The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • David Groth
    David Groth 3 hours ago

    Andy Reid over achieves with mediocre teams and under achieves with great teams, over and over

  • Adrenaline4P
    Adrenaline4P 3 hours ago

    Teasing Houston 100% I just need to figure out with who

  • Ray B Morton
    Ray B Morton 3 hours ago

    Not 100% his fault, more like 70%.

  • Marck Aguilar
    Marck Aguilar 3 hours ago

    White people bruh get a load of this guy so when mason attacked Myles again it wasn’t self defense ? Wired right this is how you see black folks not wired right

  • Travis
    Travis 3 hours ago

    Freddie Kitchens has some serious balls for that gameplan, when the Brown's play the Steelers at home in 2 weeks. You really wanna challenge Bush, Fitzpatrick and Watt to a brawl? Especially when youre team has a trash O-line and a young QB. I would not want to be in a dog pile during that game.

  • James Lozar
    James Lozar 3 hours ago

    Have you played football at all. Rudolph instigated Myles several times. Go Browns!! Myles will be back . Colin you talk out the side of your mouth way to much. It was outrageous you are right. Myles took it to far, but Rudolph let his anger get the best of him . He was getting frustrated with himself for how horrible he played and the beating the Steelers got from the Browns

  • max johnson
    max johnson 3 hours ago


  • Garrett Smith
    Garrett Smith 3 hours ago

    Like usual, Colin’s analysis is terrible because he doesn’t possess the intelligence to understand what he saw. Rudolph was the instigator, which is why he doesn’t get the benefit of claiming self-defense.

  • MaddenFootball Talk
    MaddenFootball Talk 3 hours ago

    Bruh , attacking him 😂😂😂 Colin taking a bit to far. Dude that's part of football idiot 🤦 I mean he nearly sacked him sure brought him down but all mason had to do was get up and end the game but he didn't. He attacked Garrett and Garrett finished it not in a respectable way but still ended it 🤷

  • m Ì k É.! 1
    m Ì k É.! 1 3 hours ago

    Better than Kirk cousin! Kirk said hold this L Dak.!

  • Travis
    Travis 4 hours ago

    Who is Myles Rudolph? Is Colin predicting that the 2 make up and then fall in love?

  • Look at my suit
    Look at my suit 4 hours ago

    I'm a Niners fan and think we'll win. But I agree that 10 points is way too much. Niners win, Cardinals cover.

  • sparx 216
    sparx 216 4 hours ago

    They wanna blame what started it all. Its tomlin calling a pass play with 11 seconds left being down 14 with no time outs. Playing starters and your QB has 4 ints. The screen play left myles unblocked. And that wasnt a late hit.

  • Marcus Yensick
    Marcus Yensick 4 hours ago

    Colin just lost all credibility.

  • AwesomeMe!
    AwesomeMe! 4 hours ago

    I'm dumb prob but what does like the (+4) thing mean after a team

  • Musty Monk
    Musty Monk 4 hours ago

    ok collin how is mason rudolph 100000% innocent? 1. it wasn’t a late hit if you watch the full play it was a football move 2. rudolph tried to to rip myles’ helmet off and myles decided to do it better than rudolph 3. one of the steelers lineman pulled myles off and rudolph thought it was a good idea to run after and try to grab myles 4. if rudolph didn’t run after myles after his lineman pulled him away HE WOULDNT HAVE GOTTEN HIT!!. i know myles is not innocent at all but rudolph should have gotten punished and is not innocent at all!!!

  • The Buddha of Knowledge Michaels

    Yeah. Garrett tackled him. Duuuhh. It's football and Rudolph grabs the helmet of Garrett. Miles reacted accordingly. Mason started it

  • N3utronic
    N3utronic 4 hours ago

    Raise your hand if Colin made you lose money 🙋🏾‍♂️

  • Chelcie Lee
    Chelcie Lee 4 hours ago

    You can be critical without insulting the whole state of Ohio over a football team. Not all of us are condoning what happened. Rude.

  • Bryce Pangborn
    Bryce Pangborn 4 hours ago

    Why do people keep saying the baseball player would use a bat in the comparison. Baseball players have helmets to.

  • Ryan Musick
    Ryan Musick 4 hours ago

    Rappaport “Colin your entire audience is hipper then you” 😂😂

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 hours ago

    What gets me most mad he did in ALL 5 picks of his nfl this week lol. Normally it’s just 1 or 2 a week this week he did it in all 5 games lol. Took every fukin weaker team becuz of a point spread and most like 4 points

  • Christian Daniels
    Christian Daniels 4 hours ago

    Lmao how does this guy have a job? This is embarrassing

  • batterista
    batterista 4 hours ago

    YES! There was messaging! We’d be talking about the vicious late hit on Diontae Johnson if it weren’t for Garrett incident.

  • Jacob Leon
    Jacob Leon 4 hours ago

    Colin: * Compares Garrett hit to a bar fight and hitting someone over the head with a bottle * Also Colin: "I'm not going to say this was assault."

  • pbnaj
    pbnaj 4 hours ago

    Colin is guaranteed an easy WIN.

  • Les Duenas
    Les Duenas 4 hours ago

    Cam over rated.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 hours ago

    I think he knows better his brain just goes into defected for a short time. I been listening to him for years he knows football

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 4 hours ago

    I mean 6 points is less then a touchdown. U only giving 6 points with a elite team Florida vs trash Missouri

  • Joshua Farmer
    Joshua Farmer 4 hours ago

    I love how Collin brought up baseball but neglects the fact that a an actual baseball is as hard as a helmet and pitchers throw 100 mile an hour fastballs and dudes temples all the time and get warnings for it

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris 4 hours ago

    Colin spits knowledge

  • chillywillyfromPhilly

    So, the entire media, except Max Kellermann, missed Mason Rudolph initiating the altercation. Stop!

  • Felix RKO
    Felix RKO 4 hours ago

    How was that an illegal hit? Did we both watched the same game?

  • OscillatorDubzz
    OscillatorDubzz 4 hours ago

    My fatass lineman already tore this dude off me and have him backed up five yards?? Better go try to restart the fight without my helmet. When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Miles Randolph edition.

  • Les Duenas
    Les Duenas 4 hours ago

    Colin, Baker huge ego, another Manzei.

  • Kubal Cain
    Kubal Cain 4 hours ago

    About time someone got it right!

  • Gilbert Pataky
    Gilbert Pataky 4 hours ago

    I have not heard anyone defend garrett's actions. colin, you continue to be an idiot

  • Ryan Harding
    Ryan Harding 4 hours ago

    Colin go smoke another one!!

  • mike toth
    mike toth 4 hours ago

    Colin Cowherd a definite Browns hater shows you he dont know what he is talking about surprised he still has a job!

  • Brian Powals
    Brian Powals 4 hours ago

    Self defense is only when you are being threatened. Mason Rudolph ran towards Myles Garrett while he was being restrained by Decrasto and continued to swing. That is not self-defense. If anything Myles Garrett was acting self defense while being attacked by two Steelers. That being said Myles Garrett was wrong but he isn't 100% to blame. That hit wasn't that bad maybe a little late but even that is debatable. Rudolph was frustrated and instigated the whole situation and continued to escalate the situation when Garrett was being separated from him.

  • 3 piece With the soda

    Myles Rudolph 😂

  • Gregory Moser
    Gregory Moser 4 hours ago

    You can't say that Rudolf had to right to fight back due to self-defense while also saying that it was not assault. Gotta choose one side.

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy 4 hours ago

    Ok Colin does not like the Browns

  • Walter Rawleigh
    Walter Rawleigh 4 hours ago

    By no means am I defending Myles Garrett but the play that happened when they landed it wasn't on Mason, it was on Garrett and then he rolled him over. Look at the tape Colin

  • LuckY ShoT
    LuckY ShoT 4 hours ago

    Freddie Kitchens can’t coach a Hof team. Release him and you’ll never see such an act again. I’m not saying what Myles G did was Coaches fault but w 8 sec left Garrett shouldn’t even be on the field and if he is some type of player discipline at practice is not being done.

  • James Powell
    James Powell 4 hours ago

    It was a good game, We don’t know what was said yet

  • Will
    Will 4 hours ago

    Kawhi is no where near the best player in the world right now and never will be considered. Lebron has more triple doubles than this man kawhi has double digit assist games. Raptors are still doing their thing even with without him. Lebron got ripped for not playing all 82 games when compared to MJ. Kawhi doesn’t have the court vision, the IQ or the passing ability. I can’t imagine why people still call him better than lebron when he still doesn’t put up the numbers that he does

  • Marvin Alexander
    Marvin Alexander 4 hours ago

    Dave Chappelle does in fact talk politics.

  • Arthur Runner
    Arthur Runner 5 hours ago

    When a good win turns into a loss.

  • Charly Lucky
    Charly Lucky 5 hours ago

    Was mason trying to take myles helmet off or not? I don't know. Just asking.

  • David Bradford
    David Bradford 5 hours ago

    Comparing a late hit in the NFL (which wasn't that bad of a hit anyway) to being jumped at a bar is so stupid it doesn't even deserve an explanation. Garrett deserves his suspension. But please, can we stop acting as if Garrett did something so awful that is deserving of such outrage. A bunch of babies. Rudolph overreacted, Garrett overreacted. Mason is just as big an idiot as Garrett, he just wasn't capable of actually ripping Garrett's helmet off. What other QB would try to go toe-to-toe with a defensive end? Lmfao

  • blake skeese
    blake skeese 5 hours ago

    Ohio embarrassed itself ? Rudolph started the whole thing

  • Saucy McSqueeze
    Saucy McSqueeze 5 hours ago

    Miles Rudolph?

  • K1NG FalconGaming
    K1NG FalconGaming 5 hours ago

    Colin keeps saying theres a late hit. There was no late hit. That's a straight up lie. Just watch the play Myles Garrett tackled him at the same time he threw the ball.

  • Spencer Dye
    Spencer Dye 5 hours ago

    Love you callin but Baltimore winning this one we're going to the Super Bowl

  • JTM
    JTM 5 hours ago

    Get the story right Mr Hyperboly. Rudolph was brought down on top of Myles Garrets body, not the ground. He rolled over to get up and Rudolph began to attack him. Rodolph lost his cool because of something Garret said. The story is two guys fighting on the field after the whistle. Not one guy just losing his mind without a cause! Some psychopathic action. Tom Brady summed it up best, "These things happen quickly, Its an emotional game!" Both guys lost there cool, happens every Sunday. Swinging a helmet at an attacker is not acceptable and is over the line, should be suspended!

  • Enrique Rodriguez Avila

    Can someone tell me what the number next to the team he picks means?

  • TheBigB4000
    TheBigB4000 5 hours ago

    Looks like Cleveland will be getting a new coach next year.

  • Luke Elliott
    Luke Elliott 5 hours ago

    If Mason doesnt face any consequinces there is something wrong with the NFL.

  • Insane Grapez
    Insane Grapez 5 hours ago

    It was a clean play and myles was on his back? Buggin bro

  • Shlomo Feuer
    Shlomo Feuer 5 hours ago

    Denver wins all their games because of the Colorado altitude. What a moronic!

  • Kumala Nine
    Kumala Nine 5 hours ago

    Why does the losing team seem to score 20 every time??

  • philfromkali
    philfromkali 5 hours ago

    Loved this segment!

  • Shannon Collins
    Shannon Collins 5 hours ago

    It was not an illegal hit. No flag was thrown in fact it was just a pull down and miles landed on bottom at 1st. So the tackle was during the play. It was not violant. Mason started the violance with the grabbing of his helmet

  • Ray Fabris
    Ray Fabris 5 hours ago

    i was cool until rapaport said my 49ers well they've more games in half a season than your giants will in a full btw you are funny.

  • 23lllnnn23
    23lllnnn23 5 hours ago

    "Cleveland is already planning a parade to the playoffs" hahaha

  • Brian Crum Sr
    Brian Crum Sr 5 hours ago

    I blame Mike Tomlin there was what 20 seconds left or so he puts his players at risk in the shadow of his end zone 14 points down you take a knee he allowed this to happen by his arrogance he should be looked at by the league or at least put on notice for not being on top of the situation I do not give a pass to miles Garrett should be punished for his lawlessness and whatever that penalty consists of but it's in tomlin's lap from start to finish

  • Dani Martin
    Dani Martin 5 hours ago

    Could not agree more.

  • Margo Larson
    Margo Larson 5 hours ago

    In Gurley we trust. Thanks for supporting Todd.

  • Riley Helgeson
    Riley Helgeson 5 hours ago

    Colins and idiot

  • Samuel tractorton
    Samuel tractorton 5 hours ago

    Man, this dude hates my team, what about your favorite Darnold? What's he been up to? I don't get it.

  • ijirving
    ijirving 5 hours ago

    I still can't comprehend the logic behind the absurd studio setup Colin has. Does he think he's a king and needs a massive throne raised above his subjects? What is going on here

  • Meistro Shine
    Meistro Shine 5 hours ago

    When the Steelers are dirty & cheap it’s a culture. When the Patriots CHEAT & tarnish their SB’s it’s called winning at all costs but when the Browns go in with helmet to helmet hits to change the Little brother paradigm Colin calls it Dirty & cheap. Eye roll

  • Evan Newman
    Evan Newman 5 hours ago

    Carson wentz can’t even overcome injuries... just name this podcast the anti browns podcast

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law 5 hours ago

    The Rematch is must see. Wouldn't be surprise if someone takes Mayfield's head off during the game.

  • Denieo Ceaser
    Denieo Ceaser 5 hours ago

    Wow if I bump you over not on purpose then you tried to swing on me and I duck and hit you then I got held back and you rush me I rock You and you fall who’s fault you swung

  • Stokey Junior
    Stokey Junior 5 hours ago

    Why is he defending Rudolph? he started the whole thing

  • FeedtheWorld
    FeedtheWorld 5 hours ago

    Rudolphs fault.

  • God Gamer
    God Gamer 5 hours ago

    Rudolph started it though.

  • DM R
    DM R 6 hours ago

    Colin "there a football team" Cowherd

  • Lars Poen
    Lars Poen 6 hours ago

    I thank God every day for life and always remind my kids to be thankful you weren't born in Ohio

  • Dillon Morlock
    Dillon Morlock 6 hours ago

    Myles just wanted to give him his helmet back

  • Rene Aguilar
    Rene Aguilar 6 hours ago

    Colin this is a free country free speech people in Ohio or supporters of Cleveland are not children we don't need your permission to support miles or Cleveland or not. Yes it went to far as tempers escalated but supporters can choose to stand behind the Browns and miles.

  • Playas Choice
    Playas Choice 6 hours ago

    Naw man you wrong.... Rudolph came down on top did he not?

  • Eric Gentry
    Eric Gentry 6 hours ago

    Man you really got that Lamar Jackson wrong lol

  • mopthermopther
    mopthermopther 6 hours ago

    Bills and Vikings in Super Bowl. Who loses ?

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson 6 hours ago

    This guy really hates the browns so much smh

  • Mark Shamer
    Mark Shamer 6 hours ago

    I am a Browns fan and I feel Myles Garrett should be out of the league for good. You NEVER use a helmet as a weapon! This is not his first offense, he has anger issues. The Browns are very much undisciplined and it is not a surprise they lead the league in penalties. I love what Michael Wilbon said, "They lead the league in DUMB!"

  • Zach G
    Zach G 6 hours ago

    see tons of individuals in comment section showing their blind ignorance, and love for hatered. Skin pigment is not jersey, it is in all of us. we are all human.

  • HazelEyedGemini
    HazelEyedGemini 6 hours ago

    RAmbassador speaking about ramifications

  • Danny 01
    Danny 01 6 hours ago

    I’m a Steelers fan and Mason deserved to get hit

  • Sal Skillz Mohamed
    Sal Skillz Mohamed 6 hours ago

    Colin stop the hAting u suck up to certain fans of your it’s sad , Baker prove em wrong

  • CP Maverick
    CP Maverick 6 hours ago

    1. Was not a late hit. He was wrapped up with Rudolph before he threw the ball. 2. Myles Garrett was exhibiting self defense towards Mason Rudolph. Watch the video. Self defense has nothing to do with stature and everything to do with being attacked by someone. 3. 100% blame on Rudolph for this. The skirmish was over and he charged at him. He extended the fight then acted like the victim.

  • kashious wilson
    kashious wilson 6 hours ago

    Its funny bc mason was on top

  • Jarod Groome
    Jarod Groome 6 hours ago

    Totally smoked Bakers career

  • Heat Gaming
    Heat Gaming 6 hours ago

    Collin this is football... by design if the clock is not at zero Myles can do whatever he wants as long as it’s legal. Myles sacked Rudolph and Rudolph got upset he had a bad game and reacted poorly. Myles responded terribly and his sentence has been initiated but if you think he(Myles Garrett) is the soul responsible for the incident to begin’re delusional

  • Melvin Melvin
    Melvin Melvin 6 hours ago

    Colin Cowherd: Is Lamar Jackson the next Tim Tebow? Is all you need to know about Colin Cowherd

  • Doug Tarnovich
    Doug Tarnovich 6 hours ago

    Who in Ohio is defending Garrett? Who is he talking about?

  • Pedro Espinoza
    Pedro Espinoza 6 hours ago

    So they were suddenly playing in a bar? What? Makes no sense to compare it with an assault in a bar.

  • Craig fairless
    Craig fairless 6 hours ago

    Myles is a good kid kids make mistakes tempers flair and it will pass.