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  • Luke Michael
    Luke Michael 7 minutes ago

    Hey bro, that's going straight in my cringe compilation

  • August ❨0-0❩
    August ❨0-0❩ 12 minutes ago

    Welp, guess I'll won't be depressed

  • ValentinRBYT
    ValentinRBYT 16 minutes ago

    Sent this to my parents, hope they react well.

  • Hubba Bubba
    Hubba Bubba 22 minutes ago

    lol amazon rainforest is burning down now

  • e m i l i a l i w a n a g

    it shits me to tears how the Amazon is burning down right now and the sea animals are chocking on our mess.

  • Snakedudo
    Snakedudo 34 minutes ago

    Cite your god dam sources

  • gacнa._. aѕн
    gacнa._. aѕн 36 minutes ago

    USclip’s Recommendation: 2014: nah 2015:nope 2016:meh 2017:ehhh 2018:wait for it 2019: LETS GOOOOOOO

  • MyahCrazy LastForever
    MyahCrazy LastForever 52 minutes ago

    I was just about to cry

  • F. Axel
    F. Axel 56 minutes ago

    In Thailand , I have 10 hours of school LMAOOOO

  • Samuel Werner
    Samuel Werner Hour ago

    School is an isolation, it is prison that stuffs information in your brain teachers expect you to remember, education is kids following their dream.

  • Diornysos
    Diornysos Hour ago

    Hate the lack of emotional intelligence in today‘s society. It‘s all about being rich & famous, or being on high status. Why isn‘t it about being a good human being, caring for each other,being nice,being open minded,trying to understand what other people feel & think. We don‘t need more smartphones,tablets,...snapchats,instagrams,lovoos.....What the world and every human being needs,is love.

  • Malika Clark
    Malika Clark Hour ago

    Prince ea can you run for president please you can help the world and the amazon forest is nearly dead and soon we all will be 🥺

  • Deron Tanzil
    Deron Tanzil Hour ago

  • Taran New New
    Taran New New Hour ago

    Self love calling you in the end got me hard

  • Matthew Gardiner

    When he said coincidence I thought he would say i think not but got mad when he didn’t

  • Ellie B.
    Ellie B. Hour ago

    We have anxiety and depression because we live in the society you created and your Coke had cocaine in it lol.

  • A two-faced guy
    A two-faced guy 2 hours ago

    It all just started because of one bad day. Nobody is truly evil.

  • Jorges Carrasquillo
    Jorges Carrasquillo 2 hours ago

    School is a waste of all of are time. For example memorizing stuff is like a car wash new stuff get in and old stuff get out. You have over 80-90 years of living in this universe and spending about 20 or more working your butt off studying when your going to forget it in a couple years. They should make school more fun. I think the only class closest to fun is my 3rd period which is science. Teacher they say, "we learn from are mistakes" When I make a mistake she/he yells at me. I don't see any way that is " learning from your mistakes" Some schools have "uniform" which probably half of the worlds schools have. They don't want us to wear anything else. I don't see how uniform are doing anything to the staff or students? The uniforms are uncomfortable, disgusting...etc. Am I going to be wearing uniforms for the rest of my life? Im not going to have it on if i'm at the store. So why do we have on? So the school looks neat. Schools were fine until who ever created stupid uniforms. He also showed an example of a school 100 years ago still the same. And look what are leaders of the world have built for us. Computers cell phones all that. I don't are why we can't use them. Even some of those leaders didn't have that much of an education. But, look at us now. Without anything. By the time were 20 we probably forgot half of the stuff we have learned over the past years. LIKE IF YOU AGREE

  • LTJ Kyzii
    LTJ Kyzii 2 hours ago


  • Haha Jeg er anonym
    Haha Jeg er anonym 2 hours ago

    This dude is fucked up! He doesn’t know shit about how i feel

  • Abby K.
    Abby K. 2 hours ago

    Dear prince Ea, I know that I’m only 9 so I can’t do much about this I’m commenting it so I hope you take this idea and make it a possibility, Take plastic...and re-use the plastic and make it into’s water prof ... and let’s be honest everyone cares more about saving money then a plastic bag right? this is why I think my idea should be shared....:) please take my idea and make it a possibility I hope you do. ,Your dear online friend Abby .And also thank you for your big change...:)

  • MD start
    MD start 2 hours ago

    Was that kid you ?

  • Ritik Jain
    Ritik Jain 2 hours ago

    Thnx brother 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😃😃😃 amzing

  • Miracle Mady
    Miracle Mady 2 hours ago

    Im gonna ask my teacher to play this in class this was incredibly true

  • Galaxy Walrus Gaming

    4:48 I’m sharing that with my mom

  • I’m very retarded and

    You sadistic prick

  • Ninja Real
    Ninja Real 3 hours ago

    I plant 10 trees a month. #standfortrees

  • Ninja Real
    Ninja Real 3 hours ago


  • Jessica Smit
    Jessica Smit 3 hours ago

    My Only great memories is only playing with my friends at school!!!

  • Zai Edihon
    Zai Edihon 3 hours ago

    You've got it all happened already

  • Paulvince nitafan 2
    Paulvince nitafan 2 3 hours ago

    Im in montessori and i have no complaints about the system But my teacher is bad She scolded me for coughing and sneezing

  • Alex Schmidt
    Alex Schmidt 3 hours ago

    One smile can start a friendship One word can stop a fight One look can save a relationship One hug can spark a hope One touch can bring a warmth One whisper can bring assurance One decision can stop a war One cooperation can bring abundance One kiss can bring a kindness One sleep can bring rest One wake can bring happiness One solution can stop the tests If we only learn to smile to a stranger, to stop the fight, to start a relationship, to spark a hope, to embrace with warmth, to speak assurances, to end the war, to give abundance, to pass forward kindness, to allow rest, to share happiness, then maybe we can pass God's test! Have a beautiful day to all!

  • Karim Jisr
    Karim Jisr 3 hours ago

    What's better than sex? Running code perfectly just how you want it with no errors on your first try.

  • Karim Jisr
    Karim Jisr 3 hours ago

    I agree with most of your videos except "YOU ARE NOT DEPRESSED"

  • Neon4On
    Neon4On 3 hours ago

    Ебать, как ахуенно!

  • Karim Jisr
    Karim Jisr 4 hours ago

    Me: *has asthma* PrinceEA: YOU DO NOT HAVE ASTHMA, JUST BREATHE!

  • Karim Jisr
    Karim Jisr 4 hours ago

    TED-Ed: If you've never been depressed, Don't compare feeling temporarily down to someone's depression. PrinceEA: *this video* TED-Ed: Am I a Joke to You?

  • Karim Jisr
    Karim Jisr 4 hours ago


  • hanna cave
    hanna cave 4 hours ago

    4 years later and the rainforest is actually on fire The fact he could predict it makes me even more sad

  • 01SuperDiamond
    01SuperDiamond 4 hours ago

    One day I wanna grow the balls to do this exact thing and show them that the thing they're doing today shouldn't be the thing they should be doing tomorrow

  • Fresh Homemade memes

    Wow what an idea why didn’t I think of that earlier

    MIKAY KRUNG 4 hours ago

    thanks prince!

  • Simon Mohammed
    Simon Mohammed 5 hours ago

    Please prince EA save us all around the globe

  • Aimi Waheed
    Aimi Waheed 5 hours ago

    The end got me

  • Bhagyam Tiwari
    Bhagyam Tiwari 5 hours ago

    what was the quote budda wrote again?

  • Matthew du Toit
    Matthew du Toit 5 hours ago

    “Amazon desert” That hit me.

  • Aaliyah Warrior And the reptile family

    So people that wanna die try killing them self cry themselves to sleep every single night are alone are sad have only fake friends no one cares for them no one wants them to be alive so there are not depressed I disagree with you idc want you say I disagree with you so much it’s not funny 🙄

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 5 hours ago

    I got taken aback when he said bulimia since I recently just got bulimia

    The BLACKFROST 5 hours ago

    The fact that this was released 2 years ago makes me sad because nothing changed.

  • Sophie Lei
    Sophie Lei 6 hours ago

    Sadly, it’s difficult not to care about other people’s opinions. There will always remain a pessimistic voice in our heads telling us otherwise. It’s hard to rise above it because it impacts our self-worth negatively, but it’s possible. It takes a long time and courage to be able to do that.

  • Marines7L
    Marines7L 6 hours ago

    *Is this gonna be on the test?* Yeah I felt that one.

  • faulticvs
    faulticvs 6 hours ago

    there’s a difference between *learning* and _memorising_

  • IIGoofy PotatoII
    IIGoofy PotatoII 6 hours ago

    You calm me down when I have a mental breakdown. Thanks !

  • Joachim Rosendahl
    Joachim Rosendahl 6 hours ago

    Awesome, if I may use that word. Spread it around. This is truly important stuff.

  • faulticvs
    faulticvs 6 hours ago

    teacher : I am preparing you all for the future, so listen! me : *thinks of tomorrow*

  • bunny hunny
    bunny hunny 7 hours ago

    But there's nothing to do im scared of haunted stick men

  • Mc_Lara
    Mc_Lara 7 hours ago

    we need to STOP begging for this man to be President, the power is in the community and YOU are responsible for change. It's not those in power, its US, so stop asking for this and crying for that and start DOING

  • Shikari-Chan -Chan
    Shikari-Chan -Chan 7 hours ago

    what is the difference between Education and school ?

  • Valentino Portillo
    Valentino Portillo 7 hours ago

    It was locked. You're such a liar that didn't happen

  • John Miraflor
    John Miraflor 7 hours ago

    This is so inspirational

  • Aza Bita
    Aza Bita 7 hours ago

    Yo without school our teachers will SUFFER Why? Because they don't have jobs! I hate school but I don't think it should be like that

  • NitePremium
    NitePremium 7 hours ago

    Why is this video under the category Music?

  • OZham Azsi
    OZham Azsi 7 hours ago

    This guy reminds me of a friend years back who said: "Motivation are for loosers" Reply: And you got motivated ?

  • Sam Chiong
    Sam Chiong 8 hours ago

    why is he crying

  • Gacha Cheese
    Gacha Cheese 8 hours ago

    I'm blue.

  • SickLAD69
    SickLAD69 8 hours ago

    dis mans

  • Default Name
    Default Name 8 hours ago

    WOW this is the greatest prediction of the fire on the amazon rainforest

  • Look at my PP
    Look at my PP 8 hours ago

    Dont be president be president of the planet

  • Swagger
    Swagger 8 hours ago

    I see the video title im like what the

  • Courtney Fox's music

    I'm really hoping a teacher somewhere is watching this

  • Look at my PP
    Look at my PP 8 hours ago

    Bro stop talking be president of the planet already

  • SpaceForceGames
    SpaceForceGames 8 hours ago

    Mister USclip man what do you do when if you drink alcohol it skips ahead to the hangover phase?

  • Rae Rae
    Rae Rae 8 hours ago

    Shouldn't school be about preparing kids for the actual real world? And for careers that they want? Dress code policies are also kind of outrageous.

  • AnaMaree Rose
    AnaMaree Rose 8 hours ago

    Off topic, i know, but people need to know- I'm tired of Dress Code, putting women down. Telling them to be ashamed and hide their bodies. Watching the men walk down the hallway, with their pants on the ground. Cat-calling, whistling, rating women out of 10. But it's not the men's fault, it's the women, because they were "asking for it", by having their shorts on, or revealing their collarbone. Instead of teaching boys not to objectify women, they teach the women how they present themselves is more important then their education. Blaming the wearer, for- our shoulders, legs, arms, bodies, collarbones, being sexualized. What I'm trying to say, is you might as well cover our face. Because it seems our face is too distracting to the school system. So will someone hang me a paper bag, and tell me it's my fault, how I should hide what I'm suppose to be proud of, because it's not the boys fault, the girls are the reason for our- Dress code.

  • Cry baby Seal
    Cry baby Seal 8 hours ago

    Yea if they where no phone you wouldn’t have this type of job

  • Jackie Llamas
    Jackie Llamas 9 hours ago

    I totally get where he's coming from and I agree. However the straight lines and raising hands to speak is helpful in class. Because have you ever had 25 children trying to talk at once and you cant hear anyone and then one of them decides to run around so they all decide to run around and push and hit each other..... sometimes classrooms get crazy, but it's up to the teacher to provide structure while teaching the kids it's ok to have fun and be themselves. But I do agree with literally everything else

  • Văn Trương Dình
    Văn Trương Dình 9 hours ago

    I always follow you on the USclip

  • RIXX
    RIXX 9 hours ago

    “This test may be 70 percent of my grade but 0 percent of my future” CAN I GET AN AMEN IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD

  • Erich von Manstein
    Erich von Manstein 9 hours ago

    *I don't need money!* *i just need a stool and a rope!*

  • RIXX
    RIXX 9 hours ago

    Teacher: forgets to give us test that we needed 3 days ago, OMG I FORGOT EVERYBODY QUIET SO I CAN HAND OUT A TEST Next day Me: I didn’t do my homework Teacher: DETENTION 😡 Me in my head: u forgot to give us a test that we “needed” for 3 days but gives me detention for not doing my work bull crap

  • RIXX
    RIXX 9 hours ago

    I texted this to my old teacher don’t ask why I have his number

  • RIXX
    RIXX 9 hours ago

    I wish I could like this more than once

    LILYZZ 9 hours ago

    Why don’t kids just learn what their actually good at? We all will be happy and focus 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • El Otiz :v
    El Otiz :v 9 hours ago

    Parece q esta rapeando :v

  • RIXX
    RIXX 9 hours ago

    I need to show this to the head of my school district Can I get a Amen

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Why would someone fight over something be a duck or a chicken? It’s really weird XD

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Yooo Im a viewer from Sydney Australia XD

  • Samantha Miner
    Samantha Miner 9 hours ago

    This right here ,is more true than people realize.i had to be pulled out of public school and be homeschooled last year for these exact reasons

  • Daytona Fancysword
    Daytona Fancysword 9 hours ago

    Time to write a whole essay agreeing with this and about innovation playlist and to email it to my school.

  • Mishell Borrego
    Mishell Borrego 9 hours ago

    I agree and disagree with you....... You see my brother actually used to do this. Where we live it is illegal, and of course my mom didnt like it. If he had done it without skipping school we would have probably never cared but that wasnt the case. Because of marijuana he would skip school just to do it, and it was like he never went to school. Because of marijuana he started stealing money from my mom and I mean a lot of money to buy it. Because of marijuana he got involved in other drugs. There was multiple times where he would come home really high and I just remember me, my mom and my other brother just crying and crying. Because of marijuana he would sneak out from the house and drive my moms car to go smoke. That time, a police pulled him over and Thank god it was a nice cop because my mom could have got in a lot of trouble. There was also this one time where he snuck out and my mom and dad found out. That night my dad went outside in his car around the neighborhood, while we waited inside looking out from the window. As we saw a car pull up a few houses up, my dad pulled in front of it blocking it to go any further. My mom at the time was behind the car and the dumb person who drived who my brother so called " friend" almost hit my mom while they were trying to back up. I saw that two of the people ran out with a bag and 3 other people including my brother got out of the car. As we waited for the police to arrive I told the people that were with him " why would you guys get my brother involved in things like that" and I just remember the two of them laughing. Oooooh i wanted to do something to them so bad.At first my mom and dad had put him in a rehabilitation center, but that didnt work. Now he is in a millitary school and is hopfully doing good. So as you have read because of marijuana my brother would do the dumbest things and sometimes my mom and dad had to call the police on him. Wish him good luck!

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 9 hours ago

    You both have lost the Rhythm !!!!

  • TheLegoBrickery
    TheLegoBrickery 9 hours ago

    That is an obnoxious title

  • _DontAskMyName _
    _DontAskMyName _ 9 hours ago

    Thx so much I Watched hey scary movie this helps really well I recommend for people that have fears

  • Fuapau Siovaiata
    Fuapau Siovaiata 9 hours ago

    Can somebody tell me how he told the future the amazon rainforest is burning

  • TTV Gaming
    TTV Gaming 9 hours ago

    Thanks I was always lazy and sad a i wept a lot but I think you’ve shown me how to control it and I’m just very thankful

  • Tanya Rivas
    Tanya Rivas 10 hours ago

    This honestly makes me feel like we are guilty for what’s happening

    DARKOSS 10 hours ago

    no im black

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 10 hours ago

    I get that some of these facts are incorrect but he is telling the truth that our generation is actually faking mental illness and that’s not ok because that makes real depressed people look like they’re the ones faking it so guess what, stop because no one will believe you once they figure it out that you just want attention.

  • A'yah Kahananui
    A'yah Kahananui 10 hours ago

    As 2020 is approaching, this message couldn't ring anymore truth... ✨

  • KrazyKatgirl 03
    KrazyKatgirl 03 10 hours ago

    Ok, so one of our teachers this year, everyone has her for 2 class periods, she said that people left the class too much (almost no one left the class), so we're only aloud to leave her class twice a week. Not twice for each class, but twice in all. It doesn't matter if you're leaving class to go to the office, restroom, leaving early, going to work in a different classroom, it doesn't matter, if you leave more than twice a week you get detention.