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  • Edwin Semidey
    Edwin Semidey 41 second ago

    Dam Duck what the hell triple coverage

  • BigCeezo
    BigCeezo 57 seconds ago

    Game was awful

  • *_Thegearrider _*
    *_Thegearrider _* Minute ago

    Man I thought we were getting somewhere for a second

    MRCARROTMAN 101 Minute ago

    Super bowl matchup?

  • Demond Kemp
    Demond Kemp Minute ago

    The NFC is lucky the bucs took a while to get it all working. They were eliminated last week. They would be a problem in the playoffs.

  • Decimus Aurelius
    Decimus Aurelius Minute ago


  • tablet 105-10
    tablet 105-10 Minute ago

    Well played Falcons_ @some point u dont get suprised at the underdog winning - mentioning no other teams this past week. 49ers need to take a time out as the next 2 games are so important.

  • Marcos Padilla
    Marcos Padilla Minute ago

    This took me to the Burbon Bowl yeeee

  • Uzumaki Nagato
    Uzumaki Nagato 2 minutes ago

    So nobody's gonna talk about this guy at 9:05? x'D

  • J R
    J R 2 minutes ago

    Huge game this Sunday against New England.

  • Ugo PAP 69
    Ugo PAP 69 3 minutes ago

    Go Raiders to Las Vegas , we don't want your sorry ass in Oakland anyways ...

    BERTRAM SCROGGINS 3 minutes ago

    I’d cut manning in a heartbeat

  • Jonny
    Jonny 3 minutes ago

    49ers looking like the the last decade team during this game lol

  • Harpoon_Bakery
    Harpoon_Bakery 4 minutes ago

    Let's count how many interceptions Devlin Hodges threw, quack, quack, quack, quack.

  • Deandre Ray
    Deandre Ray 4 minutes ago

    Thank u bills my titans still have a chance

  • landseer lover
    landseer lover 4 minutes ago

    "NFL announces new sponsor … Pillsbury Turnovers.. to our elite group of advertisers."

  • Ray S
    Ray S 4 minutes ago

    The only thing working for The Ram’s offense was the screen pass to the TE.

  • DBroncos
    DBroncos 4 minutes ago

    I got the chiefs winning the superbowl

  • Dave Minich
    Dave Minich 5 minutes ago

    And the ball is loose!

  • daniel sarn
    daniel sarn 5 minutes ago

    Slayed Brady twice in the Superbowl, nuff said.

  • Rjthatguy8232
    Rjthatguy8232 5 minutes ago

    I couldn’t watch this game for some reason I have Hulu Live

  • Trump Will Fuck You!
    Trump Will Fuck You! 6 minutes ago

    F**k the NFL for allowing this mess! When you get relocation approval, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY or do what the Chargers did for one season and use the yes votes as a threat to get the new stadium! And don't give me that "Sam Boyd is a dump" when the Chargers play in a building that's even WORSE than Sam Boyd! And f**k the OAKLAND Raider fans for NOT rioting at EVERY game since the relocation was approved! They didn't even do that at this game, instead just used f**king LASER POINTERS! Pathetic! Cleveland Brown fans just earned my respect for not just rioting at the Bengal-Brown game in 1995, but for also stealing Oakland's hockey team back in 1976! I don't want the Raiders back here until Mark Davis is in the morgue!

  • Hugo Sanchez
    Hugo Sanchez 6 minutes ago

    Watching this made me want buffalo spot

  • Marcus Garvey
    Marcus Garvey 6 minutes ago

    Stick with the running game playing Dallas next week

  • Carneil Hall
    Carneil Hall 6 minutes ago

    Good game tho Pittsburgh, we'll get em next time.

  • Babila Dinga
    Babila Dinga 6 minutes ago

    Don’t forget people that buffalo only lost by 6 to the pats earlier, and josh Allen went out with a concussion. We might see some shocking things come next week👀

  • yeinhorn
    yeinhorn 8 minutes ago

    More loose balls than a senior sauna

  • Joseph Mountford
    Joseph Mountford 8 minutes ago

    Nice job taking care of the ball

  • Julian Brex
    Julian Brex 8 minutes ago

    I was there! Go Pats!

  • Nick Thai
    Nick Thai 8 minutes ago

    Sucks for coup to get hit on that 2 point conversion. Your down 20 points why hurt your receiver

  • jordan sheppard
    jordan sheppard 10 minutes ago

    Hodges is mobile and can put the ball in tight windows but cant read defences YET. I will say much respect to the bills defence.

  • dan kane
    dan kane 10 minutes ago

    Get off the quack mike

  • Hodan Ahmed
    Hodan Ahmed 11 minutes ago

    Somehow the browns manage to disappoint us every week.

  • Doktor Bundy
    Doktor Bundy 11 minutes ago

    Starts with e female voice -> dislike...(remember last week? or some other videos some years ago?) But it was just a reporter -> like

  • ronald robert
    ronald robert 11 minutes ago

    Never understand why teams never use their number 1 WR for most plays until its almost the end of the season and dont understand why they do 3 RBs doesnt make any sense at alll

  • dan kane
    dan kane 11 minutes ago

    Its embarrassing when your qb is a duck and even worse when your coach is mike tomlin

  • JuniorPro
    JuniorPro 12 minutes ago

    the true is the falcons play better like on the next level when they aint got nothing to loose...

  • Claudia W Miller
    Claudia W Miller 12 minutes ago

    Watch Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints Live HD Free Stream NFL Game

  • HardDie
    HardDie 12 minutes ago

    Love Dem Ravens! DAY 1 !

  • Lupton Pittman
    Lupton Pittman 13 minutes ago

    #95 bumped tannehill then started celebrating. 🤣

  • Harpoon_Bakery
    Harpoon_Bakery 13 minutes ago

    Josh Allen , the most jeckyll & hyde player I've ever seen. I believe this outcome took the Colts chances from 1% to about 3% chance of making the playoffs (lol). if they beat the Saints (lol), it goes up to 10%

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 13 minutes ago

    Of course , where’s Jason Witten’s one hand catch ???? NFL seriously 🤦‍♂️ GOTTA Do this wrong huh ., can’t make a good thing right

  • Greg Holmes-Brown
    Greg Holmes-Brown 13 minutes ago

    I still hope we extend Jordan Howard. Him/Sanders/Scott for a full season would be insane

  • Aziah Green
    Aziah Green 13 minutes ago

    All this hype about Josh Allen, but he needs a top tier defense to carry him nearly every week. Smh

  • Saquon Daequan
    Saquon Daequan 14 minutes ago

    Dang how many turnovers was that?!

  • Paul Harmon
    Paul Harmon 14 minutes ago

    Viking's will pound the Packers hard at US Bank Stadium. Rodgers had never won there and the Viking's will solidify a playoff spot with a win. Packers are grossly over rated. Skol!

  • CptTimRice
    CptTimRice 14 minutes ago

    That’s for knocking us out of the playoffs

  • ExoticPizza
    ExoticPizza 16 minutes ago

    This bill defense is underrated in my opinion

  • Blake Petraitis
    Blake Petraitis 16 minutes ago

    Told y'all that the Steelers would have lost

  • SauceBae
    SauceBae 17 minutes ago

    Be humble!

  • wackedout13
    wackedout13 17 minutes ago

    This patriots win is like me bragging a cowboys win after they lost 3 in a row

  • Adam Dennis
    Adam Dennis 17 minutes ago

    Release Dalton.

  • Cerone 747
    Cerone 747 17 minutes ago

    Odell "Drama Queen" Beckham.

  • Sam King
    Sam King 18 minutes ago

    I hope I'm wrong but Eagles gonna get destroyed by the Cowboys, Eagles have a terrible team worst Secondary in the NFL and no WR's. Having said that, had the receivers not dropped game winning td's against Atlanta and Detroit then Philly would already have the NFC East wrapped up. Philly at least had the ability to beat some decent teams whereas Dallas just feast on the dregs of the nfl and get well and truly put in their place by the top teams

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 18 minutes ago

    From 1 seed to 5 seed

  • Feminism Destroys Men
    Feminism Destroys Men 18 minutes ago

    I'm not even sure OBJ is the best gay player in the NFL anymore. Maybe it's still Cam? -shrugs-

  • joe nobody
    joe nobody 18 minutes ago

    The Steelers may have lost congratulations bills for making the playoffs but I can still come and laugh at the Browns 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • NoSwiss AllCheddar
    NoSwiss AllCheddar 19 minutes ago

    Hodges gets the Buffalo Bills Most Valuable Player the game

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert 19 minutes ago

    Was anyone else impressed by that tackle Kyler made on Mack Wilson? Kliff Kingsbury must have had a minor heart attack when he saw that happening.

  • Dallas Nageshvar rao
    Dallas Nageshvar rao 19 minutes ago

    Good Offensive line led to good offensive plays and good defensive line led to good defensive plays

  • Jazmin Esther Slown CORONADO


  • j jones
    j jones 20 minutes ago

    Pitt needs a QB

  • Jazmin Esther Slown CORONADO

    Cowboys destroyed rams

  • kingoftheroosters
    kingoftheroosters 20 minutes ago

    Heck if they win against the eagles they will have a bye , thats crazy GO BOYS .

  • Feminism Destroys Men
    Feminism Destroys Men 21 minute ago

    The Chargers need Tom Brady.

  • Feminism Destroys Men
    Feminism Destroys Men 21 minute ago

    This year: Kirk Cousins > Aaron Rodgers

  • Will
    Will 21 minute ago

    Where are the True Titan fans?!!! support your team even thru a lost if you doubt then you shouldn't be fan ... We played this game to the last second ... we have awesome players who focus on becoming great and improving so we have to take this lost, move on but I will always support the Titans regardless #titanup

  • Feminism Destroys Men
    Feminism Destroys Men 22 minutes ago

    In Madden Derwin James would cause a fumble every tackle he makes in real life he's an average pass coverage safety but great stopping the run.

  • Dr. UrDead
    Dr. UrDead 22 minutes ago

    Hodges did so trash I’m disappointed man

  • dekel tibi
    dekel tibi 22 minutes ago

    Question, the referee ruled out that Julio was stopped on the one-yard line. If so, it should be something that can't be reviewable because there was no TD (see Patriots Chiefs). What was the difference in this case?

    • Gavin Vincent
      Gavin Vincent 13 minutes ago

      dekel tibi coaches can’t challenge under two minutes so I’m pretty sure they just booth review what they feel needs to be reviewed. Which is stupid but at least they made the right call to review

  • nunya
    nunya 23 minutes ago

    With Christian being a free agent after this horrible season, I hope he comes to New England. At least there he'll have a good QB and a good chance at a Super Bowl. Where he's at Cam and or Allen will cause him an early career ending.

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 23 minutes ago

    The Dolphins trades have all drastically improved the teams they went to. I wonder how the owners feel about that? Especially with so many franchise QBs not coming from high first round picks. The tank wasn't worth it.

  • Wabi-sabi8551
    Wabi-sabi8551 23 minutes ago

    The spice melange...

  • Defy
    Defy 23 minutes ago

    "Oh, my goodness"

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 24 minutes ago

    And Max Crosby needs to pursuit the guy. Being lazy.

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 24 minutes ago

    Carr is such an idiot he thought he won when he ran for the first down. He can’t even run when he’s being pressured in the pocket. All he does is bounce around and than get sacked.

  • BoldWittyName
    BoldWittyName 24 minutes ago

    Me the entire 2nd half of this vid: "How the hell is the final score 29-22???" Me at the end: "Oh"

  • Cam M
    Cam M 24 minutes ago

    All I see here are 22 NFL pill popping street THUGS. Bottom line that's all they are THUGS. PS. And some of them are in need of a good haircut. Period.

  • Anthony Holliday
    Anthony Holliday 25 minutes ago

    Sounds like a Bills home game

  • Larry Attaway
    Larry Attaway 25 minutes ago

    It seemed like nobody wanted this game 😂

  • Taco Clan
    Taco Clan 25 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Ramsey has been bad or off his game ever since he got traded

  • NoSwiss AllCheddar
    NoSwiss AllCheddar 26 minutes ago

    Good job Buffalo, baltimorean here who loves my Ravens and roots for any team that plays the Steelers. Y'all are only a couple small pieces away. Y'all definitely have a stifling defense and a quarterback that you can build around

  • Feminism Destroys Men
    Feminism Destroys Men 26 minutes ago

    It's time to move on from David Carr.

  • DatBoiTrey _
    DatBoiTrey _ 26 minutes ago

    So that means, ( jets > rams)👍🏽

  • Igotyourhoeinthebathroomwefuckinglikenikko&mimi

    This was like a classic Pittsburgh VS Baltimore game from the mid 2000’s

  • AJ 21K
    AJ 21K 26 minutes ago

    Goodbye Oakland. Forever.

  • Ebearm3
    Ebearm3 26 minutes ago

    The Rams were so dominant in 2018...Oh well

  • YizTheGreat
    YizTheGreat 26 minutes ago

    Bro why do the skins always choke in the 4th.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 26 minutes ago

    6:14 changed the entire game and Duck was completely locked from that point on After that bills tied it 10-10 then quick 3 n out then TD bills and ballgame After that it was Duck fukin Hodges vs bills D lol who’s gonna win that

  • white eagle
    white eagle 27 minutes ago

    i would have to say packers have had the refs on their side all season got to wonder who really is cheating

  • Rick S
    Rick S 27 minutes ago

    4th quarter 11:30 in game time 1 minute left on replay. Ok. Dis one isn't xlose

  • Horseman Hammer
    Horseman Hammer 28 minutes ago

    Carr ISN'T and HAS NEVER BEEN a LEADER!! He is a disgrace of a QB for the $120 Million he makes!! You begin by getting rid of Carr and move on with another QB!! He had his chance and he failed once again!! That's My opinion.

  • Prius poker
    Prius poker 28 minutes ago

    Texans will be irrelevant in the playoffs like alawys

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert 29 minutes ago

    Kyler Murray may throw the prettiest ball the NFL has ever seen. He is going to be superstar once they get some talent around him.

  • Leonard Green
    Leonard Green 30 minutes ago

    I think they have to go to Lynch for the next two games why not! We did a whole better than Predicted. The worst is 8and 8. now l have a feeling Duck was making ill advised decisions on his own on so many of those INTS. If we lose out with Lynch then so be it. We both see once you bait Rudolph and Duck with winning the game with there arm they are both of the same. Duck can flush the pocket but he did something I knew would happen we he runs he gets the ball knocked out running with the ball in his hands. Between him and Rudolph not much more separates them. I've seen the issue with Duck s weak before the loss.

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt 30 minutes ago

    Pandemonium, lets go boys! 👹

  • motorrebell
    motorrebell 30 minutes ago

    Honestly i didnt expect the Raiders to win anyway .

  • bubbs tubbs
    bubbs tubbs 30 minutes ago

    Don't buy Elmer's glue they are wasteful.

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis 31 minute ago

    There’s a some point it’s fukin enough of Duck Hoges. Few games I understand but wtf is this. Get a real QB or don’t play. Duck fukin Hodges has reached the limit here. You can only win so much with a 6th string QB

  • Clay Robert
    Clay Robert 31 minute ago

    The Browns have to move on from Kitchens. And I was a huge advocate of him getting the job last year after his success as OC. But this team is a disaster in every aspect, and it all falls squarely on his shoulders.