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  • SwarmKiller1235
    SwarmKiller1235 2 hours ago

    Is it bad i know rhe wherr do you send joke that Lannan said

  • quakerX 11
    quakerX 11 2 hours ago

    Cray could have just pointed at Elliot when he had to describe a toxic gamer. Just a joke Elliot is awesome

    PONCEMEJIA RONIN 2 hours ago

    Is it me? Or is Tannar sucking up to Lannan on this episode? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Ebs 101
    Ebs 101 2 hours ago

    Isla is definitely going to break up with lannan 😂

  • Zirrian Doughty
    Zirrian Doughty 2 hours ago

    Are we just gonna ignore Marcus’s dissaperance

  • Iwan Dobson
    Iwan Dobson 2 hours ago

    Copying the sidemen

  • raghav rathi
    raghav rathi 2 hours ago

    They should have just said Elon Musk describing Muslek

  • Peyton Dean Ellsworth


  • Peyton Dean Ellsworth

    Lazar beam y you make your gf cry

  • Irondragon 103
    Irondragon 103 2 hours ago

    Marcus where?

  • Peyton Dean Ellsworth

    Love you muselk

  • Peyton Dean Ellsworth

    Mean tweet muselk your fat Me muselk your not fat

  • Star
    Star 3 hours ago

    I got exactly 30 dollars for a beauty blender but everything else I lost

  • Conor Durning
    Conor Durning 3 hours ago

    9:37 that person hiding behind the stairs

  • ayi papel
    ayi papel 3 hours ago

    Instead of shootouts on hardworking casual people why not on UScliprs instead ?

  • Arthur Guseynov
    Arthur Guseynov 3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ Cray has a degree in physiology I wonder if it would make him more or less perverted.

  • ConnersHyper
    ConnersHyper 3 hours ago

    Damn muselk looks like Elon musk in this lol

  • Isaiah Cazares
    Isaiah Cazares 3 hours ago

    Lannon just wanted to kiss ilsa r.i.p

  • Dylan Inger
    Dylan Inger 3 hours ago

    I’m 10 and like lazar

  • Riley Simpson
    Riley Simpson 3 hours ago

    Why did Marcus leave

  • arkoholic ditto
    arkoholic ditto 3 hours ago

    Excuse me ? I'm 15 and I live lannans memes ok ?

  • RedGunn
    RedGunn 3 hours ago

    This is a comedy-tragedy storyline. I like it

  • Toxic Hitman
    Toxic Hitman 3 hours ago

    Lazarbeam is, underneath his childish persona, mature and tries to tackle important things like mental health

  • Ivan Meatball
    Ivan Meatball 3 hours ago

    big brains lol, according to them 110 kg is 100 pounds

  • Toxic Hitman
    Toxic Hitman 3 hours ago

    Ilsa's crying laughing not

  • Toxic Hitman
    Toxic Hitman 3 hours ago

    "See it would be a great roast if he wasn't a millionaire"

  • Cover Songs By Seren

    I'm literally 11; 5ft 7 Cray middle aged; 5ft7

  • bonesaw50
    bonesaw50 3 hours ago

    The thing people are saying about you Lazar is not true I'm 17 and I think your better

  • Coolvirus SuperCard
    Coolvirus SuperCard 4 hours ago

    It’s a rat tail

  • Jacob DeLaney
    Jacob DeLaney 4 hours ago

    Lannette is my spirit animal

  • Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper 4 hours ago

    Ur mum!

  • FragArena99
    FragArena99 4 hours ago

    I wish all of you futnutt UScliprs get your channels destroyed by coppa 👀 I honestly want coppa if that happens

  • ostrich hi
    ostrich hi 4 hours ago

    Cray looks like the new live action movie egg man

  • James Males
    James Males 4 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that Muselk said all these men

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Tanner you need to make more videos with lazarbeam cause that’s the only way you will top your top video.

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Bazaa you look like a budget slender man.

  • FLaM3z_ALex
    FLaM3z_ALex 4 hours ago

    Im 17 and i think lazarbeam is funny so fuck off haters

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Crayator you look like Salvador Dali

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Loserfruit looks like she has seen some shit.

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Muselk looks like he ate a whole buffet by himself, with people watching.

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova 4 hours ago

    Lazar looks like he takes piles of weed to keep himself stable .

  • Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper 4 hours ago

    Oh shit Lannan gonna be a dad?

  • Taran858
    Taran858 4 hours ago

    I was all ready to unsubscribe as you asked me to, until I realised I never made the mistake of subscribing in the first place.

  • Grave Mayo
    Grave Mayo 4 hours ago

    No one likes assi land tanna is better

  • Amanda Pike
    Amanda Pike 4 hours ago

    I hate muselk

  • Dragonfly Jones
    Dragonfly Jones 4 hours ago

    So this is how you steal someone's bit from another country (*cough* this is jimmy kimmel's bit *cough*)

  • WaLeedLyrics
    WaLeedLyrics 4 hours ago

    Who's like Hard-Boy below link

  • TheTru3Goat Gaming
    TheTru3Goat Gaming 4 hours ago

    This was made on my birthday!!! No I’m not begging for likes I just felt the need to say so.

  • Tylor Kelbie
    Tylor Kelbie 4 hours ago

    Cray owwww my boob

  • KautiousKat
    KautiousKat 4 hours ago


  • djofox
    djofox 4 hours ago

    Lazars just freeloading off the others. Reminds me of a chip that didnt get enough seasoning. Bland.

  • Tylor Kelbie
    Tylor Kelbie 4 hours ago

    Tanar u ho give cray a blow

  • bambam galindo
    bambam galindo 4 hours ago

    How did he know I was 12

  • A B
    A B 4 hours ago

    Holy fuck, you guys are cruel to each other

  • Dumidiots
    Dumidiots 4 hours ago

    While personally I don’t watch any of the creators work I still respect them and their videos. I don’t understand why someone would go out of their way to make a statement like this.

  • Thomas Fett
    Thomas Fett 4 hours ago

    I am a 12 year old and Lazarbeam is my favorite USclipr. YEET

  • ReconSparklez
    ReconSparklez 4 hours ago

    For those mean tweets about Lannan and his viewer age, I’m 14 and my brother is 12 and we both love his videos Thx @Lazarbeam

  • Jackson Styling
    Jackson Styling 4 hours ago

    The funny thing is I’m a 12 year old that watches lazerbeam. 😉

  • m andrews
    m andrews 4 hours ago

    Is Lazar beam screener now yes

  • joe Gibson
    joe Gibson 4 hours ago

    Crayator and my pp have a lot in common they both are 2 inches

  • AZZA
    AZZA 4 hours ago

    b tec more sidemen

  • Grumpy Gehan
    Grumpy Gehan 4 hours ago

    The clash between lannan and eliot turned in to eliot and tanner

  • Breaking Point Falcon

    I love all there content it is the best

  • Shadowclaw21256 Ponce

    I’m in 6th grade and my friend vaped which was stupid because the rest of the day he was wasted, so cray can you tell my friend to stop

  • Tom Marchant
    Tom Marchant 4 hours ago

    Marcus’s name is Lloyd

  • GetUpGaming 42
    GetUpGaming 42 4 hours ago

    Where’s marcus

  • jake southern
    jake southern 5 hours ago

    The fuck that kid say about 12 year olds last thing I knew was I'm 11 and I'm coming on 12 so

  • Craig Tracy
    Craig Tracy 5 hours ago

    I’m offended that Lannan thinks the Tiny Meat Gang podcast is not popular

  • Andy Puth
    Andy Puth 5 hours ago

    Where’s my beanie

  • jonty tschetter
    jonty tschetter 5 hours ago

    Elite you fuck head Lazarbeam wone

  • wind gaming
    wind gaming 5 hours ago

    I am 9

  • Raider King
    Raider King 5 hours ago

    I’m 13 and I still find him funny

  • MotoMasher Gaming
    MotoMasher Gaming 5 hours ago

    Where did marcus go

  • Zeix Of legends
    Zeix Of legends 5 hours ago

    RIP Lazars relationship

  • Ismaeel Farrukh
    Ismaeel Farrukh 5 hours ago

    @Click can you give the link to the video in which Lannan hit Byrce

  • Tyler Hoera
    Tyler Hoera 5 hours ago

    Cray: *Reading tweet* Congrats on a million subs... Oh wait Me: *Spits out food all over my desk* ToO FaR 🤣😭

  • DaPackForDays - Gaming

    I mean I'm 16 and I enjoy lazar

  • angelo adarle
    angelo adarle 5 hours ago

    LVL 666 bush camping

  • Aditya Nashikkar
    Aditya Nashikkar 5 hours ago

    Please make original content and stop copying the sidemen. you guys are like the discount/btec version sidemen. You guys are so shit!!!

  • Hailey C
    Hailey C 5 hours ago

    "You're the budget Australian Azzyland" That was the best thing to ever be uttered by Lannan

  • YNG_iPlayOnIOs Subscribe plz

    Craytor is gay???

  • Charlie van Gool
    Charlie van Gool 5 hours ago

    Low key cray constantly carries these videos

  • Breinbaugh
    Breinbaugh 5 hours ago

    5:48 Yeah cause he's so pale Lazar

  • Snake King
    Snake King 5 hours ago

    Start using cou ni for fuck you because that's what it means in Chinese

  • butterybanana man
    butterybanana man 5 hours ago

    On the first round lazerbeam reminds me of Kratos from God of War with the blades 9f chaos or any other types of blades he had

  • MCB gaming
    MCB gaming 5 hours ago

    My 2 fav youtubers teaming up to win😊

  • Ryan Burling
    Ryan Burling 5 hours ago

    Yeah why not? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • Leo Bidois
    Leo Bidois 5 hours ago

    The Lannan 1 when someone said he sucks and no 1 cares about him playing fortnite.. My brother watches him and subed and hit the bell and he's 21 bro

  • MrBud85
    MrBud85 5 hours ago

    Still don't get why Marcus is into loserfruit. She doesn't shower, her hairs always dirty, her armpits are the smelliest of the bunch and her eyebrows are wak.

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 5 hours ago

    You guys should make more videos like minimum 3 a week 😂

  • Claudia Gildea
    Claudia Gildea 5 hours ago

    Fuck yaself bro im the biggest fan

  • mrgetmurderedkid
    mrgetmurderedkid 5 hours ago

    Jokes on him I'm 13 and I watch Lazar beam statement is false

  • bigpimpin 7724
    bigpimpin 7724 5 hours ago

    I’m 16 I like all of you so I guess I am under 12 👶

  • Taavi Paisu
    Taavi Paisu 5 hours ago

    That s a lie i watch lazarbeam and i m 15 and he s a blody funny guy.

  • Peemuee
    Peemuee 5 hours ago

    the thubnail is stolen from the sidemen

  • Jason Fierro
    Jason Fierro 5 hours ago

    Muse ok it used to be 20 dollars for a skin for 21 dollars

  • Austin Staffne
    Austin Staffne 5 hours ago

    At 8:40 In the video you can see Bazza cheating if you look at the left of the screen so caryator wins! Right?

  • TLG 3431 v2
    TLG 3431 v2 5 hours ago

    Yo dis was made on my b day

  • Hayden B
    Hayden B 5 hours ago

    4:42 it better be or I wouldn't be here

  • Demon Wolf
    Demon Wolf 6 hours ago

    Lannan: quits school Everyone else: gets more education Also lannan: smarter than everyone else.... 😳