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  • Gary Perkins
    Gary Perkins 2 hours ago

    Wilder has that "Colby Chaos Covington" kinda smile.......

  • Rafael Lorenzana
    Rafael Lorenzana 2 hours ago

    He definitely says the N word in private

  • SRBIN_99
    SRBIN_99 2 hours ago

    It's going to be "wild"

  • d jones
    d jones 2 hours ago

    ruiz looks ridiculous lol

  • Boxing Fan
    Boxing Fan 2 hours ago

    People talk nonsense about Ortiz's age, if he's so old why he almost knocked out Wilder? Do you really think a 50 year old man can harm Wilder?

  • Daniel Abr
    Daniel Abr 2 hours ago

    Deontay "i say what i say and i do what i do" Wilder

  • MC FC
    MC FC 2 hours ago

    Ortiz is a badass

  • Wahid 1
    Wahid 1 2 hours ago

    I appreciate Deontay much more for taking this fight

  • Semaj Jackson
    Semaj Jackson 2 hours ago

    I like wilder but he talks too much 😂

  • Stanley Donald
    Stanley Donald 2 hours ago

    Much Love Champ! TiLL THIS DAY!

  • DJ 7
    DJ 7 2 hours ago

    Why is this cat always in drug testing scandals🤔

  • Mel Scientia Trader
    Mel Scientia Trader 2 hours ago

    Kell is too inconsistent and doesn’t want boxing anymore or he would behave like a proper boxer who loves the sport and is motivated to fight and it just believe he deserves only the biggest fights considering he isn’t that elite anymore

  • 18T220
    18T220 2 hours ago

    This is bullshit, I love Whyte as a fighter but he shouldn't be allowed to box while under investigation.

  • Ad Blunt
    Ad Blunt 2 hours ago

    Awful sound

  • Callum Lewis
    Callum Lewis 2 hours ago

    People are so fucking worried about this B sample. The only people who should get know, if he’s fully cleared or not is UKAD,The British boxing board,Whyte and His lawyers. UKAD are dealing with the drug testing and British boxing board deal with the fighters. The boxing board are allowing him to fight until, UKAD tell the boxing board to Ban him. The media loves to spin shit and make things worse.

  • Craig W
    Craig W 2 hours ago

    Silent ban served

  • James Abdullah Wang
    James Abdullah Wang 2 hours ago

    Ortiz is so handsome for his age

  • Omar Pasha
    Omar Pasha 2 hours ago

    Ortiz looks slim and trim! He's ready to go! But, the true champ will walk out the ring with that belt!

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 2 hours ago

    Anyone who knows anything about boxing has to respect Wilder for giving a dangerous as fuck openant like Ortiz a second fight. Didn't need to but did it cuz he felt it was the right thing to do.

  • Body science Tricks
    Body science Tricks 2 hours ago

    Feel like eddy hearn just sticks to where it’s at like a winnit on someone’s arse crack.

  • Adrian Novakovic
    Adrian Novakovic 2 hours ago

    The politics are stupid nowadays. Money that, venue there blah blah.. It should be wilder fury 2 ruiz joshua 2 winners of those fight for undisputed and thats it.

  • gerard Galanty
    gerard Galanty 3 hours ago

    check rabbit punches wilder against ortiz.

    MISSISSIPPI KING 3 hours ago


  • Scary Jerry
    Scary Jerry 3 hours ago

    the lady on the stand want WILDER to lose, its obvious

    RASTA GOD 3 hours ago

    Get the W my nugga!

  • Filius Reticulum
    Filius Reticulum 3 hours ago

    When Ortiz focuses he looks like he's struggling to hold in a fart

  • draxcir
    draxcir 3 hours ago

    When that next Ruiz fight?

  • Connor Gray
    Connor Gray 3 hours ago

    Eddie Hearn looks very tired

  • Стефан Мельник

    Ребята, Луис Ортис способен ушатать кого угодно в супертяжелом весе. Луис очень грамотный спортсмен. Вы же видите, что Тайсон Фьюри совершенно не говорит о бое с Ортисом. Фьюри много кудахкает в сторону Уайлдера, но про бой с Ортисом не слова. Заметьте, Уайлдер и Ортис поводят себя очень вежливо по отношению друг к другу, как настоящие мужчины. Про Уайлдера говорят всякую дрянь, а он настоящий мужик! Да ещё и на пресс-конференцию умудрился одеть шубу. КРАСАВЧИК! Посмотрим бой 23 ноября.

  • Giron Creations
    Giron Creations 3 hours ago

    Another ko😒😆😣😫😴same shyte result shit fight

  • TheClearwayForce
    TheClearwayForce 3 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Vladimir’s Dad
    Vladimir’s Dad 3 hours ago


  • Sinu Kg
    Sinu Kg 3 hours ago

    Ortiz is not less than 65 years old. But still, he is too dangerous.

  • Alex Simons
    Alex Simons 3 hours ago

    Oh all the Matchroom haters have got a little more quieter now Lol Waiting for the 🎣🎣🎣

    • Brummie Key
      Brummie Key 2 hours ago

      Not as quiet as Slimey Hearn and Whyte on this subject though ehh.??

  • larry watts
    larry watts 3 hours ago

    400 years of slavery we the tribe of Israel that what he means and god will soon overturn our history

  • Augustus Berg
    Augustus Berg 3 hours ago

    The reason it took so long to "clear him of wrongdoing" is because he was guilty of wrongdoing, obviously. lol

    • Alex Simons
      Alex Simons 3 hours ago

      Probably the most retarded comment of the day Lol well done

  • NYC Boxing
    NYC Boxing 3 hours ago

    Raheem great channel. I think you have to listen more carefully on the response versus thinking about your next question...

  • Marcin Bielecki
    Marcin Bielecki 3 hours ago

    deontay wilder is biggest prank of heavyweight boxing he fights like spastic but no one have enormous power like him and he he is still king of the KO awesome he is totally different than mike mike had technique wilder don t need technique he have biggest power in history that s why i love him awesome

  • East Harlem
    East Harlem 3 hours ago


  • 5th Ave
    5th Ave 3 hours ago

    We will never know the truth about Ortiz's age, but he's looking older than 40 in my opinion

  • Elliot
    Elliot 3 hours ago

    Looks like Ed's had more than 3 hours sleep this week, shining lad

  • Definitive Patriot
    Definitive Patriot 3 hours ago

    Callum Smith nearly dies every time to make the division, bin dipping cunt!!

  • I Isaiah
    I Isaiah 3 hours ago

    Wilder's wife😋

  • Shoreham boy
    Shoreham boy 3 hours ago

    All that camera shaking fuck me is Michael j fox the camera man?

  • Panamanian Killa
    Panamanian Killa 3 hours ago

    ATTENTION ALL AJ FANS: AJ got knocked the fuck out by the Michelin tire man and it eats you up inside everynight you closeted weirdos 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Desert Viking Adventures

    The press always tries to stir it up. This is fight where fans like both fighters. There doesn’t need to be drama.

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason 3 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Vicente Flores
    Vicente Flores 3 hours ago

    the greats and others have lost their fights and in their rematch the best has won their fight (Ali vs Frasier) This is your moment 🔝Cuban King 0rtiz💪💯

  • LoneRanger
    LoneRanger 3 hours ago

    Like I always say "BUMMMZQUAAAADDDDDD!!"

  • KOH
    KOH 3 hours ago

    Is the camera man cold or something?!! 🤔 Hands shaky AF! 😂

    • Haroon Hussain
      Haroon Hussain 2 hours ago

      He’s just been in the toilets with kalle and snorted a big fat slug

    • Haroon Hussain
      Haroon Hussain 2 hours ago

      He’s just been in the toilets with kalle and snorted a big fat slug

  • James Wood
    James Wood 3 hours ago

    Ryder TKO9 over the weight bully. The weight bully then moves up to LHW and blames the loss on cutting weight.

    • James Wood
      James Wood 2 hours ago

      @mutinybmx1000 A weight bully is a fighter who belongs at a higher weight. Who starves themselves dangerously to fight at a lower weight. In order that they can rehydrate after the weigh in and enjoy signficant size and weight advantages over their opponents in the ring.

    • mutinybmx1000
      mutinybmx1000 2 hours ago

      James Wood how is he a weight bully he makes weight ?

  • Laj
    Laj 3 hours ago

    What most of you experts don’t realise is that most of them are on some form of PED, pretty much all of them

  • black panther
    black panther 3 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E 3 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • James Wood
    James Wood 3 hours ago

    John Ryder is going to brutally expose the weight bully. The weight bully hasn’t fought an elite prime SMW in his career. Ryder will land on the inside and at mid range and break weight bully down. Ryder WIN TKO9

    • Matthew Gallagher
      Matthew Gallagher 3 hours ago

      Didn’t this bloke lose to Nick Blackwell?

    • freedomfighten123
      freedomfighten123 3 hours ago

      Let’s see there’s no doubt that Ryder will touch Smith with the right hook It’s how he reacts to it!!

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi 3 hours ago

      Dunno bout all that

  • Panamanian Killa
    Panamanian Killa 3 hours ago

    Alot of Wilder hate in here.. But you pussies will still be watching the baddest man on the planet come Saturday.

  • John Chukwuzitere
    John Chukwuzitere 3 hours ago

    Idiot. Ortiz rejected the AJ offer to replace the drug baron.

  • Smashed Crab
    Smashed Crab 3 hours ago

    AJ gave Ortiz an opportunity with 3 belts up for grabs plus a career high pay day 5 times the amount of money his gonna get for this fight Ortiz shit himself & did exactly what Wilder does, he Ducked it..

  • cesar aleman
    cesar aleman 3 hours ago

    I fell like ldbc trash talking will back fire on them with the ppv buys. They better sell more than canelo kovalev if not u will all be a joke

  • Aadil 22334
    Aadil 22334 3 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Sean Radford
    Sean Radford 4 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • K1ng Geo
    K1ng Geo 4 hours ago

    I feel like this gone be the biggest upset ever😂

  • Boxing 101
    Boxing 101 4 hours ago

    Wilder has put 4 trainers in the hospital, who the fuck would want to spar with Wilder lol

    ALI KHALEGHI 4 hours ago

    I’m worried about Ortiz he can’t beat wilder I hope he won’t gets seriously injured

  • freedomfighten123
    freedomfighten123 4 hours ago

    John Ryder so fucking underrated.............both have good jabs but logic says Smith will do better but it could be the battles of the opposite hooks where Ryder has become very good at!!

  • Dan Lettuce
    Dan Lettuce 4 hours ago

    Reporter: two big grown swetty men getting physical....working the ring" Deontay: " oh most definately"

  • gamebred
    gamebred 4 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Asała
    Asała 4 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • oi oi
    oi oi 4 hours ago

    Eddie looks very tired

  • Tony Justiniano
    Tony Justiniano 4 hours ago

    Fix the fucken microphones 🎤 and I will come back to listen to the press conference. Thank you 🙏

  • freedomfighten123
    freedomfighten123 4 hours ago

    Fuck the PBC LDBC Wilder fuck boys but this is fucking bullshit UKAD needs to be disbanded

  • Judge Jury
    Judge Jury 4 hours ago

    Hearn is a lying snake. UKAD hasn’t come out with an official statement. So how can Whyte fight? Whytes situation isn’t resolved. What does cleared mean? Absolute stupid logic. Whyte will never be looked at the same until his situation is resolved.

  • man manny
    man manny 4 hours ago

    Saunders a drug cheat

  • B Ortiz
    B Ortiz 4 hours ago

    Don’t make us Ortiz look bad we got this one

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino 4 hours ago

    Spec wen 95% of them were tomatoe cans

  • Body Snatcher
    Body Snatcher 4 hours ago

    whyte been bashing aj as a ped user.why should he be on aj undercard?aj shouldnt be bailing people who insult and keep trashing him name.everybody should be responsible for their actions.pple keep treating aj as the guy to suck blood from.whyte shud go fight elsewhere

  • Chezzamaine
    Chezzamaine 4 hours ago

    Yea cleared... after serving his 6 month ban hence why whyte hasn’t said a peep since the Rivas fight? Now all of a sudden he’s now vocal and on the December card

    • Chezzamaine
      Chezzamaine 2 hours ago

      Alex Simons I could t give a rats ass kid

    • Alex Simons
      Alex Simons 3 hours ago

      @Chezzamaine You seem to be just that with your comment tho Lol

    • Chezzamaine
      Chezzamaine 3 hours ago

      Alex Simons I ain’t a naive dude like u who doesn’t realise politics are involved

    • Alex Simons
      Alex Simons 3 hours ago

      Go read up on UKAD Lol What can he say when its gone to court . Not the brightest one are you

  • paul4mula
    paul4mula 4 hours ago

    Still look at how they handled business that night.. Rivas had no idea that there was a positive test, gloves were changed n not allowed to be inspected by team Rivas

    • Alex Simons
      Alex Simons 3 hours ago

      Didn't know Rivas has something in his test too. Its crazy

  • Michelle Hackland
    Michelle Hackland 4 hours ago

    Yeah but you dont look the same tho 🤔

    JAMIE LESTER 4 hours ago

    What a twat boasting how hard he hits and how he does serious damage to them and they are never the same.. That's not a good thing to say.. More than ever I hope Tyson Fury knocks him out now.

  • TrickyMicky123456
    TrickyMicky123456 4 hours ago

    Smith wins between 5-7

  • John Boy
    John Boy 4 hours ago

    Many huge names in the boxing game been caught and punished for using drugs why would Dillian be the exception I can’t wait to see him back agien

  • Sojourner
    Sojourner 4 hours ago

    The BBBoC cleared Whyte to fight thinking the matter would be kept confidential...Now they either clear Whyte's name & lose credibility as a Board or deal with him appropriately in hindsight, still lose credibility & probably get sued!

    • Body Snatcher
      Body Snatcher 4 hours ago

      its a lose lose situation.either way they move is to remain silent

  • Joseph Cosme
    Joseph Cosme 4 hours ago

    King kong Luis ortiz you got this you will be the first Cuban champion

  • Brett Worrallo
    Brett Worrallo 4 hours ago

    So he hasn’t been cleared then he just got the go ahead for that fight

  • Shakil Wood
    Shakil Wood 4 hours ago

    LOOL if this guy is the TOP GOAT, why would showtime fuck him off 😂😂😂😂 SHOWTIME = an American sponsor fucking him off cause even they know he don’t do numbers and he’s the 🦆 FACTS

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada 4 hours ago

    Lets go wilder

  • Jemar Veloso
    Jemar Veloso 4 hours ago

    Smith 4 the win

  • robert blake
    robert blake 4 hours ago

    Fury was under a PED suspension while fighting klitschko..UKAD is a joke

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham 4 hours ago

    UKAD need over hauling - This Whyte situation , Fury etc etc - Either fighters fail or they are cleared.

    • Is Az
      Is Az 2 hours ago

      Glad you brought up Fury both of these situations are fishy.

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez 4 hours ago

    This translator sucks...

  • Hassan Samura
    Hassan Samura 4 hours ago

    I use to hate Wilder but he has changed my mind towards him tremendously during these few months of promoting the Ortiz fight. He's a true sportman with good heart. Respect Wilder!

  • Renegade Master
    Renegade Master 4 hours ago

    It won't happen, but i hope Ortiz takes his head off..and as for wilder saying he's the best in the world, don't make me laugh!!

  • robert dawson
    robert dawson 4 hours ago

    The Faulty Machine

  • NoWest Flyzone
    NoWest Flyzone 4 hours ago

    Eddies is a liars liar

  • Krishin Pillay
    Krishin Pillay 4 hours ago

    I love your channel!!!! But if I have one criticism its that the intro music, is waaaaaaaaay too loud

  • Mr James
    Mr James 4 hours ago

    The torch will be passed n these other heavy weights won't be able to duck KING KONG.

  • Dom C
    Dom C 4 hours ago


  • Simeron Kaur
    Simeron Kaur 4 hours ago

    Doing it in Saudi Arabia wasn’t a £asy d£cision

  • martin walker
    martin walker 4 hours ago

    Dillian whyte v jarrel miller on the saudi undercard😂