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  • Xuxhy
    Xuxhy 46 minutes ago

    How tall is Marcus

  • Goj Tyraxyz
    Goj Tyraxyz Hour ago

    Why does muselk look crazy here? Did he take steriods

  • Katie Brennan
    Katie Brennan Hour ago

    I love cray so much

  • TAG AxDilez
    TAG AxDilez Hour ago

    2:49 someone please tell me how Gandhi fits in there

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson Hour ago

    Lannan might not be the best artist but art is 10% talent and 90% bullshit, and he's a 10/10 bullshitter

  • coffeegoose
    coffeegoose 2 hours ago

    Lannan is my favourite youtuber which makes ilsa and lannan my favourite couple in click.

  • Alexplayz plz
    Alexplayz plz 2 hours ago

    Bruh i never knew lanan was that smart

  • Vixen Eagle
    Vixen Eagle 2 hours ago

    Awww Cray. Such a sweet guy, even during the Battle Royale paintball, he didn't want to hurt his friends. He's legit the best of Click.

  • MaheebTheBaheeb Dab
    MaheebTheBaheeb Dab 3 hours ago


  • Tim Inderbitzin
    Tim Inderbitzin 3 hours ago

    Why the fuck doesn't Bazza and cray know where Switzerland is?!?!

  • Neil Kishore Mathur
    Neil Kishore Mathur 3 hours ago

    8:01 His Asian DNA has emerged...

  • Elk1er
    Elk1er 3 hours ago

    Lazarbeam is the best

  • ILaz
    ILaz 4 hours ago

    11:01 clicks version of WHY ARE YOU RUNNING.

  • Stiv Karabeci
    Stiv Karabeci 4 hours ago

    lannan here wearing sidemen merch

  • random things
    random things 5 hours ago

    The most violent doctor Kills for his patient

  • BKL Games
    BKL Games 5 hours ago

    this was uploaded on my fortnite

  • Lucas Parsons
    Lucas Parsons 5 hours ago

    I'm 16 weigh 75kg and have deadlifted 90kg one handed

  • Wendy Hart
    Wendy Hart 5 hours ago

    Move back to centy coast lannan

  • Michael Does Games
    Michael Does Games 6 hours ago

    7:25 when life gives you lemons

  • Raman Nagavarpu
    Raman Nagavarpu 6 hours ago

    The only reason I watch these is just to see Lannan act like a total Chad.

  • Jaimee Avery
    Jaimee Avery 6 hours ago

    Wʜᴇɴ ʟᴜғᴜ sᴛᴀʀᴛᴇᴅ ᴛᴡᴇʀᴋɪɴɢ ᴛʜᴏᴜɢʜ😂

  • ILaz
    ILaz 7 hours ago

    7:56 I love the way cray talks it’s so good

  • ILaz
    ILaz 7 hours ago

    I like how cray did nothing

    DRAGON 7 hours ago

    My boy is a man now love u lazar

  • vittoria ayres
    vittoria ayres 7 hours ago

    did any one else see lanans face when eliot shouted at the begining

  • Josh Church
    Josh Church 7 hours ago

    Marcus and kath cheated at point speaking the thought out loud

  • CBG Gamer
    CBG Gamer 8 hours ago

    Kath stares at muselk and Lazarbeam I think it's love!!😙😙😙😚

  • bob amand
    bob amand 8 hours ago

    i mad it 72k like fuck yeah

  • Liam Thomas
    Liam Thomas 9 hours ago


  • Joe Jim
    Joe Jim 9 hours ago

    Tanner with a hickie on her neck😂😂

  • anima099
    anima099 9 hours ago

    That moment when you realize the newest couple know themselves more than the couples who've been together longer. Lannan definitely loves Ilsa if he remembered that thing about a spirit animal. Also, Ilsa's hot, but I can't stop seeing Elliot's face with boobs.

  • Pepa_21_Cool
    Pepa_21_Cool 9 hours ago

    Click should do like a card/board game episode 😝 idk.

  • anima099
    anima099 9 hours ago

    OMG that thing you do with switching cameras is annoying. The best way to do it is by inserting Tannar in the corner as a little bubble. It hurts to keep switching like that.

  • the blaziken2106
    the blaziken2106 10 hours ago

    I am 73 kilos at 12

  • the blaziken2106
    the blaziken2106 10 hours ago

    I am the heavier than lazarbeam

  • xd cvrsevr
    xd cvrsevr 10 hours ago

    12:22 still no one asked

  • Cassie Liang
    Cassie Liang 11 hours ago

    No O in BODMAS means operation

  • Clash King
    Clash King 11 hours ago

    11:50 the window

  • Adnaan Malik
    Adnaan Malik 11 hours ago

    I'm shitting

  • Winter Galaxy
    Winter Galaxy 11 hours ago

    is lannan really that smart?

    CARXIDOR 12 hours ago

    I know LazarBeam won but if his girlfriend doesn’t know which one it’s his favorite game, he being a Gaming USclip then that victory isn’t valid

  • ILaz
    ILaz 12 hours ago

    Eliot=Ethan Marcus=Josh Lannan=JJ Bazz=Simon Lufu=Tobi Cray=Harry Rip Vikk (Sorry if it’s not that accurate it’s my opinion)

  • Reckless
    Reckless 12 hours ago

    If they kick lazarbeam out I am be so mad and I am unsubscribing

    FALL3N PRODIGY 13 hours ago

    0:44 being a perv be like

  • Prince- Kong371
    Prince- Kong371 13 hours ago

    4:31 Lannan looks like he regrets all of his life choices.....

  • Magic Turtle
    Magic Turtle 13 hours ago

    Click is over 😭

  • demon fang
    demon fang 13 hours ago

    so in this video Muselk talks about being in military, but in the "most asked questions" vid he says he was never in the military

  • THE GOOD BEAM banana
    THE GOOD BEAM banana 13 hours ago

    Lazar has a son called fresh

  • Matthew O'Brien
    Matthew O'Brien 13 hours ago

    Tanna pair and lufu pair had to bend over for someone and tanna was with her brother hmmmmm *Sweet home Alabama starts playing*

  • Sarah Davis
    Sarah Davis 13 hours ago

    At 8:30 through 8:40 somewhere between there, it said Lazar and Cray moves on when it was Bazz and Lofu turn

  • Plass Plass
    Plass Plass 13 hours ago

    Hello from Canada 🇨🇦 y’all can crash at my crib

  • o hello there
    o hello there 13 hours ago

    Go to 15:20

  • bL4nKz _YT
    bL4nKz _YT 14 hours ago

    Title ahold have been”PrO gAmeRs tO wEigHt lIfTeRs

  • Guinea PigLover
    Guinea PigLover 14 hours ago

    Give me.... Donald Dorito BHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂

  • Jackson Cutting
    Jackson Cutting 14 hours ago

    Lannan that was me in middle school so I feel you

  • angel miguel sanchez
    angel miguel sanchez 14 hours ago

    Marcus is not a fair person

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 14 hours ago

    Cat is otaku

  • Walker #18936
    Walker #18936 14 hours ago

    I choked on my drink when the camera freezes on Cray freaking out at Lannan XD

  • Dawson Ehlers
    Dawson Ehlers 14 hours ago

    Mueslk fails then yaaaahhhhahhaahah

  • Emoji Gamer
    Emoji Gamer 14 hours ago

    at 8:00 loser says "screw you clowns" not "i hate clowns" :D

  • Kassem Khalifeh
    Kassem Khalifeh 15 hours ago

    They should ask loserfruit if she fell romantic with other boys in the house

    NIK ZAPP 15 hours ago

    Lannans face at 19:06

  • Iconic doggo
    Iconic doggo 15 hours ago

    When Lannen said Donald Dorito I had to like

  • Addison A
    Addison A 15 hours ago

    (Thum nail) is click smarter than fife graders me. Not a chance lazer running around saying build da wall and yeet musilk being muselk and the other be ing crazy NO WAY CLICK

  • Go4ted VeX
    Go4ted VeX 15 hours ago

    I feel bad that mueslis mom is the ceo of coke and then her son is a USclip like that just victory royal for lazerbeam

  • Gaming Bro
    Gaming Bro 16 hours ago

    Lannan and Cray= Best Duo Ever

  • Linda Johns
    Linda Johns 16 hours ago


  • Killerbosswe
    Killerbosswe 16 hours ago

    Laver muselk BIG FAN TITS

  • Misael Isiordia
    Misael Isiordia 16 hours ago

    Muselk “I’m actually a God” Watkins

  • Twilights Angel
    Twilights Angel 16 hours ago


  • Pedro Quesado
    Pedro Quesado 16 hours ago

    "they are tiring themselves out. I knew when to quit. They play for egos. I play for wins" had me Weak. Omfg Lannan...

  • Addison A
    Addison A 17 hours ago


  • TubFrog
    TubFrog 17 hours ago

    Kath got heated at the end

  • Michael La
    Michael La 17 hours ago

    Put the video at two times speed and watch the whole thing

  • Lucas Hahn
    Lucas Hahn 17 hours ago

    is it just me or does bazz look like a slim jim

  • Robert Harrington
    Robert Harrington 18 hours ago

    I'm convinced there were condoms in Marcus' room 😂😂😂

  • Obada Khirsheh
    Obada Khirsheh 18 hours ago

    Loserfruit is the cutest

  • Speedy
    Speedy 18 hours ago

    I fucking love lannan

  • Adam Rolander
    Adam Rolander 18 hours ago

    0:46 baz looks at lufu

  • Chang Hong Yi
    Chang Hong Yi 18 hours ago

    lannan was Actually Swoll Before , its interesting

  • Ben Lorentz
    Ben Lorentz 18 hours ago

    Nobody: Cray: DEMONITIZATION!

  • Speedy
    Speedy 19 hours ago

    you need to scale all things in weight to body ratio, not sheer weight

  • FaZe_spekey
    FaZe_spekey 19 hours ago

    1 year later they are all moving out

  • Charlie Master
    Charlie Master 19 hours ago

    Click copied mr beast and dude perfect

  • lucas neiheisel
    lucas neiheisel 19 hours ago

    what happend in paris

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 19 hours ago

    Lannan: *dies Also Lannan: gets pissed that he got hit 2 rounds, and goes sicko mode on the 3rd one.

  • Danger Fuzion
    Danger Fuzion 19 hours ago

    B tech sidemen

  • mailmans_here
    mailmans_here 20 hours ago

    muselk: -says 1500- editor: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT -15000 shows up on screen-

  • Michael Liang
    Michael Liang 20 hours ago

    Wait, so Click is still going on, right? They just took a week to move into a different home/apartment. Elliot isn't with them anymore, but the videos together are still coming out, right? Right guys!?!

  • cool man 12 gamig and vloging

    Im twelve and im taller than cray

  • Tj 22
    Tj 22 20 hours ago

    In the thumbnail lannan should close his legs

  • Dave Leane
    Dave Leane 21 hour ago

    5:00 : sad scene 5:04 Lazarbeam: *begon thot*

  • ItsAlberto Jr
    ItsAlberto Jr 21 hour ago

    5:52 bazz double chin

  • Two People
    Two People 21 hour ago


  • angel miguel sanchez

    Marcus was forced to be in this video

  • Sanaiah Simpson
    Sanaiah Simpson 21 hour ago

    did lufu kiss him at 3:32?

  • Vibrobas
    Vibrobas 21 hour ago

    Cray was the real winner!

  • Haunted tundra Xz
    Haunted tundra Xz 21 hour ago

    Spider man dies Lannan: *I LOVE THAT ONE*

  • Jonas Dahle
    Jonas Dahle 22 hours ago

    Click is nothin without lannon and craig