't hit the broad side of barn cause his line couldn't hold back a kitten. When he finally got protection he hurried throws and missed receivers that could've gotten first downs because he couldn't trust his pocket. He stood there like a statue trying to find receivers in space but they were locked up by Jacksonville's secondary. Henry couldn't run the ball at all cause the DTs were shooting gaps before Marcus could hand the ball off. Word is the 3rd round RG Nate Davis is healthy and will be working out with the 1st string this weak. Hope is he'll be able to secure that inside of the line to give Marcus more that 1 second to get the ball off and let plays develop.

  • yougotservedyo
    yougotservedyo 10 hours ago

    worst ranking system I've ever heard

  • Dakota Alvarez
    Dakota Alvarez 10 hours ago

    The BUCS are gonna tear Daniel Jones up

  • Mahni Wave
    Mahni Wave 10 hours ago

    The nerve😂😂😂

  • Will Moffett
    Will Moffett 10 hours ago

    Dak is statistically better than were Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Big Ben, or Tom Brady were at the 3rd year mark in their careers. Yet Dak is a question mark? There is still racism against Black QBs apparently, maybe because the QB calls the shots. Commentators (including many Black commentators trying to win over their White constituencies) feel free to cast aspersions on Black QBs. The latest knock on Dak is his passes aren't pretty. I can't even believe people take seriously people who make such stupid criticisms. White people love to break things down by numbers unless Black QBs are involved. The numbers say Dak is on the road to greatness.

  • TheMamacyn
    TheMamacyn 10 hours ago

    The best thing i like about Brady is he always thanks his fans. Belichick gives all the credit to the players, and Kraft is kinda 50/50 - sometimes its the fans and sometimes its the team. All the revenue which makes the Patriots great all come from the fans. All of it. And there are no other nfl fans as devoted to their team as pats fan - And Brady always shows his love.

  • Roadrunner
    Roadrunner 10 hours ago

    This is crazy now a QB can beat Washington and NY now they're good. Bad media too much fake news. Make America Great Again

  • Terry Scott
    Terry Scott 11 hours ago

    Did Ray Lewis tell the story about when he and his gangster boys murdered that guy at a bight club? Did he tell the story about how the NFL showed playing football was more important than human life?

  • Dick Lindenhoffer
    Dick Lindenhoffer 11 hours ago

    Klatt is trying to give Harbaugh a pass before the loss. F o h

  • Keith gentry
    Keith gentry 11 hours ago

    Haven’t thought cam was a 1 string quarterback since he chocked at the super bowl!!! He’s not a finisher. Period

    12MAN NATION 11 hours ago

    Bridgewater's been in league for 7 years. He a trash can . 😷

  • KneeGrowObama
    KneeGrowObama 11 hours ago

    That's because Tom sucks and nobody likes him but you Collin.

  • Nintengo 1985
    Nintengo 1985 11 hours ago

    It’s because he’s a cowboy. People hate em.

  • Bakari Finley
    Bakari Finley 11 hours ago

    Dude picked the Bears to lose last weak, now what you going to say about the bears this weak🤔

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 11 hours ago

    Ohmylord you used the worst ugliest pics for these players that I've ever seen