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Making Slime In ONE BREATH!
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  • We so lit
    We so lit 3 hours ago

    Are you on Max is leg

  • Farida Aamer
    Farida Aamer 3 hours ago

    I lo l love I love

  • DeviGaming Craft
    DeviGaming Craft 3 hours ago

    usually I do all of that thing and I was so amazed that I'm not the one being weird when we were a kid!I love You Wengie!

  • Farida Aamer
    Farida Aamer 3 hours ago


  • Enxuan Alzenn Tay
    Enxuan Alzenn Tay 3 hours ago

    1:24 I don't know if that is we bare bears cause its not suppose to have pink in its ears.(It looks like 1 of my soft toy called Sumikko gurashi)

  • Jacqueline Serrano
    Jacqueline Serrano 3 hours ago

    My fridge Don't have a nub

  • Soriah Joseph
    Soriah Joseph 3 hours ago

    How many cats do you have

  • naty vale
    naty vale 4 hours ago

    I did all of that

  • bluryanz
    bluryanz 4 hours ago

    we are from the same gen *high5* every single one i'm guilty except for microwave cuz my hse doesn't have one

  • Kerrie Bigland
    Kerrie Bigland 4 hours ago

    I still do the light thing

  • Megan Hatfield
    Megan Hatfield 4 hours ago

    You should send a few to Moriah Elizabeth

  • Sammy A
    Sammy A 4 hours ago

    Its just so amsmr

  • Tesse’s Life
    Tesse’s Life 4 hours ago

    Mine has a switch

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 4 hours ago

    go wengieeeee!(:

  • Maribel Sicat
    Maribel Sicat 4 hours ago

    My vote goes to.. 1st - wengie 2nd - wengie 3rd - max 4th - max Last - wengie!

  • Soriah Joseph
    Soriah Joseph 4 hours ago

    I love you wenjie😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍

  • Kassy Kassandra
    Kassy Kassandra 4 hours ago

    I knew that there is a nub something in the ref. Couse im explorer lol

  • Fathmath Zoya
    Fathmath Zoya 4 hours ago

    Wengie we all are with you,so no need to be sad.

  • ErichJ Gomez
    ErichJ Gomez 4 hours ago

    Wengie: *plays with Yellow slime* WOW ITS SO COOL Me: it looks like cheese .-.

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    I’m from the FutUrE OOooOhHhhhH

  • 《Crybxbyz Koalaz》


  • Ziyithelightingninja Liu

    No I don’t

  • XxSkyeplaysXx
    XxSkyeplaysXx 4 hours ago

    I’ve never played sick if I don’t feel like going my mom doesn’t make me 😊☺️😇

    LOW YU XUEN - 4 hours ago

    THAT WAS CRAZY !!!!!!!!!

  • Manisha Asrani
    Manisha Asrani 4 hours ago

    dang we lived the same childhood

  • Graeme Smith
    Graeme Smith 4 hours ago

    In the background it says No eating No fun No LEARNING

  • LittleCupcakeK. k
    LittleCupcakeK. k 4 hours ago

    A stomach ache

  • Brielle Gagate
    Brielle Gagate 4 hours ago

    I am doing 7 things wrong!

  • johan arif
    johan arif 4 hours ago

    Wengie: *staying up reading a book* Me: *staying up watching USclip*

    LOW YU XUEN - 4 hours ago

    my name is ELSA lOW YU ROU

  • Marissa Fatini
    Marissa Fatini 4 hours ago

    👩🏼 👗 👠 This is wengie 1like = 1 fans

  • KATKAY 19
    KATKAY 19 4 hours ago

    why 5 minute craft have the chips noisy hack? if the chips are crunchy, then when you eat it ... just the same !!!!!!! you eat it loudly ... because the chips are crunchy hit the like button if you agree with this... -_-

  • HDweirdHanna
    HDweirdHanna 4 hours ago

    unless your talking about chocolate covered strawberries

  • Harrietty Catty
    Harrietty Catty 4 hours ago

    I love fun boxes

  • Vishal Gupta
    Vishal Gupta 4 hours ago

    My fridge has a nub

  • Soniya Ramrakha
    Soniya Ramrakha 4 hours ago

    Who else low key ran to their fridge n looked for the nub thingy... No just me? K....

  • Mr. Pokerface
    Mr. Pokerface 4 hours ago

    My fridge has a nub in it :3

  • Gabriel Francisco
    Gabriel Francisco 4 hours ago

    I love wengie like if you love wengie

  • Unicorn In Disguise
    Unicorn In Disguise 4 hours ago

    Wengie ur so pretty. I am only 11 and I just adore your style. I am also in love with unicorns 🦄 and I subscribed to your channel ❤️ I have the post notifications on so I never miss a video 😘

  • selvakumar valinayagam


  • Muhammad Ezril
    Muhammad Ezril 4 hours ago

    Winner 1.max 2.wengie 3.max

  • pooja kumar
    pooja kumar 4 hours ago

    I am a subscriber

  • rippy nippy Holley
    rippy nippy Holley 4 hours ago

    Can I get two slimes please

  • XxMakayla AmeliaxX
    XxMakayla AmeliaxX 4 hours ago

    Butterscotch shake

  • Luna Rey
    Luna Rey 4 hours ago

    I’ve done all of these 😅😂🐷🐖😂🐽

  • Chloe Liew
    Chloe Liew 4 hours ago

    Wengie: stay up all night reading a book Me: stay up all night see USclip or playing roblox Don’t worry wengie because I also put the light switch in the minder

  • Minari Mia
    Minari Mia 4 hours ago

    Relatable T'T

  • J Martini
    J Martini 4 hours ago

    The bun are the same at McDonalds

  • XxMakayla AmeliaxX
    XxMakayla AmeliaxX 4 hours ago


  • Luust
    Luust 4 hours ago

    That’s what I do

  • selvakumar valinayagam

    Yes i also have a fridge switch

  • Mohamed Maqil
    Mohamed Maqil 5 hours ago

    i did all of these Yup

  • Aindrilla Ray
    Aindrilla Ray 5 hours ago

    It’s so cool that only your unicorn hair stays up in the ponytail

  • Dinnodude gaming
    Dinnodude gaming 5 hours ago

    I subscribe to Conklin's key

  • Annabella Estores
    Annabella Estores 5 hours ago

    Can you do a video called 24 hours in a pool please!!!

  • WeepingWillow69 Boi
    WeepingWillow69 Boi 5 hours ago

    My lazy meter goes too 1000000m

  • Jayesh Sreedharan
    Jayesh Sreedharan 5 hours ago

    Wengie, this is for max. Does max have a USclip channel

  • SadMøøn
    SadMøøn 5 hours ago

    0:45 i still do it today

  • Rashmi Adiga
    Rashmi Adiga 5 hours ago

    i never got to make icecream yet. im still young lol

  • Margaret Ellenson
    Margaret Ellenson 5 hours ago

    My fridge has a nub on the bottom and it looks like a light switch!

  • JaBird 72088
    JaBird 72088 5 hours ago

    Yes we do but it is not on the side its on the top

  • Followmetothesurfaceoftherarth

    Yep i am still scared

  • Vminkook for life
    Vminkook for life 5 hours ago

    honestly, all of it

  • JaBird 72088
    JaBird 72088 5 hours ago

    I never did mix cerial because i didnt want to get in trouble and i didnt know we could

  • Mary Jane Jayco
    Mary Jane Jayco 5 hours ago

    It has

  • Narciso Rodriguez
    Narciso Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    How much Pringle’s did she eat???😱😱😱

  • Diandra Yanuar
    Diandra Yanuar 5 hours ago

    The adults at the party to Wengie's parents: Does your child have breathing problems or... Parents: Who is she? I don't know her.

  • naeema ebrahim
    naeema ebrahim 5 hours ago

    I got mine in the movies while my friend was there

  • Emma-Jane Crawford
    Emma-Jane Crawford 5 hours ago

    Love you so much 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Wolfie Moonlit
    Wolfie Moonlit 5 hours ago

    I use to rush to my bed until I got a a remote thing I reachEd over and turned it off and then easy childhood

  • just a dream
    just a dream 5 hours ago

    My fridge is the same as wengie's

  • Glowin Ombas
    Glowin Ombas 5 hours ago

    U did was so AWES

  • Kawaii Cotton Candy Heart

    This is Beary: 🐻 Beary is lonely and starving 1 like= one meal 1 nice comment= 1 friend

  • Adea Overton
    Adea Overton 5 hours ago

    I am a kid watching this and I can agree I do so of the same stuff and my birthday is in two days 😂

  • Jayp Palitayan
    Jayp Palitayan 5 hours ago

    That frog is gross

  • alex valentinova
    alex valentinova 5 hours ago

    Yes i have a nub😂😂

  • Yaneth Mazariego
    Yaneth Mazariego 5 hours ago

    Who did pretend to be sick

  • Brigette Love
    Brigette Love 5 hours ago

    I liked the fluffy slime like if agree

  • Giraffe Queen
    Giraffe Queen 5 hours ago

    *~\- How I make new flavors of sour patch kids -/~* First, rip the head off of two sour patches. Next, lick the neck of the body. After, stick the heads on. From those steps you will have multi flavors sour patch. Finally, ENJOY!!!!!! 🍭🍬🍫🍡

  • Rashmi Adiga
    Rashmi Adiga 5 hours ago

    my fridge has a nub

  • Modista Jen Ent.
    Modista Jen Ent. 5 hours ago

    i do it to

    • Modista Jen Ent.
      Modista Jen Ent. 5 hours ago

      i did that just after lunch cause im actually just 10 years old

  • Marelyn Valerramos
    Marelyn Valerramos 5 hours ago

    Me: watches the video Me: people do get really do get bored nowdays-

  • sela bengkalis
    sela bengkalis 5 hours ago

    Wengie ff:

  • Hope Wiggler
    Hope Wiggler 5 hours ago

    Me at 11:00pm does iPad

  • Rebecca Marshall
    Rebecca Marshall 5 hours ago

    I new 4

  • Hina Choudhary
    Hina Choudhary 5 hours ago

    I would just eat the cone of the light cream


    My fridge does not have a button

  • Bindu Cherukuri
    Bindu Cherukuri 5 hours ago

    4 Collins's brother

  • Iwan Tamara
    Iwan Tamara 5 hours ago

    I usually also blow bubbles when i was drinking juice and at night i was talking (lipsing) at night when i was not sleepy but then i didn't relise that i sudently sleeped

  • Bindu Cherukuri
    Bindu Cherukuri 5 hours ago


  • Bindu Cherukuri
    Bindu Cherukuri 5 hours ago

    2 wengie

  • Storm Wing
    Storm Wing 5 hours ago

    Nope, my parents go the full 9 yards. If I say I'm sick, they give me lots of medicine and check my temperature

  • Bindu Cherukuri
    Bindu Cherukuri 5 hours ago


  • VyzePierre Gaming
    VyzePierre Gaming 5 hours ago

    I did it when my mom said turn of the light then i run so fast and i hug my mom cause i am scared of dark

  • bonnie bunnie11
    bonnie bunnie11 5 hours ago

    For the unicorn horn pen i have one but i didnt make it i just got it from Dave and Busters!😂😅

  • alex ramirez
    alex ramirez 5 hours ago

    5:11 I do this mostly everyday trying to race the microwave before it finishes😂

  • Jaylianna Ruiz
    Jaylianna Ruiz 5 hours ago

    Wendie won all over them except the caption marvel round

  • Jayden sekar
    Jayden sekar 5 hours ago


  • Nicholas Llanos
    Nicholas Llanos 5 hours ago

    Wengi:I would quickly switch off my torch Me:this isn’t midevil times wengi use a flashlight

  • Gil Garcia
    Gil Garcia 5 hours ago

    Yep I do this some times