Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc
Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc
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Rusty tummy rub
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  • H Gill
    H Gill 6 months ago

    Hi, thanks for saving animals and caring for them. I saw some USclip channels has a "sponsor" buttom on their USclip channel so people can donate money or sponsor the USclip channel directly. For example, this USclip channel at has the "sponsor" button on their USclip channel. Would you consider applying for this feature from USclip? Because that way you can receive video viewers' donations or sponsorship and this can further help your sanctuary/shelter to get more fund and support. =)

  • vlajster
    vlajster Year ago

    I love BCR...please help and support our rescue organization if you can...or at least help to advertise it because we are lacking funds all the time :( love from Croatia

  • mrsnoopyaaaaa
    mrsnoopyaaaaa Year ago

    I tryed to comment on the live chat but it wouldn't let me, did I get banned? If I did, I don't why, I've been nothing but nice?

  • Leslie Schmick
    Leslie Schmick 2 years ago

    I love cats, all cats. Without sight, many people wouldn't adopt them which is narrow-minded.

  • aeieeo
    aeieeo 2 years ago

    I was dreading the day we would lose dear dear irreplaceable Paul ); i am in floods of tears and heartbroken. He should have lived so much longer ~ I know that he did want to and was very frustrated at feeling so unwell. Thankyou Alana and co for giving him a wonderful life and sharing it with us and for giving him a chance at fighting his horrible cancer. He brought so much joy into my life and gave so much love to everyone he met ~ I wish I could have met him ~ I will miss him terribly as so many will (his other kitty friends ~ sweet Emily and Sandy especially ~ too) hoping little Autumn will give you Paul a big kitty hug up there and that you now as an angel sit in the laps of the angels Xxxx Love you Paulie.

    • leeann cornell
      leeann cornell Year ago

      Hugs from me and the crazy 4 kitties

    • leeann cornell
      leeann cornell Year ago

      Hugs and know the pain.I have lost many and the pain is unbearable, but they will always be with you and someday you will see him again happy and a kitten. xooxox There are grief groups you can join. People who don't have fur family members don't understand. I have health issues, but with my 4 crazy kitties I never feel alone, but that doesn't mean I don't miss my baby Timmy, who passed on over 2 years ago. I missed him so much I carried around a stuffed kitty that looked like him and even put it in the window and scared my husband it looked so real. He kept taking me to Pet Smart, looking at their kitty rescue and he would go in to pat them, but I wouldn't look at them or even go in and pet them. I finally said if you want to adopt one fine, but I will never love them. We ended up with 2 but I still grieved terribly for my Timmy and the 11 year old kept going on my bed laying against me while I cried. The baby kitten, a 6 month would peak over the bed wondering what was wrong. Over time the pain lessened not that I didn't miss my dear sweet Timmy, but the kitties love made it a little easier. I can never replace my Timmy, he was one of a kind, but I slowly came out of the sadness and realized that my Timmy sent me these kitties, so I would slowly heal. Today we have 4 kitties between 13 and a year a half. I still miss my Timmy and hurt is less and I know in my heart, someday I will see him again. Please give yourself the time to heal. Furry xoxo from my Timmy in heaven and the crazy four kitties, Nellie, Laura, Baby and Monty

    • aeieeo
      aeieeo Year ago

      shocked and saddened that we have now lost Colonel ):

  • Otw to become an alpha male

    Hey guys, thank you for doing all this for humanity :) I'm really happy to see you guys still active since 2007 But hey, wanna know a secret? Thanks again :)

  • XxAshlynxX
    XxAshlynxX 3 years ago

    You are so amazing for taking care of these cats that are blind. I want to say thank you because these cats now have love in their life and aren't being disliked because of how they are and whet they look like. Thank you.

  • Joseph Vitello
    Joseph Vitello 3 years ago

    As cat lovers and owners, we are making our donation of $100 in honor of Jill Sparapany, our friend, who had her head shaved for the cause

  • For The Love Of Animals

    God bless you all you beautiful Sanctuary and all the staff and volunteers that give of yourselves to these most precious cats!!

  • Larry Hall
    Larry Hall 6 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing to my channel! Hope you enjoy the videos!

  • CatChatTV
    CatChatTV 6 years ago

    You're doing great work! The rescue I volunteer with just found a home for a blind kitty that was saved from a city shelter. Felt great to know he's set now! :)

  • CowboyAxe
    CowboyAxe 7 years ago

    subbed you

  • palmster100
    palmster100 7 years ago

    Hi, I just visited your website & am just fascinated at the work everyone there does to help these special kitties. I couldn't resist sponsoring Rudy as we have a common bond...we are both from Maryland!! Im hoping to be able to come visit him soon. Keep up the good work & God Bless you all for doing what you do!!!

  • Mrs Soap Peddler's Homestead

    You guys are special. I don't know what else to say. God Bless you :)

  • Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc

    88Cathy, The little one with a feeding tube is getting over pneumonia... she had stopped eating and was in critical condition. The feeding tube gave us easy access to give her medicines and of course food. After a week she started eating. We still have the tube because she still has a few more days of medicines to go, and even though she is a little thing, she fights you tooth and nail taking medicine orally. It will be removed next week when she gets spayed. If you have a cat that has stopped eating, I would imagaine if you asked your vet, they could give a feeding tube... it has saved many of our cats lives from liver failure

  • 88Cathycat
    88Cathycat 7 years ago

    It is heartening to see how happy the blind kittens are. Blind cats can be life as happy as sighted cats. I saw never such a tube to feed , in cats. Perhaps only in America? It has many advantages, it seems. Greetings from a NO KILL shelter in the Netherlands

  • sweetpea027
    sweetpea027 7 years ago

    Dear friend, I love cats. Raising kittens that lost their mom at 3 days old. They are 6 wks. old today ,Aug. 31 ,2011. Praying they find a forever loving home. May God bless you .~~Ava~~

  • BuzzDyou
    BuzzDyou 7 years ago

    Hey, great work, keep it going!! I have "Bumpy" momma kitteh. I am having trouble trying to get her litter trained, she freaks out every time I put her in the clay litter... I think she's affraid of the noise it makes. Do you have any tips for me? as to how to litter train her? Her daughter, uses the box all the time (not blind), her son was also well on the road to being trained before I adopted him out. pls help, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! have some clips of them on my channel as well. Thanking you in advance.

  • Dianne Hopper
    Dianne Hopper 8 years ago

    How cool! I had Blind Cat Gus for 15 yrs. He totally was a sweetheart. I had to put him down last month because of many many health issuses, I miss him everyday. See his vids on my YT.

  • 1Love 1Journey
    1Love 1Journey 8 years ago

    I've had a blind cat for 11 years. Vincent plays just fine with my 2 sighted cats! My father and his sister told me I should just put him down when he had the operation and I said no. I'm so glad!

  • Tania Dottie
    Tania Dottie 8 years ago

    your channel is beautiful, keep up the brilliant work! hi from australia.

  • GeminiNightOwl
    GeminiNightOwl 8 years ago

    I feel the same way - what a wonderful cause, beautiful cats, and the whole sanctuary touched my heart profoundly. Thank you for all you do. I wish I lived closer so I could volunteer. But seeing these special cats on youtube is a privilege :)

  • MizKitty1122
    MizKitty1122 8 years ago

    Never has any cause touched my heart SO deeply! May God send you all a MIGHTY Blessing for your works. I told my husband that if we take in another kitty rescue (we have 5) I want a disabled kitty that no one else would want. Thank you so much.... I spread your word as much as possible!

  • huack
    huack 8 years ago

    The Great Cat bless you!

  • Kiwua 1963
    Kiwua 1963 8 years ago

    i love your channel it is very cool

  • truebluefrog
    truebluefrog 8 years ago

    I just learned of your charity through your ads on eBay. Thanks for all the great work you do to help blind cats! I have two cats...or should I say, two cats own me, one of whom has some health problems requiring constant attention (FIV), but he and his buddy live a very happy life! Glad to find your channel here on youtube.

  • SonarTheCat
    SonarTheCat 8 years ago

    Thanks for rescuing blind cats!

  • Rina Deych
    Rina Deych 9 years ago

    Absolutely heartwarming! My son and I recently did a TNR (trap, neuter, return) project for a feral cat colony of 6. We cared for them pre- and post-op, then returned them to their caretaker - all except for one ... a blind 5-month old kitten. She is absolutely amazing. The fact that, after 5 months in the wild, she wasn't feral was incredible. She now has a wonderful forever home with a very compassionate co-worker of mine (a fellow nurse)! Thank you for all you do to help these wonderful creatures!

  • shivaandjaya
    shivaandjaya 9 years ago

    Hello and happy New Year to you! We think you're cool. Rescue cats rule. We do rule. Really. Big kiss, Shiva & Jaya

  • Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc

    Jerrett - thanks for writing!! Max needs a sponsor... he is a very handsome fellow who has some neurological issues. he runs can run circles for hours, he will never be overweight LOL he is a super nice fellow who loves to be loved on.

  • Sandra Teager
    Sandra Teager 9 years ago

    Amazing work you are doing with these adorable cats!!! Keep it up!!!! =)

  • Lions Clubs International

    Thanks for the add! It is an honor to have you as a friend on USclip. Please subscribe to help spread the word about Lions. "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

  • Sandra Teager
    Sandra Teager 10 years ago

    I was so impressed with Oreo's video!! You are doing an amazing job with these kitties!! I am subscribing to your videos in order to support you further in your splendid work!! Regards--Sandra XXXXX

  • Soheil Ta
    Soheil Ta 10 years ago


  • Jerry Schafer IV
    Jerry Schafer IV 10 years ago

    All of my cats are also rescues, but you do alot more than I can. I'll be sending a donation soon, and God Bless You for all of the hard work and love that you give to these wonderful furry bundles of joy.

  • Soheil Ta
    Soheil Ta 10 years ago

    ._/l、 (゚、 。 7  l、 ~ヽ  じしf_,)ノ Meow :)

  • Jennifer Hearn
    Jennifer Hearn 10 years ago

    i give to y'all when i sell on e bay sometimes!!! thank you so much for all you do! i think it is wonderful that there are some good people left in the world ,,especially people that care about animals. not many people do. they need someone to step up and help,, they do not have a voice or means to do it their self,,so thank you!

  • erinandcompany
    erinandcompany 10 years ago

    Guess what Topsie and Lucky did, before we could get to the vet, !?!?!?!?! Kids today, I'll tell ya! Anyway, I'm almost certain Topsie's pregnant. Any tips on caring for a blind queen?

  • erinandcompany
    erinandcompany 10 years ago

    Hello, Did you just change your icon? I thought I noticed that, your hand holding a sweet kitty? We had to bring in one of our garage cats today. He was being bullied by another male out there, and we didn't want him to get hurt. Of course, though, he'll consider what the vet's about to do to him bullying! He needs fixed to be around my pretty girls. My blind cat (Topsie) is doing quite well. She's still a sweetheart, :-)! Thanks again for all you do for these kitties, I really respect that! Have a great night!

  • PuffyCatTail
    PuffyCatTail 10 years ago

    you guys are wonderful for saving these cats.:) subscribed!!!!

  • Soheil Ta
    Soheil Ta 10 years ago

    GUYS U ARE AWESOME ! may God bless you ... you brought tears to my eyes .. those cat are alive , and that's very much BIG ... they're happily playing ... oh God I'm so thankful to u guys for giving this chance to this angels of God to live a good life ...

  • erinandcompany
    erinandcompany 11 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing! Do you have any advice on taking care of blind kitty cats? To date, we pretty much just keep her indoors, but with enough toys she doesn't know she's "confined". That goof tried to help me wrap Christmas presents this year, and then tried to wrap herself in the wrapping paper and be a present! We told her we're not giving her to ANYBODY. She's really adorable.

  • Freyablaze
    Freyablaze 11 years ago

    Thanks for Subscribing :)

  • Freyablaze
    Freyablaze 11 years ago

    Whats new with the kittens? Update me :)

  • Freyablaze
    Freyablaze 11 years ago

    I just looked at your cattery pics... I'm in tears! I want to do this too!

  • Freyablaze
    Freyablaze 11 years ago

    Thanks you for what you are doing. It's amazing. Simply put