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  • Izzy Jacobs
    Izzy Jacobs 14 seconds ago


  • Tania Antunes
    Tania Antunes 20 minutes ago


  • Chris L
    Chris L 36 minutes ago

    AI is more than a basketball player, he is an icon.

  • Stephen Leon Chase
    Stephen Leon Chase 42 minutes ago

    Urban Mario brother LOL priceless I actually really liking this segment

  • Nylis Robinson
    Nylis Robinson 42 minutes ago

    Nadeska dressed like she work at Apple store fixing the phones 😂

    SEABASS MACKDOG 43 minutes ago

    even complex will click bait

  • Imthat guy
    Imthat guy 47 minutes ago

    Cant act hard when u out here wearing skinny Jean's, idgaf who you are, that shit fruity a'f , gay ass 2019 niggas

  • Haikal Nabiil
    Haikal Nabiil 55 minutes ago

    Org indo like!!

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 56 minutes ago

    Akademiks fat af now damn

  • Frankie G
    Frankie G 59 minutes ago

    I always knew dre never wrote his own lyrics. Same way someone wrote his lines for training day. Bad actor but great beat maker and co producer because he never worked alone.

  • Gee Tar
    Gee Tar Hour ago

    The fact that they have trainer on triggers me

  • Jeremiah Gabriel Ocon

    Ynn cordae next

  • Savon Eggleton
    Savon Eggleton Hour ago

    I think he gay 😭🙈

  • Emma 2.0 -
    Emma 2.0 - Hour ago

    Coucou mbappe

  • fatboi highlife
    fatboi highlife Hour ago

    Waka you still need help. I been rolling jays since i was 9. And im clean no diseases. And i shower everyday

  • John
    John Hour ago

    Snitching on your enemy is not snitching. If you disagree you are a fool. I rather be a snitch than a fool. That mentality is hurting the black community. Of course it’s not ok to sell your friend, but telling on your enemy is one way to destroy him, like shooting him to death. Such thinking is caveman folks.

  • amad halet
    amad halet Hour ago

    6:25 nle isn't even looking but scores somehow.FAKE

  • Childish FroBino
    Childish FroBino 2 hours ago

    Does anybody else have a vivid memory of tech passing away like 3 months ago... 👀

  • Dakeyra Wayford
    Dakeyra Wayford 2 hours ago

    I been waiting on this video been my favorite rapper for 3 years now my man kevin Jerome gilyard

  • that dude ZAN
    that dude ZAN 2 hours ago

    Yo who tf joe budden think he is

  • ToXic ReaperZ
    ToXic ReaperZ 2 hours ago

    Sales woman: how are u Lil tecca: what’s up Sales woman: I ain’t responding this is hella awkward😅

  • ScoopedBlueBerry Icecream

    What i’d do is, i mix mtn dew and gaterade then sniff a perment marker

  • Musa Fayaz
    Musa Fayaz 2 hours ago

    The other guy was like why the fuck did i even comehere.

  • Vincent Mendoza
    Vincent Mendoza 3 hours ago

    game is actually a nice dude. Well that surprised me.. :O

  • Andrew Ortiz
    Andrew Ortiz 3 hours ago

    Curren$y humble making music for the grinders

  • PaulG
    PaulG 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or these celebrities getting rip off at this complex show store??🤔🤦‍♂️

  • Xynober
    Xynober 3 hours ago

    You people are getting payed for this?

  • John Hui
    John Hui 3 hours ago

    Why is this on complex

    CLASS FULL 3 hours ago


  • Shelby Nicholas
    Shelby Nicholas 3 hours ago

    Joe lookin good

  • Burnt Nugget
    Burnt Nugget 3 hours ago

    Billie:vans=small dick

  • Jude Obi
    Jude Obi 3 hours ago

    Gucci 💀

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 hours ago

    Size 8? 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Oprondek Jr
    David Oprondek Jr 3 hours ago

    I love your show. This is the first episode I honestly didn’t care how it ended and stopped watching.

  • Mallory Pyroar
    Mallory Pyroar 4 hours ago

    900$ for 1s?!?! 🤢

  • Sparrky
    Sparrky 4 hours ago

    this dude joe buddan on acid trying to hold a conversation

  • The Deceiver
    The Deceiver 4 hours ago

    What J's Eminem is wearing ?? anyone?

  • Charles 660665
    Charles 660665 4 hours ago

    Oof i gotta small dick😔

  • Yung Bathwater
    Yung Bathwater 4 hours ago

    He looked better on Filthy Frank when he was intentionally trying to look ugly.

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas 4 hours ago

    ras kass beat him in a battle thats why he beat his ass

  • Joe Cruz
    Joe Cruz 4 hours ago

    Awwwww Kevin's a sweet heart

  • Aidan Tuthill
    Aidan Tuthill 4 hours ago

    I like his grills

    SNOOPY BADAZZ 4 hours ago

    Real nigga

  • Chrollo134
    Chrollo134 4 hours ago

    After this, stoned Sean went to get some wings and had an amazing idea....

  • stephen .willcox
    stephen .willcox 4 hours ago

    there is some weird shit going on here.

  • M A K O
    M A K O 4 hours ago

    coooleest athlete of all time next to mj and deion sanders. period. so much swag.

  • jeffrey acevedo
    jeffrey acevedo 4 hours ago

    Ak finally admitted that he don't care for rappers who just rap to out words together nigga don't like like lyrics!! Smh lol

  • eldy chiputra
    eldy chiputra 4 hours ago

    Fuckyou complex hahaha

  • Blake
    Blake 4 hours ago

    7:15 they left in the unlicensed version of the song from audio jungle 😂

  • Calvin Darrington
    Calvin Darrington 4 hours ago

    He dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • James Leach
    James Leach 4 hours ago

    I’ve always had respect for French after seeing the Mac Miller Fader documentary....but something’s seriously off about this dude and I can’t put my finger on it

  • Electro
    Electro 4 hours ago

    This dude really wearing makeup

  • ruben Sumter
    ruben Sumter 4 hours ago

    i know one thing....Lovebirds always look alike, but non of these people look like a pair. This is un-natural and makes me sick. i honestly can 't understand how one can be with a person who looks Nothing like yourself or any close family member and feel good about it. It's fact, these people hate their parents. Selfdestruction is a real thing.

  • Elwood 11
    Elwood 11 4 hours ago

    AK doing a good deed finally!

  • Tristan Tibbs
    Tristan Tibbs 4 hours ago

    Dababy sound like he finna steal some shoes

  • bans
    bans 4 hours ago

    I wonder how that one dude with the orange beanie is doing now after all these years

  • David Casas
    David Casas 5 hours ago

    This whole video is jokes 😂

  • Melanie Tapia
    Melanie Tapia 5 hours ago

    BUQUE Y QUE!!!

  • piedrabuena59
    piedrabuena59 5 hours ago

    Canelos outfit crazy bro! Them timbs fire af, homie definitely got that guap 🔥 making us Mexicanos proud af 🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Talan Buckelk
    Talan Buckelk 5 hours ago

    Forget about lil dicky

  • charlie lacross
    charlie lacross 5 hours ago

    This conversation was way better edited by MuchDank.

  • Alec Paratene
    Alec Paratene 5 hours ago

    Akadumbiest I thought yur frav rapper is 69 bro not loyal bro

  • Anthony McRae
    Anthony McRae 5 hours ago

    You guys should do Shoreline Mafia next bruh.

  • Dillon Hartman
    Dillon Hartman 5 hours ago

    Khaled has millions of dollars yet won’t fix his teeth

  • theillest Nigga
    theillest Nigga 5 hours ago

    They played with the trainer on they both take a L 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Clyde Dela Cruz
    Clyde Dela Cruz 5 hours ago

    That shoe collection is so dope bruh!

  • Comandante Antrax57
    Comandante Antrax57 5 hours ago

    Like su adelantas hasta ver cuánto es el total de la compra

  • julia naliaka
    julia naliaka 5 hours ago

    that's chemistry men

  • Kid Dojah
    Kid Dojah 5 hours ago

    Wayno cant wait to talk about how he chose to leave the streets

  • Zeekeal G
    Zeekeal G 5 hours ago

    Humble guy, makes sure to thank everyone.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 hours ago

    Post low key gay

  • cammie17music
    cammie17music 5 hours ago

    Background music is TOO DAMN LOUD. !!! it ruins the whole video

  • Dre Walker
    Dre Walker 5 hours ago

    If unbreakable kicks did vlogs

  • Malcolm Alvarez
    Malcolm Alvarez 6 hours ago

    Remember that old interview when this nigga didn't know shit about sneakers he only knew the bugs bunny's lol

    YOUR HIGHNESS 6 hours ago


  • Kelly Spatarella
    Kelly Spatarella 6 hours ago

    Omg... I thought that man was going to die. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Flacko BPG
    Flacko BPG 6 hours ago

    lol choppa was dissapointed when he heard soccer

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez 6 hours ago

    That coke he sniffed is too good for him to have him moving like that

  • Ke Cake
    Ke Cake 6 hours ago

    After he said ok that look on his face looked like he had something on his mind poor baby... and he has some small fit lol

  • 2muchXneutron
    2muchXneutron 6 hours ago

    Nike called ronaldo Sorry we charged u, here's a million

  • Samantha Sumpter
    Samantha Sumpter 6 hours ago

    What shoes is Jerry wearing in this video? I want them!

  • killah P
    killah P 6 hours ago

    Nigga Ak built like a Jamaican sweet potato pudding..

  • Max Cruz Alvarado
    Max Cruz Alvarado 6 hours ago

    Why joe nodding his head like he understand what he saying😂

  • eV01ve
    eV01ve 6 hours ago

    It’s weird how Eminem is one of the richest people to ever go on this show but he’s spent less then everybody I’ve seen

  • Brooks Wimberly
    Brooks Wimberly 6 hours ago

    He’s trying to make sense with a moron

  • Andreas Diokno
    Andreas Diokno 7 hours ago

    They aren’t even moving there fingers.

  • C3roptedv23 1
    C3roptedv23 1 7 hours ago

    this is the first time im hearing his actual voice

    PSYNISTER MUSIC 7 hours ago

    Them teeth got him talking like he retarded

  • Chris Bartolini
    Chris Bartolini 7 hours ago

    His mother lived in my building in 615 Warburton. Met him on Christmas one year. Nice guy.

  • Raul Trujillo Diez
    Raul Trujillo Diez 7 hours ago

    Lleven a Floyd mayweather

  • HipHopScholar95
    HipHopScholar95 7 hours ago

    How is this Tyler’s fault? Those fans are grown af and shouldn’t be acting like that. If Tyler matured as a person, and his fans didn’t that’s not his fault.

  • Cris Burke
    Cris Burke 7 hours ago

    "The only time I feel alive when I *taste dick* "

  • Henry Aikins-Mensah
    Henry Aikins-Mensah 7 hours ago

    Animals don't have pride, greed and lust. Uhm lost me there bud

  • JustCarp
    JustCarp 7 hours ago

    i think he likes the leatha

  • Eddie Morales
    Eddie Morales 7 hours ago

    I always go to Omaha

  • Hamilton Massey II
    Hamilton Massey II 7 hours ago

    He was a talented athlete with a controversial streak and never won a title. Why?

  • Temp
    Temp 7 hours ago

    It became soooooo awkward

  • Victor Toomes
    Victor Toomes 7 hours ago

    He seriously reminds me of Rick James from Chappell Show.

  • Demonetization
    Demonetization 7 hours ago

    Yo this bald guy should go on hot ones

  • Hemp Slayer
    Hemp Slayer 7 hours ago

    Tommy is a smoker not a grower. Teenagers 😂 those plants atleast 75